More Spacious Showering

Integrating your tub into your shower enclosure can greatly expand your showering space. With the tub taking up floor space in a traditional layout, your shower area is limited. However, incorporating it into the shower provides a much more open, spacious feel. You’ll have ample room to move around and enjoy a luxurious spa-like shower experience.

Easy Accessibility

Accessing a standalone tub can be difficult for some, especially seniors or those with mobility issues. However, a tub placed within the shower eliminates awkward climbing in and out. Simply walk right in and sit down in the tub, enjoying a relaxing bath conveniently within your shower. It’s an ideal accessible design.

More Efficient Use of Space

Tub/shower combos maximize use of often limited bathroom square footage. Rather than having two separate spaces for your tub and shower, combining them streamlines the area into one multifunctional zone. It’s a great space-saving solution for small bathrooms.

Streamlined Styling

Aesthetically, installing your tub in the shower lends a smooth, streamlined look. The seamless design removes visual barriers, opening up the space visually. Compared to disjointed traditional layouts, a unified shower/bath area has a much cleaner, modern style.

Greater Adaptability

With your tub and shower integrated, it’s easy to switch back and forth between bathing methods. Enjoy a relaxing soak or a rejuvenating shower whenever you want. The versatility caters to your needs and moods day to day. Kids can also bathe safely when very young and transition to showering as they grow.

Customization Options

Tub/shower combos come in many different types and sizes to suit your needs. Corner tubs maximize space efficiency. Walk-in tubs promote accessibility. Choose between soaker tubs or ones with jets for a spa tub experience. The range of options lets you customize your perfect setup.

Easier Cleaning

Containment of splashes and spills is improved with your tub inside the shower. Water stays inside the shower area rather than spreading from a separate tub location. This containment makes cleaning much faster and easier. Just wipe down the enclosure and you’re done.

With the various benefits offered by tub/shower combinations, it’s easy to see why they are a popular bathroom remodeling choice. The innovative layout can enhance your everyday bathing experience with greater comfort, accessibility, efficiency and style. If you’re looking for a remodel that will provide perks for years to come, putting your tub in the shower is definitely an option worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions About Putting Your Tub in the Shower

What are some good ways to customize a tub/shower combo design?

You can customize your tub/shower combo in several ways. Choose a corner tub to maximize space. Add a walk-in door for easy access. Select finishes like tiles or glass for the enclosure. Install water fixtures like rainfall showerheads. Include built-in seating. Add accent lighting. The options are nearly endless.

What types of tubs work best built into showers?

Soaker tubs or air jet tubs are ideal for shower combos. Their streamlined shape fits well. Corner tubs maximize efficiency. Walk-in tubs promote accessibility. Avoid clawfoot or heavily contoured tubs that take up more space.

How difficult is the installation process?

If you’re remodeling, the existing layout already allows for plumbing and drainage. The main tasks are removing old fixtures, installing the tub, building the surrounding enclosure, and adding finishes. Good DIY skills are needed, but it’s comparable to a typical bath renovation.

Does having a tub in the shower impact resale value?

Tub/shower combos are generally viewed as neutral or positive for resale. They maximize space, promote accessibility, and offer versatility buyers look for. As long as the quality of the installation is good, it likely won’t deter buyers but instead be seen as a versatile, modern design.

Can you still take a shower if someone is using the tub?

That depends on the specific shower/tub layout. Some designs fully enclose the tub within the shower. Others use a partition wall. The latter allows for simultaneous but separate showering and bathing. An enclosed design only allows one use at a time.

Is cleaning and maintenance any different?

Maintenance is essentially the same as caring for separate tub and shower units. Regular scrubbing and deep cleaning are needed to prevent soap scum, mildew, and grime buildup. Using squeegees after showering and frequent drying helps reduce moisture that can encourage mold growth.


Incorporating your bathtub into your shower stall can transform your bathroom into a luxurious, spa-like retreat. The blended design not only looks sleek and modern but also promotes accessibility, space efficiency, and versatile functionality. With strategic planning and quality installation, a tub/shower combo can significantly enhance your bathing experience and upgrade your home. If you’re remodeling your dream bathroom, be sure to consider this innovative layout option to unlock its many perks and benefits.