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Powder rooms are the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality and design aesthetic. As trends continue to shift in 2023 and beyond, the latest powder room designs are moving away from stark, all-white spaces to warmth, texture, color, and personality. From bold wallpaper accents to nature-inspired motifs, we’re highlighting the top 10 powder room trends worth noting this year with standout details from 10 stunning powder rooms across the interior design landscape.

Wallpaper Accents

Wallpaper accents provide the perfect pop of color, print, and texture to make a powder room feel special. Whether used floor-to-ceiling or in framed feature walls around vanities and mirrors, wallpaper is having a major design moment in powder rooms. Consider these tips when selecting wallpaper:

  • Opt for washable vinyl or acrylic-coated options for durability and water-resistance in humid powder room spaces.
  • Look for whimsical motifs like tropical leaves, abstract geometrics, or Moroccan tiles to add flair.
  • Metallic finishes and grasscloth textures can create a glamorous accent wall.
  • Try framing vanity mirrors or shelving nooks with an eye-catching wallpaper print.

The Nate Berkus-designed powder room in a New York City apartment epitomizes this trend with a vibrant Kelly Wearstler imperial trellis print framing the vanity’s marble top and antique mirror. The pop of blue and gold enlivens the space.

Creative Vanities

Unique, sculptural, or customized vanities instantly elevate a powder room’s design. Look for vintage finds, commission custom millwork, or select a statement piece to anchor your powder room with creative flair. Some vanity ideas include:

  • Floating vanities with minimal legs add lightness and space.
  • Curved vanities provide lovely focal points.
  • Leggy vanities with airy gaps impart vintage appeal.
  • Custom millwork offers storage nooks and personalized details.
  • Salvaged furniture, from dressers to antique consoles, can become one-of-a-kind vanities.

In this dreamy Chicago powder room, designer Cathy Kincaid transformed a 19th-century Swedish demilune console into a standout curved vanity against scenic wallpaper.

Striking Floor Tile

Unique floor tiles bring color, pattern, and visual interest underfoot in a powder room. From graphic black-and-white geometrics to handmade Moroccan tiles, flooring choices make a statement and anchor the design. Consider these floor tile ideas:

  • Replicate walk-in geometric shower tile on the floor for cohesion.
  • Opt for larger-scale graphic tiles over small mosaics underfoot.
  • Pair black-and-white floor tile with pale walls and wood vanity for contrast.
  • Let floor tile steal the focus by keeping walls neutral.

This chic Brooklyn powder room designed by Alexandra Mandas employs striking hand-cut black terrazzo tile laid in an unexpected hexagonal pattern underfoot. Sleek white walls let the dynamic floor shine.

Natural Stone Vanities

For an earthy yet elegant vibe, natural stone vanities bring raw, organic texture indoors. Opt for striking slabs of marble, travertine, or quartzite to craft minimalist floating vanities or vintage-inspired leggy designs. Consider these tips for integrating natural stone vanities:

  • Stick to cool grey and white stones like Carrara marble to emanate light.
  • Warm beiges, taupes, and creams pair well with wood accents.
  • Opt for dramatic black Marquina marble for modern contrast.
  • Craft vintage-inspired carved legs of accent woods like walnut.

This rustic Aspen powder room designed by Katie Leede uses a reclaimed hemlock wood vanity perched on hand-carved antler legs alongside an organic travertine vessel sink. The materials shine against sprig-printed wallpaper.

Round Mirrors

While powder room mirrors often blend into the wall, round mirrors create an eye-catching focal point and feel especially fitting for the intimate space. Cluster a trio of round mirrors together or select one oversized orb style to anchor your powder room with striking symmetry.

  • Opt for antiqued mirrors with hand-carved wooden frames for a vintage vibe.
  • Perch dainty gilded mirrors atop vanities for modern contrast and shine.
  • Try hammered nickel, black metal, or brass frames for contemporary coolness.
  • Install sconces or pendant lights on either side to illuminate round mirrors.

