Embrace the bright colors and laid-back vibes of the islands and bring a touch of the tropics home with Caribbean chic decor. This fun and casual decorating style is all about creating a relaxing oasis that evokes a sense of paradise, no matter where you live.

Infuse Island Inspiration Into Every Room

The colors and textures of the tropics can transform any space. Here are some ideas for bringing Caribbean chic to your home:

Living Room

  • Paint the walls a tropical hue like ocean blue, sunflower yellow, or vibrant coral. Add accent pillows in tropical prints.
  • Incorporate natural elements like rattan furniture, woven baskets, driftwood accents, and potted palms.
  • Display art and accessories with island themes, like seashells, starfish, sailboats, and fun map prints.
  • Use billowy, lightweight curtains in breezy white or ocean blue.


  • Paint the cabinets a cheery color like turquoise or mango orange. Add hardware in bamboo or rattan for texture.
  • Use decorative bowls and canisters in bright shades of aqua, pink, and lime green for pops of color.
  • Display fruit in beautiful handcrafted bowls, like those woven from banana leaves or coconut shells.
  • Accent with ceramic pieces hand-painted with tropical motifs. Try pineapples, hibiscus blooms, palm trees, or seashells.


  • Choose bedding in a palm print or batik-style paisley pattern. Accent with throw pillows in coral, seafoam, and sunshine yellow.
  • Hang breezy linen curtains to filter the light.
  • Display natural elements like starfish, seashells, and sand dollars on dressers and shelves.
  • Use a woven laundry basket or colorful storage boxes to hide clutter.


  • Paint the walls an oceanic blue-green and stencil on motifs like shells, coral, or fish.
  • Roll towels and display tropical soaps in a wire basket or wooden crate.
  • Add greenery like ferns or orchids. Place them in the shower or on the vanity.
  • Use tan and white beachy ceramic accessories, like toothbrush holders and soap dispensers.

Fabrics That Capture the Caribbean Vibe

Using the right mix of fabrics can make your home feel beachy and relaxed. Consider these options:

  • Linen – The natural texture and breathability of linen evoke tropical breezes. Use linen for curtains, tablecloths, and accent pillows.
  • Cotton – Lightweight cotton in vivid solids or batik prints feels island-inspired. Use for quilts, throws, cushion covers.
  • Rattan and Wicker – Incorporating furniture woven from natural fibers brings organic texture. Try rattan headboards or wicker chairs and ottomans.
  • Jute and Sisal – Natural fiber rugs add earthiness. Jute’s soft texture and sisal’s coarse weave complement the casual vibe.
  • Bamboo – Using sustainable bamboo for window treatments and baskets fits the eco-friendly tropical motif.
  • Seagrass – The thick, nubby texture of seagrass rugs and baskets evokes sandy beaches and palm trees.

Transportive Tropical Color Palettes

Caribbean color palettes are vibrant, energetic and uplifting. Some popular tropical color schemes to try:

Ocean Blues

  • Combine different shades like aqua, turquoise, teal, and navy for a cool coastal feel. Accent with sunshine yellow and crisp white.

Sunset Oranges

  • Mimic a tropical sunset with vibrant orange, pink, purple and yellow. Dark wood tones give warmth.

Lush Greens

  • Deep rainforest hues like emerald, mint, and lime green evoke tropical foliage. Accent with melon orange or robin’s egg blue.

Sunbleached Neutrals

  • Sand, shell, linen and tan suggest windswept dunes. Punch it up with pops of deep blue and bright white.

Caribbean Rainbow

  • Use a vibrant mix like fuchsia, seafoam green, banana yellow and sky blue for an eclectic tropical look.

Bring the Outdoors In with Greenery

Houseplants are a must for achieving the full tropical vibe at home. Some great options:

  • Palms – Mini palm trees instantly conjure up the tropics. Try bamboo, areca, or Kentia palms.
  • Ferns – Lacy ferns thrive in bathroom humidity. Boston ferns and bird’s nest ferns have cascading fronds.
  • Orchids – Elegant orchids bloom beautifully indoors. The moth orchid and dendrobium orchid come in vibrant colors.
  • Bromeliads – Dramatic bromeliads have striped leaves in green, pink and red with colorful center spikes.
  • Succulents – Succulents like jade, aloe and echeveria handle dry air well and add bold shapes.
  • Citrus trees – A dwarf lemon, lime or orange tree can grow well indoors and perfume the air.

Creative Touches and Accents

It’s the little details that bring a tropical look to life. Have fun with these ideas:

  • Make your own macramé wall hanging or plant holder. This boho craft is trendy again.
  • Display natural elements like starfish and coral on shelves or coffee tables.
  • Use wicker baskets to store blankets, magazines, and other clutter.
  • Paint wooden letters in sea glass hues and spell out “PARADISE” or “ISLAND”.
  • Craft napkin rings from sliced bamboo or hand-painted shells.
  • Use burlap as an easy DIY material for pillows, pouches, and tote bags.
  • Tie nautically-inspired rope knot coasters for setting drinks on wood tables.

