Bathroom storage solutions are an essential part of creating a functional and beautiful bathroom space. With innovative designs like vanity towers, it’s possible to maximize storage and bring your bathroom decor to new heights. Here’s an in-depth look at how vanity towers take bathroom storage to the next level.

What Are Vanity Towers?

Vanity towers are tall, narrow cabinets that sit alongside or in between the sink and provide extra storage space in the bathroom. While traditional vanities tend to be wide and low to the ground, vanity towers soar upwards, some reaching 7-8 feet tall.

Inside a vanity tower you’ll usually find:

  • Shelves for folded towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials
  • Drawers for items you want hidden away
  • Cabinets for bulky hair tools and appliances
  • Pull-out trays and racks adding even more storage options

The slender profile, often just 12-15 inches wide, allows vanity towers to tuck into tight spaces in the bathroom. They can even fit in the corner beside a standard vanity cabinet, creating a storage tower combo.

Benefits of Vanity Towers

There are many advantages to using vanity towers for bathroom storage:

More Space

The vertical design provides a huge amount of extra storage capacity compared to bathroom vanities alone. By extending storage upwards, you gain usable space without taking up more floor area. Even narrow towers hold multiple shelves and drawers.

Easy Access

With items arranged vertically, everything stored in a vanity tower is within easy reach. There’s no more rummaging around dark cabinets or crawling around on the floor trying to find a product.

Flexible Storage

Vanity towers feature adjustable shelves, configurable drawers and a range of fittings like pull-out trays so you can customize the storage to suit your needs. Optimize for linens, toiletries, hair styling tools or anything you require quick access to.

Stylish Designs

Vanity towers come in a huge range of styles from modern sleek designs to ornate carved wood towers suiting traditional decor. Full-height mirrored doors double as a statement decor piece while maximizing storage capacity behind the mirror.

Smaller Bathroom Solution

A vanity tower adds substantial storage without eating up floor space like a large vanity would. The compact footprint is perfect for small bathrooms. Match with a wall-hung sink for an ultra space-saving setup.

Improved Organization

The vertical storage allows you to neatly organize and segregate different items. Designate shelves for towels, personal products, first aid, or cleaning supplies for instance. Vanity towers bring order to bathroom clutter.

Easy Installation

Most vanity towers come fully assembled and ready to install in your bathroom. No complicated installation, just position in place and level on the floor. Some models include universal mounting brackets allowing you to secure them to wall studs.

Style Options for Vanity Towers

Vanity towers are available in an array of styles to match any bathroom’s decor and storage needs:

Floor-Mounted Towers

Freestanding vanity towers offer the most flexibility in positioning. Choose corner placement, alongside a standard vanity, between two sinks or entirely standalone.

Wall-Mounted Towers

Secured to studs on the wall, these space-saving towers take up zero floorspace. Great for small bathrooms! The lower cabinets typically feature doors while upper ledges and shelves remain open.

Tower-Vanity Combinations

Get ample storage by coupling a vanity cabinet and matching tower side-by-side. This takes advantage of unused vertical space above bathroom vanities. Popular for large master ensuites.

Mirrored Cabinets

A full-height mirror on the outside of the tower cabinet creates a visually stunning reflective storage column. Use lighting to enhance the dramatic look. Inside hides extensive storage space.

Medicine Towers

Designed for storing first aid supplies and medications with features like glass shelving and mirrored doors. Match medical vanity towers with your bathroom style.

Sliding Door Towers

Innovative vanity towers have sliding glass or mirrored doors to conceal contents. Track hardware allows doors to smoothly glide open for access then closed to maintain a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Tips for Incorporating Vanity Towers

To make the most of vanity towers in your bathroom storage, keep these tips in mind:

  • Measure carefully to find a tower that fits – they come in various widths like 15″, 18″ 24″. Watch ceiling height to ensure proper clearance.
  • Add adjustable or removable shelves to configure interior storage as needed. Glass shelving illuminates the contents.
  • Incorporate pull-out trays or baskets for ease of access to items stored on upper shelves.
  • Use drawers for containing clutter or hiding away personal private items. Soft-close drawer glides prevent noisy slamming.
  • Light the interior and top most shelves to provide visibility when looking for items.
  • Keep most used items within easy reach on upper shelves while relegating seldom used items to lower areas.
  • Establish zones like shelves for linens, drawers for tools/appliances and cabinets for toiletries.

Get the Most Out of Your Bathroom Storage

Vanity towers offer an exceptional solution to limited bathroom storage. The vertical design opens up valuable space to neatly organize towels, personal products and other essentials every bathroom needs. With an abundance of style options, it’s easy to find a vanity tower that suits your decor, storage needs and available space. Use alongside standard vanities or other storage furniture like shelving units to make the most of every inch. With smart organization and vanity towers, you can take your bathroom storage potential to new heights!

Frequently Asked Questions About Vanity Towers for Bathroom Storage

Can I install a vanity tower myself?

Most vanity towers designed for home use include all necessary hardware and are intended for DIY installation. As long as you have basic tools and skills, you can handle installing a vanity tower following the included directions.

Where should I position a vanity tower in my bathroom?

Consider placing your tower beside the main vanity, in an open corner or anywhere you have space for the narrow footprint. Just be sure to measure carefully to allow the doors to fully open without blocking access.

How much weight can the shelves hold?

Shelves in quality vanity towers are remarkably sturdy. Medium-density fiberboard shelves can hold 100 lbs or more per shelf. Wire or glass shelves typically have a weight capacity around 20-30 lbs.

Should I mount my vanity tower to the wall?

Freestanding towers are secure enough for most homes. If you desire extra stability or have children that may pull on the doors, brackets allow securely anchoring tall towers to wall studs.

What sort of lighting should I use?

LED lighting gives the best illumination inside the vanity tower. Strip lighting across the top and battery-powered puck lights give customizable interior lighting.

How can I add more organization?

Removable shelves, slide-out trays, drawer organizers and pull-out baskets allow customizing the interior storage to keep your vanity tower neatly arranged.

What finish options are available?

Vanity towers come in a wide range of materials like wood, metal and thermofoil as well as endless finish options such as white, espresso, gray, black, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and more.


Vanity towers provide a brilliant storage solution for bathrooms needing more space to organize all the essentials. With the many style and configuration options available, it’s simple to find the perfect tower to take your bathroom storage potential to new heights! Strategically placed vanity towers maximize vertical storage alongside standard bathroom vanities and cabinets. Give your towels, toiletries and other supplies the specialized storage they deserve with the addition of a vanity tower in your bathroom.