Throw blankets are having a major moment right now. These cozy, stylish blankets can add warmth, comfort, and visual interest to any space. From adding a pop of color to your couch to providing extra snuggle power in the bedroom, throw blankets have so many great uses. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about styling with throw blankets and making the most of these versatile home accessories.

Different Types of Throw Blankets

There are a few main categories of throw blankets to be aware of:


  • Wool – Warm and naturally moisture wicking. Can be itchy for some.
  • Cotton – Breathable and soft. Prone to pilling.
  • Faux Fur – Very soft and stylish. Can shed frequently.
  • Cashmere – Extremely luxurious and soft. Expensive.
  • Polyester Fleece – Budget-friendly and warm. Can pill over time.


  • Lightweight – Ideal for warmer weather. Easily layered.
  • Midweight – Provides moderate warmth. Good year-round option.
  • Heavyweight – Very warm and cozy. Best for cold weather.


  • Twin – Measures around 66″ x 90″. Fits well on twin beds.
  • Full/Queen – Measures around 90″ x 90″. Fits full and queen beds.
  • King – Measures around 108″ x 90″. Drapes nicely on king beds.
  • Throw – Typically 50-60″ square. Made for couches or chairs.

Styling Tips for Different Rooms

Throw blankets can work in just about any room of your home. Here are some ideas for styling them throughout your space:

Living Room

In the living room, use throw blankets to add warmth and visual interest to seating areas. Drape them over the back and arms of a sofa or fold neatly and place them on an ottoman. Coordinate colors and textures with pillows and other accents for a pulled together look.

For a casual feel, layer a chunky knit throw at the end of the couch. Or try a printed or brightly colored throw for a playful pop.


One of the most popular uses for throw blankets is in the bedroom. Layer them at the foot of the bed for extra coziness or keep them folded on a bench or chair.

Try using a lightweight blanket in warm weather and switching to a chunkier woven or knit style when it gets colder out. Match your throw to the rest of your bedding for a coordinated look.

Home Office

Throw blankets are great functional and decorative accents for a home office or other work area. Add one to your desk chair for chilly mornings or drape it over an accent chair to soften the space.

Choose a patterned throw with some of the same colors found in artwork or area rugs in the room. A colorful throw can help brighten up an otherwise neutral home office.

Kids’ Rooms

Throw blankets are perfect for adding comfort and visual interest to kids’ rooms. Choose playful prints, bright solids, or soft textures based on your child’s style. Use them for reading time, playtime on the floor, or extra coziness at bedtime.

Try hanging a couple folded throw blankets on the back of a chair or bench for easy access. Washable cotton or polyester fleece throws stand up well to frequent use by kids.

Outdoor Spaces

Don’t forget about using throw blankets outdoors! They’re perfect for cozying up patio furniture or providing warmth around a firepit on chilly nights.

Look for performance throws that are fade resistant and shed less for outdoor use. Weighted and water-resistant outdoor throws will stay put in windy conditions.

Caring for Throw Blankets

With the right care, your throw blankets can stay looking fabulous for years to come:

  • Read care labels – Always check the care instructions before washing. Some may require dry cleaning or hand washing only.
  • Wash in cold water – Use a gentle cycle and cold water to prevent shrinkage, pilling, and fading.
  • Air dry – Tumble drying can damage many throw blankets. Lay flat or line dry instead whenever possible.
  • Spot clean – For lightweight spills, spot clean the area with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
  • Use a lint roller – Remove excess pet hair, lint, and debris regularly with a lint roller.
  • Store folded – Refold and store blankets when not in use to minimize wrinkling and damage.

With the right care, you can enjoy your cozy and stylish throw blankets for many years of use!

Throw Blanket Ideas and Inspiration

Need a little inspiration for throw blanket styling? Here are some gorgeous ways to incorporate them into your home:

Complementary Colors

Use tones pulled from artwork, pillows, and other accents. A multi-colored wool throw looks right at home with similarly hued decor.

Texture Mixing

Pair smooth throws with nubby knits or furry accents. The contrast adds visual interest. Try a chunky crocheted blanket on a velvet sofa.

Themed Prints

Have fun with themed throws featuring favorite animals, foods, hobbies, or vacations spots. A camera print throw is perfect for a photography lover’s home.

Simple Solids

Don’t overlook simple solids. A single colored throw in a great tone can nicely tie a space together. Grey is a versatile neutral option.


Mix and match weights, textures, and patterns by layering throws for a cozy layered look. Try a knit blanket atop a smooth faux fur one.

Thoughtful Placement

Artfully draping a throw at the end of a bed or carefully folding it over a chair makes a stylish statement. Pay attention to placement.

With so many gorgeous options, you’re sure to find the perfect throw blankets to suit your personal style and space. Enjoy snuggling up and staying cozy in style with these versatile and stylish accessories!

Frequently Asked Questions About Throw Blankets

What size throw blanket should I get?

It depends on how you plan to use it! Standard throw sizes are 50″ x 60″ or 60″ x 70″ – perfect for draping on sofas or chairs. For beds, go with twin, full/queen or king sized throws.

How do I wash a throw blanket?

Check the care tag first. Many throws need to be dry cleaned or hand washed only. For machine washing, use cold water and gentle cycle. Air or line dry if possible.

How can I stop my throw blanket from shedding?

Choose blankets made of natural fibers like wool, cotton, or cashmere that shed less. Also, washing and drying properly helps minimize shedding from fabrics like faux fur. Regular vacuuming helps too.

What’s the best throw blanket material?

It depends on your preferences! Wool and cashmere are very warm and soft. Cotton is lightweight and breathable. Faux fur provides pampered softness. Choose based on your climate, décor, and budget.

Should I purchase one expensive throw or a few cheaper ones?

Consider how often it will be used and what your budget is. If it’s for heavy use, a few machine-washable budget throws may be the better option. For light use, one pricier heirloom-quality throw can be a smart splurge.

How can I arrange my throw blankets attractively?

Try artfully draping them over furniture or folded in baskets. Complementary colors and interesting textures also help. Don’t overdo it – 2-3 thoughtfully placed throws per room is usually ideal.


Throw blankets deserve a spot in every well-styled home! With so many options for materials, sizes, colors and patterns, you can find just the right throw blankets to suit your needs. Use them to add an extra layer of warmth, comfort and décor throughout your home. Follow these tips on styling, caring for, and making the most of these cozy and versatile accent pieces. With the right throw blanket, you’ll always be ready to snuggle up in style!