Bring the relaxed tropical vibe into your home with some simple updates and accessories. A few strategic changes can transport your rooms to an island oasis.

Use Natural Materials and Textures

Incorporate natural elements like rattan, bamboo, seagrass, and wood in your home decor. These materials instantly evoke the easygoing style of tropical destinations.

  • Rattan and wicker furniture has an organic, handmade quality. Use chairs, ottomans, headboards, pendant lights, and more to add texture.
  • Bamboo is sustainable and versatile. Try bamboo window treatments, area rugs, benches, or shelving.
  • Seagrass and water hyacinth bring texture in rugs, baskets, and placemats.
  • Unfinished, raw wood brings warmth. Display it in stools, tables, bed frames, and wall accents.

Mixing natural textures like rattan, seagrass, and wood makes a space feel casually elegant.

Infuse Warm, Sunny Colors

The bright colors of the tropics should also find their way indoors. Think warm yellows, oranges, sunny lime greens, sky blues, and aquas.

  • Paint an accent wall in a saturated tropical hue. Opt for bright oranges or limes for a playful touch.
  • Use colorful textiles like pillows, throws, curtains, and rug accents to easily change up a room.
  • Vibrant dishes and glassware enliven kitchen and dining spaces.
  • Vivid potted plants, like crotons, bromeliads, or birds of paradise, bring the colors of nature inside.

Add Lush, Leafy Plants

Houseplants are an easy way to evoke the lush greenery of the tropics. Fill your home with cascading ferns, broad-leafed palms, and flowering orchids.

  • Floor plants like fiddle leaf figs make great corner statement pieces, or cluster smaller pots on shelves.
  • Hanging baskets overflowing with ivy or philodendrons add drama and texture.
  • Place plants in unexpected spots like the bathroom, kitchen, or even the shower.
  • Rotate plants seasonally for a fresh update. Move them outdoors in warmer months.

Caring properly for houseplants takes some research and commitment. But the benefits of improved air quality and décor make them worth the effort.

Use Oceanic and Beach-Inspired Accessories

Add playful touches of ocean décor throughout your space. Accent areas like bookcases, side tables, walls, and tabletops.

  • Display shells, starfish, coral, and sand dollars collected from beach trips. Arrange them in glass bowls, on walls, or tabletop displays.
  • Driftwood, mangrove roots, and glass floats make interesting sculptures.
  • Decorate with anchors, life preservers, portholes, nets, and buoys for a nautical theme.
  • Frame vintage maps or colorful aquatic prints.

Stay away from tacky decorations like fake seashells or plastic souvenirs. Source authentic items and meaningful memories.

Create an Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle

The tropics have a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor spaces. Recreate this light, airy ambiance in your home.

  • Use floor-length sheers on windows and glass doors to blur boundaries.
  • Open windows and doors whenever possible to let in fresh air.
  • Decorate porches or patios with comfy furniture, rugs, and greenery. Extend living areas outside.
  • Use matching fabrics and color schemes indoors and out.

Take advantage of nice weather to move activities outdoors. Eat, work, or lounge on the patio or deck.

Design a Tropical Retreat Room

For the full island experience, create a dedicated tropical getaway space. This could be a lounge area, bedroom, or pool cabana.

  • Use a palm print wallpaper on one wall as a dramatic jungle focal point. Add woven wood shades.
  • Imitate grasscloth on walls with a hand-painted mural, or use real woven banana leaf wallcoverings.
  • Hang a hammock chair, use wicker seating, and display travel souvenirs.
  • Add a small indoor water feature or tabletop fountain for relaxing white noise.

Keep this space separate from the rest of the home’s more neutral palette for a unique oasis. Then sink into vacation mode anytime.

Treat Your Home to the Tropics

With just a few simple additions, you can bring island-inspired style into any space. Natural materials, leafy greens, oceanic accents, and bright colors invoke tropical tranquility. Creating a dedicated tropical room or outdoor living space transports you to paradise. Embrace the relaxed rhythm of island life at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some cheap ways to give my home a tropical look?

Some budget-friendly options for a tropical look include:

  • Adding inexpensive greenery like potted ivy, ferns, or philodendrons.
  • Using brighter light bulbs for a sunny, beachy feel.
  • Painting an accent wall in a warm, saturated color like orange, yellow, or aqua.
  • Displaying a simple palette of seashells gathered from the beach.
  • Hanging inexpensive bamboo or rattan pendant lights.
  • Placing a large patterned area rug with tropical motifs in the living space.
  • Displaying affordable framed art, photos, or prints with tropical scenes.

How can I add a tropical look to my patio or balcony?

To give your outdoor space a tropical flair:

  • Incorporate flowering plants like orchids, birds of paradise, or bougainvillea in pots.
  • Use decorative accents like masks, lanterns, or statuary with an island vibe.
  • Add a bright pattered rug, colorful cushions, and throw pillows.
  • String festive lights or paper lanterns overhead.
  • Set up a small fountain or hang wind chimes for soothing sounds.
  • Serve tropical cocktails and appetizers when entertaining.

What types of textiles work well for a tropical décor theme?

Breezy, natural fiber textiles enhance a tropical look:

  • Lightweight cottons and linens in solids or prints.
  • Sheer, gauzy curtains.
  • Textured seagrass and jute rugs.
  • Macrame and rattan wall hangings or room dividers.
  • Woven throws and pillows.
  • Bright patterned fabrics like ikat.
  • Light bamboo shades.

What colors evoke a tropical style?

Vibrant, sunny colors reminiscent of ocean, sand, and jungle work well:

  • Aquas and turquoise
  • Lime green
  • Golden yellow
  • Coral
  • Sky blue
  • Seafoam green
  • Fuchsia
  • Tangerine

Muted earthy neutrals like tan, beige, and wood tones also complement brighter tropical hues.

What type of furniture works in a tropical décor?

Natural fiber furniture suits the relaxed style:

  • Rattan armchairs or sofas
  • Teak or bamboo dining sets
  • Wicker or seagrass headboards
  • Rustic wooden tables
  • Macrame hanging chairs
  • Woven accent stools or benches

Distressed, reclaimed, and upcycled pieces also fit the casual vibe.


Bringing the spirit of the tropics into your home is an inviting way to cultivate relaxation and connection to nature. Whether you opt for a few small updates or a dedicated tropical retreat space, this breezy style will transport you. Experiment with sun-washed colors, abundant plants, natural materials, and oceanic accessories until you find your perfect island oasis at home. Soon you’ll be craving piña coladas.