Reusing shipping pallets as bathroom storage is a creative way to repurpose these sturdy wooden platforms. With a little bit of DIY carpentry, you can transform basic pallets into functional and organized shelves for your bathroom essentials.

Benefits of Using Shipping Pallets for Bathroom Storage

There are many advantages to repurposing shipping pallets for bathroom storage:


Shipping pallets are often available for free or very cheap. Sourcing them from local businesses is an inexpensive way to acquire materials for building custom shelves. Much less expensive than buying pre-made bathroom storage units.

Durable and Sturdy

Shipping pallets are designed to withstand heavy loads during transport, so they are inherently extremely sturdy. This makes them ideal for holding bathroom items securely. The thick wood also lends a modern, rustic vibe.

Customizable Storage

Pallets can be arranged in various ways and cut to size to create shelving systems tailored to your space and storage needs. Customize the number, height, depth, and configuration of shelves.

Easy to Install

Pallets have a ready-made frame, requiring minimal work to mount them on the wall securely. No need for complex brackets or supports. Simply attach them directly to wall studs with screws or nails.

Prep and Paint the Shipping Pallets

Before installing shipping pallet shelves in your bathroom, proper prep work is key:

  • Take apart the pallets by removing the wood slats from the frame.
  • Sand the wood to smooth any rough edges and splinters.
  • Clean each slat thoroughly and let dry.
  • Apply primer to all sides of the wood. This helps the paint adhere properly.
  • Paint the pallet wood your desired color. Use semi-gloss paint for durability and easy cleaning.
  • Let the painted slats dry fully before reassembling.

Design and Install Your Pallet Shelving

With prepped pallets in hand, now design and mount your storage solution:

  • Measure your bathroom space and sketch a shelving layout. Make sure to map out stud locations.
  • Place the pallet boards back into the pallet frames in your preferred configuration, spacing, and orientation.
  • Mount the assembled pallets securely on the wall over your toilet or elsewhere using screws or nails. Make sure at least two points are screwed into studs.
  • Add finishing touches like hooks, baskets, and bins to hold bathroom items neatly in place.

Pallet Shelf Ideas and Inspiration

Repurposed shipping pallets can become many unique types of bathroom storage:

Over the Toilet Shelving

Install pallet boards in a layered, stackable shelving unit over your toilet area. Great for organizing extra toilet paper, soap, candles, and other decor.

Wall-Mounted Medicine Cabinet

Screw pallet slats onto the wall in a cabinet-like box design. Affix doors to the front for a medicine and first aid storage solution.

Towel Ladder

Arrange pallet boards in a wider ladder form secured to the wall. Drape towels and washcloths over each rung.

Under Sink Organizer

Cut pallet sections to size and stack vertically around your sink’s plumbing. Create divided cubbies to neatly store cleaning supplies.

Bathroom Caddy

Assemble a framed box from pallets and attach a handle to create a portable shower or bath caddy for soaps, razors, loofahs etc.

With a bit of creativity, you can use shipping pallets boards to build just about any type of organizer your bathroom needs! The natural wood finish gives a modern, rustic look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pallet Bathroom Shelves

How can I waterproof pallet wood for bathroom use?

  • Use premium exterior paint or polyurethane sealer designed for moisture resistance.
  • Coat all sides of the wood, including cut edges, for full protection.

What’s the best way to mount pallets on my bathroom wall?

  • Locate and pre-drill into wall studs for the most secure mounting. Use 2-3 screws per pallet plank directly into the studs.

How much weight can pallet shelves hold in a bathroom?

  • Properly mounted pallet shelves can safely hold 20-30 lbs per linear foot of plank. So a 4 foot long shelf could hold 80-120 lbs.

What’s the best spacing between planks for bathroom shelves?

  • Space planks between 3-5 inches apart depending on what you intend to store. Wider spacing works well for larger bottles or folded towels.

What if my bathroom doesn’t have suitable wall space?

  • Consider making a freestanding pallet storage unit. Secure planks together in a frame and place in a corner or next to your vanity.


Upcycling shipping pallets is a smart, eco-friendly way to add storage functionality to your bathroom design. With some basic pallet prep and DIY carpentry skills, you can create customized shelves, organizers, and caddies that declutter your space. Painted and sealed properly, pallet wood offers an attractive and durable storage solution for any bathroom’s storage needs.