Bring some classic charm to your bathroom with vintage decor. From vintage-inspired wallpaper to antique-looking fixtures, there are many ways to embrace old-world style in your bathroom. Vintage decor lends a timeless and nostalgic feel that is warm and inviting. Read on for ideas on how to incorporate vintage style into your bathroom design.

Why Choose Vintage Bathroom Decor?

Vintage style never goes out of fashion. It conjures up feelings of comfort and familiarity, reminiscent of eras past. There are many reasons to consider a vintage decor theme for your bathroom:

  • Timeless appeal – Vintage decor has a classic look that stands the test of time. Pieces from past eras, like the 1920s or 1950s, have a lasting beauty.
  • Warm and cozy feel – Vintage decor creates a warm, enveloping environment. The nostalgic style is inherently comforting and peaceful.
  • Unique character – Antique and vintage finds add quirky personality and charm. No two vintage pieces are exactly alike.
  • Sustainability – Decorating with vintage and antique items is eco-friendly. You are repurposing well-crafted furnishings from the past.
  • Budget-friendly – Vintage goods are often more affordable than new items. You can find deals on decor at flea markets, antique shops, thrift stores, and online.

If you want a bathroom with old-world appeal that feels uniquely personal, vintage decor is a fantastic option. The nostalgic style brings heart and soul to your space.

Vintage Color Schemes

Color has a big impact on the overall vintage vibe in your bathroom. Here are some classic color combinations that complement a vintage aesthetic beautifully:

Soft Pastels

Subdued hues like powder blue, pale pink, mint green, and lavender instantly evoke vintage charm. Pastels feel gentle and feminine. Accentuate the vintage mood by pairing soft pastels with painted wood furniture, lace details, and flowers.

Earth Tones

Bring in natural vintage appeal with warm earth tones like mossy greens, clay reds, and sandy tans. Earth tones feel grounded and wholesome. Boost the vintage look with ceramic tiles, woven baskets, and brass hardware.

Black and White

A classic black and white color scheme has timeless vintage appeal. Play up the retro vibe with checkered tiles, subway wall tiles, or black and white photographs. Bold red accents can give it a nostalgic 1950s diner feel.

Metallic Accents

Pops of metal create lovely accent colors that feel vintage. Aged brass, copper, and nickel fixtures have an antique patina. Mercury glass elements also boost metallic accents. Use metallics sparingly to bring in shimmering accents.

Vintage Wallpaper

Nothing transforms a bathroom into a vintage retreat like period wallpaper. Choose reproduction wallpaper in Victorian or Art Deco floral patterns, ornate damasks, or classic toile prints. Modern graphic prints can have a mid-century vibe. Wallpaper makes a bold vintage statement.

Vintage Bathroom Flooring Ideas

The flooring plays a big role in creating a vintage bathroom design. Consider these flooring ideas to complement your vintage style:

Black and White Tile

A classic black and white tile floor has retro appeal. Play up the vintage charm by laying the tile in a checkerboard pattern. Subway tiles also have a nice vintage look. Pair bold black and white floors with soft pastel walls for contrast.

Patterned Vinyl

Vinyl sheet flooring offers tons of great retro and vintage-inspired pattern options. Floral prints, geometric shapes, or terrazzo patterns capture an old-school vibe. Self-adhesive vinyl tiles make DIY installation easy.

Hexagon Tile

Hexagon floor tiles create a honeycomb pattern that feels nostalgic and old-fashioned. Use hex tiles in a single color or mix up an eclectic vintage palette. Finish it off with grout in a neutral shade.

Wooden Floors

Wood floors instantly lend a warm, earthy vintage feeling. Wide-plank floors have early Americana appeal. For a more modern retro style, opt for parquet floors in geometric designs. Painted or whitewashed wood also boosts the vintage charm.

Vintage Rugs

Rugs layered over tile or wood floors provide softness and vintage personality. Search for worn Persian rugs, embroidered Turkish kilims, or antique dhurries in faded colors. Braided wool rugs also have retro country appeal.

