Bring the rustic charm and elegance of Tuscan style into your bathroom with these design ideas. A Tuscan bathroom exudes a relaxed, Old World feel with natural materials, warm colors, and handcrafted details. Follow these tips to create a spa-like retreat with Tuscan inspiration.

Use Natural Stone and Tile

Tuscan style relies on the beauty of natural materials like travertine and limestone. Install stone or ceramic tile in warm earth tones to evoke the colors of Tuscany. Tile the entire bathroom or use it as an accent in the shower or on the floor. Opt for a classic pattern like subway tile or get creative with mosaics, listellos, or handpainted tiles.

Tiles and stones to consider:

  • Travertine – For floors, walls, or backsplashes. Comes in various finishes from rustic to polished.
  • Limestone – Adds texture and old world charm. Works well for floors and walls.
  • Terracotta – Has beautiful reddish-orange hues. Use for floors, walls, or in tile mosaics.
  • Marble – Elegant and timeless. Carrara marble has grayish-white swirls.
  • Slate – Bring in shades of grayish-blue and purple. Looks striking with warm wood tones.
  • Sandstone – Available in an array of natural tan and brown colors. Has interesting texture.

Incorporate Wood Elements

Wood adds warmth and texture to a Tuscan style bathroom. Use it sparingly to accent the stone and tile finishes.

  • Wood vanity – Choose a classic style with carved legs or panels. Stain it in a honey or espresso tone.
  • Rustic wood shelves – For holding rolled towels, candles, or decorative objects.
  • Wood mirror frames – Pick ones with carved details for Tuscan flair.
  • Wood flooring – Use reclaimed oak planks for rustic appeal.
  • Exposed wood beams – Add visual interest to the ceiling.

Select Plumbing Fixtures and Faucets

Plumbing fixtures and hardware in distressed, antique brass, or oil-rubbed bronze meshes well with the Tuscan design scheme. Look for fixtures that incorporate natural materials like carved wood, marble, or limestone.

Some options to consider:

  • Freestanding tub – Select a clawfoot tub or a modern slope-sided tub placed on a stone platform.
  • Vessel sink – Choose a hammered copper or carved stone basin to sit atop the vanity.
  • Wall mount faucets – Pick out bridge-style brass faucets or minimal spouts.
  • Widespread faucets – Consider antique-inspired fixtures with cross handles.
  • Rustic chandelier – Hang an ornate iron and wood chandelier over a clawfoot tub.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze accessories – Use for towel bars, robe hooks, and toilet paper holders.

Create Ambiance with Lighting

Lighting sets the mood and brings out the beauty of the Tuscan design elements. Use a mix of natural and accent lighting.

  • Wrought iron sconces – Place on either side of the mirror for rustic character.
  • Pendant lights – Hang a metal or wood chandelier over the bathtub or vanity.
  • Recessed ceiling lights – Provide ambient light while keeping the look clean.
  • Wall mounted lanterns – Use inside or outside the shower.
  • Candles – Add old world romance with clusters of pillar candles and glass hurricanes.

Pick Warm, Earthy Paint Colors

Paint colors establish the overall feel of the space. Stick to a natural color palette inspired by Tuscany’s landscape.

  • Terracotta – Vibrant orangey red associated with Tuscany. Use as an accent wall.
  • Burnt orange – Another iconic Tuscan hue. Looks fantastic with natural stone.
  • Olive green – Evoke the colors of Tuscan olive groves. Goes well with wood tones.
  • Mustard yellow – A bright yet earthy option. Compliments terracotta beautifully.
  • Beige – Use as a subtle background color. Try Venetian plaster for texture.
  • Cream – Apply to walls or ceilings for an airy appeal.
  • Wood paneling – Use reclaimed wood planks to cover walls.

Add Tuscan Style Decor Accents

Finish the room with decorative accents that reference Tuscan architecture and old world craftsmanship.

  • Wall sconces – Look for wrought iron fixtures fitted with candles.
  • Decorative bowls – Display lemons, towels, or bath accessories in ceramic bowls.
  • Wrought iron mirror – Get an oval or circular style framed in black iron.
  • Arches – Frame the mirror or bathtub alcove with a plaster archway.
  • Shutters – Mount faux shutters on the walls for architectural detail.
  • Artwork – Hang framed prints of Tuscan landscapes or Mediterranean tiles.
  • Towel ladder – Use a rustic wooden ladder to hold freshly folded linens.
  • Curtains – Pick out embroidered linen or cotton curtains for the window.

Embrace the Tuscan Color Palette

The iconic colors of Tuscany set the visual foundation. Incorporate these hues and textures into the bathroom design.


This burnt orange tile is intrinsically Tuscan. Use it on floors, shower walls, and backsplashes. Terracotta has an ancient, handcrafted appearance.


Travertine stone in warm golden and brown earth tones brings organic texture. The ridged surface adds depth and character.


Limestone has a rough-hewn, pockmarked surface with sandy beiges and grays reminiscent of a Tuscan estate.

