Finding space for small kitchen appliances can be a challenge, especially in smaller kitchens. But with some clever storage solutions, you can keep your counter tops clutter-free and your appliances easily accessible. Here are some of the best places to stash those handy little gadgets.

In Drawers

One of the most obvious choices is to store small appliances in empty drawers. This keeps them out of sight but easy to access when needed. Some ideas:

  • Use a deep drawer to store upright appliances like a blender or food processor. Secure them in place with non-slip mats.
  • Place shallow appliances like a panini press in a flat drawer. Stack items to maximize space.
  • Designate a “gadget drawer” for specialty items like a spiralizer or electric can opener.
  • Install organizers or dividers to separate items and prevent shifting around.

Make sure cords and plugs fit through the back of the drawer to keep it clutter-free. Also be mindful of weight limits to avoid damage.

On Shelves

Open shelving can show off your appliances while still keeping them in arm’s reach. Consider storing small appliances:

  • On wall-mounted pot racks or floating shelves. This frees up counter space underneath.
  • Inside glass-front cabinets for a streamlined look. Make sure there is ventilation.
  • On tiered shelves or risers to utilize vertical space. Place larger items on lower shelves.
  • Next to cookbooks or baking ingredients for one-stop access when cooking.
  • Above the microwave or coffee station for convenience.

Avoid overloaded shelves that seem messy or cluttered. Only display appliances you use regularly.

In Sliding Organizers

Sliding organizers are a great way to keep appliances visible but tucked out of the way. Options include:

  • Vertical slide-out trays beside or below the oven. These hold everything from blenders to toasters.
  • Two-tiered pull out shelves inside lower cabinets. Use for stand mixers, rice cookers etc.
  • Spice drawer organizers with adjustable dividers. Ideal for small gadgets.
  • Rolling carts stored under islands or counters. Pull out for extra prep space.

Look for smooth gliding mechanisms and secure mounts. Not all cabinets can accommodate slide outs, so check clearance.

On the Counter

Daily-use appliances like coffee makers can stay on the counter but out of the workflow. Ideas:

  • Place them on the corners or along back edges of countertops.
  • Set them on a tray to corral mess and move easily.
  • Keep them near related supplies, like coffee beans or mixer attachments.
  • Get creative with vertical space using floating shelves or wall mounts.
  • Hide cords with clips or sleeves to reduce clutter.

Group like items together and leave plenty of open workspace for food prep and cooking.

In Pantry Cabinets

Make use of empty pantry cabinets by storing appliances:

  • On adjustable or removable shelves. Match shelf size to appliance.
  • Inside cabinet doors using hooks or racks. Great for hand mixers.
  • In slide-out baskets with handles for easy access.
  • Vertically on end with cords hidden in back. Works for hand blenders.
  • On lazy susans to rotate appliances in and out.

This keeps bulky appliances accessible but out of the main kitchen area.

Under Appliances

Lift your major appliances up and gain storage space underneath:

  • Raise refrigerators on wood blocks or risers to stash blenders below.
  • Install dishwasher on pedestals to store gadgets in the open area underneath.
  • Buy a coffee maker with storage drawers built into the base.
  • Add lift mechanisms to stovetops to store appliances in the gaps below.

Just be sure to allow for proper ventilation around appliances when raising them up.

In Roll-Outs

Custom roll-outs are like oversized drawers to neatly tuck away appliances. Consider:

  • Full-height roll-outs for stand mixers and processors. Pull all the way out when using them.
  • Double-decker roll outs to separate appliances on two levels.
  • DIY roll-outs like a filing cabinet on casters or shelves on garage storage rails.
  • Under-sink pull-outs for gadgets used near the sink.

Roll-outs can be pricey but maximize every inch of available space.

On Carts

Portable carts make it easy to move appliances around as needed:

  • Store a cart near the pantry to use as a mobile prep station when cooking.
  • Use an upright caddy on wheels to organize and corral smaller gadgets.
  • Try a three-tiered baker’s rack to hold bulky electric mixers and appliances.
  • DIY a cart from shelving units and casters for custom storage.

Just be sure to store carts out of high-traffic zones when not in use.

In Closets and Garages

For occasional-use appliances like ice cream makers or panini grills, stash them:

  • On closet shelving. Pick a coat closet near the kitchen.
  • Inside bathroom vanities to free up kitchen space.
  • On garage storage shelves, high enough to avoid dirt and grime.
  • In plastic bins on garage shelves to protect from dust.
  • Inside rolling utility carts for easy portability.

This keeps bulky appliances out of the main kitchen but still reasonably accessible.

On Walls

Take storage up vertical surfaces to open up precious counter and cabinet space:

  • Mount wire pot racks or wall-mounted rails to hold appliances.
  • Use floating shelves to store small gadgets within arm’s reach.
  • Try a wall-mounted spice rack for petite appliances and their attachments.
  • Install pegboards or slatwall panels to hang appliances via hooks.
  • Use magnetic strips for small appliances with magnetic backs.

Depending on weight, you may need to securely anchor items to the wall studs for safety.

In Specialty Storage

For serious cooks, it may be worth investing in custom storage solutions:

  • Pull-down lift mechanisms that lower small appliances from above.
  • Cabinet inserts like Rev-A-Shelf for instant organization.
  • Slide-out trays or baskets that you can customize to fit appliances.
  • Drawer organizers with adjustable dividers tailored for gadgets.
  • Cabinet door racks that mount on inside of cabinet fronts.

This streamlined look hides away appliances when not in use, with no countertop clutter.

Key Takeaways on Stashing Small Appliances

  • Make use of empty drawers, shelves, and cabinets nearby for quick access.
  • Consider slide-outs, roll-outs, and pull-outs for seamless storage.
  • Display most-used appliances on the counter or open shelves.
  • Tuck away occasional-use gadgets in closets or the garage.
  • Go vertical with racks, floating shelves, and wall storage.
  • Invest in custom inserts or specialty organizing products for a polished look.

With some smart storage solutions, you can keep all your handy small appliances organized and exactly where you need them. This frees up valuable real estate for meal prep and gives your kitchen a tidy, minimalist feel. Experiment to find the best home base for each gadget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stashing Small Kitchen Appliances

Where is the best place to store my coffee maker?

The best place to store your coffee maker is on your kitchen counter or shelves near where mugs and coffee are stored. This allows you quick access in the mornings. Store cords in clips or sleeves to minimize clutter.

How can I organize my small appliances inside cabinets?

Use sliding racks, lazy susans, risers, or adjustable shelves inside cabinets to neatly organize small appliances. This hides them away but keeps them easily accessible when needed.

What are some creative ways to store appliances on walls?

Wall-mounted pot racks, floating shelves, pegboards with hooks, magnetic strips, and mounted wire racks are great creative options for stashing appliances on walls and vertical spaces.

Should I keep my stand mixer on the counter or put it away?

For frequent bakers, keep the stand mixer on the counter to have it ready anytime. For occasional use, stow it away in a cabinet, pantry, or roll-out drawer to free up space.

Where should I store kitchen gadgets I rarely use?

Infrequently used appliances like panini presses, ice cream makers, and food dehydrators can be stored in coat closets, garage shelves, or plastic bins to keep the main kitchen decluttered.


With so many specialty cooking gadgets and small appliances available today, storage can easily get out of hand. Getting creative with where you stash these tools – in drawers and cabinets, on shelves, under appliances, and even in closets or garages – can help keep your kitchen tidy. Prioritize the most-used tools in prime real estate and tuck away occasional-use items. The right home for everything means you’ll never have to hunt for that panini press or blender again!