Ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets have become an increasingly popular option for homeowners looking to remodel their kitchens on a budget. As the name implies, RTA cabinets come packed flat in a box and require some assembly before installation. But where exactly are these convenient cabinet kits manufactured?

RTA cabinets are primarily made in a few key locations around the world, namely the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. The country of origin depends on the specific manufacturer, but many of the most popular RTA cabinet brands produce their products domestically in North America or Europe.

RTA Cabinets Made in the USA

Several leading RTA cabinet brands manufacture their products at factories in the United States. Buying American-made cabinets supports domestic jobs and often means shorter lead times and shipping distances. Some of the most popular made in the USA cabinet brands include:

Barker Cabinets

Barker Cabinets are designed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Massachusetts. They use quality North American hardwoods and sheet materials. Barker Cabinets offers a wide selection of RTA cabinets for kitchens, baths, and other rooms.

Cabinet Joint

Cabinet Joint operates a 440,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Tennessee. They offer RTA cabinets, countertops, and accessories made with all-wood box construction. Cabinet Joint has over 20 cabinet lines to choose from.


Based out of New Jersey, CliqStudios oversees production of their RTA cabinets at a domestic factory. Their catalog includes streamlined Shaker, traditional, and contemporary cabinet styles. CliqStudios also offers matching wood countertops.

Crystal Cabinets

This brand manufactures their line of affordable RTA cabinets at a state-of-the-art factory in Princeton, Minnesota. They use quality laminated and solid wood materials sourced from North America. Crystal Cabinets ships nationwide.


Headquartered in Virginia, Kabinart makes modern, Shaker, and traditional RTA cabinet collections at their domestic manufacturing facility. Their cabinets feature solid hardwood doors and face frames. Matching vanities and accessories are also available.

Kemper Cabinets

This established company designs their wide range of RTA cabinets at their headquarters in Nebraska and manufactures them at their state-of-the-art production facility in Ohio. Kemper uses environmentally-friendly processes and domestic hardwoods and components.

Ready To Assemble Cabinets

As the name suggests, this company produces their RTA cabinet boxes, doors, and accessories at their modern factory in Iowa. Their product lineup includes shaker, mission, and slab cabinet door styles. Customization options are available.

Ready Made Cabinets

Operating out of southern California, Ready Made Cabinets manufactures contemporary RTA cabinets constructed from North American hardwood plywood and veneers. Their cabinets come with matching accessories and adjustable shelves.

Affordable Cabinet Solutions

Located in Michigan, Affordable Cabinet Solutions fabricates their selection of RTA stock and semi-custom cabinets domestically using laminated particleboard sourced from North America. Their product catalog ranges from shaker to inset cabinet styles.

Kamanda Kitchens

Kamanda Kitchens designs their wide selection of shaker, recessed panel, and modern RTA kitchen and bathroom cabinets and manufactures them in Idaho using domestic wood products. Their cabinets can be modified with an array of decorative accessories.

So in summary, reputable American-made RTA cabinet brands are abundant and offer reasonable quality at affordable prices. Purchasing USA-manufactured cabinets also provides faster fulfillment and shipping within North America.

RTA Cabinets Produced in Canada

In addition to domestic manufacturing south of the border, several quality RTA cabinet companies operate factories in Canada and use locally-sourced wood products. Some top Canadian cabinet brands include:

Cuisines Laurier

From their factory in Quebec, Cuisines Laurier produces an assortment of RTA kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room cabinets made from North American materials. Their catalog includes various contemporary, shaker, and traditional styles.

Kitchen Craft Cabinetry

This manufacturer designs their wide selection of RTA cabinetry at headquarters in Winnipeg and oversees production at their state-of-the-art factory in Manitoba. Their cabinets feature durable coated plywood construction.

Kitchen Resource

Offering affordable Shaker-style RTA cabinets, Kitchen Resource manufactures their products in Ontario, Canada using laminated woods sourced from North American forests. Their catalog includes cabinets, matching valances, and accessories.

Picasso Kitchen Cabinets

Picasso operates a sprawling 450,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta to produce their lines of RTA cabinets and butcher block countertops. Their products are constructed using local and imported hardwood materials.

