Ready-to-assemble (RTA) furniture has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering an affordable and convenient alternative to fully assembled cabinetry. This includes RTA kitchen cabinets, which have been embraced by many homeowners looking to remodel on a budget. But when it comes to celebrity home renovators like the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott, what RTA cabinet brands do they turn to for their projects?

An Introduction to RTA Cabinets

RTA cabinets provide a do-it-yourself option for installing an entire kitchen. The cabinets ship in a flat pack with all the pieces and hardware included. The homeowner simply has to assemble them at home. RTA cabinets offer these key benefits:

  • Cost savings – RTA cabinets are up to 50% less expensive than custom cabinetry you would purchase through a kitchen designer. This makes kitchen remodels much more budget-friendly.
  • Convenience – Since RTA cabinets ship flat packed, they are easier to transport and fit into any kitchen layout. Homeowners don’t have to schedule cabinet delivery and installation.
  • Customization – Many RTA brands offer customizable cabinets in a range of styles, finishes and storage options. Homeowners can design the kitchen of their dreams on a budget.

While RTA cabinets require more upfront legwork, they allow homeowners to save thousands on a kitchen remodel. For this reason, they have become a go-to for many renovators and designers, including the Scott brothers.

The Property Brothers’ Use of RTA Cabinets

Jonathan and Drew Scott have built their home renovation empire on making dramatic renovations affordable and stylish. Their shows like Property Brothers, Brother Vs. Brother and Forever Home all reveal clever budget-saving hacks. This includes using RTA cabinets from top brands to cut costs for homeowners.

Some of the RTA cabinet brands frequently featured on Property Brothers remodels include:

Cabinet Solutions

Cabinet Solutions offers an affordable line of RTA shaker-style cabinets. Their machine-pressed manufacturing technique gives a strong, seamless construction. The Scotts have used Cabinet Solutions RTA cabinets on several projects to create clean, contemporary kitchens on a budget.

Barker Cabinets

Based in British Columbia, Barker Cabinets bring high-end features to RTA cabinetry. Their line includes solid wood doors, soft-close hinges, and wood drawer boxes. Barker often appears when the Scotts want to give a kitchen upscale detailing at lower cost.

Cabinet Joint

With their HQ in Cerritos, California, Cabinet Joint supplies RTA cabinets to many big box retailers. Their diverse selection includes timberline, shaker and slab cabinet door styles. The Scotts use Cabinet Joint to add storage flair to kitchens and bathrooms.


Kabinart manufactures RTA cabinets in shaker, contemporary and traditional looks. They offer cabinet components like drawer kits and rollout trays. The Property Brothers rely on Kabinart’s mix-and-match RTA cabinets for eclectic, unique styles.

Kitchen Craft

Providing RTA cabinets direct from their Ontario factory, Kitchen Craft lets clients customize everything. The Scotts appreciate their wide range of cabinet sizes, finishes, moldings and accessories.


KitchenSource has a network of cabinet distributors across North America, providing direct shipping. Their RTA cabinets ship with European hinges and soft-close drawer glides. The Property Brothers use KitchenSource for sleek, modern kitchen renos.

By partnering with these quality RTA brands, Jonathan and Drew Scott can recreate expensive custom kitchen looks using affordable ready-to-assemble cabinets. They assemble the RTA cabinets on site, then add designer details like glass doors, undercabinet lighting and subway tile backsplashes.

The Scotts are also hands-on in helping homeowners learn to assemble their new RTA cabinets. Their renovation process always includes a coaching session on how to unpack, organize and install the flat pack cabinets. This empowers homeowners to feel invested in the reno.

Benefits of Using RTA Cabinets on Property Brothers Projects

There are clear reasons why Jonathan and Drew Scott default to RTA cabinetry for their famous home renovations:

  • Saves homeowners money – RTA cabinets can cut 50-75% off typical cabinetry costs. This enables big kitchen overhauls even with tight renovation budgets under $30,000.
  • Fits varied home styles – The Scotts take on projects ranging from dated suburbs to urban lofts. RTA cabinet lines offer the versatility to suit any kitchen layout or decor.
  • Provides modern conveniences – Features like soft-close drawers, rollouts and latches come standard with most RTA cabinet brands, providing function.
  • Allows customized kitchens – Homeowners get to choose their ideal cabinet door style and finish from RTA manufacturers’ wide selections.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly – RTA cabinet materials like wood and bamboo make renovations greener. Flat pack shipping also produces less waste.
  • Fast installation – RTA cabinets shorten renovation times since there’s no need to wait weeks for custom cabinets to be delivered and installed.

With clever planning, RTA cabinets give the Scotts design flexibility without blowing reno budgets. Homeowners gain gorgeous, customized kitchens that match their lifestyle and taste.

Tips for Assembling and Installing RTA Cabinets

Ready-to-assemble cabinets promise a convenient installation process. But putting them together does require some DIY skills and planning. Here are tips to assemble and mount RTA cabinets like a pro:

  • Review all instructions before starting. Make sure no cabinet parts are damaged or missing.
  • Organize cabinets by number and type. Set up an assembly area with lots of clean, flat space.
  • Use provided technical drawings to visualize finished cabinet layout.
  • Assemble cabinets one at a time, keeping hardware sorted in containers.
  • Use a power drill/driver with clutch and Phillips head bit to tighten screws evenly.
  • Level and secure mounting rails by pre-drilling holes into studs. Use shims as needed.
  • Attach adjacent cabinets using clamps and screws through pre-drilled holes to align properly.
  • Use a rubber mallet to adjust doors and drawers until alignments are perfect.
  • Secure all cabinets with rail screws driven directly into studs for sturdy support.
  • Install cabinet hardware like hinges, pulls and knobs once the base units are all in place.
  • Use silicone caulk to fill any visible gaps for a seamless final installation.

Patience and proper tools are key to getting flawless results from DIY RTA cabinet installation. Follow all safety procedures and get help lifting heavy cabinets.

Maintaining RTA Cabinets for Long-Term Durability

The biggest concern about choosing ready-to-assemble over custom cabinetry is whether RTA cabinets will stand the test of time. Properly cared for, most RTA brands can last over 15 years with minimal upkeep. Here’s how to keep your flat pack cabinets looking like new:

  • Use soft cloths when cleaning painted cabinet surfaces to avoid scratches.
  • Clean wood veneer cabinetry using a damp microfiber cloth and grain direction.
  • Protect cabinet finishes by installing cushions on drawer and cabinet pulls where hands make contact.
  • Limit moisture exposure from sinks and appliances to avoid cabinet warping.
  • Inspect hinges and slides periodically and lubricate with silicone spray as needed to prevent squeaking.
  • Adjust doors and tighten screws on pulls/knobs if cabinets start to look misaligned.
  • Consider having cabinets professionally sprayed with new stain or paint every 5-8 years.

The affordable price point of RTA cabinets does not mean sacrificing durability. Proper care and maintenance will keep flat pack cabinets functioning smoothly for years of everyday use.


In order to stretch renovation dollars without sacrificing style, the Property Brothers rely heavily on ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets. Top RTA brands like Cabinet Solutions, Barker Cabinets, Cabinet Joint, Kabinart and Kitchen Craft allow them to create customized, high-end kitchens at a fraction of the price of custom cabinetry.

Homeowners investing in RTA cabinetry can benefit from the same cost savings and design flexibility. Taking the time to properly assemble and install flat pack cabinets ensures they will perform well for the long haul. With some smart planning and elbow grease, RTA cabinets offer an accessible path for homeowners to gain their dream kitchen.