Incorporate Worldly Island Art and Décor

Authentic artisan creations infuse purpose and soul. Seek out special accent pieces like:

  • Ceramics hand-thrown in beautiful Caribbean shades.
  • Hand-carved wood masks and sculptures from indigenous tribes.
  • One-of-a-kind servingware made from coconut shells or gourds.
  • Wind chimes and dream catchers crafted from island elements like shells, fibers, and beads.
  • Traditional molas, the colorful hand-stitched textiles of Panama’s Kuna people.
  • Decorated drums and rain sticks that provide calming nature sounds.
  • Handwoven baskets, fabrics, and rugs made locally in the islands.

Set the Mood with Island Music

Turn on some laidback island tunes to complete the Caribbean ambiance:

  • Reggae – Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff are classic artists of this Jamaican genre.
  • Calypso – Hear the upbeat sound of Trinidad and Tobago, with legends like Harry Belafonte.
  • Soca – Try fast-paced soca artists like Machel Montano for an energizing island rhythm.
  • Mento – Jamaica’s early folk style features banjo and hand drums. Listen to The Jolly Boys.
  • Steel pan – The steel drum’s cheerful metallic notes are quintessentially Caribbean.
  • Zouk – This percussive dance music hails from the French Caribbean islands.
  • Compas – The merengue-influenced sound of Haiti by artists like Tabou Combo.
  • Reggaeton – Blending reggae and hip hop, reggaeton is a Puerto Rican export.
  • Salsa – Upbeat salsa bands from Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic get you moving.

Signature Scents of the Islands

Fragrances can mentally transport you to paradise. Try candles, oils or diffusers scented with:

  • Coconut – Sweet creamy coconut is a classic tropical scent.
  • Pineapple – The juicy tropical fruit’s fragrance says “island vacation.”
  • Orange citrus – Bright and zesty orange, lime and lemon fragrances are refreshing.
  • Vanilla – Sweet vanilla bean and vanilla sugar scents feel soothing.
  • Plumeria – The flower’s exotic floral aroma epitomizes the tropics.
  • Papaya – Fruity, slightly musky ripe papaya scents are exotic.
  • Palm – Capture the island breeze with green, frondy palm scents.
  • Sea salt – Clean and ozonic sea salt fragrances evoke the ocean.
  • Tiare flower – Tahiti’s white tiare blossom is beautifully sweet.
  • Passionfruit – Tart and tangy passionfruit mixes sweet and fruity.

Create a Backyard Tropical Oasis

You don’t need to live in the islands to enjoy island-inspired outdoor living spaces:

  • Paint your patio furniture in tropical hues like ocean blue, sunset yellow, or juicy lime green.
  • Add coordinated accent pillows and an outdoor rug in vibrant prints.
  • Hang twinkling string lights overhead to create a festive atmosphere at night.
  • Display potted palms, banana trees and blooming orchids and bromeliads.
  • Set out citronella candles in hurricane vases to provide lighting and keep bugs away.
  • Infuse your cooking with island flavors by grilling jerk chicken or making mojitos and piña coladas.
  • Entertain with calypso or reggae playing on outdoor speakers.
  • Install a water feature like a small fountain with cascading water to evoke island tranquility.
  • Lay in a hammock for relaxing or reading — pure tropical bliss!

Create Beachy Tablescapes

Set a scene straight from the shores with these table decor ideas:

  • Use dishes and glassware in shades of sea glass green, sky blue, and coral.
  • Weave strips of burlap or jute down the table as a natural runner.
  • Choose a centerpiece of tropical flowers and greenery like orchids and palms.
  • Use starfish, sand dollars, and shells as natural place card holders.
  • Tuck votive candles or tea lights into glass hurricane lamps for a beachy glow.
  • Craft name place cards from sand-etched seashells or painted sea glass.
  • Infuse napkins with subtle ocean scent by misting them lightly with sea salt spray.
  • Seal handwritten menus inside driftwood frames for each place setting.
  • Display seashells filled with tropical flowers and greenery as whimsical table decor.

Create a Caribbean Cocktail Bar

Get your patio party started island-style by setting up a fun tropical bar:

  • Paint a small cart or cabinet turquoise blue and stencil hibiscus flowers.
  • Use woven baskets and planters to hold spirits, mixers and garnishes.
  • Stock up on rums from the islands to make classics like mojitos, mai tais and piña coladas.
  • Infuse fruit juices like mango, guava, pineapple, and passionfruit.
  • Make simple syrups flavored with hibiscus, coconut, and lime.
  • Slice up pineapples, limes, oranges and kiwis for colorful garnishes.
  • Add vibrant paper umbrellas, orchid skewers and cocktail picks.
  • Chill coconuts and serve drinks inside them for an authentic island feel.
  • Play a soundtrack of reggae, salsa and steel drums to match the vibe.

