Bring the luxury of a hotel bathroom into your home with hotel-style towel racks. These elegant yet functional accessories can upgrade your bath decor while providing convenient storage for towels. Read on to learn all about hotel-style towel racks and how to incorporate them into your bathroom.

What Are Hotel-Style Towel Racks?

Hotel-style towel racks, also known as towel bars or towel racks, are long horizontal bars installed on walls in bathrooms to hang towels on. They are a common feature found in hotel bathrooms, hence the name.

These towel racks are designed to hold multiple towels within easy reach. They typically have a sleek, minimalist style made of metal with a chrome, brass, or nickel finish. The simple horizontal shape provides an elegant accent to bathroom decor.

Compared to basic towel rings or towel hooks, hotel-style towel racks can hold more towels in an organized fashion. They provide ample hanging space for bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths. The length of most hotel-style racks allows towels to hang freely without bunching or overlapping.

Hotel-style towel bars range in size from 18 inches up to 5 feet long. The standard width is around 2 inches. This substantial proportion gives them a luxurious, spa-like look compared to smaller household towel bars.

Benefits of Hotel-Style Towel Racks

Installing a hotel-style towel rack offers several advantages:

More Towel Storage

The long horizontal bar provides hanging room for up to 6 towels depending on the rack’s length. This is significantly more capacity than a single towel ring or dual towel bar. With ample room for multiple towels, there’s no need to pile towels on the vanity or stuff them in cabinets.

Easy Accessibility

Hotel-style racks allow you to grab a fresh towel or hang up a used one with just a quick reach. The open bar design lets towels dry faster too.

Visual Appeal

The clean, straight shape delivers a modern, minimalist look to bathrooms. It also creates the luxurious ambiance of a hotel bathroom.


Quality hotel-style towel racks made of brass, aluminum, or stainless steel can withstand busy household use for years.

Space Savings

Towel racks neatly organize towels while taking up minimal wall space. They help declutter compared to towel stands or wall-mounted towel storage.

Popular Styles of Hotel Towel Racks

Hotel-style towel racks come in a variety of designs to match any decor. Here are some of the most popular styles:

Single Bar

The classic style is a simple straight horizontal bar mounted on the wall. This clean, streamlined look works with any decor.

Double Bar

For extra towel capacity, opt for two bars positioned closely one above the other. This hotel rack can hold even more towels without taking up more wall space.

Post Mounted

This version has a vertical backplate mounted to the wall with the bar extending out. The backplate adds a decorative element while providing stability.

Swing Arm

A swing arm towel rack can pivot out from the wall to bring towels even closer. Extend the arm to easily grab a towel then swing it back against the wall.

Wall Mounted Shelf

Racks with an attached shelf below give you a handy spot to store folded towels and toiletries.

Standing Rack

A free-standing towel rack on a pole base can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. Easily move it aside when cleaning.

Choosing Your Hotel-Style Towel Rack

Keep these tips in mind when selecting a hotel-style towel rack:

  • Length – Measure your wall space first. Allow a minimum of 24 inches per towel. Standard sizes range from 18 to 36 inches.
  • Material – Chrome, nickel, brass, and stainless steel are common. Choose the finish that best matches your faucets and other bathroom hardware.
  • Design – Opt for a style that fits with your bathroom’s overall decor – traditional, modern, minimalist, industrial, etc.
  • Fasteners – Look for a concealed mounting option for a clean appearance. Some include the necessary hardware while others require specific mounting screws purchased separately.
  • Budget – Hotel-style racks range from $20 for basic styles up to $250 for high-end designer versions. Set a budget before you shop.

Where to Install Hotel Towel Racks

Hotel-style towel racks work well installed in these bathroom locations:

Wall Next to Tub/Shower

Positioning a towel rack within arm’s reach of the shower or tub makes drying off easy. Place it 18-24 inches from the shower entrance. Opt for a size that fits the wall space without crowding.

Wall Above Toilet

Install a hotel towel rack above the toilet tank. This creates a handy towel station when using the facilities or freshening up at the vanity. Just be sure to measure the space between the tank and wall first.

Wall Next to Vanity

Mount a rack near the bathroom vanity to have a towel ready to wipe hands and face. Install it just above or next to the countertop area.

Back of Door

Utilize the often underused space on the back of the bathroom door. Use over-door hooks to mount a hotel towel rack horizontally.

