Giving a tired, dated guest bathroom a fresh new look can seem daunting, but with some strategic decorating decisions, a dull space can be utterly transformed. When done right, a reimagined powder room has the power to wow guests and make a statement about your sense of style. One particularly stunning way to breathe new life into a guest bath is through a color palette of tranquil turquoise tones. The cool, watery hues pair beautifully with crisp whites and metallic accents for a coastal vibe that feels peaceful, elegant and entirely inviting.

Selecting Paint Colors in Soothing Turquoise Hues

The wall color you choose will set the tone for your newly revitalized guest bathroom. Painting the walls a stunning turquoise is an easy way to give the space a whole new personality and completely change the look and feel. Consider these tips when selecting the perfect turquoise paint color:

Go For Tranquil Tones

Stick to turquoise hues on the lighter, brighter side of the color spectrum for a refreshing, peaceful ambiance. The cool blue-green tones are reminiscent of tropical waters and will make the room feel more spacious and airy. Avoid darker or duller turquoises, which can make the space feel too cold or cave-like.

Consider Undertones

Turquoise paint colors can lean blue, green or gray. Look at swatches in different lights to see the undertones. Do you want a vibrant peacock turquoise or one with more subtle blue-green undertones? Knowing what effect you’re going for will help narrow down options.

Pair With Crisp White

White trim and ceilings will allow the turquoise walls to really pop. The contrast showcases both colors beautifully. For variation, use a white with subtle gray or beige undertones rather than a stark bright white. Off-whites feel a bit softer.

Add Metallic Accents

For extra wow factor, consider painting an accent wall in a metallic turquoise hue. The shimmery finish catches the light beautifully and adds dimension. This works especially well if the other walls are painted a matte turquoise or white.

Sample Paint Swatches

Paint color often looks very different on a wall versus a tiny swatch. Buy a few sample size jars of top contenders and paint patches on the walls to see how the tones interact with the room before committing.

Incorporating Turquoise Through Bathroom Features

In addition to wall paint, there are ample opportunities to work lovely turquoise tones into other features of the bathroom. This color can be incorporated through tile, decor accents, fixtures and more.

Tile in Turquoise Tones

Tile is an excellent way to bring colour into a bathroom. For a cohesive look, select turquoise glass, ceramic or porcelain tile for the floors, shower walls or as an intriguing backsplash. Subway tiles, mosaics, and larger tiles all work beautifully. Match the turquoise tile hue to the paint color.

Decor Accents in Complementary Shades

Consider turquoise hand towels, rugs, shower curtains, soap dispensers and wastebaskets to tie the whole room together. Look for turquoise home decor pieces like vases, trays, candles and artwork as finishing touches. Varying shades create visual interest. Metallic accents in pewter, silver and gold also complement turquoise nicely.

Fixtures in On-Theme Colors

Swap out dated hardware and fixtures for new ones that align with the turquoise color scheme. Look for cabinet knobs or handles, faucets, shower heads, lighting and mirrors in brushed metals, chrome or nickel finishes. Clear glass vessel sinks and turquoise colored glass sinks or tiles can also bring the look together beautifully.

Fresh Florals in Cool Hues

Fresh flower arrangements in cool tones of purple, white and greens look stunning against turquoise walls. Display floral bouquets in decorative vases for a finishing touch. The layers of complementary colors feel elegant and inviting.

Design Concepts That Enhance Turquoise

Certain design concepts and decorative decisions will help enhance the tranquil turquoise palette for a cohesive, polished look. Keep these tips in mind:

Contrast With White

Crisp white trim, cabinetry, countertops and ceilings provide the perfect contrast against vivid turquoise walls. The two colors really allow each other to pop for a bright, cheery aesthetic. Introduce white through paint, tile, linens and decor accents.

Natural Textures & Materials

Consider natural weathered wood accents, woven textures, marble or stone surfaces, rattan baskets and driftwood. These organic elements complement the watery turquoise tones, adding warmth and visual interest.

