Ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets have become an increasingly popular option for homeowners looking to remodel their kitchens on a budget. RTA cabinets come unassembled, allowing you to put them together yourself and save on installation costs. Many home improvement stores and online retailers now offer RTA cabinet options. But where exactly are physical RTA cabinet showrooms located? Let’s take a look.

Background on RTA Cabinets

RTA cabinets provide an affordable alternative to custom cabinetry because they ship flat-packed and require assembly. The savings from a DIY installation really add up. RTA cabinets are typically made from materials like particle board, MDF, and plywood. They offer plenty of variety in terms of color, finish, and door style options.

While the quality may not match custom cabinets, you can find solid RTA options from reputable brands like KraftMaid, Hampton Bay, and Ready to Assemble Cabinets. With some handy skills and the right tools, RTA cabinets make an excellent choice for budget-friendly kitchen remodeling projects.

Locating RTA Cabinet Showrooms

So where can you actually go see RTA cabinets in person before purchasing? Big box home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have displays of some of their RTA cabinet lines. This allows you to check out quality and workmanship. You may also find small selections of RTA cabinets at local hardware stores or discount home supply retailers.

Home Depot

As one of the largest home improvement chains, Home Depot is a great place to view RTA cabinets first-hand. They sell several RTA lines like Hampton Bay and Design Solutions. Visit your local store to see cabinet door styles and finishes so you can visualize how they might look installed in your kitchen. While selection is somewhat limited, it’s worthwhile to see and feel the materials used.


Lowe’s is Home Depot’s biggest competitor, offering many comparable RTA cabinet options. Check out brands like Style Selections and Project Source. Lowe’s showrooms display assembled cabinet boxes and doors to help you get a sense of quality and workmanship. Lowe’s staff can also provide guidance on taking accurate kitchen measurements.


The iconic Swedish furniture company is well-known for its affordable RTA products. IKEA stocks a huge inventory of RTA kitchen cabinets in its signature minimalist styles. Visit a massive IKEA store to browse the kitchen displays and visualize how their cabinetry and organizational solutions might work in your own home.

Cabinet Factory Outlet

This specialty chain has multiple showroom locations across the U.S. carrying surplus RTA stock from various manufacturers. You’ll find even more styles and finishes to choose from compared to big box stores. The hands-on experience helps take some uncertainty out of ordering unseen RTA cabinets online.


With modern showrooms in Los Angeles and Orange County, ReadiKitchen focuses specifically on RTA cabinets. They partner with quality suppliers to make high-end RTA designs more accessible. Browse collections from top brands during a showroom visit or use their online visualization tools.

This online retailer operates two RTA cabinet showrooms in Cerritos and Hawaiian Gardens, CA. Check out brands like Ready to Assemble Cabinets and Tidewater Workshop in person before purchasing. Knowledgeable staff can answer questions about assembly, installation, and customization.

East Coast Cabinets

In the eastern U.S., East Coast Cabinets has become one of the premier distributors of RTA cabinetry geared towards builders and remodelers. Their showrooms across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut allow you to evaluate RTA brands like Ready to Assemble Kitchens and Starmark Cabinetry prior to purchase.

The RTA Store

With showroom locations in Texas and Arizona, this retailer lives up to its name. The RTA Store stocks RTA products for kitchens, baths, garages, and more from trusted manufacturers. Stop by to talk design ideas and get expert input as you plan your next DIY remodeling project.

Things to Evaluate at RTA Showrooms

Visiting RTA cabinet showrooms lets you take a critical look before you buy. Be sure to consider these factors as you evaluate various RTA cabinet lines:

  • Construction – Look inside cabinets to see how they’re made. Solid wood frames and plywood sides are preferable to particle board. Check corner joints for quality and durability.
  • Drawers – Open and close drawers to test the glides. Look for sturdy drawer boxes made from plywood instead of thin hardboard. Verify fit and smooth operation.
  • Door hinges – Make sure door hinges feel robust and have adjustments for alignment. Concealed hinges offer a clean, modern look.
  • Door styles – Look beyond pictures online and see the door profiles in person. Test operation of any moving parts on specialty hardware and lifts.
  • Finish – Closely inspect the finish on display cabinets. Make sure it has good coverage inside and out with no cracks or defects.
  • Assembly – Review included instructions to understand the assembly process. Factor in your DIY skills and tool availability as needed.
  • Price – Compare pricing between various RTA lines and options. Remember that quality materials and manufacturing warrant a higher cost.