Olive Greens

The lush olive groves of Tuscany inspire this cool, earthy green. Use it on walls or cabinetry.

Sky Blue

The vivid Mediterranean sky provides a bold accent color. Add it with cobalt blue and white tile patterns.

Distressed Woods

Reclaimed oak planks with nicks, scratches, and visible knots add rustic beauty. Stain in espresso or brown for Tuscan appeal.

Craft a Spa-Like Shower Retreat

Transform your shower into a relaxing Tuscan escape. Follow these tips to get the look:

  • Select natural stone tile like travertine or marble in large-scale sizes to minimize grout lines.
  • Incorporate niches into the shower wall for storing bath products. Line it with coordinating mosaic tiles.
  • Install a rain showerhead for a luxurious experience. Consider adding body jets too.
  • Use an oil-rubbed bronze shower system with lever handles and a hand-held showerhead.
  • Place a built-in bench inside the shower so you can sit and unwind.
  • Include a window to let in natural light. Use a textured glass for privacy.
  • Hang a beautiful pendant light above the shower. Pick bronze, iron, or woven rattan.
  • Add a living wall inside or outside the shower with tropical greenery.

Choose the Right Bathtub for Tuscan Luxury

A freestanding tub makes a stylish centerpiece. Consider these options:

Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot tubs embody old-world grandeur. Place one on top of a vintage rug in front of a stone accent wall.

Slope-Sided Tub

This modern style still has a romantic vibe. Pick one with smooth, clean lines to contrast the rough stone surfaces.

Soaking Tub

A classic rectangular soaking tub exudes farmhouse simplicity. Select one deep enough to immerse yourself.

Copper Tub

For a dramatic look, choose a round hammered copper tub. The golden tones pair perfectly with Tuscan color schemes.

Wooden Bathtub

A wooden barrel tub or crafted wooden tub brings natural texture. Stain it dark for a traditional appearance.

Create an Inviting Vanity Area

Carve out a space for preparing for the day with these vanity ideas:

  • Choose a solid wood vanity with carved legs and panel details. Stain it darker for contrast.
  • Select an undermount rectangular porcelain sink or an oval hammered copper vessel sink.
  • Install pendant lights on each side of the mirror to illuminate your beauty routine.
  • Place a rustic wooden stool or linen upholstered seat at the vanity.
  • Include closed cabinets with woven raffia or wired glass doors for hiding toiletries.
  • Display perfumes and candles on a marble topped side table.

Pick Flooring with Rustic Appeal

The right flooring pulls the whole design together. Consider these options:


Travertine, limestone, or marble slabs have timeless elegance. Complement with handmade cement tile rugs.

Wood Planks

Reclaimed oak boards have organic texture. For moisture resistance, use teak or ipe hardwoods.

Terracotta Tile

Terracotta pavers connect to Tuscan heritage. Arrange in geometric patterns for interest.

Cement Tile

Intricate cement tiles add old-world allure. Use colorful patterns or neutral tones.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main features of Tuscan style bathrooms?

Some key features of Tuscan style bathrooms include natural stone tiles, wood vanities, oil-rubbed bronze hardware, freestanding tubs, vessel sinks, wrought iron accents, and warm earthy color schemes using terracotta, travertine, limestone, and wood tones.

What type of tile is best for a Tuscan bathroom?

Natural stone tiles like travertine, marble, and limestone are ideal for Tuscan bathrooms. Terracotta tiles also complement the color scheme. Arrange the tiles in classic patterns or get creative with mosaics.

What colors work well in a Tuscan bathroom?

Stick to a natural earth-inspired color palette. Terracotta orange, travertine beiges, cream, olive green, sky blue, burnt orange, mustard yellow, and wood stains like espresso work beautifully. Add texture with Venetian plaster walls.

What style of vanity should I choose for a Tuscan bathroom?

A traditional solid wood vanity with carved detailing looks gorgeous. Distressed woods with visible knots and grains fit better than polished cabinets. Stain the vanity in a rich espresso or walnut tone for contrast.

What type of bathtub works in a Tuscan bathroom?

Freestanding tubs suit the Tuscan style. Good options include clawfoot tubs, slope-sided contemporary tubs, soaking tubs, copper hammered tubs, and wooden barrel tubs. Place on a stone or tile platform.

Should I use wallpaper in a Tuscan style bathroom?

Wallpaper isn’t common in Tuscan bathrooms, but you can use it sparingly. Pick a natural fiber wallpaper with subtle patterns like embossed damask, soft floral prints, or textured grasscloth. Limit it to one accent wall.

Bringing Tuscan Charm to Your Bathroom

Creating a Tuscan inspired bathroom is an elegant way to add comfort, beauty, and old world charm to your home. By incorporating natural stone, wood elements, vintage-style fixtures, and a warm color palette you can craft a space that feels rustic yet refined. Focus on sourcing high-quality materials and handicrafts to make the look authentic. Don’t be afraid to mix modern amenities like rain showers and vessel sinks with traditional touches like chandeliers and sconces. With careful attention to detail, you can design a personal sanctuary with the relaxed elegance of Tuscany.