Tassels add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any window treatment. Their flowing, ornamental design brings movement and texture to an otherwise static window. When carefully selected, tassels can tie together your window decor for a polished, put-together look.

The Refined Allure of Window Tassels

Tassels lend windows an air of refinement and luxury. Historically found in dignified settings like mansions, palaces, and formal dining spaces, tassels connote taste, status, and attention to detail. Though once seen as stuffy, tassels have been making a comeback as people aim to recreate timeless, sophisticated interiors. Even in more casual contemporary spaces, tassels maintain a cultivated vibe. Their ornate silhouette and artisanal allure impart sophistication.

Bringing Texture and Motion

Beyond just visual appeal, tassels serve practical decorative purposes. Their long, flowing strands introduce compelling texture and motion to window treatments. The slightest breeze sends tassels swaying gently, bringing an organic, dynamic element to the window. This visual interest makes tassels ideal for stationary window treatments like curtains, valances, and swags. The movement and dimension they provide can make these static pieces feel more fluid and alive.

Drawing the Eye Upwards

Strategically placed, window tassels can also direct eyes upwards, making ceilings feel taller and windows appear larger. Centered above a window or curtain panel, swags of dangling tassels lead the eye upwards and outwards. This draws attention to the peak of the window, playing with proportions to enhance the sense of height and expansiveness. Tassels literally upwardly direct the eye, opening up the whole area.

Adding Cohesive Polish

Tassels pull together a room’s window decor, adding cohesion and deliberate polish. Matching lengths, colors and materials creates synchrony between window treatments like drapes, valances, swags and jabots. The repetition of the tassel motif establishes intentionality in the design. Tassels can complement the room’s color palette and style, looking like a purposeful finishing touch rather than a random afterthought.

Choosing the Right Tassels for Your Window

When selecting tassels, consider size, color, material, quantity and placement to achieve your desired aesthetic. Here are some tips for choosing window tassels to maximize their decorative impact:

  • Size – Larger tassels make more of a statement. Longer strands also increase movement. But too oversized looks awkward. For most windows, 8″-12″ tassel drops strike the best balance.
  • Color – Match or complement your window treatments and room decor. Monochromatic lends sophistication, while contrasting colors add pops of accent color.
  • Material – Silk and faux silk offer affordable elegance. Cotton, linen and jute provide textured natural fiber options. Opt for quality materials that gracefully drape.
  • Quantity – Limiting tassels to 2-4 statement pieces prevents clutter. But larger treatments suit more tassels, evenly spaced.
  • Placement – Centered at the top of a window or curtain panel draws the eye upwards. Along swags, valances and sides creates balanced repetition.

Popular Styles of Window Tassels

From heading tie-backs to beaded fringes, there are numerous styles to achieve your desired aesthetic:

  • Tie-backs – Secures curtains elegantly while adding ornament. Beaded or braided ties with tassel ends work best.
  • Swags – Grazing tassels along swagged fabric creates a refined frame effect.
  • Jabots – Individual centered tassels mimic the look of historical jabot trims.
  • Fringes – Bordering hems and valances in dangling beaded strands adds textural flair.
  • Cornices – Running a row of tassels along the cornice integrates them seamlessly.

DIY vs. Buy – Obtaining the Perfect Tassels

For customization and cost savings, DIY tassel-making is a crafty option. But purchasing ready-made tassels ensures quality construction. Here’s an overview of each method:

DIY Tassel-Making

With some cord, embroidery floss, beads and patience, you can create homemade tassels in any size, color, material and style. This allows full personalization and control. But the process is time-intensive and requires skill. Simple DIY tassels work best for small projects. Purchase tassel-making supplies online or at craft stores.

Buying Pre-Made Tassels

For wider selection and easier implementation, purchase pre-crafted tassels through:

  • Interior Decor Stores – Offer many styles and materials like faux silks in a range of sizes. Provides flexibility to see and feel options.
  • Online Retailers – Sites like Etsy sell handmade tassels globally. Bigger retailers offer mass-produced tassels affordably. Convenient purchasing but harder to assess quality.
  • Window Treatment Brands – Companies like The Shade Store and Smith+Noble sell perfectly coordinating tassels for their curtains and shades. Ensures an integrated look.

