This Modern DIY Candelabra Is the Envy of the Block. A candelabra with sleek, modern style that will become the talk of your neighborhood.


Candle holders come in all shapes and sizes, but few make a statement quite like a candelabra. Traditionally ornate and antique-looking, candelabras are often associated with grand halls and Gothic novels. But this DIY candelabra project proves that with the right materials and some creativity, you can fashion a contemporary candelabra fit for modern sensibilities.

This easy-to-follow tutorial uses inexpensive supplies like copper tubing and lighting sockets to produce a sculptural, on-trend candelabra that looks like it came straight from a swanky interior design studio. While it requires some simple soldering, the basic techniques make this an achievable DIY for novice crafters. Even better, the modular nature of the project means you can customize the height and shape, making it a one-of-a-kind creation.

Read on to learn how to craft a modern candelabra that will illuminate your space in style and become the envy of everyone who sees it. With an eye-catching, unexpected design, this DIY candelabra is sure to spark conversation at your next dinner party or holiday gathering.

Overview of the Project

This DIY candelabra uses copper tubing, lighting sockets, and candlestick holders to create a customizable, contemporary candle holder that makes a statement. The project involves:

  • Bending and soldering copper tubes into the desired shape. Straight tubes or more intricate shapes can be achieved.
  • Attaching lighting sockets along the copper tubing to hold the candles.
  • Adding glass hurricane candle holders for stability and to catch wax drips.
  • Running the wiring through the inside of the tubes.
  • Connecting the candelabra to a power source.

The final result is an on-trend candelabra with modern industrial flair that can work in a variety of home decor styles from mid-century to boho-chic. The sculptural shape and warm copper finish give this DIY candelabra bold visual impact.


The inspiration for this project comes from high-end modern candelabras made from metal tubes or pipes. While these designer versions can cost hundreds of dollars, this DIY offers the same stylish look for a fraction of the price. Some specific inspirations include:

  • Industrial pipe candelabras: These use plumbing tubes and fittings to create geometric shapes. The DIY version replicates the bold shapes but with more affordable and flexible copper tubing.
  • Minimalist metal candelabras: Clean lines and simple forms allow the beauty of the material to shine. This project aims for the same elegance through straightforward, modular construction.
  • Modern art sculptures: Abstract shapes and unexpected materials define contemporary art. The DIY candelabra also has artful aspirations applied through creative shapes.

Benefits of a Modern Copper Candelabra

Beyond just looking amazing, this modern copper DIY candelabra has many advantages:

Visual Impact – With its metallic finish and sculptural shape, this candelabra is sure to steal the focus in any room. The unique look is a true conversation starter.

Customizable – The modular design means the shape and size can be tweaked based on your space and personal taste. Make it tall and skinny or short and squatty.

On Trend – Mixed metals, especially copper, are hot in current interior design. This project offers an affordable way to incorporate the trend.

Multi-purpose – Though perfect for holding candles, the candelabra also functions beautifully displaying flower arrangements or purely as an eye-catching stand-alone sculpture.

Highlight Architectural Details – Position this candelabra in an entryway or hallway to draw the eye upwards and accentuate high ceilings or other architectural elements.

How to Make a Modern DIY Candelabra

Making this show-stopping modern candelabra requires simple skills and few materials. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Gather Supplies

  • Copper tubing (1/2″ and 3/4″ diameters suggested)
  • Copper end caps
  • Copper T joints and elbow joints
  • Copper reducing coupling to connect 1/2″ and 3/4″ tubing
  • 12V lighting sockets with leads
  • Glass hurricane candle holders
  • 2 core lamp wire
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire cutters
  • Solder and flux
  • Soldering iron or propane torch

Cut and Shape the Copper Tubing

  • Measure the area where you want to hang the candelabra and make a rough plan for the shape and height.
  • Cut lengths of copper tubing according to your plan. A tubing bender can be used to get smooth curves, or carefully bend by hand.
  • Use T joints, elbows, and reducing couplings to connect tube sections.
  • Try out arrangements before soldering. Start small – you can always add more!
  • Once the desired shape is achieved, solder all joints being careful not to melt the copper.