Tips for Installing Hotel-Style Towel Racks

Installing a hotel-style towel rack is a relatively simple DIY project. Here are some tips:

  • Locate wall studs for a secure mount using a stud finder. Mark the spots to drill.
  • Follow the product instructions for proper installation. This may include pre-drilling holes.
  • Use the provided mounting hardware. Wall anchors are recommended for drywall.
  • Make sure the rack is level by using a bubble level tool. Adjust slightly if needed.
  • For tile walls, use appropriate anchors and screws for a solid hold in the grout lines.
  • Take care not to damage tile if drilling holes. Place tape over the drill point.
  • If tiling a wall, install the rack after tiling for the best results.
  • Make sure all fasteners are tight but be careful not to overtighten.
  • Clean the rack with a soft cloth once mounted to remove any dust or oil from installation.

With the right placement and high-quality hardware, your hotel-style towel rack will stay securely mounted for years of daily use.

Decorating with Hotel Towel Racks

A hotel-style towel rack serves both form and function in bathroom decor. Here are some styling tips:

Coordinate with Faucets and Hardware

Choose a finish like brushed nickel or chrome that matches other bathroom accessories and hardware for a cohesive look.

Use as Focal Point

An oversized towel rack or one with unique details can make a statement as a focal feature on a bathroom wall.

Anchor a Vignette

Flank the towel rack with decor like framed prints, sconces, or lush potted plants to create an eye-catching vignette.

Provide Contrast

Opt for a dark finish like matte black to visually pop against a light tile wall or vice versa for contrast.

Incorporate Texture

Rolling towels lengthwise adds soft texture next to the sleek metal bar.

Add Candles

Group white pillar candles of varying heights around the rack for a spa vibe.

Install in Pairs

Place two matching racks on opposite walls to create visual balance.

Warm Things Up

Drape fresh-picked flowers or greenery over the bar for an inviting, organic look.

With the right styling choices, your hotel-style towel rack can elevate your bath decor.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hotel-Style Towel Racks

How much weight can a hotel-style towel rack hold?

Quality brass, steel, or aluminum hotel-style racks are designed to securely hold the weight of multiple plush towels, generally 10-15 pounds. Be sure to follow the included mounting instructions for proper installation.

How thick should a hotel-style towel rack be?

The standard thickness is around 2 inches. This provides enough strength to hold towels while still keeping the proportions sleek and streamlined. Bars thinner than 1 inch may not have adequate weight capacity.

What’s the standard length for a hotel towel rack?

You’ll find hotel-style towel racks ranging from 18 inches long up to 5 feet long. The most popular sizes are 24, 30, and 36 inches. Choose the size based on your available wall space and how many towels you need to accommodate.

Should towel bars match faucets?

It’s recommended to choose a finish like chrome, brushed nickel or bronze that complements the finish of your faucets and other bathroom accessories. Matching finishes will give your bathroom decor a harmonious, polished look.

How do you securely mount a towel bar in drywall?

For proper mounting in drywall, it’s best to locate wall studs and install into the studs whenever possible. If not, use hollow wall anchors and screws designed for towels racks to securely affix to the drywall alone.

Can you put towel racks in front of windows?

Yes, installing a hotel-style towel rack in front of a bathroom window is perfectly fine. Just be sure it does not obstruct the window or interfere with proper functioning of blinds/shades. Leave a few inches of clearance.

Should towel racks be centered on tile?

It’s generally recommended to install the brackets of a towel rack so they line up with the grout lines of surrounding tile. This helps anchor into the sturdiest points in the tile instead of just hardened grout.

Elevate Your Bathroom with Hotel Luxury

With their elegant yet functional design, hotel-style towel racks are ideal for creating a welcoming, spa-like bathroom retreat. The generous proportions and high-end finishes of a hotel rack add a touch of luxury while keeping plush towels neatly stored and within reach. With so many styles to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect rack to match your bathroom decor. Install this small upgrade for a big impact you’ll appreciate daily.


A hotel-style towel rack is an easy and affordable way to add designer flair to any bathroom. The streamlined look and ample towel storage brings the luxurious functionality of a hotel bathroom into the comfort of your home. With the variety of sizes, finishes and styles available, you can find the perfect rack to complement your decor, hold all your towels, and complete your bathroom. Installing this small accent makes a big visual impact. With just a hotel towel rack, you can enjoy resort-worthy style in your own bathroom every day.