Purchased tassels require less work, offer great variety, and provide durable construction. But they do come at a higher price than homemade.

Hanging Tassels – Installation Tips

Once you’ve acquired the perfect tassels, install them properly so they elevate your windows for years to come:

  • For hanging tassels, use decorative cording or high-quality transparent line. Match color to tassel.
  • Determine desired hanging height and length. Longer drops increase movement.
  • Use thumbtacks, small nails, or velcro to discretely secure hanging cords along cornices, swags, frames, etc.
  • Ensure screws or hooks anchoring cords to the wall or window frame are firmly in studs and use anchors for extra security.
  • For curtain tie-backs, sew or securely glue ties to back of curtain panels at even height and length.
  • Check that tassels hang straight and cords/ties are secure. Adjust as needed.
  • Fluff and arrange tassels for optimal drape and nicely dispersed strands.

Maintaining Window Tassels

With periodic cleaning, dusting and re-hanging, tassels can adorn your windows for years. Shake out dust and debris regularly. Spot treat stains carefully. Re-secure any loose cords. Remove seasonal tassels to prevent sun damage. With proper care, your investment in tassels lasts.

Window Treatment Ideas Featuring Tassels

Here are some window treatment ideas that incorporate tassels beautifully:

Tassels on Curtain Tie-backs

Tie back flowing curtains with long silk tassel cords. The elegant ties keep curtains open while adding movement and visual interest. Coordinate with curtain color.

Beaded Tassel Fringe

Running beaded strand tassels along valances and swags accentuates the lines while adding artisanal texture. Contrasting colors pop.

Keyhole Half-Moon Window Accent

Frame a half-moon window with a swag valance dotted with dangling tassels. Hang in a keyhole design for drama and height.

Tassels on Pelmet Box Valances

Add height and a layered look with a pelmet valance trimmed in small fringe tassels around the bottom.Continue the tassel colors on curtain tie-backs.

Cascading Jabot Tassels

Make a window into a work of art with lined tiers of jabots trimmed in cascading silk tassel fringes. The lavish treatment creates an elegant focal point.

FAQs About Window Tassels

What’s the best way to hang tassels on a window?

Secure a strong, coordinated cord or ribbon along the top of the window or curtain. Hang tassels using tiny hooks evenly placed at the desired drop length. For curtains, sew ties to the back at regular intervals.

How do I choose the right size tassel for my window?

Medium tassels 8″-12″ long tend to work best on standard windows. For smaller arched windows, go smaller. Larger windows can accommodate longer 14″-18″ tassels. But don’t overwhelm the window with oversized tassels.

Should curtain tieback tassels match the curtain?

Matching or coordinating the tieback tassels to your curtain color and style creates a cohesive, tailored look. Contrasting tassels can also make an accent statement if done intentionally overall.

How do I dust accumulated debris off my window tassels?

Use a lint roller or sticky tape gently on the strands to remove surface dust and pet hair. For deeper cleaning, detach tassels and shake out gently, vacuum using a brush head, or spot treat stains with mild detergent.

Should I take down seasonal window tassels?

If your tassels are exposed to sunlight frequently, its recommended to remove them seasonally to prevent fading. Store them flat in a fabric bag. Protecting valuable tassels preserves their beauty.

Putting It All Together – The Complete Package

Window tassels might seem like a small detail, but they make a tremendous decorative impact. They introduce captivating texture, movement, and garnished embellishment to your windows for refined sophistication. With proper selection, placement, hanging and care, tassels can beautifully tie together your window treatments and complete the look. Display them proudly and enjoy their elegant transformative power.


With a rich history and timeless beauty, window tassels gracefully elevate any space. Their flowing shapes and luxe allure lend windows gorgeous sophistication. Tassels make static treatments more fluid, draw the eye upwards, and harmoniously tie the decor together. By strategically incorporating complementary tassels onto curtains, swags and valances, you can create an overall composed look for the window. With abundant styles to achieve your desired aesthetic, you’re sure to find the perfect tassels to refine your space. Hang them with care, admire their charm, and let them lend your windows a touch of decorative distinction.