Designing a bathroom that transports you to the relaxed atmosphere of a Spanish resort can be an exciting project. With some careful planning and inspired design choices, you can create a soothing oasis reminiscent of a luxury coastal getaway. Follow these tips to infuse your bathroom remodel with the essence of exotic Spain.

Selecting Spanish-Inspired Design Elements

When envisioning your Spanish-style bathroom, think about the sensory elements that evoke the feeling of an idyllic resort. Consider how you can incorporate design aspects that engage the senses and create a relaxing vibe.

Colors and Textures

Rich, warm hues like terracotta, sunburst yellow, and deep orange can enhance the Spanish flair. Painting one accent wall in a bold color provides drama. For other walls and tilework, stick to crisp whites and neutrals to keep the space feeling airy and calm.

Incorporate organic textures like woven wicker baskets, rattan shades, stone surfaces, and wood accents. Spanish tiles in intricate patterns or mosaics add visual interest. Plush cotton towels and cozy terry or chenille bathrobes amp up the luxurious comfort.


Install atmospheric lighting like pendant lamps, sconces, and recessed cans. Place candles of varying heights throughout for a cozy glow during evening routines. Opt for fixtures with a bronze, copper, or oil-rubbed finish for Spanish style. Dimmer switches allow you to control the mood.

Open the space to natural light with a window, skylight, or recessed shelving with glass fronts. During the day, sunlight streaming in will make the room feel bright and lively.

Plumbing Fixtures

Select plumbing fixtures with turn-of-the-century Spanish detailing. Look for clawfoot tubs, freestanding pedestal sinks, or hammered copper vessel basins. Aged bronze or brass hardware and fixtures developed a patina that feels authentically old-world.

Go for the drama of statement faucets with hand-painted details, swirling spouts, or cascading shapes. Spanish tiles as a backsplash behind the sink or tub make a bold statement.


Finish off your Spanish spa with accessories that reinforce the experience. Display stacked classic white towels adorned with embroidered patterns or colorful tiles. Fill woven baskets with glass bottles, candles, and aromatic soaps.

Wrought iron wall hooks and shelves bring an antique touch. Vintage inspired framed prints of botanicals, birds, or pastoral landscapes enhance the ambience. For greenery, add potted palms, ferns, or orchids.

Capturing the Architecture of Spain

Architectural details borrowed from quintessential Spanish design make a huge impact. By mimicking features commonly found in luxury Spanish resorts and homes, you create a transitional feel.

Arched Openings and Doorways

One key characteristic of Spanish architecture is rounded arches framing doorways, windows, niches, and alcoves. Consider an arched entrance into the bathroom space or arches above sinks or tubs.

Installing arched mirrors over vanities or sconces reflects light in an interesting way. Arches add architectural elegance and a Mediterranean vibe.

Ornate Ceilings

Look up—ceilings offer unused space to create visual grandeur. Domed, vaulted, or beamed ceilings amplify the grand Spanish style. Stenciled patterns, raised molding, or hand-painted tiles turn the ceiling into an ornate focal point.

Natural Stone and Mosaics

Natural stone surfaces evoke old-world craftsmanship in a Spanish bath. Travertine, limestone, slate, and terracotta tiles laid in interlocking patterns or mosaics make stunning backsplashes, shower walls, and flooring.

Accent with marble or granite vanities and carved stone basins. Stone adds organic texture and the patina of age.

Ironwork Accents

Wrought iron fixtures, mirrors, shelves, and towel bars exude grace and vintage appeal. The intricate metalwork brings to mind stately Spanish estates.

Hand-forged iron sconces, chandeliers, and candelabras become elegant finishing touches. Let metal finishes tarnish and age naturally for authenticity.

Wood Beams and Accents

Exposed wood beams spanning the ceiling recreate the interior of a countryside villa. The weathered look adds rustic warmth.

Solid wood shelves, mirror frames, and vanities have an artisanal feel. Painted or bleached wood in light tones keeps things airy and relaxed.