Vintage Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets

The vanity and cabinets present great opportunities to infuse vintage character. Some ideas:

Antique Furnishings

Keep an eye out for antique washstands, cabinets, and unique consoles that can be adapted into vanities. Turn a vintage sideboard or dresser into a sink vanity. The older and more chippy, the better.

Reproduction Pieces

Quality reproductions capture vintage style without the hefty antique price tag. Look for vanities or cabinets modeled after Art Deco, Victorian, or French Provincial originals for a vintage look without refinishing an antique.

Refinished Finds

Pick up an old dresser at a flea market or second-hand shop and give it new life with paint or wallpaper. Sand down wood surfaces and whitewash or lacquer for a worn patina. Swap out the hardware for vintage-style pulls and knobs.

Wall Hung Vanities

A wall-mounted vanity has a streamlined retro profile. Seek out simple slab doors and clean lines for a mid-century modern style. Play up the vintage charm with earth tone colors and woven baskets for storage.

Retro Details

Look for vanities with details like tapered legs, molded edges, or chrome bands that say “vintage.” Paneled doors, ornamental trim, and crown molding also boost old-fashioned flair.

Vintage Bathroom Lighting and Mirrors

Lighting and mirrors with a throwback vibe contribute to the overall vintage style in the room. Some vintage-inspired options include:

Sconce Lighting

Wall-mounted sconce light fixtures have an old-world vintage appeal. Opt for elegantly curved shapes, candle bulb style, or dark metal finishes. Flanking a bathroom mirror with sconces is a classic technique.

Marquee Lights

For a cool retro flair, use marquee-style lights around the mirror. Look for bulb lights that spell out messages like “Powder Room” or the homeowner’s name in vintage script.

Hollywood Lights

Ring lights, aka vanity lights, have an iconic Hollywood Regency feel. Choose a circular or oval light that surrounds the bathroom mirror for glam vintage style.

Sunburst Mirrors

A mirror with a radiating sunburst frame has mid-century flair. Sunburst mirrors often feature eye-catching details like tapered rays or metallic finishes. They beam vintage vibes.

Antique Mirrors

An antique mirror with a distressed or mottled frame has instant vintage appeal. Look for beautiful examples with carved wood, gilded trim, Chippendale legs, or Art Nouveau styling. The older the better.

Vintage Bathroom Sinks and Fixtures

When selecting bathroom plumbing fixtures and accessories, seek out pieces that align with the vintage era you want to portray.

Vintage-Style Sinks

Reproduction porcelain sinks can capture the elegance of the past. Look for vintage shapes like a clawfoot tub-inspired basin, pedestal sinks, or wall-hung lavatories with ornate designs.

Antique Faucets

Swap out modern faucets for cross-shaped handles, porcelain knobs, or other antique-style fixtures. Reproduction faucets in polished nickel, chrome, or bronze have retro appeal.

Vintage Towel Bars

Trade plain modern towel bars for ornamental styles that match the era. Look for classic shapes like horizontal rods, ring pulls, or vertical posts with decorative finials. Materials like aged metal and porcelain lend vintage flair.

Vintage Shower Curtains

In a vintage bathroom, fabric shower curtains beat out basic vinyl. Opt for shower curtains in lush materials like linen, lace, or chenille. Seek out retro graphic prints or vintage floral designs. Add character with decorative trim, fringe, or embroidery.

Vintage Bathroom Wall Decor

Wall decor is another opportunity to give your bathroom vintage character. Some ways to decorate walls:

Vintage Signage

Show character with amusing vintage-inspired bathroom signs. Look for metal, wood, or enameled signs that mark the room or display cheeky phrases or rules.

Framed Botanical Prints

Black and white botanical prints in simple frames have an old-world vibe. Track down reproductions of classic botanical drawings of flowers, herbs, and plants for vintage nature decor.

Gallery Wall

Create a gallery vignette of antique mirrors, nostalgic family photos, and vintage art prints. Include framed botanicals, sconces, or other small vintage accessories. Keep frames consistent for a cohesive look.

Floating Shelves

Add open floating shelves piled with vintage books, rolled towels, and collected antique objects. The layered shelves create charming display storage.


Classic wide plank or beaded wainscoting with cap trim adds refined vintage personality. Paint it a soft tone like sky blue for a calming feel.

