Powder rooms are often an overlooked part of home design, but these small spaces can pack a serious style punch. A powder room is like a little jewel box – an opportunity to be daring with color, texture, and pattern. When well-designed, powder rooms not only provide functional space for guests but also leave a lasting impression. Here are 15 powder rooms that are sure to steal the show.

Mix Vintage and Modern Elements

Blending modern and vintage styles creates powder rooms rich with character. Old pieces get new life when paired with contemporary elements for a look that’s classic yet current.

  • Hunt for antique mirrors or washbasins at flea markets and pair them with sleek modern vanities and lighting. The juxtaposition is eye-catching.
  • Wood architectural salvage, like an old ceiling beam or floorboards, adds aged charm. Complement with glossy tile.
  • Display vintage pharmaceutical bottles or apothecary jars filled with cotton balls or soaps. Their nostalgic packaging pops against crisp white walls.

Vintage powder rooms have old-world appeal, while modern powder rooms feel fresh. Together they create a stylish dynamic.

Adorn with Bold Wallpaper

For small powder rooms, cover all four walls in a dramatic wallpaper. The intimate space lets you immerse guests completely in the dynamic print.

  • Florals like large peonies or tropical leaves make the walls feel alive. Black backgrounds make the colors pop.
  • Geometric patterns, like zigzags or diagonal stripes, give the walls energy. Metallic prints add glamour.
  • Look for wallpaper with texture and depth, like flocked velvet or embossed damask. The tactile surfaces are impactful in a compact room.

With bold wallpaper, the powder room becomes an artist’s canvas where a stunning scene unfolds.

Light It Up

From sparkling sconces to standout pendants, lighting draws the eye and illuminates powder room style.

  • Ornate mirrors come alive when framed with wall-mounted decorative sconces. Their soft glow is flattering.
  • Pendants make a dramatic style statement, especially unexpected shapes like ovals or marquis. Go big and bright.
  • Install a dimmer for adjustable light levels. Brighter for tasks, dimmer for ambiance.
  • Accent the vanity with recessed lighting inside to eliminate shadows on the face.

With the right mix of lighting, powder rooms shine.

Select Spa-Inspired Surfaces

Drawing inspiration from luxury baths and high-end spas, today’s powder rooms feature surfaces that pamper.

  • Natural stone countertops like marble, travertine, and granite feel cool under hand and provide earthy texture.
  • Porcelain and ceramic tile in earth tones or metallic finishes emulate stone for less cost.
  • Warmer woods like teak bring the spa experience home. They withstand bathroom humidity better than hardwoods.
  • Concrete vanities, sinks, and floors offer an urban yet sophisticated look. Customize with bold aggregate.

Sumptuous surfaces transform powder rooms into personal sanctuaries.

Tap into the Past

There’s a vintage vibe in the air, with powder rooms channeling dynamic periods of design from the past.

  • Lean into art deco motifs like bold geometrics, sunburst mirrors, and sleek lacquer.
  • Mid-century modern design brings clean lines, woven textures, and organic shapes rooted in nature.
  • Take cues from old Hollywood glamour with metallic accents, tufted furniture, and crisp black and white.
  • For a Victorian feel, opt for ornate wallpaper, clawfoot tubs, and antique stained glass windows.

Powder rooms provide the perfect place to dive into a specific aesthetic era.

Take the Plunge With Dark Paint

Deep, moody paint colors make powder room walls come alive. Dark colors feel enveloping in a small space.

  • Forest greens and navy blues reference nature in lush, unexpected ways. Use glossy finishes.
  • Charcoal gray and black create dramatic backgrounds for other powder room details to pop.
  • For bohemian flair try eggplant purple or emerald green in a matte or velvet finish.
  • Lacquered walls in inky blue or wine red have an exotic, luxurious vibe. Use high-gloss paint.

Dark, saturated wall colors allow powder room features to shine.

Get Creative with Wall Texture

Unique wall coverings provide tactile interplay in powder rooms. Move beyond plain drywall with:

  • Tile – From Moroccan fish scale tile to intricate mosaics, tile creates depth. Use movement and shape.
  • Wallpaper – Grasscloth, flocked velvet, embossed metallics all provide visual and physical texture.
  • Wood – Weathered barn siding to modern tongue and groove paneling brings warmth.
  • Stone – Slate and stacked stone veneers add organic roughness and durability.
  • Concrete – Cast subtle texture directly into walls for an industrial yet cozy aesthetic.

Explore how different materials can bring powder room walls to life.

