Tall bathroom cabinets are a great way to add stylish storage and organization to your bathroom. Reaching above standard cabinet height, these taller cabinets provide ample space for towels, toiletries, and other essentials while maintaining a clean, uncluttered look. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the benefits of tall bathroom cabinets, features to look for when shopping, design and placement tips, and reviews of some of the top models on the market today. With the right information, you can choose the perfect tall cabinet to suit your bathroom’s size and style.

Benefits of Tall Bathroom Cabinets

Maximized Storage Space

The primary advantage of tall bathroom cabinets is their increased storage capacity compared to standard-sized cabinets. With shelves reaching up to 84 inches high or more, they can store a significant number of items while taking up minimal floor space. This makes them ideal for small bathrooms where every inch counts.

Efficient Organization

The extra vertical storage space allows everything to have its own designated area instead of being crammed together. Tall cabinets keep toiletries, medications, cleaning supplies, linens, and other essentials neatly organized and easy to find. Their height also accommodates bulky items like hair dryers, curling irons, and large toiletry kits.

Visually Pleasing Aesthetic

In addition to their practical storage abilities, tall bathroom cabinets create a polished, built-in look. Floor-to-ceiling columns add architectural interest and make rooms feel more expansive. The clean sightlines contribute to a spa-like ambiance.

Flexible Customization

Tall cabinets come in a wide array of sizes, finishes, and configurations to complement any bathroom’s decor. Full height doors maintain a seamless facade, while open shelves provide display space. Mixing closed and open units creates visual balance.

Increased Durability

Quality tall cabinets constructed from moisture-resistant materials like wood composites, aluminium, or steel will withstand the humid bathroom environment. Robust frames and durable hardware give them a long lifespan.

What to Look for When Buying

Type of Cabinet

Tall bathroom cabinets come in floor-to-ceiling freestanding units or wall-mounted units installed at varying heights. Freestanding cabinets occupy floor space but provide storage all the way around. Wall cabinets have a lighter footprint but may be limited in depth.


Measure your bath space carefully to ensure the cabinet will fit. Standard widths are 18 to 24 inches wide for floorstanding cabinets. Wall cabinets can be wider to maximize space. Interior height of 70 to 84 inches is common.


Look for adjustable shelves to accommodate different item sizes. Glass shelves allow visibility of contents. Open shelves keep items within easy reach.


Mirrored doors add light and space. Frosted glass provides an obscured view inside. Solid recessed-panel doors conceal contents. Door hinges, handles and pulls should be high-quality and durable.


Wood, laminates, melamine, steel, and aluminum are all options. Consider moisture resistance, durability, and cleaning needs based on bathroom layout.


From sleek painted finishes to wood veneers to faux marbles, choices abound. Coordinate the look with other furnishings and fixtures in the room.


Tall bathroom cabinets span a wide spectrum of price points. Set a realistic budget and look for quality construction and materials for long-term value.

Design Tips for Tall Bathroom Cabinets

Complement the Room Style

Choose a style that aligns with your bathroom’s overall aesthetics, whether modern, traditional, minimalist, rustic, or other. The cabinet finish, hardware, and accents should coordinate.

Consider Placement Carefully

Floorstanding cabinets naturally reside in a corner or recess, while wall cabinets work between studs. Ensure plumbing or electrical lines do not impede installation.

Use Lighting Strategically

Illuminate interior shelves with built-in lighting. Exterior lighting like sconces can create a focal point and showcase decorative cabinets.

Incorporate Display Space

Open shelving, glass doors, and mirrored cabinets allow you to tastefully show off decor items, pretty soaps, and perfume bottles.

Include Pull-Out Storage

Make the most of vertical space by looking for cabinets with slide-out trays, racks, and other smart storage additions.

Maintain Visual Balance

Anchor tall cabinets with other fixtures and decor of varying heights and sizes. Add warmth with art, textiles, live plants, and other accents.

Top Tall Bathroom Cabinet Picks

Best Overall: Kohler Trace Tall Cabinet

This highly-rated cabinet features adjustable shelves, smooth close doors, and sleek recessed handle design in a choice of finishes. Durable construction provides ample organized storage.

Best Budget: Home Decorators Sidney Door Cabinet

For budget-conscious shoppers, the Sidney offers vintage-inspired style with shaker doors, antique brass hardware, and select finish options under $300.

Best Modern: Pelham 15971-30 Wall Cabinet

With its clean-lined, contemporary look in a range of muted tone colors, the mid-century vibe Pelham cabinet brings chic storage to modern bathrooms.

Best Compact: Design Element DE Signature Elle Cabinet

Ideal for small bathrooms, the space-saving Elle measures just 14 inches across but still provides two interiorshelves behind a full-length door.

Best Industrial: James Martin Alston Tall Storage Cabinet

Rustic wooden doors with black metal frames and accents give the Alston an urban industrial edge, perfect for lofts and apartments.

Best Splurge: Bellaterra Home Temple Cabinet

Handcrafted with turned legs, crown molding, and custom finishes like antiqued mirror or metallic silver, the Temple makes a stunning furniture-like statement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall are tall bathroom cabinets?

Tall bathroom cabinets range from 70 to 84 inches or more in height. Standard bathroom vanity cabinets are usually 30 to 36 inches high.

Where should I put a tall cabinet in my bathroom?

Good locations include in a corner, recess, or between studs on a wall. Avoid plumbing or electrical lines. Near the sink or toilet are convenient spots.

What should I store in a tall bathroom cabinet?

They are ideal for bath towels, toilet paper, toiletries, hair tools, cleaning supplies, medications, first aid items, and bathroom decor.

How deep are tall bathroom cabinets?

Standard depths are between 12 and 24 inches. Deeper cabinets around 20 to 24 inches provide ample room for more storage.

Should I get glass or solid doors?

Glass doors allow you to view contents while solid doors conceal items. Frosted glass adds privacy. Open shelves also provide visibility.


With their high-reaching optimized storage and style, tall bathroom cabinets are a worthwhile investment for any bath space. Taking the time to carefully measure your bathroom and assess your needs will ensure you select the perfect size, configuration, and look to suit your unique space. Install properly and utilize organizing tips, and a tall cabinet can keep your most-used bathroom items tidy yet hidden and conveniently close at hand.