This sophisticated Chicago powder room designed by Cathy Kincaid features a trio of antiqued mirrors clustered together and surrounded by beautiful molding details for unforgettable old-world glamour.

Bold Powder Room Colors

While light, neutral palettes have dominated in recent years, bold powder room colors are making a splash for instant drama. Try lacquering the walls in a saturated hue like emerald green, eggplant purple or sapphire blue. Glossy finishes and colorful cabinets amp up the energy and make small powder rooms feel vibrant versus confining.

  • High-gloss paints make colors feel slick and saturated.
  • Vibrant tiles in geometric patterns or decorative motifs add pops of color.
  • Paint or wallpaper the ceiling in a dark, moody hue to envelope the space.

This sophisticated Brooklyn brownstone designed by Claire Esparros employs a glossy peacock blue lacquer in the powder room for a seriously striking color statement. Graphic floor tiles and artful sconces play up the boldness.

Natural Textures & Materials

For an earthy, organic feel, powder rooms are bringing the outdoors in through natural materials like stone, wood, rattan, and woven textures. Mixing natural materials with sleek modern surfaces creates an inviting juxtaposition. Ways to incorporate nature-inspired materials include:

  • Wood vanities with stone vessel sinks for an earthy duo
  • Woven rattan pendant lights or wall sconces
  • White stone floor tiles with textured walls or shelving
  • Salvaged wood shelving stacked with ceramic vessels

This chic Hamptons powder room in Reese Witherspoon’s California home balances cool concrete walls with warm wood shelving holding woven baskets, organic vases, and a rattan light fixture for a soothing blend of nature and modernity.

Hidden Storage

While powder rooms tend to be pint-sized, designers are getting clever with built-in storage for maximizing every inch and hiding necessary toiletries. Recessed cabinets, floating shelves, and unexpected storage nooks maintain a clean, clutter-free aesthetic. Some savvy storage solutions include:

  • Floating shelves or ledges with cabinets built behind provide hidden storage.
  • Recessed wall cabinets can be camouflaged with wallpaper or mirrors.
  • Custom millwork offers tailor-made drawers, cabinets and shelves wherever needed.
  • Tall cabinets provide ample storage beside toilets.

This space-savvy Brooklyn powder room makes the most of the narrow space with floating shelves on one wall and tall storage beside the toilet on the other, stashing necessities while maintaining an airy, minimalist look.

Mixing Metals

While matching metal finishes create a polished, coordinated look, mixing metals is emerging as a key trend that adds depth and interest through contrasting textures. Combining sleek chrome, modern brass, and timeworn antique bronze allows each fixture to shine.

  • Pair glass vessel sinks with brass legs and chrome sconces.
  • Choose an antique bronze mirror frame with brass sconces.
  • Mix metal finishes within a single fixture, like a vintage brass and nickel chandelier.

This elegant kitchen and powder room designed by Caroline Moriarty mixes polished chrome, unlacquered brass, and antique bronze finishes to bring depth and interest to the light, neutral space.

Colorful Toilets & Bathtubs

As powder rooms move from neutral boxes to bold statements, toilets, sinks, and tubs are getting jazzed up with vibrant colors and patterns for a dose of fun. While traditional white porcelain fixtures still reign, colorful options are emerging.

  • Black toilets, tubs, and sinks offer modern edginess.
  • Navy blue, emerald green, and bold red make dramatic statements.
  • Opt for solid colored bidets or secondary sinks as a splash of contrast.
  • Try patterned tile skirts or enclosures on exterior-facing toilets and tubs.

This vibrant Brooklyn brownstone designed by Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke includes a bright coral lacquered toilet and custom botanical wallpaper enclosure for a dose of cheerful color.

Creative Sconces & Lighting

While proper lighting is a functional must, powder room lighting presents fun opportunities to add artistic flair. Sculptural sconces, hand-painted fixtures, and unexpected materials inject personality through illumination.