Metallic Shine

Polished metals, like chrome faucets and nickel light fixtures, pair beautifully with turquoise, as do accents in silver, pewter and gold. Metallic accents add a hint of glamour and sophistication.

Nautical Themes

Playing up coastal themes with decor like shells, boats, anchors and driftwood enhances the oceanic quality of turquoise hues. Just avoid going overboard with the beach theme in such a small space.


Stick to a minimalist, uncluttered look to keep the space feeling fresh and spacious. Too many decorations in a small bathroom can feel distracting and busy. Let the tranquil turquoise tones take center stage.

Ideas for Showstopping Turquoise Powder Rooms

If you’re ready to dive into a turquoise bathroom transformation of your own, here are some gorgeous powder rooms for inspiration:

Turquoise Subway Tile

Run vivid turquoise glass subway tiles vertically up one wall for an eye-catching feature. Pair with crisp white cabinets, marble counters, a rectangular undermount sink and modern brushed nickel fixtures for a fresh, elegant look.

Bold Turquoise Vanity

Painting the vanity a bright, retro turquoise transforms dated oak cabinets into a playful focal point. Accent with marble counters, gold metal accents and a large round mirror overhead for a sophisticated, glam vibe.

Peacock Polished

Rich peacock turquoise lacquered cabinets offer just the right amount of drama. For contrast, opt for white quartz counters and a white tile floor. Finish with clear glass pendant lighting and metallic decor.

Tiled Shower Feature

Transform a basic shower with mosaic or subway tiles in an illuminating shade of turquoise. Use glass tiles or ceramic with a polished finish for beautiful shine. Add a coordinating turquoise and white shower curtain.

Turquoise Vintage

For a dreamy feel, paint the upper half of the walls a matte robin’s egg blue. Use reclaimed wood accents, vintage-style hardware and a white clawfoot tub. The soft turquoise against natural wood is utterly charming.

FAQs About Designing a Turquoise Powder Room

What colors go well with turquoise in a bathroom?

White, beige, gray, silver, pewter and metallic gold all pair beautifully with turquoise. For contrast, crisp whites work especially well. Try coordinating with cool purple or blue tones on towels and decor accents.

Should I paint my bathroom vanity turquoise?

Painting the vanity a bold turquoise is a great way to transform dated cabinets for a colorful focal point. For a cohesive look, use the same turquoise tone on the vanity as the wall paint color. Opt for high-gloss paint for easy wiping.

How do I pick the perfect turquoise paint color?

Select a few turquoise hues you like and paint swatches on the walls to see the undertones. Look at the colors throughout the day as light changes. Opt for lighter shades to keep the room feeling bright and spacious.

What type of tile works best with a turquoise bathroom?

For floors, larger format tiles in neutral hues work well. Vivid turquoise glass, ceramic or porcelain subway tile, mosaics and accents tiles make a gorgeous shower or backsplash feature. Marble, stone and metallic tiles also pair nicely.

What kind of counters look best with turquoise walls?

White, beige or gray countertops contrast beautifully with turquoise cabinets or paint. Quartz, marble, granite, concrete, butcher block, and solid surfacing all work. Some small turquoise glass tile accents could also complement the countertop.

How can I give my turquoise bathroom a coastal vibe?

Incorporate natural elements like driftwood, woven baskets, and shells. Add accents in rope, jute, rattan and weathered wood. Play up nautical themes with decor like boats, anchors and buoys for a fresh oceanfront feel.


Revitalizing a tired guest bathroom with vivid turquoise hues can help create an entirely new personality and aesthetic. The tranquil blue-green tones evoke refreshing ocean waves and breezy beach house vibes. Painting the walls or vanity cabinetry turquoise makes a vibrant statement when paired with contrasting crisp whites. Beautifully incorporating the color through tile, accents and decor enhances the coastal charm. With strategic decorating decisions and a dose of turquoise paint, it’s easy to transform any outdated powder room into a stunning space guests will adore.