Cabinet Unlimited

Located in Vancouver, Cabinet Unlimited fabricates their selection of RTA stock, semi-custom, and full custom kitchen, bathroom, and garage cabinets at their Canadian facility using premium plywoods and North American hardwoods.

So companies that manufacture their RTA cabinets in Canada typically utilize high-quality domestic lumber and materials while providing competitive prices. Canadian-made cabinets offer a nice combination of quality and affordability.

Production of RTA Cabinets in Europe

Several major foreign cabinet manufacturers also operate factories in Europe to fabricate RTA cabinets for global distribution. Manufacturing operations are located across continents like:


  • Nobilia – Germany’s largest kitchen cabinetry producer manufactures affordable RTA cabinets at multiple factories in Germany. They export worldwide.
  • Optifit – Headquartered in Germany, this company has an expansive RTA cabinet selection made at their European factories using German engineered materials.
  • Next125 – This German brand designs contemporary, eco-friendly RTA cabinets constructed of waterproof wood materials produced at their European facilities.


  • Lube – Manufacturing modern Italian RTA cabinets since the 1960s, Lube oversees cabinet production at their two factories in Italy. Their products feature cutting-edge designs.
  • Ernestomeda – This luxury brand engineers their sophisticated RTA kitchen cabinets at their headquarters in Italy and assembles them at their Italian production facilities.


  • IKEA – The iconic IKEA brand designs their widespread SEKTION system of affordable RTA cabinets and wardrobes at their headquarters in Sweden and produces them across factories in Europe.


  • Blum – Global cabinet hardware manufacturer Blum fabricates their selection of hingeless, modern LIVING RTA cabinets at their European facilities in Austria.

So reputable RTA cabinet companies with headquarters and factories located in Germany, Italy, Sweden, Austria, and elsewhere throughout Europe bring unique and specialty cabinetry options to the global marketplace.

Manufacturing of RTA Cabinets in Asia

Imported RTA cabinets from leading brands manufacturing in Asia offer an extremely budget-friendly solution. The lower labor costs overseas allow companies to produce very low-priced cabinets. Common manufacturing locales include:


  • TopCabinets – One of the largest Chinese RTA cabinet manufacturers, TopCabinets operates a 1.1 million square foot factory in China and exports cabinets worldwide.
  • BTOD – BTOD oversees production of their affordable RTA cabinets at factories in Guangdong, China before shipping them abroad.
  • Elegant Home Fashions – This manufacturer makes and exports their competitively priced selection of Chinese-made RTA cabinets worldwide.


  • CabinetDIY – Headquartered in Malaysia, CabinetDIY manufactures an affordable range of RTA kitchen and bathroom cabinets at their factory in Johor Bahru.


  • An Cuong – This leading Vietnamese manufacturer has a 500,000 square foot production facility in Binh Duong where they fabricate their wide selection of RTA cabinetry.


  • Canyon Creek Cabinet Company – Canyon Creek designs unfinished RTA cabinetry in Indonesia and oversees manufacturing at partner factories across Asia before export.

While quality and features may not match North American brands, these Asian cabinet manufacturers help fill the market for highly affordable RTA cabinet solutions for frugal homeowners.

Shipping Origin for RTA Cabinets

Regardless of their original manufacturing location overseas, most foreign RTA cabinet suppliers have established warehouses and distribution centers within North America. This means many imported RTA cabinets ship from domestic locations like California, Texas, or other states even if they are made in China or elsewhere in Asia. So don’t assume country of origin based on shipping location.

Always verify where the manufacturer indicates their cabinets are actually produced, not just where their final distribution center resides. Domestic shipping can provide faster fulfillment but doesn’t necessarily indicate American-made cabinets.

Quality Considerations Based on Manufacturing Origin

While individual cabinet quality ultimately depends on the specific brand and their production standards, some general notes can be made when comparing typical cabinet construction based on country of manufacturing origin:

American-Made Cabinets

RTA cabinets made in the USA or Canada generally adhere to stricter standards for low VOC emissions and sustainable forestry practices. They utilize domestic hardwoods, plywood, and sheet goods. Hardware is often thicker and sturdier. Overall fit and finish matches typical expectations for North American cabinetry.

