Hiding unsightly light switches, outlets, and toilet paper holders can transform the look of any room. With some clever tricks and affordable materials, you can easily conceal these necessary but distracting elements. Here are some of the best tips for hiding light switches, outlets, and toilet roll holders in your home.

Use Wallpaper or Wood Paneling

One of the simplest ways to hide a light switch or outlet is by covering it with wallpaper or faux wood paneling. Choose a pattern or wood grain finish that matches your room’s decor. Cut out the wallpaper or panels to fit around the switches and outlets so they can still be accessed. Just be sure not to cover any vents or fan switches which need to remain visible and accessible. The wallpaper or panels can be easily removed if needed.

Install a Light Switch Cover

For a quick fix, install a light switch cover to conceal the switch itself. Choose a cover that matches the wall color or decor. Some covers are solid plastic or metal, completely hiding the switch. Others have an opening you can still access the switch through. There are various styles, from simple plastic covers to more decorative metal covers. Install them with the provided screws or adhesive for easy on and off.

Use Sconces or Wall Lamps

Consider framing light switches with wall sconces or decorative lamps. Choose sconces with arms that can be positioned to hide the switch behind them. The sconces will provide lighting while concealing the switch itself. For outlets, hang decorative wall lamps, like candle holders or wall planters, to disguise the outlets behind them.

Install Shelving Next to the Switch

Another way to camouflage light switches is by putting up shelving or picture ledges adjacent to it. The items on the shelves will help divert attention from the switch. Just be sure not to block access to the switch with large objects. Floating shelves work great for this, as they don’t block the switch but make it less noticeable.

Use Switch or Outlet Covers

Switch and outlet covers which blend into your wall are a simple solution. Covers screw or snap onto existing switches and outlets to hide them. Choose covers painted or decorated to match your walls. There are textured covers to mimic sand, grass, granite, marble, brick, and more. For a retro look, use covers made of aged bronze, copper, or brushed nickel.

Hide Switches Behind Picture Frames

Hanging a picture or mirror over the switch is a decorative option. Be sure to use picture hooks that allow space for the switch to be accessed. Larger frames or grouping several frames together works best to fully conceal the switch behind them. Just don’t hang them too low or you won’t be able to flip the switch.

Use Removable Wall Stickers and Paint

Removable stickers let you conceal a switch with color or pattern that matches your decor. Available in hundreds of colors and patterns, these vinyl stickers easily stick to the switch plate to disguise it. You can also use removable paint or wallpaper just on the switch plate to hide it. When you move, the stickers, paint and wallpaper easily peel off.

Install Cabinetry or Shelves Around It

For a built-in look, install cabinets, shelving, or picture ledges directly around the switch or outlet. They’ll make the switch blend right in. Just be sure to leave access to the switches. Glass cabinet doors work well for a visible but obscured look. Built-in shelves on either side are another seamless option.

Use Switch Plates that Match Your Walls

Switch plates that match your walls make the switch less noticeable. Paint plastic switch plate covers to match your wall color. Or use metal plates in a finish like brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze or antique brass that complements your decor. Removing the wall plate and painting behind it to match the wall makes the switch even less noticeable.

Hide Toilet Paper Holders with Clever Disguises

Toilet paper holders are a necessary bathroom item that can detract from the room’s style. Disguise yours with these crafty ideas:

  • Built-in shelving near the toilet to stash rolls out of sight.
  • A decorative box or bin next to the toilet to hold spare rolls.
  • Paint the holder to match the wall color for camouflage.
  • A decorative lid on top of the toilet tank to hold a roll.
  • Hang a wall mounted magazine holder nearby to hold rolls.
  • Use an adorable faux plant, vase, or caddy to hold toilet paper.

With a little creativity, you can easily conceal unappealing light switches, outlets, and toilet paper holders without compromising function. Use paint, wallpaper, frames, furniture and other decorative elements to disguise them in any room. Which of these clever tricks will you use to hide eyesores in your home?

Frequently Asked Questions about Hiding Light Switches, Outlets, and Toilet Roll Holders

How do I hide an ugly light switch?

Some ways to hide an unattractive light switch include using a removable wallpaper or wood panel cutout around the switch plate, installing a switch cover that matches your wall color, framing the switch with wall sconces or lamps, placing shelving adjacent to hide it, or hanging artwork over it.

What is the easiest way to hide electrical outlets?

The easiest ways to hide outlets are snap-on outlet covers made to blend into your wall, wall lamps or shelving positioned in front of the outlets, outlet covers painted the same color as your walls, or removable stickers or contact paper to cover just the outlet plate.

Should I completely cover or obstruct light switches and outlets?

It’s not recommended to completely cover switches and outlets in a way that fully obstructs access. Any covers or decorative elements hiding them should still allow you to easily access the switches and outlets for safety reasons. They should be visible but discreetly disguised.

How do I make toilet paper holders look better?

To make an unsightly toilet paper holder look nicer, paint it the same color as your wall, cover it with a decorative lid, place toilet paper rolls out of sight in a nearby box or bin, use a wall-mounted magazine holder to hold rolls, or hide it with a fake plant, vase, or other attractive disguise.

Should I paint my light switch plate when hiding a light switch?

Painting a light switch plate to match your wall color can help conceal it. Use spray paint formulated for plastic on standard plastic switch plates. For metal plates, use spray paint for metal surfaces. Just avoid getting paint on the switches themselves.

What are some good ways to hide things on my wall?

Some ways to hide eyesores on your wall include using removable wallpaper or paneling around the area, installing sconces, art, or shelves to obscure it, aligning furniture in front of it, or using stick-on covers, contact paper, or removable paint just on that spot to blend it with the wall.

In Conclusion

Hiding unsightly but necessary light switches, electrical outlets, and toilet paper holders is simple with the right materials and design tricks. Concealing these eyesores helps transform the look of any room. Whether you use removable wallpaper, floating shelves, framed artwork, specialty switch plates, or decorative covers, you can easily and affordably integrate these fixtures discreetly into your home’s decor. With creative disguises like these, you can have a stylish, uninterrupted look without sacrificing access and function. Which solution will you try first to hide eyesores in your home cleverly?