Blue cabinetry can add a touch of vibrancy and style to any kitchen. When done right, blue cabinets create a look that is both sophisticated and inviting. Here are some tips and inspiration for kitchens that perfectly execute the blue cabinet look.

Choosing the Right Shade of Blue

The shade of blue you choose for your cabinets can dramatically impact the overall look and feel of the space. Some popular blue cabinet options include:

  • Navy – A classic, nautical look perfect for coastal or traditional spaces. Pairs well with brass hardware.
  • Royal Blue – Sophisticated and elegant, yet still vibrant. Looks stunning against white.
  • Baby Blue – Soft, subdued, and calming. Works well for cottage or farmhouse styles.
  • Teal – A putter, brighter blue with green undertones. Brings a pop of color to modern spaces.
  • Powder Blue – Extremely light and airy. Great for small kitchens as it makes the space feel more open.

Consider the overall design aesthetic you want for the kitchen. Bolder shades like navy or royal blue make more of a statement, while lighter shades like powder blue blend in seamlessly. The color palette used throughout the rest of the kitchen should also guide your blue cabinet selection.

Combining Blue Cabinets with Other Colors

While blue makes a spectacular statement color on its own, combining it with other accent hues can really make the look pop.

  • White – A blue and white kitchen is a classic combo that always looks crisp and clean. Use white on upper cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, and trim.
  • Wood tones – The warmth of natural wood balances out the slight coolness of blue. Try oak or walnut accents.
  • Black – For a bold, dramatic look, pair rich navy cabinets with black granite, hardware, and stainless steel appliances.
  • Brass – The soft glow of brass hardware and fixtures brings out blue’s sophistication.
  • Grey – From light to charcoal, grey nicely complements blue’s vibrancy without overpowering it.

No matter what color you pair with the blue cabinets, be sure to stick to a cohesive color scheme rather than clashing tones.

Style of Blue Cabinets

The door style you choose for blue cabinets also impacts their look and feel. Consider pairing blue with:

  • Shaker – For a clean, timeless aesthetic.
  • Slab – Makes a bolder, more modern statement.
  • Inset – Adds a touch of old-world charm for traditional spaces.
  • Glass-front – Lightens up the look of darker blue shades.
  • Distressed – Contrasts nicely with blue’s vibrancy.

If choosing painted blue cabinets, opt for a smooth satin or eggshell finish rather than high-gloss, which could feel overly shiny or cheap. For a more premium look, choose blue-stained woodgrain cabinets.

Bright and Airy Kitchens with Blue Cabinets

To keep a blue kitchen feeling bright and airy rather than dark and closed in, use plenty of natural light and open shelving. Extra lighting and reflective surfaces also help blue cabinets pop.

Some tips for an open, ethereal blue kitchen include:

  • Large windows, skylights, and glass cabinetry
  • Light countertops like white quartz
  • Floating wood shelves for an airier look
  • Glass pendant lights or recessed lighting above the cabinets
  • Mirror backsplashes that reflect light and color
  • Metallic accents and fixtures like nickel or chrome

Usage of Blue in These Kitchens

There are several effective ways to incorporate blue into a kitchen design:

1. Blue on the Bottom Cabinets

Painting just the lower cabinets blue is an easy way to add a pop of color without going overboard. The dark blue grounds the space while the neutral uppers keep things airy.

2. Blue Island

Make the kitchen island the star with a standout blue island. It makes a statement while still allowing the rest of the cabinetry to blend in.

3. Blue Uppers

For a unique look, try blue on top and white on bottom. This unexpected color blocking draws the eye upward.

4. Varied Blue Tones

Playing with light and dark blue tones adds extra visual interest. Try navy lowers with powder blue uppers or mix blue cabinets with a blue-grey island.

5. Blue Accents

Not ready for full blue cabinets? Use blue on accent drawers, open shelving, or just the inside of glass cabinetry doors.

Tips for These Kitchens Do Blue Cabinetry Just Right

  • Choose a blue hue that aligns with your overall kitchen style and color scheme
  • Pair blue cabinets with light, bright countertops and backsplashes to prevent a dark, heavy look
  • Add warmth and contrast with natural wood accents and brass fixtures
  • Opt for plenty of windows and proper lighting to keep the space feeling open
  • Mix and match blue tones and shades for extra pop
  • Start small with blue accents if you’re unsure about the full blue cabinet look

The Benefits of Blue Kitchen Cabinets

When thoughtfully executed, blue kitchen cabinets offer many benefits beyond just making a stylish statement:

  • Timeless look – While a trendy color, blue also has a classic, lasting appeal that won’t feel dated after a few years.
  • Adds character – Blue instantly gives personality and charm to an otherwise neutral kitchen.
  • Contrast – Pops against white and wood tones in pleasing, complementary ways.
  • Versatile – The many shades of blue work well with almost any kitchen style from modern to cottage.
  • Appetizing – Research shows blue can actually increase appetite, perfect for kitchen spaces!

With so many shades to choose from, blue really does work beautifully in all kitchen spaces when done thoughtfully. Instead of defaulting to all white or wood cabinetry, bring vibrancy into your kitchen with cabinets in just the right shade of sky blue, navy, or teal!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular shades of blue for kitchen cabinets?

Some of the most popular blue cabinet shades are navy, royal blue, light blue, teal, and powder blue. Navy and teal add drama while light blue and powder blue create a calming look.

What color hardware goes best with blue cabinets?

Brass and gold hardware pair beautifully with blue cabinets, adding a touch of luxurious warmth. For a cooler contrast, opt for silver or chrome. Matte black hardware also looks striking against vibrant blue.

What kind of countertops work with a blue kitchen?

Light countertops like white quartz or marble offset blue cabinets nicely without competing. Butcher block, concrete, or wood also adds pleasant contrast. Dark granite can feel too heavy, so go for a lighter natural stone.

Should I paint just the lower or upper cabinets blue?

It depends on your goal! Painting just lower cabinets blue grounds the kitchen while maintaining an airy, open look. Blue uppers make more of a statement and draw the eyes upward. Mixing blue lower and upper cabinets is a fun unexpected twist.

What small blue accents can I add if I don’t want full blue cabinets?

Try just painting an island, open shelving unit or accent drawers/doors blue. Blue inside glass cabinet doors is also a subtle but vibrant touch. Don’t forget about blue kitchen accessories like rugs, barstools, and window treatments!


Blue kitchen cabinets make a gorgeous addition to any style of kitchen when thoughtfully executed. Choosing the perfect shade of blue, balancing with other accent colors, and utilizing proper lighting are key to ensuring your blue kitchen feels uplifting rather than overwhelming. With so many stunning blue kitchen ideas and inspiration to explore, it’s easy to see why blue cabinets are having such a stylish moment right now.