Key Factors When Selecting RTA Cabinets

Beyond examining product quality in an RTA cabinet showroom, consider these other tips when making your RTA purchase:

  • Carefully measure your existing kitchen space and create an accurate layout.
  • Read through all cabinet specifications to verify dimensions and storage capacities.
  • Choose cabinet box sizes that maximize storages based on your kitchen needs.
  • Select durable finishes that will hold up under expected wear and tear.
  • Factor in the cost of additional RTA accessories like lazy susans, pull-outs, and organizers.
  • Leave room in your budget for new countertops, appliances, flooring, etc.
  • Take advantage of sales, specials, and rebates offered by retailers and manufacturers.
  • Order a few extra cabinet doors and drawer fronts in case of future damage.
  • Plan for acquiring all required tools, hardware, and supplies prior to delivery.

Ordering RTA Cabinets Online

While showrooms allow hands-on research, ordering RTA cabinets online provides the biggest selection and best pricing. Reputable retailers like RTA Cabinet Store, DIY Kitchen Cabinets, and Cabinet DIY offer hundreds of RTA cabinet choices that can be ordered from the comfort of home.

Follow these tips for a smooth online ordering process:

  • Browse cabinet choices using the retailer’s online visualization tools.
  • Request free samples if available to inspect door and finish options.
  • Connect with customer service for any questions about products or ordering.
  • Enter cabinet selections into online cart or use saved project estimates.
  • Take advantage of design and technical support as needed.
  • Review final pricing and order details before submitting payment securely.
  • Note estimated lead and delivery timelines. Arrange to be home for deliveries.
  • Inspect boxes and parts immediately. Report any damage or missing pieces.

Benefits of Visiting RTA Showrooms

While buying cabinets online provides convenience and cost savings, visiting local RTA showrooms has some unique advantages:

  • Immediately see and feel display cabinets rather than relying on pictures.
  • Talk to knowledgeable staff for insights on specific RTA product lines.
  • Ask questions and get expert advice applicable to your own kitchen project.
  • Evaluate and compare construction, finishes, hardware across different RTA brands.
  • Gain confidence in quality before purchasing unseen cabinets online.
  • Take notes and gather brochures to further research top choices from your visit.
  • Avoid dissatisfactions down the road by vetting RTA cabinets in person prior to purchase.

Seeing and touching RTA cabinets first-hand before buying can prove extremely valuable for many homeowners. So be sure to visit showrooms in your area while doing research.

Locating RTA Showrooms by Major City

In addition to the national retailers mentioned earlier that have RTA cabinets on display, many areas have specialty showrooms representing various RTA manufacturers. Here is a look at where you can find RTA cabinet showrooms in some major US cities:

Los Angeles

  • ReadiKitchen
  • Kitchen Bath Factory
  • Cabinet Discounters
  • Cabinets To Go
  • Direct Depot

New York City

  • Bring It Home Furniture
  • My RTA Store
  • Sweeten Showroom
  • Casa Kitchen and Bath


  • DIY Kitchen Cabinets
  • Kitchen Tune-Up
  • Ready To Assemble Kitchens


  • Cabinet Me Up
  • Kitchen Cabinet Kings
  • Certified Custom Cabinets


  • Arizona RTA Depot
  • Cabinets Fast
  • Arizona Kitchen Remodeling


  • Ready Set Cabinets
  • Digest The Kitchen
  • Kitchen Magic

San Antonio

  • QuickPro Cabinets
  • Texas RTA Cabinets
  • Hill Country Ready to Assemble

San Diego

  • Designer Cabinets & Stone
  • RTA Superstore
  • Affordable KitchenCabinets


  • Kitchen Cabinets Dallas
  • Ready to Assemble Kitchens
  • Kitchen Views

San Jose

  • Prestige Kitchen Cabinets
  • Cabinet Outlet
  • Peninsula Custom Cabinets


  • Capital City Cabinets
  • Texas Best Cabinets
  • Cabinet Joint


  • The RTA Cabinet Store
  • Ready to Assemble Cabinets
  • Prestige Kitchens & Baths