More Vintage Bathroom Decor Tips

A few final pointers for perfecting your vintage bathroom decor:

  • Seek out clawfoot tubs, pedestal sinks, and other vintage-style bathroom furniture for authentic flair.
  • Incorporate natural materials like woven baskets, linen curtains, ceramic vessels, and wood surfaces and detailing. These add warmth.
  • Layer in antique accessories like perfume bottles, candles, framed family photos, and ceramic soaps for a collected look.
  • Add lush greenery with potted plants, a posy of fresh flowers, or a leafy wreath on the wall. Plants boost the vintage charm.
  • Use vintage patterns and motifs like toile, floral prints, plaids, and geometrics in linens, wallpaper, rugs, and upholstery.

With the right blend of antique furnishings, vintage-inspired details, retro color schemes, and nostalgic accessories, it is simple to craft a bathroom with gorgeous vintage style. Embrace the old-fashioned elegance and charm of bygone eras with these vintage bathroom decor ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vintage Bathroom Decor Ideas

Vintage style makes a bathroom feel cozy and unique. Here are answers to some common questions about decorating a bathroom with vintage charm.

What are some easy vintage decor ideas for a bathroom?

Some simple ways to add vintage flair include using patterned fabric shower curtains, framed antique mirrors or botanical prints on the walls, and vintage-inspired signs and wall art. Swapping out fixtures like faucets and light sconces for antique reproductions also lends vintage personality.

What color paint works well in a vintage bathroom?

Soft pastel paint colors like powder blue, pale pink, light yellow, or sage green help create a vintage bathroom look. Earth tones like sand, moss, and rust are also great vintage paint color choices. White painted walls serve as a nice clean backdrop for vintage decor accents.

Where can I find vintage bathroom items?

You can discover great vintage finds at flea markets, antique shops and malls, thrift stores, estate sales, retro home shops, and online auction sites. Look for vintage fixtures, accessories, mirrors, cabinets, artwork, and textiles. When sourcing true vintage, remember to inspect condition and function.

How do I give my tile floor vintage character?

There are a few easy ways to make tile floors feel more vintage. Opt for classic black and white tiles laid in fun retro patterns. You can also choose hexagon, penny round, or checkerboard tiles. Adding a worn vintage area rug on top is another great option for covering up tile with vintage flair.

How can I give a basic vanity vintage style?

To make a plain vanity feel vintage, swap out the modern hardware for vintage-style drawer pulls and faucets. Paint the vanity cabinet a retro color like mint, pastel yellow, or robin’s egg blue. Add ceramic knobs or an antique mirror for extra flair. Place a lace skirt around the pipes underneath for a cottage feel.

What if my bathroom doesn’t have much natural light?

Vintage bathrooms still look lovely and cozy even with limited natural light. Use plenty of lamps, sconces and vintage chandeliers to cast a warm glow. Mirrored surfaces also help bounce light around. For dark corners, use festive string lights or single accent lamps. The key is layering varied light sources.

How do I avoid a cluttered look with vintage decor?

The key to avoiding a cluttered look is sticking with a color scheme and edit your accessories carefully. Display collections in an organized way, like objects lined up neatly on open shelves. Limit your framed wall art to 3-5 organized pieces. Store overflow in baskets, cabinets and drawers so surfaces don’t get too crowded.

Bringing vintage charm to your bathroom is a fun decorating challenge. With the right mix of antique-style elements and some DIY touches, you can create a space that looks positively old-fashioned and elegant. Embrace vintage decor for a completely unique bathroom that tells a story.


Vintage style offers timeless beauty and nostalgic charm perfect for bathrooms. Whether you source genuine antiques or quality vintage-inspired reproductions, embracing vintage decor allows you to create a warm, inviting retreat. Key decor elements like vintage flooring, antique vanities, retro color schemes, and vintage lighting fixtures lend cozy old-world appeal. Display your personal treasures and collections to add layers of character. Vintage bathrooms have an unmistakable old-fashioned elegance that always feels comforting and special. With the right blend of decor, even the most modern bathroom can take on a vintage vibe.