Jewel-tone kitchen cabinets are having a major moment right now. These rich, saturated hues add drama, sophistication and visual interest to any kitchen design. If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your kitchen remodel, jewel-tone cabinets can infuse your space with vibrant color and next-level style.

What Are Jewel-Tone Cabinets?

Jewel-tone cabinets refer to kitchen cabinets finished in deep, saturated shades inspired by precious gemstones. These eye-catching hues include:

  • Sapphire blue
  • Emerald green
  • Ruby red
  • Amethyst purple
  • Topaz yellow
  • Amber orange

Unlike neutral cabinet colors like white, gray and wood tones, jewel-tones pack a punch of saturated color. This makes them a daring yet elegant choice for kitchen cabinets. They add pops of color without overwhelming the space.

Jewel-tones have an inherently upscale, luxurious look. Just as precious stones connote value, these rich colors elevate the aesthetic of any kitchen. Jewel-tone cabinets have a similar effect to using actual semi-precious materials like granite. The deep, saturated finish looks expensive and custom.

Benefits of Jewel-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

There are many advantages to choosing jewel-tone cabinets for your kitchen remodel:

1. Make a Statement

Jewel-tone cabinets are guaranteed to get attention. There’s no ignoring a sapphire blue or ruby red island! The eye is immediately drawn to these bold finishes.

While neutral cabinets blend into the background, jewel-tones make the kitchen a focal point. They let your creative personality shine through loud and clear.

If you want your kitchen to feel fun, daring and conversational instead of safe and mundane, jewel-tones are the way to go. They speak volumes about your bold sense of style.

2. Luxury Look

As mentioned, jewel-tones have an inherent air of luxury. Just like precious gems and metals, these rich finishes feel elevated and expensive. Dark jewel-tones in particular create a glamorous, sophisticated vibe.

This makes jewel-tones a smart style investment. Even if you choose budget-friendly cabinets, opting for an emerald green or sapphire blue finish makes the kitchen look far more high-end than its price tag.

3. Timeless Appeal

While neutral colors come in and out of vogue, jewel-tones have timeless, enduring appeal. Rich blues, greens, reds and purples have been prized through the ages, reminiscent of rare treasures.

This makes jewel-tones a lower-risk design choice than trendy neutrals. While you may tire of an of-the-moment gray or white, gem-inspired hues will always be classic. They add a touch of Old World charm and luxury.

4. Complementary Backsplash

Jewel-tone cabinets open up many possibilities for a stunning, complementary backsplash. You can double up on the cabinet color with matching tiles, or choose contrasting cool and warm tones.

For example, deep green cabinets could pair well with:

  • Emerald and jade glass tiles
  • Earthy neutral stone
  • Contrasting ruby or sapphire mosaics

The backsplash can enhance the jewel-tone look even further. Continuing the color with the backsplash makes the whole kitchen feel lush and saturated.

5. Brighten Dark Rooms

If your kitchen is cramped or has little natural light, bright jewel tones like ruby red and citrine yellow can counteract the darkness. Their saturated finish reflects light around the room.

Deep sapphire and emerald tones also have this brightening effect. Though dark, they create depth and dimension that makes the space feel larger.

Either way, jewel-tones are a smart color choice for small, enclosed kitchens. They make the space feel open instead of gloomy.

Best Jewel Tones for Kitchen Cabinets

Now let’s explore some of the best jewel-tone options for kitchen cabinets:

Sapphire Blue

Sapphire blue is a top choice for kitchen cabinets wanting to make a bold, sophisticated statement. This rich, inky blue has a beautifully moody, glamorous look.

When paired with brass hardware and light countertops, sapphire cabinets feel dramatic and indulgent. They give off bright, expensive vibes even in small kitchens.

To make sapphire cabinets pop even more, opt for blue mosaic backsplash tiles in complementary lighter and darker shades.

Sapphire blue kitchen cabinets

Sapphire blue kitchen cabinets add a dramatic punch of color. Image source

Ruby Red

For traditional kitchens, ruby red cabinets deliver serious visual impact. The lush crimson finish feels lively, romantic and elegant.

