With the new year upon us, many people are looking to get healthier and monitor their fitness progress more closely. An important tool for this is a bathroom scale that provides accurate and consistent weight measurements. Choosing the right bathroom scale can be overwhelming given the many options available today. In this detailed guide, we will discuss the top bathroom scales to consider purchasing in 2023 based on accuracy, features, reliability, and price.

What to Look for in a Bathroom Scale

When choosing a new bathroom scale, there are a few key factors to consider:

Accuracy – This is the most important feature. The scale should give you a weight reading that is as close to your actual weight as possible. Scales that use advanced sensor technology tend to be more accurate.

Weight capacity – Choose a scale that can accommodate your weight plus some extra capacity in case your weight fluctuates. Scales with 300-400 pound capacity are ideal for most users.

Readability – The smaller the weight increments registered by the scale, the better. Look for scales that measure at least in 0.2 lb or 0.1 kg increments.

Sensors – More sensors lead to better accuracy. 4 sensors are good while 6-8 sensors are ideal.

Design – Pick a scale design that will complement your bathroom décor. Glass and metal digital scales tend to look the best.

Extra features – Some additional nice features are memory recall, weight trend analysis, Bluetooth connectivity, etc. But accuracy is still the priority.

Budget – Bathroom scales range from $20 to $100+ with higher end models having better accuracy and more features. Set a realistic budget before shopping.

The Best Bathroom Scales of 2023

Based on the criteria above, here are my top recommendations for bathroom scales to buy this year:

1. Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

This is an affordable and precise scale that offers excellent accuracy and a sleek modern design. It uses 4 high precision sensors that provide measurements accurate to 0.2 lbs/0.1 kg. The large backlit display shows weight readings clearly and the tempered glass surface looks great.

The scale has a weight capacity of 400 lbs/180 kg and auto calibrates for precision. It runs on 2 AAA batteries (included). The low battery indicator reminds you when to change them. An essential basic scale with superb accuracy at a reasonable price.

2. GreaterGoods Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

For a slightly more advanced scale, the GreaterGoods digital scale is an excellent choice. It has a modern glass top design and stainless steel sensors that provide precise measurements up to 400 lbs/180 kg.

The 6mm tempered glass platform gives you plenty of room. Weight readings are displayed in large blue backlit numbers auto-detected in lbs or kg units. It runs on 3 AAA batteries.

One standout feature is the memory recall which lets you view your last 8 weight readings to spot trends. The scale also lets you know when your batteries are low. Overall, it offers stellar accuracy and great features.

3. Yunmai Premium Smart Scale

This is one of the most feature-packed bathroom scales with excellent accuracy. It uses high precision BIA sensors to measure weight, body fat, water percentage, muscle and bone mass.

The companion app syncs your data wirelessly via Bluetooth and provides in-depth health analytics. It can track data for unlimited users and has anti-slip foot pads for stability.

The tempered glass platform can withstand weights up to 396 lbs/180 kg. Readings display in a bright digital LED readout in 0.2 lb/0.1 kg increments. For the price, this scale packs an astounding number of features and is great for health tracking.

4. Wyze Smart Scale

The Wyze smart scale features a stylish glass and aluminum design loaded with technology. It precisely measures weight, body fat, heart rate, muscle mass, water percentage, and bone mass. The Wyze app syncs data for unlimited users via Bluetooth and provides health insights.

With 4 weight sensors and 4 electrodes, this scale provides medical-grade accuracy at an affordable price. The large LED display auto-rotates and is visible from any angle. The extra wide tempered glass can handle weights up to 400 lbs/180 kg.

This scale makes tracking your health metrics effortless. The Wyze app’s progress graphs allow you to visualize weight changes and other trends.

5. Renpho Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

This smart scale by Renpho has emerge as one of the most popular bathroom scales on the market due to its unbeatable combination of features and accuracy at a reasonable price point.

It can measure 13 essential body composition metrics including weight, body fat percentage, BMI, BMR, muscle and bone mass. These metrics can be synced to the Renpho app where you can track your changes over time.

The Renpho scale uses “Step-On” technology along with 4 high precision sensors to provide accurate weight and body composition readings that can handle weights up to 396 lbs/180 kg.

The sturdy tempered glass platform and anti-slip feet ensure maximum stability and durability. Overall, this scale by Renpho hits a sweet spot between price and functionality.

How to Choose the Right Scale for You

When selecting a bathroom scale, consider your priorities. Do you want maximum precision or more smart features? Figure out your must-haves versus nice-to-haves. Think about your budget as well.

For most people, the Etekcity digital scale provides the right balance of accuracy and value. The GreaterGoods scale adds some nice extras if you want more features. Smart connected scales like Yunmai, Wyze or Renpho are great if you’re interested in tracking body composition and health data.

Try standing on a scale before buying to test the comfort and sturdiness. Think about the aesthetics too since your scale will be on display in your bathroom. With this guide, you should now feel confident picking the best bathroom scale for your needs this year!

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Scales

What are the most accurate bathroom scales?

Scales by Renpho, Greater Goods, Yunmai, and Wyze that use 4 or more sensors tend to provide the most accurate weight readings within +/- 1 lb. They use advanced technology like strain gauge or BIA sensors. High end scales boast an accuracy of +/- 0.1 lbs.

Are digital or analog bathroom scales better?

Digital scales are far more accurate and easier to read than old-fashioned analog scales with needle dials. Digital scales use advanced sensors and provide precise electronic readings. This makes them the preferred choice.

How can I calibrate my bathroom scale for better accuracy?

You can calibrate a digital scale for improved accuracy by first resetting it to zero. Then place a weight such as 5 lbs or 10 lbs and check if the scale shows the exact weight. Adjust accordingly by referring to the user manual. Recalibrate every 3-6 months.

Why is my bathroom scale weight different than my doctor’s scale?

This is common because your home bathroom scale measures weight using different technology than medical scales at doctor’s offices which are exceptionally precise and calibrated often. Home scales may be slightly less accurate but still provide reliable weight data.

Do I really need a smart scale with Bluetooth connectivity?

Smart scales are convenient if you want to closely track changes in body composition and vitals like body fat and muscle mass. They sync to apps to store your data. But for simple weight tracking, a basic digital scale is adequate. Bluetooth connectivity is a nice bonus but not essential.


Having the most accurate bathroom scale that fits your budget and needs is the key to meeting your health and fitness goals this year. Use the points in this guide on choosing the right scale and the top recommendations to pick out the perfect one. A precise, reliable bathroom scale ensures consistency with your weight measurement, giving you useful insight into your progress.