European-Made Cabinets

Imported European RTA cabinets from brands like IKEA or Nobilia also follow respectable quality and environmental protocols. Their unique designs reflect regional styling preferences. Blum hardware is considered top-tier. Meticulous German or Italian engineering ensures precision.

Asian-Made Cabinets

Affordable RTA cabinets direct from China or Vietnam attract with their ultra-low prices but often sacrifice some quality. Wood materials are extruded or laminated overseas. Hardware is usually thinner than North American standards. Finishes may have minor blemishes. But sturdy construction and fair quality remain.

So while profiles differ, every manufacturing origin has reputable brands producing good RTA cabinets as well as lower-end options cutting every corner. Carefully research manufacturers to find the optimal balance of quality and affordability for your specific kitchen needs.

Locating Manufacturing Information for RTA Cabinet Brands

With many brands operating factories in multiple countries or importing components before final assembly, it can take some deeper digging to uncover precisely where an RTA cabinet line is originally manufactured. But this production information can be important for assessing quality, lead times, and sourcing of materials.

Here are some tips for finding manufacturing details:

  • Check the manufacturer’s website for an “About Us” page or “Our Story” overview. Many proudly promote their country of origin.
  • Look for phrases like “Made in America” or “Shipped Worldwide from California” which indicate domestic manufacturing.
  • Contact their customer service number and inquire directly about where their cabinets are made.
  • Search the brand name and “made in” online to find discussion forums with ownership details.
  • Check for certifications from organizations supporting American-made goods.
  • Evaluate their location-specific shipping times and restrictions as hints of manufacturing origin.
  • Look at their warranty policy fine print for any production country information.

Doing a little research upfront can give clarity into exactly where an RTA cabinet brand manufactures their products before making a purchase.

Check Individual Cabinet Door Styles

While a manufacturer may indicate their overall manufacturing origin, sometimes specific cabinet collections or customization options within their catalog may be sourced differently.

For example, they could produce their core shaker cabinet boxes in Canada but outsource their customizable inset cabinet doors from a factory in Indonesia. Or they might assemble cabinets in North America using some imported materials.

So if sourcing or quality for certain cabinet lines is a priority, be sure to check that the actual door styles and finishes you plan to purchase match the advertised country of origin rather than assuming the entire catalog shares the same production facility. The door style names or product details typically clarify if a line is imported.

This is especially recommended when choosing from a large RTA cabinet brand’s expansive catalog of options. Verifying manufacturing on the exact products you need provides extra assurance.

Common RTA Cabinet Materials

Regardless of where they’re produced, Ready-to-Assemble kitchen cabinets utilize a variety of common material components sourced globally. Understanding the basics can be helpful when comparing cabinet options:

  • Plywood – This layered wood material comprises the cabinet box sides, bottoms, tops, and shelves. Can be coated or uncoated.
  • Particleboard – Made from wood fragments, used for cabinet backs and bottoms. Denser and more stable than standard fiberboard.
  • MDF – Medium density fiberboard composed of wood fibers. Often used for door panels and cabinet components.
  • Hardwood – Solid oak, maple or other wood species for framing and decorative elements. Most durable but expensive option.
  • Lumber core – Interior layer of wood in a laminated cabinet door for stability.
  • Melamine – Paper coating with a plastic finish laminated over wood substrate. Provides waterproofing.
  • Thermally fused melamine – Direct pressed melamine layer creates highly durable doors and surfaces.
  • PVC/Vinyl – Water and stain resistant plastic laminate wrap used on edges and surfaces.
  • Veneers – Thin wood slices laminated onto core doors and components to provide real wood appearance economically.

While the country of origin provides some guidance on materials and quality, examining the exact components used for doors, boxes and finishes offers the best evaluation for an RTA cabinet line. Domestic and foreign factories alike can produce high quality RTA cabinets from these universal materials.