Design Inspiration from Iconic Spanish Retreats

Looking at celebrated resorts and spas across Spain lends design ideas for your own bathroom transformation. These posh wellness retreats master the delicate balance of simplicity and luxury that defines Spanish style.

Puento Romano Resort in Marbella

This chic coastal resort blends Moorish and Andalusian architectural details. Arched corridors frame interior courtyards with soothing fountains. The look is simultaneously ancient and modern with a tranquil ambiance.

Take inspiration from the clean white walls, stone tilework, and abundance of natural light. The simple elegance creates a refreshing oasis amidst lively coastal Marbella.

SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante

With contemporary lines and a serene all-white color palette, this luxury health spa exudes minimalist tranquility. Natural wood, sunlight, and greenery offset the sleek aesthetic.

Notice how textural elements like woven shades, natural fiber rugs, and reclaimed wood add cozy organic warmth. This polished but welcoming vibe works beautifully in a home bathroom.

Astoria 7 Spa in Seville

Dramatic architecture defines this lavish spa situated in a converted 17th century palace. Ornate painted ceilings, gilded mirrors, and crystal chandeliers contrast beautifully with muted plaster walls and stone finishes.

Implement some of the striking but tasteful detailing like accent wallpaper, vintage mirror frames, or a painted medallion ceiling. Punctuate with candles, fresh florals, and antique accents for a glamorous statement.

Infusing Your Bathroom With Spanish Charm

Your quest to design a Spanish-inspired bath sanctuary starts with a thoughtful approach. Determine the overall mood you want to achieve and focal points to draw the eye. Source authentic materials and custom-crafted accents to avoid looking overly themed or kitschy.

Pay attention to subtle details that add character and visual appeal. And don’t overlook the importance of purposeful lighting and a fresh color palette in creating a relaxing vibe. With careful curation of inspired Spanish elements, you can enjoy a private spa-like retreat right at home.

Crafting a Soothing Sanctuary

A bathroom modeled after a luxurious Spanish resort should pamper the senses and soothe the soul. Careful attention to textures, colors, and ambience transforms the space into a calming escape. Consider these tips for crafting a salubrious sanctuary in your Spanish-style bath.

Prioritize Comfort

Plush bathmats, soft rugs, cushy upholstered seating, and wrap-around towel racks all enhance comfort. Provide storage for rolled towels and slippers within reach. Install dimmable lighting, strategically placed candles, and a sound system to relax the mood.

Promote Pampering

Display high-end soaps, bath oils, masks, exfoliating scrubs, and lotions to inspire spa-like rituals. Incorporate a magnifying mirror, tweezers, nail care tools, and other grooming accoutrements. Install a towel warmer and water closet.

Unwind with Aromatherapy

Infuse the air with essential oils via a diffuser, scented candles, or aromatherapy shower products. Scents like lavender, eucalyptus, oranges, jasmine, rose, and Mediterranean herbs evoke Spanish botanicals. Allow fresh air flow with a window or ventilation fan.

Provide Tranquil Views

Curate a peaceful view to complement the relaxed atmosphere. For example, a window overlooking a garden, patio, or fountain creates a serene focal point. Consider using frosted glass or textured window films to diffuse harsh light.

Muffle Noise

To dampen outside noise, install double-paned windows and solid core doors. Cushion echo and amplifying hard surfaces with sound-absorbing materials like cork floor tiles, woven shades, linen shower curtains, and canvas art.

Elements of Spanish Design Style

Authentic Spanish design beautifully blends rustic and refined. By thoughtfully incorporating these characteristic elements, you capture the essence of exotic European flair.

Natural Textures

The Spanish appreciate natural materials like stone, clay, wood, wicker, linen, and terracotta. Natural fibers and organic surfaces add comfort and a sense of graceful age. Use textiles like lace, embroidered cotton, or handwoven rugs.

