Hanging towels in the bathroom is an important consideration, as proper towel placement can maximize space, allow towels to dry properly, and contribute to an organized aesthetic. In determining where to hang towels, it is helpful to consider a few key factors.


The location of towel bars or hooks is a primary consideration when deciding where to hang towels in the bathroom. There are a few ideal spots to install them:

  • Near the shower or bathtub – This allows easy access when getting out of the shower or bath. Hanging towels within arm’s reach makes drying off simple.
  • Next to the sink – Having towels nearby the sink provides easy access when hand drying.
  • On the back of the door – Towel bars installed on the back of the bathroom door utilize space efficiently.
  • Near a heat source – When possible, situate towel hooks or bars near heat vents or radiators. The ambient heat helps towels dry faster.
  • Away from toilets – Install towel bars at least 18-24 inches from toilets to allow suitable clearance and prevent germ transmission.


Mounting towel bars at an appropriate height accommodates all users. Recommended heights include:

  • 48 inches from floor – Standard height accessible for most adults
  • Lower for children’s reach
  • ADA height of no higher than 48 inches for accessibility

Installing double towel bars or multiple hooks at varying heights can accommodate diverse users.


The size of the towel determines needed hanging space. Measure towels before obtaining hooks or bars to ensure adequate room.

  • Standard bars (18-24 inches) work for average bath towels.
  • Expandable hooks or larger bars (32 inches+) are ideal for oversized towels.
  • Opt for more substantial bars for hanging multiple towels.
  • Incorporate folding towel racks or shelving to expand storage as needed.


Towel bar material impacts durability and aesthetics:

  • Stainless steel provides a modern, sleek look resistant to corrosion.
  • Brass bars offer a classic, warm old-world style.
  • Wood brings an earthy vibe but requires sealing to prevent deterioration.
  • Glass or ceramic bars add simple elegance.


Proper installation prevents towel bars from detaching from the wall unexpectedly. Best practices include:

  • Mounting into wall studs for robust support.
  • Using anchors rated for the bar’s weight if installing into drywall.
  • Ensuring bars feel snug and cannot slide or wiggle loose.


Creative styles of towel hangs include:

  • Ladder-style towel racks provide abundant bar space.
  • Wall-mounted hooks allow versatile placement.
  • Over-the-door hangers utilize unused space.
  • Standing towel racks maximize floor area.
  • Shelving incorporates folded towel storage.
  • Combining bars, hooks, shelves and ladders meets diverse needs.

Thoughtfully weighing location, height, size, materials, installation and style helps identify optimal towel hanging solutions for the space, users’ needs and aesthetic. Analyzing these factors provides insight on where to hang towels in the bathroom.

Where to Hang Towels in the Bathroom – FAQs

Should towels be hung to dry or laid flat?

Hanging towels to dry is preferable to laying them flat. Hanging allows air circulation on both sides of the towel, resulting in faster drying. It also minimizes musty odors and bacterial growth caused by damp towels lying flat.

How high should towel bars be?

Standard height for towel bars is 48 inches above the floor. This enables comfortable access for most adults. Adjust height lower for children’s use. ADA guidelines recommend a maximum height of 48 inches for accessible installation.

Where should you never hang towels?

Avoid hanging towels on cabinet doors. The weight can pull doors off tracks. Also avoid placing towel bars above toilets due to unfavorable spacing. Never hang towels on oven or other appliance handles, since retrieving a hot item could cause burns.

Should you hang towels in the kitchen?

Hanging towels in the kitchen provides convenient access for drying hands, wiping spills, etc. Install towel bars or hooks away from heat sources like stoves. Opt for stainless steel or other corrosion resistant materials since kitchen towels endure lots of moisture.

How do hotels hang towels?

Hotels often use towel racks with multiple rungs to hang folded towels, maximizing limited space. Freestanding shelving units also provide abundant folded towel storage. For bath towels, hotels favor ladder-style towel racks on walls or behind doors to accommodate multiple guests.

Can you hang towels over cabinet doors?

Hanging towels over cabinet doors is inadvisable. The weight of wet towels stresses hinges and causes sagging. The moisture damages cabinet finishes over time. Opt for wall-mounted hooks, standing racks or other alternatives.


Strategic towel placement facilitates drying, storage and easy access in the bathroom. When determining where to hang towels, assess the location, height, size, materials, installation method and style to optimize function. Hanging towels near showers or tubs, sinks and on the backs of doors increases convenience. Adjust bar height to accommodate users. Measure towels prior to obtaining bars and hooks to ensure sufficient hanging capacity. Select durable, aesthetically pleasing materials. Properly mount bars into studs or using robust anchors. Finally, consider creative hanging equipment like ladder racks, standing poles or over-the-door options to suit your needs and tastes. With these considerations in mind, you can identify the ideal spots to hang towels in your bathroom.

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