Local Home Improvement Stores

Several home improvement chains in the Escondido area offer a selection of RTA kitchen cabinets that you can buy right off the shelf. Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s carry several RTA cabinet lines from trusted brands like Hampton Bay and Allen + Roth. The advantages of purchasing RTA cabinets from a home improvement store include:

  • Convenience – You can see and purchase cabinets onsite rather than ordering online.
  • Immediate availability – Most stores keep inventory on hand so you can take cabinets home right away.
  • Ability to combine – Mix and match different cabinet sizes and styles within a single brand family.
  • Professional assistance – Store associates can advise you on installation, measurements, and design.

While the selection may be more limited than a cabinet specialty store, home improvement stores are a good option for basic RTA cabinet needs. Be sure to carefully check quality and materials when choosing in-stock cabinets.

Cabinet Specialty Shops

For a wider selection of RTA cabinets, several specialty shops in the Escondido area focus specifically on selling ready-to-assemble kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. Some examples include:

  • Cabinet Joint – With a location in San Marcos, Cabinet Joint sells RTA cabinets from top brands including Hampton Bay, Aristokraft, Decora, and more. They offer free design services to help you plan your kitchen.
  • Kabinart Kitchen Bath – This family-owned cabinet store located in Escondido features several RTA lines as well as other cabinetry options. They have expertise in both design and installation.
  • Direct Depot – With a warehouse showroom in San Marcos, Direct Depot stocks RTA cabinets from Canyon Creek, Decora, and Aristokraft. They also sell cabinet hardware and accessories.

The advantage of these specialty retailers is that you’ll find a deeper selection of styles, brands, colors, and pricing. Many also have design centers to help you customize and configure your RTA kitchen.

Online Retailers

For even more selection and possible savings, several online retailers sell quality RTA kitchen cabinets that ship directly to your home. Some popular options include:

  • IKEA – The iconic Swedish furniture brand offers a full line of affordable RTA kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. The SEKTION system includes a range of door styles, organizers, and storage options.
  • The RTA Store – This online retailer has a large selection of RTA cabinet collections from brands like Mid Continent, Platinum, and Executive. Door styles range from shaker to inset to flat panel.
  • Barker Cabinets – With free shipping and lifetime warranty, Barker Cabinets focuses on high-quality RTA cabinetry in a range of painted and wood finishes.
  • Cabinet Unlimited – Offers free shipping on its selection of RTA cabinets from brands including Decorá and Platinum.

When purchasing online, be sure to carefully check shipping costs, construction quality, and return policies. Reading customer reviews can also help assess real-world quality and durability.

Tips for Purchasing RTA Kitchen Cabinets

When shopping for ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets in the Escondido area, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Carefully measure your existing kitchen layout and create a detailed cabinet plan. Match cabinets sizes to maximize efficiency.
  • Inspect cabinet materials, construction, and hardware. Look for plywood boxes, dovetail joinery, and soft-close hinges and drawers.
  • Choose finishes suited to your kitchen’s style – painted cabinets for cottage kitchens, wood stains for Craftsman style, etc.
  • Establish a clear budget and get quotes from 2-3 retailers to find the best value.
  • Read manufacturer instructions before purchasing to be sure of what’s included and your DIY comfort level.
  • Hire a contractor if you lack the skills, time, or ability to properly install cabinets yourself.

With the right RTA kitchen cabinets and careful planning, you can achieve a stylish and functional kitchen at a fraction of the cost of custom cabinetry. Take time to explore the many RTA options available from home improvement stores, specialty shops, and online retailers serving the Escondido area.

Frequently Asked Questions About RTA Kitchen Cabinets in Escondido

What are RTA cabinets?

RTA stands for “ready-to-assemble.” RTA cabinets are kitchen cabinets that come already constructed but disassembled in flat boxes for the customer to put together themselves on site. RTA cabinets are typically more affordable than pre-assembled cabinets.

What are the benefits of choosing RTA cabinets?

Benefits include lower cost, wider selection, easy home delivery, and flexibility to assemble yourself. RTA cabinets are a budget-friendly alternative to custom cabinetry.

What should I look for when choosing RTA cabinets?

Look for solid plywood construction, furniture-like finishes, high-quality hardware, and panels/doors that are level, consistent, and free of defects. Also review cabinet brand, framing, joinery method, and warranty.

What types of RTA cabinet brands are available near Escondido?

Popular RTA cabinet brands available include Hampton Bay, Aristokraft, IKEA SEKTION, Barker Cabinets, Canyon Creek, Decorá, Mid Continent, Platinum, and more. Retailers like Home Depot, Cabinet Joint, and online sites sell these brands.

Should I install the cabinets myself or hire a contractor?

If you are experienced with basic carpentry, have time, and feel comfortable following detailed instructions, DIY RTA cabinet installs can save money. Otherwise, hiring a contractor ensures proper installation.

Can I mix and match different RTA cabinet lines?

While possible, mixing cabinet lines can result in an inconsistent look. Stick to one brand family to ensure consistent sizing, construction, finishes, and quality.

What are typical lead times for delivery of RTA cabinets?

RTA cabinets from local home stores are typically in stock for immediate purchase. Ordered online, lead times range from 2 weeks to 8 weeks depending on brand and customization. Confirm timelines before purchasing.

How should I prepare my kitchen for RTA cabinet installation?

Clear countertops and walls, turn off electricity/water supply, remove existing cabinets, fill any holes in walls, level the floor, and take detailed measurements in advance.

What are some of the best local stores to shop for RTA cabinets?

Top local options include Home Depot, Lowe’s, Cabinet Joint, Kabinart Kitchen Bath, Direct Depot, IKEA, and specialty kitchen design showrooms. Visit display kitchens to view product quality.


Upgrading your kitchen with ready-to-assemble cabinets is an affordable way to achieve a custom look. The Escondido, CA area offers many options for purchasing quality RTA cabinets from both local stores and online retailers. With careful planning and preparation, you can take advantage of the cost savings and customization abilities these DIY-friendly cabinets provide. Investing in durable RTA cabinets from reputable brands can give you a fresh kitchen look without the high price tag.