Add Sockets and Wiring

  • Based on the plan, attach lighting sockets along the tubing where candles will go, positioning the socket openings horizontally.
  • Run the 2 core wire from socket to socket inside the tubing, pushing it through joints. Leave a long wire tail at the bottom.
  • Strip and attach the wires to the socket leads. Apply flameproof heat shrink over connections.
  • Avoid exposing wire between sockets. Use wire caps to cover connections inside tubes.

Attach Candle Holders

  • Place a glass hurricane over each socket opening. This catches wax and keeps the candle upright.
  • Water and beads can be added to the glass to act as ballast and give decorative accents.
  • If desired, adhere the hurricanes to the sockets with a silicone sealant designed for high heat. This keeps things stable.

Finish the Wiring

  • At the end of the wiring run, connect a 12V socket. This plugs into a transformer to power the candelabra lights safely.
  • Neatly coil excess wiring inside the tubing to keep tidy.
  • Attach an end cap over the access point used for wiring.

Add Hanging Hardware

  • Based on the total weight, screw an eye hook into the ceiling junction box to hang the candelabra.
  • Attach plated wire rope and crimps to the top of the candelabra that connect to the hanging eye hook.
  • Ensure electrical connections are not compromised when hanging the candelabra.

Enjoy Your Modern Candelabra!

  • Add taper candles, tea lights or flameless LEDs. Always use care with open flames.
  • Power up and admire how the copper fixtures glow in the flickering candlelight.
  • Show off your DIY sculpture to envious friends and neighbors!

Tips and Tricks

  • Use work gloves when bending and cutting copper tubing to avoid injury. The cut ends of copper can be very sharp.
  • Prevent sagging by using tubing thick enough to support the weight. For long expanses, 1/2″ tubing alone may bend, so combine it with 3/4″ for stability.
  • Minimize fire risks by using glass hurricane holders as added protection from candle flames. Never leave burning candles unattended.
  • Consider patinating the copper with chemicals for an aged effect. This gives a greenish finish like the Statue of Liberty!
  • Adjust the candelabra shape by gently bending the soft copper tubing. But avoid kinking it which can block interior wiring.
  • When soldering, apply flux first to clean and prime the joint. This allows the solder to flow freely for a solid connection.
  • Let kids customize parts of the candelabra as a fun project. Supervise closely and leave the soldering to adults.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about creating a modern copper DIY candelabra:

What tools do I need to make this candelabra?

You will need basic tools like wire cutters, strippers, a soldering iron, propane torch, tubing cutter, work gloves, safety glasses, drill, and simple hand tools. Specialized tools like a tubing bender are not essential but can help get smoother bends.

What size copper tubing should I use?

A combination of 1/2″ and 3/4″ copper tubing works well for most designs. The thinner 1/2” tubing allows for intricate shapes, while 3/4” adds stability for a sturdier base and longer vertical elements.

What can I use if I don’t want to solder the joints?

Instead of soldering, you can use compression fittings. These form a tight seal when hand tightened and allow the pieces to be disassembled. Just slide them over the tubing ends to be connected.

How do I get power to the candelabra safely?

Use 12V lighting sockets and a plug-in transformer. This low voltage is safer than 120V household current. Follow codes and use copper wiring inside the tubing rated for lighting. Never overload the transformer.

Can I hang this outdoors?

It’s best suited for indoor use. Outside, the copper could oxidize and wiring could degrade. Choose a covered location protected from rain and sun.

What maintenance does a copper candelabra need?

Periodically polish the copper with a specialty cleaner and cloth to restore its shine. Check wiring connections and sockets for corrosion. Glass hurricane vases can be rinsed to remove wax buildup.

Can I make my candelabra really tall?

Yes, but consider weight and safety. Use thicker tubing on the bottom and strategically placed vertical supports. Guy wires attached to the ceiling can add stability if needed.


With the right materials and a bit of handiwork, you can create a custom modern copper candelabra that rivals professional designer versions for a fraction of the cost. This DIY project allows you to tailor the shape and size to your specific taste and decor.

The end result is a true showpiece – a sculptural copper candelabra with contemporary flair. The warm glow of candlelight off the metallic finish will make this an eye-catching focal point.

Light up your next dinner party or holiday gathering with this unique hand-crafted candelabra that shines with modern industrial charm. Friends and family will be amazed at your creativity. Just wait for the compliments and questions asking where you found such an amazing candle holder!