Kitchen cabinets are one of the most important elements in any kitchen design. They don’t just provide storage space for all your cookware, dishes, and pantry items – they also set the aesthetic tone for the entire room. When investing in new kitchen cabinets, especially high-end options, there are several key factors to take into account to ensure you select the best cabinets for your needs, budget, and style.

Cabinet Quality and Construction

When evaluating high-end kitchen cabinets, you’ll want to pay close attention to the quality of materials and construction methods used. Superior quality cabinets will be made with solid wood frames and doors, rather than lower-grade particle board or MDF. Dovetail joinery and other intricate construction methods, rather than just staples or nails, provide more durability and structural integrity. Drawers should feature full-extension slides and soft-closing hinges on doors should be standard.

Consider where the cabinets were constructed. Many luxury cabinet brands are made in Italy, Germany, Canada or the United States from the highest grade lumber and with exacting detail paid to craftsmanship and finishings. Be sure to ask about the materials and construction of any cabinets you are considering to ensure they meet your expectations for quality and longevity.

Design and Customization Options

While you can find ready-made stock kitchen cabinets, high-end cabinets really shine when you opt for a customized design. From choosing door styles and finishes to selecting accessories and organizational inserts, customized cabinetry allows you to tailor your kitchen to suit your personal taste and how you use the space.

Luxury cabinet brands offer an extensive range of door styles from traditional shaker and inset panels to modern, sleek slab doors and more specialized options like glass fronts and curved doors. Finish options like stained wood, painted, thermofoil, and glazed allow you to further define your aesthetic. When finalizing your design, don’t forget the hardware like knobs, pulls, and hinges which also make a statement.

When working with a designer, be sure to think through your storage needs and how you use your kitchen. Clever organizational inserts and accessories tailored to your space can make your cabinets ultra-functional. Roll-out trays, spice racks, lazy susans, and pull-out shelves are just some of the specialty options available with high-end cabinets.

Kitchen Layout and Cabinet Footprint

Your kitchen layout and the footprint for your cabinetry is another significant consideration. High-end cabinets allow for more customized layouts to make the most of your unique kitchen footprint and traffic patterns. A designer can help optimize the configuration of cabinets, appliances, and work stations in relation to windows, doors, and any structural elements that cannot be moved.

Consider the size of appliances you want to accommodate, allowances for future remodels or upgrades, and desired widths of work aisles. Well-designed kitchens balance function and aesthetics with clever solutions like angled cabinet configurations, blind corner cabinet options like lazy susans, and specialty pull-out cabinets to make the most of awkward spaces.


One of the most exciting aspects of new luxury kitchen cabinets is choosing the countertop surfaces that will be paired with them. While you’ll want your countertops to coordinate aesthetically with your cabinet style and finishes, you’ll also need to consider durability and maintenance requirements.

Natural stone surfaces like granite, marble, and quartz are classic options that pair beautifully with stained or painted wood cabinets. But they do require regular sealing and more maintenance. Engineered quartz countertops offer stain, scratch and heat resistance if those are priorities. Natural stone and butcherblock surfaces can also be great pairings for more traditional cabinetry styles.

Be sure to select countertop materials that can withstand your intended use. For avid home bakers and cooks, heat-resistant surfaces may be a priority. If you’re embarking on a larger kitchen remodel, investigate options like concrete and metal countertops as well. Your designer can advise you on the pros and cons of various countertop materials to narrow down the best fits for your space and cabinets.


Budget realistically is always an important factor when undertaking a kitchen remodel and investing in new cabinets. While off-the-shelf stock cabinets are more budget friendly, you’ll be limited in material choices and customization. Be prepared to invest more for the quality construction, customization options, and lasting luxury that high-end cabinets deliver.

Many luxury cabinet brands are priced per linear foot, with starting costs in the $200+ per foot range. More exotic materials like woven wood veneers and intricate hand-applied finishes can drive costs even higher. Don’t forget to factor in the costs of accompanying countertops, hardware, specialty storage accessories, and installation labor as well. Setting a comfortable budget before you begin designing allows you to select high-end cabinets that truly align with your priorities.

Installer Expertise

The proper installation of your investment-worthy kitchen cabinets is just as important as selecting the cabinets themselves. Ensuring cabinets are adequately secured to studs, level, and plumb is critical. Experience with fine carpentry, adjusting doors/drawers, and modifying cabinets for correct alignments is also essential.

Choose an installer with specific experience in high-end cabinetry brands and the unique construction methods used. Factory training by the brand, certifications, and an extensive portfolio of luxury kitchen installations are positive signs. Never let price be the determining factor – a botched installation can ruin your dream kitchen.

