Bring the vibrant colors and relaxed vibe of the tropics into your bathroom with these fun and stylish decorating ideas. A tropical-themed bathroom is a great way to create an oasis of calm in your own home.

Choose Bright and Cheerful Colors

The colors you select for your tropical bathroom set the tone for the whole space. Opt for bright, happy hues that evoke the feeling of a beach vacation. Some top color choices include:

  • Ocean blues – From pale sky blue to deep sea blue, different shades remind you of the water.
  • Sunny yellows – From buttery yellow to bright citrus, yellow hues add warmth.
  • Island greens – Sage, seafoam and emerald greens conjure up images of tropical plants.
  • Flamingo pink – This hot pink shade instantly livens up any space.
  • Sunrise oranges – Burnt orange and terra cotta give the room an energizing glow.

Paint the walls in your favorite tropical color or use it on the vanity, mirrors or other accents. You can also layer in multiple colors for a bold, eclectic look.

Incorporate Natural Materials

Natural materials like rattan, bamboo, seagrass, jute and wood add organic texture. Use them in:

  • Window treatments like woven wood or bamboo blinds and natural fiber curtains.
  • Cabinets and shelving made from bamboo or solid wood.
  • Furniture like rattan chairs, stools and natural fiber baskets.
  • Accents like seagrass rugs, bamboo shades for sconces, and wood trays.

The natural look and feel of these materials is perfect for a tropical vibe.

Display Lush Greenery

What’s a tropical decor without gorgeous plants? Display leafy greens in planters, hanging baskets and wall mounts. Some top picks include:

  • Ferns – The quintessential tropical plant thrives in steamy bathroom environments.
  • Orchids – These exotic blooms add pops of color. Opt for varieties that like humidity.
  • Bromeliads – With their vivid foliage, these tropical beauties are low maintenance.
  • Ivy – Trailing varieties look great in wall planters and hanging baskets.
  • Palms – Mini palms, bamboo palms and areca palms all suit smaller bathrooms.
  • Succulents – Hardy succulents stand up well to bathroom moisture.

Groupings of greenery in different heights, shapes and textures look spectacular.

Incorporate Ocean and Beach Elements

Subtle touches celebrating the sea and shoreline reinforce the tropical theme. Display:

  • Shells – Cluster real seashells or pretty faux ones in bowls, on shelves and in wall arrangements.
  • Sand dollars – These flattened sea urchins make charming accent pieces.
  • Coral – Branch coral and other reef dwellers add ocean life.
  • Fish – Ceramic, wooden or even real taxidermy fish create interest.
  • Netting – Drape netting behind wall shelves or hang strands from the ceiling.
  • Buoys – Incorporate nautical rope-and-floater buoys as towel hooks or bath mats.
  • Signage – Hang a “gone fishing” sign or display vintage coastal maps in frames.

Use Fun Touches of Tropical Decor

Don’t be afraid to get playful with novel tropical decor elements like:

  • Flamingos – These pink birds are a hallmark of tropical style. Display ceramic figurines, floating flamingo candles, prints and more.
  • Pineapples – This fruit is a universal symbol of hospitality. Pineapple-themed towels, soap dishes, prints and knickknacks add character.
  • Bananas – Incorporate banana leaf prints on shower curtains, towels and wallpaper for an exotic botanical look.
  • Fans – Palm frond fans, rattan ceiling fans and bamboo wall fans reinforce the tropical atmosphere.
  • Bamboo accents – Toothbrush holders, wastebaskets, shower caddies and more made from bamboo add natural style.

Create a Spa-Like Ambiance

A few thoughtful touches transform your bathroom into a relaxing spa sanctuary:

  • Scented candles – Coconut, mango and citrus candles infuse tropical aromas.
  • Soothing music – Play nature sounds, reggae or Hawaiian music.
  • Soft lighting – Swap harsh overhead lighting for pendant lights, sconces and natural light.
  • Plush towels – Invest in ultra-soft, fluffy towels in bright colors.
  • Natural bath products – Handmade soaps, sugar scrubs and coconut bath products enhance the spa vibe.
  • Greenery – Hang trailing plants near the tub and display bouquet arrangements.
  • Serenity decor – Incorporate zen sayings, mandala art and inspirational wall hangings.

FAQ About Tropical Bathroom Decor

What colors work best for a tropical bathroom theme?

Some of the best colors for a tropical look are shades of blue like turquoise, bright greens like lime, sunny yellows, pinks like fuchsia, and warm shades of orange. You can use these colors on the walls, accessories, towels, artwork and decor items.

What type of flooring works with a tropical bathroom?

Natural flooring options like wood, bamboo, cork, concrete, stone tile, and woven seagrass are great choices for tropical bathrooms. They provide an organic, earthy contrast to all the vibrant colors.

Should I use a tropical shower curtain?

Yes, a shower curtain is a fun way to incorporate tropical prints and themes. Look for curtains featuring botanical motifs, palm leaves, pineapples, shells, fish, ocean scenes, palm trees and more. A bright, patterned shower curtain can really set the tone.

What types of plants work best in humid bathroom environments?

Some houseplants that thrive in humid bathrooms include ferns, orchids, bromeliads, mosses, ivy, palms, dracaena, peperomia, philodendron, pilea, succulents, begonias, nerve plants, cast iron plants and more.

What are some good DIY tropical decor projects for bathrooms?

Some fun DIY ideas are making shell-framed mirrors, creating pineapple soap dishes, painting wood signs with Hawaiian sayings, crafting bamboo towel racks, making driftwood wall art, and painting colorful ceramic planters for plants.

Where can I buy supplies for tropical bathroom decor?

Check stores like World Market, IKEA, Target and thrift stores for the best deals on items like woven baskets, rattan furniture, natural fiber rugs, tropical prints and planters. Etsy is also great for unique handmade tropical decor items.

Bring the Tropics Home

With vibrant colors, natural textures, abundant plants, and playful coastal touches, it’s easy to create a tropical oasis in your very own bathroom. A tropical decor theme is relaxing, cheerful and comforting – it’s like enjoying a spa day at home. Whether you makeover the entire space or just incorporate hints of island style, these fresh design ideas will have you dreaming of palm trees and ocean breezes.