Big Box Home Improvement Stores

Popular national chains like Home Depot and Lowe’s offer a wide selection of stock and semi-custom frameless cabinetry options across multiple price points. While selection is more limited compared to cabinet specialty stores, the mass-market focus makes pricing very competitive. Home Depot’s Hampton Bay Designer Series and Lowe’s Allen + Roth lines include frameless base cabinet options in various door styles and finishes. Special order lead times are typically 4-6 weeks.

Benefits of buying frameless base cabinets from big box stores:

  • National footprint with many local store options.
  • Competitive pricing, frequent sales and specials.
  • Can see and touch display models in person.
  • Quick in-stock pickup for some SKUs.
  • Free design services and kitchen planning tools.
  • Easy returns and warranty support.

Online Direct-to-Consumer Retailers

Purchasing cabinets online offers wider selection and customization, direct-from-factory pricing and fast shipping. Top online brands for modern frameless base RTA cabinets include:


  • Specializes in frameless cabinets for whole house.
  • Ship factory direct nationwide.
  • Offer full CAD design services.
  • Highly rated for quality and services.
  • Lead time 2-3 weeks plus shipping.


  • Focus on RTA cabinets and kitchen cabinets.
  • Range of frameless base cabinets.
  • Optional matching moldings and accessories.
  • Ships within 5 business days.
  • Free shipping on orders over $1500.


  • Large catalog of RTA cabinetry.
  • Contemporary frameless styles.
  • Custom sizing and storage options.
  • Ships within 3-6 business days.
  • Price matching guarantee.

Local Cabinet Showrooms

For the highest quality frameless cabinets, visit local cabinet showrooms carrying brands like Kemper, Mid Continent, and Ultracraft. Though priced higher than big box and online options, these specialty retailers offer:

  • Greater material selection – woods, laminates, veneers, finishes.
  • Highly customizable – storage, door styles, accessories.
  • Professional kitchen designers.
  • Ability to see and feel display models.
  • Fast turnaround, sometimes as little as 2-3 weeks.
  • Installation may be included.

RTA vs Assembled Cabinets

Frameless base cabinets are commonly available in RTA (ready-to-assemble) format from big box and online sellers. This means the cabinets ship flat-packed and require assembly. Assembled cabinets from local cabinet showrooms come pre-built and ready to install.

Pros of RTA:

  • Lower cost due to shipping efficiencies.
  • Easy transport and carry into home.

Pros of Assembled:

  • No assembly required.
  • Often more durable construction.
  • Wider product selection.

No matter where you buy, always compare warranties. Many retailers offer lifetime cabinet box warranties. With some advanced planning, there are many excellent options for purchasing affordable, high-quality frameless base RTA cabinets for your next kitchen refresh or build.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Frameless Base RTA Cabinets

What are the main differences between framed and frameless cabinets?

Framed cabinets have a face frame attached to the front of the cabinet box while frameless cabinets do not. The frameless design has a more streamlined, contemporary look. Without a face frame, frameless cabinets offer full access to the contents when doors are open.

How much more affordable are RTA cabinets compared to custom cabinetry?

RTA cabinets are typically 30-50% less expensive than full custom cabinets. The savings come from mass manufacturing and shipping efficiencies. Custom cabinets allow for more material choices and precise customization.

Should I assemble RTA cabinets myself or pay for professional installation?

If you are relatively handy, assembling RTA cabinets yourself can save on install costs. However, for complexes designs professional installation is recommended to ensure proper assembly and fit.

What are the most popular frameless cabinet door styles?

Slab cabinet doors and shaker style doors are today’s most popular choices for frameless cabinetry. Slab cabinet doors feature a simple, flat center panel while shaker style has a recessed center panel.

How long does it take to receive RTA cabinets ordered online?

Delivery time can range from 1-4 weeks. Shipping times depend on inventory and location. Some online retailers offer faster shipping for an added cost.


With some smart shopping, frameless base RTA cabinets offer homeowners an affordable way to achieve a clean, contemporary kitchen aesthetic. Big box stores, online retailers and local cabinet showrooms all provide quality options at different price points. Whether your preference is to save money with RTA cabinets or have the exact customization of assembled cabinets, there are many excellent sources to buy your frameless base cabinets from in today’s market.