How to Pick the Best RTA Cabinets

Considering where RTA cabinets are produced is insightful, but many additional factors should ultimately drive your brand and cabinet selection for an ideal home kitchen or bathroom. Here are the main purchasing considerations:

Quality Materials

Review cabinet component materials and construction. Seek plywood boxes, solid wood frames, and durable laminate or melamine finishes. Avoid thin fiberboard or particleboard.

Design Styles

Browse the door styles and colors available to find options suiting your decor needs. Lean towards timeless Shaker versus ornate or trendy designs.

Sizes and Dimensions

Choose standard cabinet widths and heights that fit your specific room layout and storage needs rather than odd sizing.

Cost and Budget

Calculate total costs including cabinets, knobs and pulls, delivery, and installation accessories. Set an affordable budget and stick to it.

Assembly Complexity

Assess your ability and time to assemble the cabinets yourself or your need to hire assistance. Opt for easier designs if tackling solo.

Positive Reviews

Read buyer reviews and look for satisfied customers praising quality, appearance, pricing, and service. Avoid concerning complaints.

Company Reputation

Choose established brands with a track record of dependable products and support. Newer or unknown companies can be riskier.

Warranty Coverage

Look for solid coverage that protects against defects. Lengthy limited lifetime warranties provide peace of mind.

Made in USA/Canada

For some buyers, purchasing American-made cabinets is important. But don’t assume manufacturing location equates directly to quality.

Availability and Lead Times

Check stock availability and estimated shipping durations. Order early if delivery may be delayed.

While definitely worth considering, manufacturing origin needs to be balanced with all other factors that ultimately determine the optimal RTA cabinet selection for your next kitchen or bath remodel. Invest time to research and compare brands and product specs.

Locating American-Made RTA Cabinet Suppliers

For homeowners who consider domestic manufacturing an important attribute, finding brands that produce RTA cabinets in America or Canada is admittedly trickier than picking from the abundant selection of imported options flooding the marketplace. But reputable options exist.

Here are some helpful tips for sourcing American-made Ready-to-Assemble cabinet brands:

  • Check industry organizations like the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association member directory for approved USA companies.
  • Search for manufacturers certified as ‘Made in USA’ by organizations like Made in America.
  • Look at kitchen design blogs and websites highlighting recommended American cabinet brands.
  • Search by your state name and ‘cabinet manufacturer’ to find local companies.
  • Ask at a specialty kitchen design showroom for domestic RTA recommendations.
  • Search Home Depot, Lowe’s and other major home improvement retailers for ‘Made in USA’ cabinet offerings.
  • Avoid vague ‘North American’ wording that could imply imported materials or assembly. Verify specifics.
  • Carefully scrutinize potentially misleading American branding if pricing seems too competitive.

While diligence is required, there are certainly reputable options for sourcing high quality kitchen, bathroom or utility room cabinets proudly manufactured by skilled American workers using domestic materials. Supporting local businesses and jobs may justify the added costs for many homeowners.

Just be sure to thoroughly investigate any companies touting ‘Made in USA’ claims with pricing that seems unrealistically low. Some brands creatively interpret what constitutes “manufacturing” in America.

Are RTA Cabinets As Good As Assembled Cabinets?

Many homeowners wonder how the quality and durability of Ready-to-Assemble cabinets compare to purchasing already assembled cabinetry from a supplier. Here are some considerations when evaluating RTA cabinets versus pre-assembled:


  • Made from the same materials like plywood and particleboard.
  • Assembly does not affect long-term durability.
  • Wide range available from budget to high-end.
  • Leading brands offer warranties from lifetime to 3 years.


  • RTA typically 20-50% cheaper than comparable pre-assembled.
  • Lower manufacturing costs by shipping flat-packed.
  • Savings passed down with DIY assembly.


  • RTA requires time and effort for assembly before installing.
  • Assembled cabinets can install immediately.
  • Most homeowners can assemble RTA successfully.


  • Both RTA and assembled come in standard sizes.
  • Some RTA brands offer more modification options.
  • Assembled usually requires custom order.


  • RTA dominates big box stores and online sellers.
  • Assembled mainly available through kitchen contractors.
  • RTA offers vastly more size, style and finish options.

When selected carefully based on reviews and reputation, quality