Set against creamy marble or quartz countertops, ruby red cabinets have a refined, Old World European vibe. For a more modern look, pair red with sleek black granite counters and gold fixtures.

Try surrounding ruby cabinets with red and orange mosaic backsplash tiles to really make them sizzle. Brick patterns also complement traditional red kitchens nicely.

Ruby red kitchen cabinets

Ruby red kitchen cabinets add warmth and vibrancy. Image source

Emerald Green

Emerald green is a sophisticated neutral in the world of kitchen cabinets. This rich jewel tone provides an unexpected twist on traditional white or wood cabinetry.

Against bright white countertops and backsplashes, emerald green pops without feeling overbearing. It provides just enough interest without overwhelming the space.

For a more moody look, pair deep emerald cabinets with darker stone surfaces and metals. This creates a brooding, luxurious atmosphere.

Emerald green kitchen cabinets

Emerald green kitchen cabinets offer a fresh, vibrant neutral option. Image source

Amethyst Purple

Looking for a completely unexpected cabinet color? Amethyst purple is a surprising yet elegant choice. Its gem-inspired richness feels romantic, soothing and surprisingly versatile.

Try pairing purple cabinets with:

  • Light quartz counters for contrast
  • Warm wood floors to create balance
  • Metallic gold or copper fixtures for glam
  • Pastel tile backsplash for an accent color

Amethyst kitchen cabinets make a brave, individualistic style statement. This color isn’t for the faint of heart!

Amethyst purple kitchen cabinets

Amethyst purple kitchen cabinets make a bold, unexpected color choice. Image source

Topaz Yellow

Warm up a dark, enclosed kitchen with sunny topaz yellow cabinets. This bold citrine hue infuses any space with energy and brightness.

For a contemporary look, pair topaz yellow with sleek white quartz counters and modern metal fixtures. Or go for an eclectic vibe with rough wood surfaces and vintage accents.

A red brick or Moroccan tile backsplash complements yellow cabinets nicely. Just stick to one statement jewel tone to avoid sensory overload!

Topaz yellow kitchen cabinets

Topaz yellow kitchen cabinets brighten up small, dark spaces. Image source

Amber Orange

Amber orange cabinets create an inviting, sun-soaked kitchen vibe. The warm yet punchy color provides a cheerful alternative to traditional maple or oak cabinets.

Set against cool white surfaces, amber orange makes a bold statement. For more contrast, pair it with blue tile backsplashes.

For a cohesive effect, choose an earthy granite countertop and stack neutral finishes like bronze hardware, beige walls and oak floors. The amber cabinetry will really stand out.

Amber orange kitchen cabinets

Amber orange kitchen cabinets provide a warm, cheerful punch of color. Image source

Design Tips for Jewel-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

Ready to bring jewel tones into your kitchen design? Here are some handy tips for pulling off this trend with elegance:

Choose the Right Undertones

Jewel tones come in both warm and cool undertones. Sapphire blue and emerald green are cool tones, while ruby red and citrine yellow are warm.

Make sure to choose the undertone that complements other finishes in the kitchen. For example, pair warm reds and yellows with wood or bronze accents. Cool blues and greens match better with marble, silver and black metals.

Balance with Neutrals

To keep jewel tones from feeling overwhelming, balance them with plenty of neutral elements. White or neutral stone countertops offset saturated cabinets nicely.

Crisp white upper cabinets also prevent bold lowers from feeling too intense. Neutral backsplashes and flooring let the jewel-tone cabinetry shine.

Mind the Lighting

The way lighting hits jewel-tone cabinets dramatically impacts their look. Ensure cabinets get plenty of direct light so their saturated color doesn’t get lost.

For a moody vibe, use a combination of warm spotlights and cool, ambient fill lighting. This highlights the cabinets’ rich dimension.