Additional Kitchen Remodel Considerations

While gorgeous new cabinets might be the centerpiece of your kitchen refresh, don’t overlook the other elements of the space. As you evaluate your needs and budget, be sure to factor in the costs of accompanying updates:

  • Countertops – As discussed above, natural stone, quartz, laminate, and other surfaces each have pros and cons. Measure your existing countertops and budget accordingly.
  • Backsplash – A backsplash is instrumental to protecting your walls and new cabinets from splatters and messes. Tile, stone slabs, glass, and metal backsplashes pair beautifully with luxury cabinets.
  • Flooring – From hardwood to tile to luxury vinyl plank, today’s flooring options are more stylish and realistic than ever. Be sure to coordinate with cabinet colors and style.
  • Appliances – Are your appliances dated? Stainless steel, matte black, or custom panel designs blend seamlessly with high-end cabinets.
  • Plumbing Fixtures – A kitchen remodel is the perfect chance to upgrade faucets, sinks, pot-fillers and smart tech features that integrate beautifully with your new cabinet design.
  • Lighting – Proper lighting illuminates your gorgeous new kitchen. Look into recessed lighting, pendant lights, under cabinet lighting and natural light solutions.

By approaching your luxury kitchen cabinet purchase as just one facet of an overall kitchen remodel, rather than the solitary focus, you can ensure the finished space is thoughtfully and harmoniously designed. Your designer can provide guidance on additional upgrades to consider.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinet Supplier

Selecting the right provider for your luxury kitchen cabinetry is just as important as choosing the cabinet brand and style itself. Not all cabinet suppliers are authorized dealers of all high-end cabinet lines, nor do they all have designer expertise to guide you. Be sure to investigate:

  • Authorized dealership status – Many luxury brands only allow cabinet sales through authorized showrooms and dealers to ensure quality.
  • Industry certifications & training – Knowledgeable designers with training directly from the manufacturers they represent.
  • Kitchen design experience – Look for an established supplier that has designed hundreds of luxury kitchens, not just a hardware store.
  • Customer service reputation – Read reviews and talk to previous customers before committing.
  • Full service options – From design expertise to supply and professional installation, a reputable dealer oversees the entire process.

Take time to visit cabinet showrooms in person and get a feel for quality of products, customer service, and design knowledge. A supplier invested in your satisfaction can guide you to the perfect high-end kitchen cabinets for your needs and style.

FAQs About Purchasing High-End Kitchen Cabinets

How much do high-end kitchen cabinets cost?

Expect to invest $200 – $1000+ per linear foot for quality construction and customization options from luxury brands. Exotic materials and intricate custom designs can reach even higher price points.

What are signs of quality construction in cabinets?

Solid wood boxes instead of particle board, dovetail joinery, soft-close hardware, full extension slides in drawers, intricate door styles, and durable finishes indicate quality materials and craftsmanship.

Should I choose stock or custom cabinets?

If personalization and a tailored kitchen layout are important, invest in customized cabinetry designed specifically for you. If budget is the priority, stock cabinets allow some standard sizes and configurations.

What custom accessories should I consider?

Roll-out trays, lazy susans, specialty racks, drawer dividers, pull-out cabinets, and other smart storage options make kitchens ultra-functional.

How do I choose the right countertops?

Consider durability, maintenance, heat-resistance, and style based on your cooking habits and aesthetic tastes. Consult an expert for best pairings with your cabinet selection.

Should I hire professional cabinet installers?

Proper installation is critical, so it’s worth investing in experienced installers rather than trying DIY. Ensure they have expertise with high-end cabinetry specifically.

Can I mix cabinet styles in my kitchen?

It’s best to choose a cohesive style and finish for cabinetry throughout the kitchen. But you can integrate some variety with space-specific cabinet configurations and hardware.

How do I incorporate smart technology?

Many luxury cabinets can be equipped with features like integrated charging stations, auto-opening drawers, voice command access, and lighting. Discuss tech integration with your designer.

What about environmentally friendly options?

Many high-end brands now offer cabinets made from sustainable woods, use non-toxic finishes, and utilize other eco-conscious production methods. Ask about green options.


The decision to invest in high-end kitchen cabinets is an exciting step in crafting your dream kitchen. By carefully evaluating your needs, budget, and style preferences ahead of time, the process of selecting luxury cabinets can be smooth and enjoyable. Focus on quality materials and construction, customized design options, smart layouts, ideal countertop pairings, and expert installation. With some thoughtful planning guided by an experienced kitchen designer, you’ll soon be cooking and entertaining in a breathtaking new kitchen tailored uniquely for you. Those gorgeous cabinets will serve your household beautifully for decades to come.