Vintage Appeal

Aged, distressed, or antique furnishings and accents speak to the passage of time. Display handed-down ceramic vessels, framed botanical prints, carved wood holy water fonts, or oxidized candelabras. Keep colors muted and faded.

Intricate Patterns

Look for tiles, textiles, and accessories adorned with elaborate detail. Moorish-inspired mosaics, lace motifs, painted tiles, and intricate ironwork enliven spaces with artistry. Repeat patterns in layered rugs, window treatments, and upholstery.

Subtle Curves

Gentle arches, rounded corners, curvaceous furniture profiles, and sloping ceilings soften hard edges. Stick to easy, flowing curves and natural shapes.

Cultural Symbols

Incorporate iconic Spanish imagery like cross-topped clay pitchers, hand-forged iron fixtures, antique maps, vibrant ceramic tiles, or decorative flora and fauna. Display art, photos, or keepsakes from travels through Spain.

Selecting Signature Spanish Furnishings

Distinctive furnishings worthy of any genteel Spanish villa help cultivate authenticity. Seek out quality antique or vintage finds to mix in for a well-collected aesthetic.

Cast Iron and Wrought Iron

From chandeliers and sconces to canopy beds and freestanding tubs, Spanish ironwork impresses with intricate craftsmanship. The natural patina of the forged metal suits the old-soul vibe. Display fleur-de-lis patterns, spirals, and ornate scrollwork.

Wooden Ceiling Beams

Exposed and often whitewashed wood beams accentuated with carvings span ceilings and doorways for added character. The weathered lumber evokes pastoral farmhouses and villas.

Armoires and Wardrobes

Hand-carved armoires and wardrobes suit the need for ample storage space. Look for baroque or rococo-style pieces with arched fronts and crown molding. Vivid hues like ruby red or sapphire blue suit bold Spanish decor.

Caned and Rattan Furniture

Lightweight woven furnishings like chairs, chaise lounges, and headboards suit breezy verandas and patios. Natural wicker, rattan, bamboo, and woven sea grass offer casual nautical style.

Hammered Copper Bowls

Copper vessels hammered by hand make decorative dynamic accents in kitchens, baths, and living spaces. Display on open shelving, accent tables, or hung on the wall. Allow to gradually age for a lovely patina.

Complementary Colors for a Spanish Bath

A calming, welcoming color palette transports the mind to relaxing Spanish landscapes. Sophisticated neutrals accented with terracotta and ocean blue create a soothing oasis.

Creamy Whites

Crisp clean whites serve as the perfect neutral backdrop. Try a textured plaster wall finish or stucco for added depth. Add white marble, limestone, or travertine for organic variation.

Warm Terracotta

Vivid terracotta is intrinsically Spanish, mimicking the local clay. Use it minimally on feature walls or tile risers as an energetic accent. Deeper terra cotta floors ground the space.

Sunwashed Yellow

The vibrant yellows of Spanish sunflowers, citrus, and arid landscapes liven up white bathrooms. A pop of saffron or mustard by the window or reflections from yellow towels energize.

Coastal Blues

Serene ocean blues work beautifully with Spanish white and terra cotta. Try a vivid Moroccan tile as a backsplash or minor blue accents in towels, jars, or other accessories.

Earthy Greens

Subtle sage, olive, and mossy greens connect to lush Spanish landscapes. Pair with creamy plaster walls and warm woods. Use green glass bottles, stacked guest towels, or accent tiles.

Finding Hidden Retreats in Your Bath Remodel

Look for opportunities to carve out intimate vignettes for pampering, reflection, or relaxation. Drawing inspiration from luxurious Spanish spas, incorporate spaces for ritual and rejuvenation.

Build In Seating Nooks

Tuck away a cushioned bench or linen upholstered chair into an alcove. Surround with sconces, a side table, and baskets for slippers and books to create a cozy retreat.

Add a Relaxation Corner

Use an empty corner to arrange a chaise lounge or hammock beneath a pendant light. Accent with a soft rug, throw blanket, and floor vase. Candlelight makes this nook ideal for yoga, meditation, or reading.