Accent With Metallics

Polished metals and hardware help jewel tones feel even more luxe. Try pairing them with:

  • Gold fixtures and hardware for a glamorous pop
  • Silver or nickel for cooler tones like emerald
  • Aged bronze for a vintage edge
  • Matching copper pulls to warm up ruby red cabinets

Shiny metal surfaces like stainless steel appliances also accentuate jewel-tones nicely.

Add Pops of Color

Don’t be afraid to double up on the jewel-tone look with pops of color throughout the kitchen. Some ideas:

  • Colorful mosaic tile backsplash
  • Barstools or accent chairs in the cabinet color
  • Vintage rugs or curtains to tie in secondary hues
  • Colored glass vases, serving pieces and decor

This creates a purposefully eclectic, artistic vibe.

Jewel-Tone Kitchen Inspiration

To spark some inspiration before creating your own jewel-tone kitchen, here are some stunning examples of this trend done right:

Sapphire Blue & White

This kitchen features vivid sapphire cabinets against bright white marble counters and an accent wall. The mix of materials and colors feels fresh and invigorating.

Sapphire blue and white kitchen

Image source

Emerald Green & Brass

The pairing of emerald green and brass creates a glam yet organic vibe. White subway tile keeps the moody green cabinets from feeling too dark.

Emerald green and brass kitchen

Image source

Ruby Red & Vintage

This ruby kitchen gets a traditional farmhouse feel from exposed wood beams, antique-style furnishings and a red brick backsplash.

Ruby red vintage kitchen

Image source

Amethyst Purple & Gold

Gold fixtures add the perfect metallic touch to these bold amethyst purple cabinets. Mirrored surfaces multiply the visual impact.

Amethyst purple and gold kitchen

Image source

Amber Orange & Blue

The complementary colors amber orange and blue make a lively pairing in this eclectic kitchen. Vintage rugs and décor add to the visual interest.

Amber orange and blue kitchen

Image source

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about installing jewel-tone kitchen cabinets:

Are jewel-tone cabinets hard to keep clean?

Darker jewel tones like sapphire and emerald show less dirt, dust and grime than lighter cabinet colors. Reds and yellows do require more frequent wiping downs. Using cabinet materials like metal, glass and glossy lacquer helps minimize visible smudges.

How do you protect jewel-tone cabinets?

Avoid direct sunlight exposure which can cause fading over time. Apply UV-protective clear coat finishes. Use microfiber cloths to gently clean cabinets as needed. For extra protection, you can have cabinets professionally sealed annually.

Do jewel-tone cabinets work in small kitchens?

Absolutely! Bold jewel-tones actually make small kitchens feel larger by adding visual depth. Just be sure to balance colorful cabinets with enough neutral elements like counters, walls and backsplashes.

Are jewel tones outdated?

While color trends come and go, jewel tones have remained popular for centuries. Sapphires, rubies and emeralds never go out of style. The same applies to cabinet colors inspired by these timeless gemstones. Their rich hues will always feel classic and elegant.

What color hardware goes best with jewel-tones?

Metallic hardware in brass, bronze, copper and nickel provide nice contrast against jewel-tones. You can also opt for black metal for a more modern look. Matching the hardware finish to the undertones of your cabinet color is always a safe bet too.


If you’re looking to seriously upgrade your kitchen’s visual impact, jewel-tone cabinets undoubtedly shine. Their rich, saturated hues make kitchens feel vibrant, glamorous and alive with personality.

Sapphire blues, ruby reds and emerald greens evoke a sense of luxury, even in small modest kitchens. Their dimensional hues feel endlessly deep and engaging to the eye.

Just be sure to balance colorful cabinets with enough neutral elements. Crisp white marble, light woods, metallic accents and vintage-style lighting keep jewel-tones feeling elegant instead of overwhelming.

With proper lighting and materials, jewel-tone cabinets offer timeless visual appeal. Their regal colors make spaces feel elevated and luxe.

So don’t be afraid to embrace your inner gemologist! Jewel-tone kitchen cabinets offer one of the best ways to make a dramatic style statement that won’t fade with passing trends. Your kitchen will sparkle with saturated color and dimension.