Be sure to call ahead to verify RTA cabinet showroom locations in your city before visiting. Display inventory changes over time. Referrals from friends, relatives, or neighbors who have purchased RTA cabinets can also help you find a reputable local retailer.

What to Expect When Visiting RTA Showrooms

Walking into specialty kitchen and bath showrooms can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t know what to expect. Here are a few tips to make your trip to explore RTA cabinets a productive one:

  • Weekend visits tend to be busiest. Consider stopping by on a weekday if possible.
  • Wear comfortable shoes! Showrooms are large and you’ll be on your feet for a while.
  • Don’t bring small children who can potentially damage display items.
  • Allow at least 30-60 minutes to browse RTA cabinet displays comfortably.
  • Touch cabinets gently. Don’t force doors or drawers open/closed.
  • Take measurements and notes on styles that interest you.
  • Capture pictures only if permitted by store policies.
  • Ask about current promotions, sales and availability.
  • Get expert input but don’t feel pressured into an immediate decision.
  • Have fun exploring the cabinetry options for your dream kitchen!

Questions to Ask at RTA Showrooms

To make the most of visiting RTA showrooms, go armed with a list of questions. Here are some important things to ask staff about the RTA cabinet lines being displayed:

  • Where are these RTA cabinets manufactured?
  • What materials are used for cabinet boxes and doors?
  • How many finish options are available? Can I see all the colors?
  • How adjustable are the door hinges if cabinets get out of alignment?
  • How much weight will the shelves hold without sagging?
  • What mounting hardware is included for installation?
  • Is trim included to cover the cabinet seams after installation?
  • Do you offer matching wood end panels for a built-in look?
  • What are typical lead times if ordering cabinets not in stock?
  • Do you provide design services for selecting cabinets?
  • Will you take detailed measurements if I supply room dimensions?
  • Can I return cabinets if damaged or if I ordered incorrectly?

Signs of Quality RTA Cabinets

When examining cabinetry at RTA showrooms, keep an eye out for these signs of quality construction:

  • Solid Wood Frames – Avoid particle board or MDF cabinet frames. Opt for plywood or solid wood.
  • Plywood Boxes – Cabinets made of 3⁄4” plywood will resist warping better than thin particle board.
  • Dovetail Joints – Dovetail joinery is stronger than staples or glue at box corners.
  • Full Overlay Doors – Doors that fully overlay the cabinet box are more modern looking.
  • Soft-Close Hardware – Smooth, self-closing drawer glides and door hinges prevent slamming.
  • Thick Shelves – Shelves should be at least 3⁄4” thick to prevent sagging over time.
  • Quality Finishes – Even, durable finishes will resist scratching, humidity, and wear/tear.
  • Concealed Hinges – Hinges hidden inside cabinets maintain a clean, seamless appearance.

Seeing these high-quality touches first-hand lets you make informed RTA purchasing decisions.

Avoiding Pitfalls When Buying RTA Cabinets

While RTA cabinets provide an affordable DIY-friendly option, it’s important to avoid these common mistakes shoppers can make:

  • Choosing a finish that will show wear too easily. Consider darker stains or paints.
  • Assuming wider cabinets will fit down staircases or tight hallways.
  • Forgetting to budget for additional trim, molding, filler panels and caps.
  • Not ordering enough cabinets for an efficient layout based on kitchen size and shape.
  • Focusing only on cabinet prices rather than quality and long-term durability.
  • Not accounting for potential plumbing or electrical relocation in cabinet plans.
  • Overlooking shipping costs, especially for expedited delivery before a project deadline.