Bring the Beach Home With Shells

Seashells are the perfect way to infuse beachy style. Display shells:

  • Arranged artfully on coffee tables and bookshelves
  • Clusters inside glass apothecary jars or bowls
  • Lining windowsills and mantels
  • Arranged in wall art like starfish and shells artfully glued inside picture frames
  • Filling glass cylinder vases and decorative jars
  • Scattered artfully across tabletops and dressers
  • Attached to candle holders, vases, lamps and other accessories with marine epoxy
  • Stacked in short glass vases and hurricanes as airy table centerpieces
  • In clear glass bowls filled with sand and votive candles nestled inside
  • Hanging on strings to form beachy wind chimes and garlands

Bring the Tropics Home With Houseplants

Tropical houseplants are a simple way to liven up your home with a taste of the islands:

  • Display vibrant blooming orchids on end tables and bookshelves.
  • Add height with tall, wispy bamboo palms placed in corners.
  • Let trailing pothos vines cascade from hanging baskets.
  • Set small citrus trees like Meyer lemons on the kitchen windowsill.
  • Place broad-leafed elephant ear plants in colorful cache pots.
  • Grow delicate maidenhair ferns in terrariums and glass globes.
  • Add bold, futuristic shapes with succulents like aloe and jade.
  • Let peperomia and prayer plants show off glossy patterned leaves.
  • Use bromeliads with colorful bracts to brighten up bathrooms.
  • Add lush dracaena for dramatic height and striped color.

Get the Look with Paint

A fresh coat of paint in vibrant island colors easily lightens up any space:

Beachy Blues

  • Go for shades like aqua, teal, turquoise, or navy for coastal vibes.

Sunny Yellows

  • Cheery sunshine and mango yellows feel bright and upbeat.

Punchy Corals

  • Vibrant salmon, peach and orangey-reds liven things up.

Palm Greens

  • Deep rainforest greens or light lime greens evoke tropical flora.

Breezy Whites

  • Crisp white evokes billowing sails and ocean foam.

Island Rainbow

  • Use a mix of vibrant colors like violet, melon, seafoam or sky blue.

Incorporate Natural Textures and Materials

tactile natural textures make a space feel relaxed and organic. Ideas:

  • Add woven banana leaf, rattan or wicker furniture or lampshades.
  • Bring in jute, seagrass or sisal rugs and mats.
  • Display wooden bowls, trays and utensils.
  • Use burlap and linen for pillows, throws and poufs.
  • Experiment with raffia, bamboo, coconut fiber or cork.
  • Incorporate natural fibers like cotton, silk and linen in curtains and bedding.
  • Add touches of cork, bamboo and reclaimed wood on walls, trays and shelves.

Take Your Outdoor Space Tropical

Create a backyard escape with these easy ideas:

  • Paint a fence or outdoor wall an ocean blue and stencil sea turtles.
  • Get a colorful hammock and hang between trees for lazy days.
  • Add a small water fountain and place seashells around the base.
  • Get an outdoor rug in a bright tropical print.
  • Arrange brightly-hued Adirondack chairs around a fire pit.
  • String up festive lights for illuminating summer nights.
  • Plant palm trees, ferns, orchids and other lush tropical greenery.
  • Serve fruity cocktails like mai tais and Hurricanes in festive mugs.
  • Infuse meals with island flavors like jerk seasoning and pineapple salsa.
  • Play reggae, salsa and calypso to set the laidback island vibe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key elements of Caribbean style decor?

Some signature elements of Caribbean decor include vibrant colors like turquoise, coral and sunflower yellow, natural materials like rattan, bamboo, jute and linen, breezy accents like billowing curtains, and tropical motifs like seashells, palm trees and pineapples. Bringing the outdoors in with houseplants and greenery is also essential for creating a tropical oasis.

What colors match a Caribbean theme?

Ocean blues, navy, turquoise, bright greens, sunny yellow, vibrant coral and salmon, and crisp white all evoke the colors of the tropics. Don’t be afraid to use bold, saturated shades and combine bright complementary colors for an energetic look. Neutral sand and shell tones are also fitting.

What fabrics work well for Caribbean inspired decor?

Breezy natural fabrics like linen, cotton, seagrass, jute, rattan and woven woods capture the casual island vibe. Lightweight fabrics in vibrant solids or batik prints also fit the look.

What are some affordable ways to incorporate Caribbean style?

There are many budget-friendly ways to infuse Caribbean flavor at home. Try starting with houseplants, seashells, and artwork with tropical motifs. Bring in color with throw pillows, area rugs and accent pieces in bright coral, aqua or lime. Use inexpensive burlap, jute or rattan as natural accents. Paint walls or furniture in tropical hues.

How do you throw a Caribbean themed party?

Set the festive mood with island music, steel drums if you can get them! Make colorful Caribbean cocktails and dishes like jerk chicken kebabs, pineapple salsa and rum cake. Decorate with seashells, tropical flowers, and luau lights. Have guests wear bright island attire. Play games like limbo. Overall, focus on laidback fun in the sun!

What are some good Caribbean interior design ideas?

Paint walls in ocean blues, sunny yellows or jungly greens. Display island-themed art and accessories like seashells and hand-carved masks. Add wicker or bamboo furnishings and lighting. Incorporate houseplants like palms and orchids. Use accents like burlap and jute for texture. Add island-printed pillows and rugs.