Create a Dressing Room

Convert unused space into a glamorous dressing room. Include a dressing table, upholstered stool, mirror tray, and storage for luxury grooming essentials.

Install a Luxe Shower

Splurge on a huge walk-in shower with dual rain showerheads, bench seating, and spa-like amenities. Perfumed steam, luxurious water pressure, and endless hot water pamper.

Build a Tranquil Tub Area

Set up a clawfoot soaking tub as the focal point surrounded by serenity. Paint the walls a moody hue and add sconces, candles, and shelving displaying bath oils and salts.

Infusing Your Bathroom With Spanish Charm

Brimming with inspired details reminiscent of the Mediterranean, a Spanish-style bath emits casual elegance. Achieve the look and feel of an exotic retreat with these graceful finishing touches.

Textured Linens

Use classic linen, cotton, hemp, or seagrass on the vanity, in the shower, and at the windows. Textured natural fabrics complement the rustic style.

Vintage Accents

Incorporate antique glazed ceramic pieces, handpainted tiles, distressed mirrors, wrought iron lanterns, or carved wooden frames. Imperfections add authenticity.

Fresh Florals

Display fresh-cut blossoms native to Spain like roses, wildflowers, jasmine, or flowering herbs. Cluster smaller bud vases for lively pops of color.

Decorative Pitchers

Handcrafted ceramic water pitchers make charming accents on open shelves. Seek unique hand-painted or regional designs. Fill with bath accessories.

Wall Art

Hang framed vintage botanical prints, maps, family photos, local tiles, or decorative plates. Group in asymmetrical arrangements tied together with ribbon.

Woven Baskets

Store towels, toiletries, and bath oils in woven baskets, sea grass hampers, or lidded ceramics. Natural fibers complement the relaxed mood.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Connecting indoor and outdoor spaces heightens the breezy Spanish villa vibe. Blur the lines by bringing the liveliness of nature right into the bath.

Scented Gardens

Place planter boxes outside windowsills where fragrant garden herbs like lavender, mint, rosemary and jasmine scent incoming breezes. Try cascading flowers like petunias or ivy in wall planters.

Leafy Plants

Place potted palms, ferns, orchids, or ficuses inside for fresh pops of green. Greenery thrives in humid bathroom environments and purifies the air.

Natural Light

Draw sunlight in through ample windows, skylights, and glass block walls. Sheer linen drapery filters light during warmer afternoons. Illuminate walk-in showers and vanities.

Textured Window Films

Apply translucent vinyls or fretwork films to glass surfaces for artistic silhouettes mimicking wrought iron, trees, or florals. These diffuse direct sunlight.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Use natural fiber sisal, seagrass, jute, or coir rugs to transition spaces and withstand humidity. These durable rugs work equally well outdoors.

Garden Decor

Incorporate decorative garden elements like a mounted hose reel, a rustic ladder towel rack, galvanized buckets, or wire bakers racks. Add a pair of weatherproof rocking chairs for lounging.

Making a Statement With Spanish Tilework

Intricately patterned tilework provides endless opportunities to inject Spanish soul. Vivid colors, geometric patterns, and hand-crafted mosaics transform surfaces with artistry and texture.

Spanish Encaustic Cement Tile

These colorful handmade tiles imprinted with complex motifs suit floors, walls, backsplashes, and risers. Made from mineral pigments and cement, they become more beautiful with wear.

Andalusian-Inspired Azulejos

The iconic blue and white tiles gracing Spanish architecture inspire shower tile designs. Use them to craft murals, patterns, borders, or mosaics. Glazed ceramic works well.

Moorish Zellige Tiles

These tiny and irregularly shaped handmade terracotta tiles form mesmerizing mosaics in intricate star, floral, or geometric designs. Common colors are sea green, sky blue, sunny yellow, and terra cotta.

Rustic Terracot