Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets offer homeowners an affordable and customizable option for their kitchen or bathroom remodels. With RTA cabinets, you get all the parts and hardware needed to assemble the cabinet boxes and face frames yourself. The quality and selection of RTA cabinets have improved drastically in recent years, making them a viable alternative to more expensive pre-assembled cabinetry. But with so many retailers offering RTA cabinetry, how do you know who sells the best RTA cabinets? We’ve assessed the top brands to help you find the right RTA cabinets for your project.

Factors to Consider When Buying RTA Cabinets

When evaluating RTA cabinets, here are some key factors to look for:

Quality of Materials

The quality of the wood, joinery, finishes, and hardware will impact durability and ease of assembly. Opt for plywood over particleboard, dovetail joinery over glues and staples, and soft-close slides and hinges.

Selection of Styles and Finishes

Look for a wide range of door styles, finishes, and organizational accessories. More selection allows for more customization options.

Ease of Assembly

Cabinets with simple designs, clear instructions, numbered parts, and minimal cutting needed will be easier to assemble. Look for companies that offer help videos and customer support.

Customer Service and Warranty

A good warranty (1 year minimum) and responsive customer service are musts when buying RTA cabinets. Issues can arise during shipping or assembly when working with ready-to-assemble products.

Value for Money

A higher price doesn’t always mean higher quality. Assess the quality of materials, hardware, and manufacturing to determine if the price matches the value delivered.

Top 5 Retailers of RTA Cabinets

Taking into account factors like quality, selection, assembly, and value, here are our top 5 picks for RTA cabinet retailers:


As one of the original makers of RTA furniture, IKEA offers a huge selection of cabinet designs and colors at affordable prices. Their SEKTION system features durable wood materials, soft-close hinges, and a 25-year warranty. Simple assembly is a plus, but the particleboard quality is lower.

2. Barker Cabinets

This made-in-the-USA brand focuses solely on kitchen cabinets and offers premium features like solid wood doors, dovetail joinery, soft-close slides, and durable finishes. The selection is smaller but quality is higher throughout.


Known for excellent customer service and support, CabinetJoint provides high-quality RTA cabinets with dovetail joinery, solid wood doors, soft-close hardware, and a lifetime warranty. Lots of customization options available.

4. Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets Depot

This retailer allows you to price and order cabinets fully online. Offering several budget-friendly lines, the quality varies though with more particleboard. Simple ordering and delivery process.

5. KabinetKing

Focusing on affordable kitchen and bath cabinets, KabinetKing provides good value for money. The quality is decent though limited style and finish options compared to other brands. Easy ordering and delivery.

Key Tips for Buying RTA Cabinets

  • Inspect the quality of materials, hardware, joinery, and finishes up close before purchasing. Parts can vary from display models.
  • Have accurate measurements of your space before ordering. RTA cabinets are customized to your specs.
  • Hire a kitchen designer to help customize and spec cabinets to your layout and style needs.
  • Order 10% extra cabinetry to allow for errors, damage, or changes down the road. Stock is limited with RTA cabinets.
  • Prepare an organized, clean workspace for assembly. Follow instructions carefully.
  • Seal and finish unfinished cabinets properly after installing for maximum durability.


While most major home improvement stores now offer a selection of RTA cabinets, Ikea, Barker Cabinets,, Ready-To-Assemble Cabinets Depot, and KabinetKing are among the top retailers to consider when shopping for ready-to-assemble cabinetry for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel based on quality, selection, ease of assembly, and overall value. Carefully inspecting materials and design, having accurate measurements, and properly assembling and installing the RTA cabinets are keys to success. With an excellent selection of styles and finishes available at affordable prices, RTA cabinets offer homeowners a budget-friendly way to customize their space.