Careful planning and thorough research are key to a smooth and successful RTA cabinet installation. Visiting showrooms adds an extra layer of assurance.

The DIY Assembly Process

While showrooms allow you to see fully assembled cabinets, RTA cabinets arrive boxed up as components you will need to put together yourself. Here’s an overview of what to expect:

  • Review detailed instructions for each step before starting. Ask for help interpreting if unsure.
  • Confirm you have all required tools, hardware and supplies ready. Shop missing items beforehand.
  • Set up in a clean, spacious area with sturdy tables to hold parts.
  • Unpack boxes carefully and take inventory. Discard packing materials safely.
  • Be patient. Assembly involves repetition. Rushing increases the chance of mistakes.
  • Follow instructions exactly. Double-check alignments before tightening hardware permanently.
  • Lifting and flipping large cabinets requires helpers. Don’t overexert and injure yourself.
  • Work slowly and safely. Use clamps, stops and guides to stabilize parts being joined.
  • Apply trim, caps, panels and end pieces as directed to cover exposed edges.

With good organizational skills and the proper tools, RTA assembly can be manageable for DIYers. Visiting showrooms also allows you to inspect assembled cabinets to better understand how all the parts and pieces fit together.

Hiring Professionals for RTA Assembly

Attempting to assemble dozens of cabinets on your own can be challenging. Many homeowners lack the time, skills or physical ability to take on such a major project solo. In that case, consider hiring professionals for assistance.

Services like Ready-to-Install by The Home Depot handle the RTA assembly process for you based on your cabinet selections. Independent installers and handymen can also be contracted to put cabinets together before installation.

Benefits of having pros assemble RTA cabinets include:

  • Frees up your time to focus on other kitchen remodel tasks
  • Allows for faster project completion meeting your deadline
  • Reduces the risk of incorrectly assembled cabinets
  • Minimizes frustration and physical demands
  • Provides experienced skills and manpower for the huge undertaking

Just remember that RTA assembly services add cost. But the investment may be worthwhile if DIY assembly is beyond your capabilities.

Saving Money With RTA Cabinets

One of the biggest perks of choosing RTA cabinets is the cost savings versus custom cabinetry. Here are some tips to maximize your budget when buying RTA:

  • Take advantage of seasonal sales events or holiday promotions at retailers.
  • Check for available rebates directly from manufacturers.
  • Buy during a tax-free weekend if your state offers them.
  • Use cabinet designer tools to minimize waste and optimize kitchen layout.
  • Select in-stock items to avoid special order fees.
  • Consider downgrading interior finishes like melamine shelves.
  • Order filler pieces and molding from a building supply store.
  • Use fewer specialty inserts and accessories to contain costs.
  • Purchase paint to refinish existing cabinets rather than fully replace.

With smart planning, you can cut expenses without sacrificing the style and storage your kitchen needs. Visiting RTA showrooms gives you a leg up on designing an affordable dream space.

Combining RTA Cabinets Seamlessly

An advantage of RTA cabinets is mixing and matching pieces from various lines as desired. But the end result must look cohesive. Here are tips for blending different RTA cabinet collections:

  • Choose doors in the same style even if materials vary.
  • Repeat finishes throughout like stained oak uppers and painted lowers.
  • Incorporate same hardware suite for pulls, knobs and hinges.
  • Use matching countertop material to tie heterogeneous cabinets together.
  • Select complementary decorative trim and accents.
  • Splurge on same upgraded cabinets for high visibility spots.
  • Mix woods logically, like walnut base cabinets and white uppers.
  • Limit combos to 2-3 cabinet collections or door types.

Careful coordination of RTA cabinetry ensures your new kitchen looks intentional and upscale.

Recent Trends in RTA Cabinetry

Cabinet styling preferences change over time. Here are some of the latest trends seen in RTA cabinet showrooms:

  • Two-toned kitchens mixing painted or stained upper and lower cabinets