Take Mirrors to New Heights

Mirrors make small powder rooms feel more spacious while providing a view. Have fun with unique mirror styles and placements.

  • Hang an oversized round mirror for glamour. Surround with Hollywood lights.
  • Place a rectangular mirror horizontally to make the room feel wider.
  • Angle a mirror behind a wall-mounted sink to double the view.
  • Frame mirrors with wood, metal or tile. Layer materials and shapes.
  • Backlight mirrors for a soft glow. Use LED rope lights.

Like art for the walls, creative mirrors reflect powder room personality.

Maximize Small Square Footage

Every inch counts in a powder room, so utilize space smartly.

  • Install a pedestal sink or floating vanity to open up floor area.
  • Use pocket and sliding doors at entrances to save space.
  • Opt for wall-mounted faucets and toilets to spare the floor.
  • Add windows to connect the room to outdoors and allow in natural light.
  • Include closed storage like cabinets and concealed shelves behind mirrors.
  • Extend the room vertically with wainscoting, tall wallpaper patterns, or stacked tile.

Careful layout and compact fixtures keep powder rooms uncluttered.

Infuse Moody atmosphere

Small powder rooms are perfect for embracing dark, mysterious aesthetics. Deep hues and intimate lighting set the scene.

  • Paint the walls a rich color like eggplant, navy or charcoal to create an enveloping backdrop. Use semi-gloss paint for depth.
  • Choose darker wood vanities and furniture for a cozy, den-like feel. Espresso stained oak pairs well.
  • Use pendant lights over mirrors and vanities so they cast a focused glow for tasks like makeup application.
  • Incorporate discreet accent lighting like low-voltage bulbs under floating shelves. They create a sense of discovery.
  • Add lush greenery. Plants thrive in the humidity and provide organic contrast to sleek surfaces.

Thoughtful lighting and finishes lend powder rooms an elegant, moody vibe.

All That Glitters

Make the powder room glamorous with these shimmering touches:

  • Metallic wallpaper in silver, bronze and gold instantly elevates the space.
  • Vintage crystal chandeliers sparkle. Hang them low to maximize dazzle.
  • Glossy ceramic and porcelain tile amps up reflectivity. Add mirrored accents.
  • Radiant cut glass tiles lend eye-catching iridescence when lit. Use as inserts.
  • Distressed mirrors and aged brass finishes blend glamour and patina.
  • Display decorative perfume bottles and vases for opulent allure.

A little glitz and glam transform powder rooms into treasure boxes.

Embrace the Unexpected

Surprise guests with these unconventional powder room ideas:

  • Paint the walls, ceiling and vanity all one bold color for a fun, immersive effect.
  • Install reclaimed shutters on walls or at windows for rustic architectural interest.
  • Suspend a chandelier over the toilet area for a decorative focal point.
  • Frame small shadowboxes filled with colorful found objects and collectibles.
  • Cover the walls in collectible artwork, photos or mementos for a gallery effect.
  • Use unexpected materials like corrugated metal and concrete. Leave raw.

Breaking design rules keeps powder room experiences exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size should a powder room be?

A powder room should be a minimum of 25 square feet to accommodate a toilet and sink comfortably. Ideally, powder rooms are 35-50 square feet to allow for better traffic flow and storage.

What should you avoid in a small powder room?

Avoid clutter and bulky storage pieces. Opt for a pedestal sink instead of a vanity cabinet to save space. Resist the urge to fill walls with art – less is more in a compact room.

How do you make a powder room look expensive?

Use upscale materials like marble counters, wallpaper, and brass fixtures. Incorporate vintage pieces, sconces, chandeliers, and decorative tiles. Keep accessories minimal and opt for fresh flowers and candles.

What color makes powder rooms look bigger?

Light, neutral colors like white, beige, and pale gray open up small powder rooms. Accent with glossy tiles, stone, or lacquered vanities for depth.

Should you put wallpaper in a powder room?

Yes, wallpaper adds drama. Powder rooms are great small spaces to take design risks. Opt for bold prints, vibrant colors and fun textures. Change it up frequently.


Powder rooms offer the perfect chance to embrace daring style. With bold wallpaper, vintage accents, custom tile, and creative finishes, powder rooms can pack a powerful decorative punch. Rather than just providing function, today’s trending powder room design converts utilitarian spaces into eye-catching showpieces. A beautifully designed powder room delights guests and showcases the homeowner’s design aesthetic, proving small spaces can make a very big impact. With some creativity and style risks, your new powder room is sure to be the talk of the party.