  • Select handcrafted ceramic or navy sconces for organic texture.
  • Try sconces made from foraged materials like driftwood or antlers.
  • Look for abstract sculptural shapes like concentric circles.
  • Install pendants or chandeliers for a glow reflected in round mirrors.

This charming Nantucket cottage designed by Alyssa Kapito features handmade ceramic starfish sconces bringing whimsical coastal flair flanking the carved wood mirror over the vintage washstand vanity.

With creative tile, vanities, wall accents, and more, powder rooms present the perfect opportunity to infuse small spaces with outsized personality and elegance. As 2023 powder room trends reveal, personality-filled spaces with warmth, creative accents, and a dose of fun hold strong design appeal. Which powder room trend speaks to your style? Let these creative standout details inspire your next petite but impactful powder room refresh or remodel!

Frequently Asked Questions About Powder Room Design Trends

Powder rooms may be petite, but they hold big design potential. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the latest trends for standout powder rooms:

What are the most popular colors for powder rooms right now?

While soft neutrals are still prominent, bold saturated colors like emerald green, navy blue, and inky black have emerged as popular powder room colors for drama. Glossy lacquered finishes also help colors feel enveloping in the intimate space.

Should you add wallpaper to powder rooms?

Creative wallpaper accents are trending strong in powder rooms. Framed feature walls around vanities, tile backsplashes in prints, or even ceilings covered in whimsical motifs enliven the space with color and interest. Opt for durable vinyl or acrylic wallpapers that can withstand humidity.

What types of vanities work best for small powder rooms?

Floating vanities with an airy gap beneath create the illusion of more space. Curved vanities, space-saving consoles, and wall-hung designs with minimal legs also maximize petite powder rooms well. Built-in storage keeps necessities tidy but out of sight.

How can lighting enhance a powder room’s design?

From sculptural sconces flanking mirrors to crystal pendants illuminating a glam space, creative lighting fixtures infuse personality. Mixing metal finishes, opting for handmade ceramic sconces, or installing picture lights to highlight artwork all make artistic statements.

Should you invest in special tile for a powder room floor?

Unique graphic, patterned, or handmade tile brings artistry underfoot worthy of the small space. Larger-scale tiles feel tailored to powder rooms versus busy mosaics. Let bold floor tile shine against neutral walls.

What type of vanity sink works best in powder rooms?

Vessel sinks feel fitting for powder rooms, perched atop vanities like artistic sculptures. Materials like stone, glass, or hammered metals complement both traditional and contemporary designs. Wall-mount faucets leave more counter space.

Are creative or colorful toilets on-trend for powder rooms?

Yes, vibrantly colored toilets, bidets, and bathtubs make a fun statement. Black toilets and tubs feel slick and modern. Pair bold fixtures with graphic patterned tile enclosures or skirts. Lacquered wood also adds color.

Should you add shelving or storage to powder rooms?

Maximizing every inch is key, so creative shelving and storage built into small powder rooms keep necessities tidy but out of sight. Floating shelves, recessed cabinets, tall corner storage, and custom millwork maximize space efficiently.

What design elements make a powder room feel special?

Creative vanities, bold wallpaper, striking tile, round mirrors, nature-inspired materials, and artistic lighting all elevate powder rooms beyond the expected. Embrace color, texture, and personality with fittings and finishes tailored to the small but special space.


Powder rooms present the perfect opportunity to embrace color, texture, pattern, and personality in a compact space. The top design trends reveal a movement away from expected all-white palettes to artistic accents, bold colors, and creative details that showcase the designer’s vision. From hand-painted sconces to textured stone vanities and vibrant lacquered walls, powder rooms must balance stylish design with functional necessities. By embracing the latest trends with wallpapered focal walls, custom vanities, nature-inspired materials, and unusual tile, powder rooms can feel indulgent. Whether designing a relaxing sanctuary, vintage hideaway, or cheerful oasis, powder room trends offer inspiring ways to transform small spaces into artistic statements.

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