Ready-to-assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets have become increasingly popular in recent years as an affordable and customizable option for kitchen remodeling projects. RTA cabinets come packaged with all the parts and hardware needed for assembly and installation. Many major cabinet brands now offer RTA lines, providing plenty of choices for style, color, and pricing. But with much of today’s cabinetry being manufactured overseas, an important consideration is finding RTA cabinets made in the USA. There are several compelling reasons to seek out American-made cabinetry.

Quality and Craftsmanship of American-Made Cabinets

Opting for RTA kitchen cabinets made in America typically means you’ll get superior construction and workmanship. The qualities found in American-made cabinetry include:

  • Solid wood materials – Using high-grade plywood, solid wood doors and drawers, and sturdy framing made of wood from domestic sustainable forests. Imported cabinets often substitute lower-cost particle board.
  • Dovetail joinery – Sturdy, interlocking joints that resist warping and loosening over time. Lesser quality cabinets use simpler butt joints.
  • Thick finishes – Multiple coats of stain, glaze, and sealer create depth and durability. Imported cabinets often have thinner finishes.
  • Soft-close hardware – Doors and drawers close slowly and quietly thanks to built-in damping mechanisms. Provides a luxury feel.
  • Full-extension drawers – Drawers glide smoothly all the way out for complete access to contents. Cheaper cabinets have partial-extension drawers.
  • Adjustable shelving – Interior shelves can be repositioned or removed as needed. Imported cabinets often have fixed shelving.
  • Warranties – Typically longer warranties against defects from U.S. brands, sometimes lifetime guarantees. Indicates manufacturer confidence.

Skilled American craftspeople take pride in their work, with many cabinetmakers being second or third generation. This expertise results in a superior finished product.

Customization and Flexibility

Another advantage of choosing RTA kitchen cabinets manufactured in America is the ability to customize. With imported cabinets, you get only basic sizes and configurations. But American shops offer:

  • Cabinet sizes built precisely for your kitchen’s dimensions.
  • More choices of wood species, finishes, and hardware.
  • Modifications to interiors like drawer configuration.
  • Addition of accessories like pull-out shelves and spice racks.
  • Matched finishes on moldings, panels, and inserts for an integrated look.
  • Coordinated accent pieces like open shelves, hoods, and wine racks.
  • Capability to fabricate unique designs.

With American-made cabinetry, you can create exactly the look you envision to match your kitchen’s style and layout.

Supporting American Workers and Communities

Selecting RTA kitchen cabinets manufactured in the U.S.A. benefits domestic economies. According to the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association, cabinet production represents a $10 billion industry that employs 250,000 American workers. Choosing American-made supports:

  • Small town and rural communities where many cabinet shops operate.
  • Skilled labor and craft trades of cabinetmaking and carpentry.
  • REDUCTION of environmental impact from overseas shipping.
  • Assurance of fair labor practices.

With imports dominating over 70% of cabinet sales, purchasing American-made products preserves jobs and communities while reducing the trade deficit.

Major Cabinet Brands Made in the U.S.A.

Several leading RTA kitchen cabinet suppliers manufacture their products domestically in American facilities. Among the well-known brands producing lines in the United States are:

KraftMaid Cabinetry

Part of the Innovate Building Solutions family, KraftMaid operates factories in Ohio turning out their array of RTA kitchen, bath, and laundry cabinets including popular collections like Vantage, Classic, and Tinsmith.

CANYONCREEK Cabinet Company

This vertically integrated company oversees its own sustainable lumber milling, cabinet production, and finish spray operations at its site in Monroe, Washington. They manufacture RTA products for kitchens, baths, entertainment centers, and offices.

Barker Cabinets

Barker proudly manufactures its complete line of kitchen, bath, and utility RTA cabinets at company-owned facilities in New York state and Pennsylvania. Their products are distributed throughout America.

This leading online seller of RTA cabinetry owns a 600,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Indiana turning out affordable kitchen and bath cabinets sold direct through their website.

Providing premium quality RTA cabinets direct to homeowners, CabinetJoint operates its own vertically integrated manufacturing and distribution center in Florida.

So when searching for ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets, be sure to investigate options that are American-made. Though prices are often a bit higher, the superior craftsmanship, customization, environmental benefits, and support of domestic jobs and industry make a compelling case for choosing products proudly manufactured in the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions About RTA Cabinets Made in the U.S.A.

Here are answers to some common questions homeowners have when researching American-made RTA cabinetry options:

Are RTA cabinets made in the USA higher quality?

Generally yes, kitchen cabinets made domestically adhere to higher standards in materials and construction. The craftsmanship of American cabinetmakers also contributes to superior quality.

Do American-made RTA cabinets cost more?

Because of higher labor costs, American-made cabinetry does tend to cost 10-30% more than comparable imported products. But many homeowners feel the added quality and customization are worth the extra investment.

Where are CANYONCREEK cabinets manufactured?

This cabinet supplier operates their own lumber processing and RTA manufacturing facility in Monroe, Washington. All production from milling to finishing is done at this site in the Pacific Northwest.

Does KraftMaid still make cabinets in the USA?

Yes. KraftMaid operates multiple manufacturing plants in Ohio that produce their lines of RTA and assembled cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and other uses.

How do I know if cabinets are made in the USA?

Check manufacturer websites for information on where they make products. Look for phrasing like “proudly made in America” or indications of U.S.-owned factories. A “Made in USA” label on packaging is also a clear sign.

Are assembled cabinets better than RTA?

Assembly method doesn’t necessarily impact quality. Both RTA and pre-assembled cabinets can be well-made, with benefits of lower cost and custom sizing for RTA. Focus more on materials, construction features, and warranty.


When updating your kitchen, choosing ready-to-assemble cabinetry made by American manufacturers provides compelling benefits compared to imported brands. From unparalleled craftsmanship to customization to supporting U.S. jobs, American-made RTA kitchen cabinets are a smart long-term investment in both quality and value. Companies like KraftMaid, CANYONCREEK, Barker Cabinets, and CabinetJoint prove you can get superb cabinetry made proudly in the USA.