Bringing more luck into your home is something many of us strive for. Who wouldn’t want a little boost of good fortune in their daily lives? While luck can sometimes feel out of our control, there are actually many small ways we can help invite it into our living spaces. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can up the luck in your home and set the stage for brighter days ahead.

Clear the Clutter

Clutter can create stagnant and chaotic energy in your home. By clearing out unused or unneeded items, you create space for new opportunities and positive chi (energy) to flow. Do a deep clean and get rid of things you don’t use anymore. Organize shelves, drawers and closets so everything has a proper place.

Add Lucky Plants

Certain plants are thought to be lucky and attract good fortune. Some top picks are bamboo, money trees, aloe vera, lucky bamboo, rubber plants and jade plants. Add a few of these thriving greens around your home to invite prosperity and blessings. Their vibrant energy can give your space a boost.

Display Symbols of Luck

There are many traditional symbols and objects associated with luck and protection. Display them around your home to activate their special meaning. Some examples are:

  • Horseshoes – Hang one facing up above your door.
  • Evil eye charms – Placed in entryways, these ward off bad energy.
  • Daruma dolls – Originating in Japan, they symbolize luck.
  • Elephants with their trunks raised – For success and new beginnings.
  • Color red – Represents luck and joy in Chinese culture.
  • Number 8 – Considered the luckiest number in Chinese culture.

Add a Water Element

In feng shui philosophy, water represents wealth and abundance. Add a water feature like a pretty fountain or place a bowl of water near your front door. You can also use art depicting water, like a beach scene or river photograph. The gentle presence of water brings opportunity.

Keep Things Bright

Darkness and gloom allow misfortune to take root. Keep your home filled with light to make luck feel welcome. Open blinds and curtains during the day and use plenty of lamps and overhead lights. Refrain from using dark colors on walls. Stick to light, cheerful tones to attract positivity.

Do a Space Cleansing

Stale energy can accumulate and affect your luck. Periodically cleansing your home sweeps away negative vibes. You can burn sage, ring bells, use sound bowls or employ other cleansing methods. Work slowly through each room, allowing the space to feel fresh.

Adjust Your Front Door

As the entry point, your front door should invite luck inside. Make sure it opens and closes smoothly. Apply a fresh coat of vibrant paint or install a new, high-energy door. Decorate it with lucky symbols, a wreath or colors like red. This primes your home for fortune.

AddSome Feng Shui Accents

Feng shui provides guidelines on how to arrange furniture and items to maximize luck and prosperity.

  • Face your couch toward the center of the room, rather than flat against the wall.
  • Place a mirror opposite your front door to reflect energy further inside.
  • Hang wind chimes to stimulate chi.
  • Keep lighting even and bright.

Display Meaningful Artwork

Uplifting art brings feel-good energy into your space. Choose pieces with positive messages, bright colors and serene landscapes. Frame special photos of loved ones and inspiring quotes. Place artwork where it’s easily visible. Let it spark cheer daily.

With some intention and elbow grease, you can clear a path for luck to find its way into your home. Still, don’t forget that luck favors the prepared. While boosting your space, also continue nurturing your relationships, pursuing goals and being open to life’s possibilities. When luck arrives, you’ll be ready to embrace it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Up The Luck In Your Home

What are some quick things I can do today to invite more luck into my home?

  • Open blinds/curtains to let natural light in.
  • Play upbeat music and fill the home with positive sounds.
  • Clear clutter from entryways and high-traffic areas.
  • Decorate with lucky colors like red and purple.
  • Burn citrus-scented incense or oils.
  • Cleanse the home’s energy by diffusing purification oils.
  • Tell family members to keep a positive mindset and outlook today.

Which room in my home should I focus my luck-attracting efforts on first?

The entryway and living room are good places to start, as they are frequented often. Place lucky objects, art and plants in these rooms first, then work your way throughout the rest of the home. The idea is to create an overall lucky environment.

What if I’m renting and can’t make big changes – what are some renter friendly luck tips?

Even renters can invite luck in with minor additions:

  • Use removable wall decals instead of painting.
  • Display lucky symbols with framed art or tapestries instead of permanent murals.
  • Opt for potted luck plants vs. planting in the ground.
  • Hang decor strategically – horseshoes over doors, wind chimes in windows.
  • Place luck-attracting bowls of coins or gems on tables.
  • Add accent colors with pillows, throws and lamp shades.

What should I do if I’m selling my house soon – will too much luck decor make my home look cluttered?

It’s fine to include a few meaningful luck-infusing accents when selling. Just avoid going overboard. A lucky horseshoe over the front door and some fresh flowers by the entryway are homey touches. Make sure the space still feels clean and decluttered. Ask your real estate agent for tips on prepping for buyers with luck and positivity in mind.

What if my family members don’t practice feng shui or believe in luck – should I still make these home adjustments?

If those you live with don’t object, you can certainly practice luck-enhancing home tips solo! Just mind shared spaces and don’t overload them if others don’t appreciate it. For private spaces like your bedroom, feel free to fully embrace the recommendations. Hopefully when you start experiencing more luck, your family will take note and get on board!

What happens if I do all of this but still have bad luck? Does that mean it failed?

Don’t get discouraged if your luck doesn’t seem to turn around overnight. Changing energy takes time and persistence. Keep focusing on maintaining a clean, inviting home and positive attitude. Luck may arrive in unexpected ways – an opportunity arising from a chance encounter, a surprise windfall, or a problem ironically working out for the best. Appreciate the little luck bursts along the way.


With some modest feng shui adjustments and intention, you can open your home up to increased luck and blessings. Focus on clearing clutter, maintaining cleanliness and inviting harmonic energy in. Display lucky elements like plants, symbols, colors and artwork. Your living space sets the foundation for attracting the good fortune you deserve. Adopting just a few of these home luck tips can help get those fortunes flowing your way!

As you undertake this luck-enhancing home makeover, remember that true fortune comes from within. Your home can support you, but inner peace, purpose and positivity are the deepest sources of luck and abundance. Home is where the heart is, so focus both on nurturing your heart and creating a harmonious, luck-filled home.