Decorating for Valentine’s Day is a fun way to get in the romantic spirit of the holiday. Adding pops of neon pink to your tablescape is an eye-catching option that is sure to impress your significant other. From flowers and candles to table runners and plates, neon pink makes a bold statement. Keep reading for creative ideas to tickle your Valentine’s fancy with this vibrant hue.

Pick Pretty Neon Pink Flowers

Nothing says romance like fresh flowers on Valentine’s Day. Opt for neon pink blooms to really make your tablescape pop. Some vibrant options include:


Tulips come in a wide range of pink shades, from pale blush to nearly neon. Look for tulips specifically marketed as “neon” or “hot pink” for the brightest color. Arrange them in a clear vase so their vivid hue steals the show.


You can’t go wrong with classic red roses on Valentine’s Day. But for something different, consider neon pink roses. They provide an unexpected twist on the traditional flower of love. Cluster them in a colorful bouquet for your table.


Carnations are an affordable flower that come in many shades of pink. Seek out carnations labeled as neon pink for the boldest look. Use them as filler around other blooms or mass them together in a vase for maximum impact.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies come in a stunning range of neon pink hues, from bright magenta to bubblegum. Their big, bold flower heads will instantly enliven your table. Pair neon daisies with greenery for a pop of color.

Spray Roses

Spray roses feature lots of small heads on each stem, creating a full, lush look. They’re available in vivid neon pink shades perfect for Valentine’s Day. Consider combining neon pink sprays with red roses for contrast.


Anthuriums are tropical flowers with waxy, heart-shaped bracts. They’re ideal for Valentine’s Day and come in shades like hot pink. Use their spear-like shape and saturated color to create drama.


Ruffled peonies spell romance. While harder to find in neon tones, look for hot pink varieties to incorporate if available. Their lush blossoms pair nicely with slender bud vases.


Ranunculus have delicate layers of silky petals. Look for pixelated varieties in neon pinks and magentas. Let their bold colors shine by arranging ranunculus in simple glass vases.

No matter which neon pink blooms you choose, be sure to pick fresh, unblemished flowers for the best presentation. Keep arrangements simple to let the flowers take center stage.

Perk Up With Neon Pink Candles

Candlelight sets the mood for romance on Valentine’s Day. For extra pop, opt for neon pink candles. Set them around your tablescape or cluster them together for a bright, eye-catching display.


Tall pillar candles make great table accents. Opt for slender 2-3 inch wide pillars in vivid neon pink hues. Arrange them in the center of your table or in pairs down the runner for pops of color.


Votive candles are small, versatile options. Use neon pink votives to scatter ambience around your table. Nestle them among flower arrangements, line them down the table runner, or float them in glass bowls.


For classic candlelight, choose slender neon pink tapers. Arrange them in the center of your table in staggered heights. Or place them in candleholders down the length of the table.


Tealights are ideal accent candles with their petite size. Find them in neon pink to tuck around your tablescape. Put tealights in glass votive holders, small dishes, or decorative candle trios.


Tall pillar candles make great table accents. Opt for slender 2-3 inch wide pillars in vivid neon pink hues. Arrange them in the center of your table or in pairs down the runner for pops of color.

Floating Candles

For special ambience, use floating candles in glass vases or bowls. Find floating pillar candles or tealights in neon pink and let them drift romantically as they flicker.

Mix and match different neon pink candle varieties for a playful, eclectic look. Just be sure to use flameless LED candles if incorporating near food.

Dress Up Your Dinnerware

FromChargers and dinner plates to napkins and cups, neon pink dinnerware is an easy way to fancy up your table. Mix and match pieces for a vibrant, eclectic look.


Chargers provide an instant pop of color underneath dinner plates. Choose neon pink chargers made from materials like plastic or satin. Metallic chargers in rose gold and copper also complement the hue beautifully.

Dinner Plates

Swap out your everyday white plates for neon pink ones to spice up your Valentine’s table. Porcelain, melamine, acrylic, and plastic plates are all options. Use neon plates for the whole place setting or mix them in with your regular plates.


Napkins are an easy way to infuse neon pink. Find paper or fabric napkins in your desired shade. Fold them into fancy shapes and tuck flowers or sprigs of greenery into napkin rings for extra flair.


Sip your Valentine’s Day cocktails and mocktails from neon pink glassware. Look for pink glasses, mugs, stemware, and tumblers. Top with neon pink swizzle sticks, straws, and cocktail umbrellas.

Matching your dinnerware pieces provides a bold, cohesive look. But don’t be afraid to mix and match pink plates, cups, napkins, and table linens for whimsical mismatched style.

Outfit Your Table With Neon Pink Linens

Linens are the perfect way to outfit your table in pink for Valentine’s Day. From tablecloths to runners, there are many neon pink options that make a statement.


Drape your table with a bright neon pink tablecloth for a vibrant backdrop. Use one that fits your table or opt for an oversized cloth that puddles for drama.


Runners down the center of your table inject color. Look for neon pink runners made from satin, lace, burlap, or other fabrics. Focus on texture and sheen to complement your tablescape.


Again, don’t underestimate the power of neon pink cloth napkins. Fold them into elegant shapes and place at each setting for pops of color.

Chair Covers

For the full pink experience, use coordinating pink chair covers. They slip over chairs for a cohesive dressed-up look. Accent with neon pink bows or sashes.

Table Overlays

Finally, pink table overlays allow you to layer multiple fabrics and textures. Try a neon lace overlay over a satin pink tablecloth for visual interest.

Have fun playing with different neon pink linens until you find a combination that brings your Valentine’s table to life. Mixing materials like lace and burlap can create lovely contrast.

Incorporate Neon Pink Details

It’s also the little details that count when decking out your table in neon pink. Incorporate accents in your chosen shade for a pulled-together look.

  • Neon pink ribbons around flatware, chairs, vases or candles
  • Matching neon pink thank you cards at place settings
  • Neon pink confetti or sprinkles scattered down the table
  • Neon pink vase gems or marbles mixed into floral arrangements
  • Neon pink drink stirrers
  • Neon pink plastic drink swords for garnishes
  • Neon pink streamers hung around the room or from the ceiling

Have fun with these and other inventive ways to work in pops of neon pink. The right accents can take your table from boring to fab.

Infuse Food With Fun Neon Pink Touches

Even the food can showcase neon pink for a festive Valentine’s Day feast. Get creative with pink foods, garnishes, and serverware.

  • Set out neon pink plastic utensils.
  • Serve cocktails in neon pink glasses with pink swizzle sticks.
  • Make pink sugar cookies, cake pops, macarons or other desserts.
  • Use pink candy melts and white chocolate to create dipped strawberries.
  • Toss fresh fruit with yogurt and neon pink sprinkles.
  • Make pink fruit skewers with watermelon, pineapple, strawberries and grapes.
  • Use neon pink paper goods like cups, plates and napkins.
  • Fill clear containers with pink lemonade, fruit punch or other pink beverages.
  • Fold cloth napkins into roses and use pink ribbons.
  • Create pink fruit arrangements as centerpieces.

Even savory foods can take on a pink glow with ingredients like beets, pink peppers, radishes, pickled onions and smoked salmon. Let your imagination run wild!

Light Up Your Space With Neon

For the ultimate neon pink look, incorporate actual neon lighting into your décor. Neon signs, tubes and art add a fun retro vibe and bold splash of color.

  • Display neon marquee signs with romantic phrases like “Love” and “XOXO.”
  • Border the room with neon pink tubing for a glowing backdrop.
  • Hang a neon pink flamingo, cactus, heart or lips for kitschy wall art.
  • Arrange neon pink flower sculptures on tabletops.
  • Affix a neon pink LED strip under tables or inside glassware for a cool glow.

When shopping for neon, opt for handmade pieces for artful quality or choose affordable acrylic options. Set the mood with neon and watch your space radiate a festive pink glow!

Create a Stunning Neon Pink Valentine’s Table

Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion for vibrant, neon style. For a table that wows, combine pink flowers, candles, linens, dinnerware and neon accents galore. The mix of textures and pops of color will delight your special someone. But don’t stop at the table—extend your neon pink decor throughout the space for an ambient glow. With a little creativity, you can easily craft a romantic ambience that feels both playful and elegant. So embrace the fun side of Valentine’s Day this year with a table that dazzles from every angle. Let neon pink infuse your celebration with love and whimsy!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right shade of neon pink?

When selecting neon pink decor, aim for shades like hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, and similar vivid tones. Look for descriptors like “neon,” “bright,” or specific color names like “shocking pink.” The brightest, boldest pinks will make the biggest impact.

What goes well with neon pink for Valentine’s Day?

Neon pink pops when paired with silvers, blacks, and whites. Try mixing pink with crisp white linens, sparkly silver candleholders, and matte black dishes. For extra contrast, add red roses or lipstick red accents throughout your table.

What are good substitutes if I can’t find neon pink linens and dinnerware?

If neon pink items are hard to source, look for other brightly colored options in fuchsia, coral, or cherry red. Metallic linens and tableware in copper and rose gold also complement pink well. And don’t forget the power of fresh pink flowers!

How can I make my neon pink tablescape feel romantic?

Romantic lighting is key for Valentine’s Day. Use plenty of candles, string lights, and table lamps to set the mood. Scatter rose petals down your table runner and incorporate doilies, lace, ruffles, and ribbons for feminine flair. Play romantic music and keep your table décor subtly elegant.

How can I use neon pink in moderation if it’s not my style?

If neon pink feels overwhelming, use it sparingly. Opt for a pink tablecloth with simple white place settings. Or just go for pink napkins, flowers and candles as accents against a neutral backdrop. Mixing neon pink with other colors also tones it down.


A neon pink tablescape is the perfect way to liven up your next Valentine’s Day dinner. Vibrant flowers, candles, linens and decor in hot pink hues will delight your sweetheart. Just avoid going overboard with the neon—a little can go a long way! Focus on elegance with pink used strategically in florals, lighting, linens and accents. The festive ambience is sure to put you both in a romantic spirit. So don’t be afraid to think pink this Valentine’s Day by creating a stunning table that celebrates love.