Your bathroom walls have the power to transform the entire look and feel of your space. With a little creativity, you can take your bathroom walls from bland to beautiful and make your bathroom feel like a relaxing oasis. Here are some ideas to take your bathroom walls into another realm.

Use Wallpaper to Make a Statement

Wallpaper is a great way to add instant personality to your bathroom. From floral prints, to graphic patterns, to nature-inspired textures, wallpaper offers endless options for creating a focal point. When choosing wallpaper, consider the size of your bathroom and opt for bolder prints or patterns in a smaller space. For a cohesive look, wallpaper one wall or just above the wainscoting. Proper prep and application are key for getting it right. Take the time to remove any old wallpaper and prepare the surface so the new wallpaper adheres properly.

Consider These Wallpaper Options for Your Bathroom:

  • Removable wallpaper – perfect for renters who want to customize without a permanent change. Many new removable papers mimic the look of traditional wallpaper.
  • Water-resistant wallpaper – choose a washable, vinyl-coated paper made specifically for humidity.
  • Glass wallpaper – this reflective type adds shine and the illusion of more space to a small bathroom.
  • Natural wallpaper – grasscloths, cork, jute, and wood veneers bring organic texture.
  • Mural wallpaper – immersive, panoramic photography and artwork can make bathroom walls an art gallery.

Paint a Striking Color Scheme

Paint may seem too simple, but it can make a huge impact in a small space like a bathroom. Whether you zhuzh up the entire space in your favorite hue or make a bold color statement with one accent wall, paint opens up endless possibilities. Deep blues and greens evoke a spa-like ambiance, warm neutrals create a calming vibe, and bright colors like orange and teal add pops of color. Paint the ceiling, too, and opt for sheens like gloss or semi-gloss that stand up to moisture. Be sure to use high-quality bathroom paint that will withstand the humidity.

Ideas for Color Scheming Your Bathroom Walls:

  • Color wash – graduate two complimentary colors, like pale blue to navy, across walls for a soothing transition.
  • Tone on tone – use varying tints and shades of one color, like beiges, for a cohesive mono-chromatic color scheme.
  • Contrasting colors – pair a lighter neutral, like gray, with a bold dark, like black, for dramatic color-blocking.
  • Accent wall – paint just one wall in a vivid color or wallpaper. Try behind the vanity or tub.

Display Collections with Shelving

Turn your bathroom walls into a functional art display with wall shelving. Floating shelves, ledges, and ladder shelves create plenty of space to show off collections and meaningful mementos. Stagger matching shelves at different heights over the toilet, vanity, or tub for extra storage and style. Seek out waterproof finishes like enameled metal, glass, concrete, marble, and wood laminates or use water-resistant coatings on natural wood. Also utilize baskets, bins, and enclosed cabinets to corral extra toiletries out of sight. Make sure shelves are properly anchored and use shelf brackets where needed for safety.

Smart Ways to Style Shelves on Your Bathroom Walls:

  • Salon shelf – line up a ledge right above the toilet for perfumes, candles, greenery, and decorative objects.
  • Spa shelf – stack white ceramic or rattan bins of rolled washcloths and towels for a spa vibe.
  • Plant shelf – green up your walls with a ledge of low-light houseplants and trailing vines.
  • Folded towel ladder – alternate folded towels with decorative items on a freestanding ladder shelf.
  • Family photo ledge – display cherished photos in mismatched frames along a narrow shelf.

Make Tile the Star

Tile accents on bathroom walls can range from basic to bold. Mix and match colors, patterns, shapes, and textures for an eclectic, artful look. Use large-scale square, subway, hexagon, fishscale, and penny tile for impact. Add a decorative border around mirrors, windows, or the bathroom itself. Try running tile vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Use mosaic tile inserts to highlight niches or cover ugly pipework. Combine glossy, matte, glass, and metallic finishes. Carry the tile into the shower or behind the tub. Keep the rest of the walls simple to allow the tile feature wall star billing. Hire a professional for most tile projects to ensure proper installation and waterproofing.

Unique Tiling Techniques to Consider for Your Bathroom Walls:

  • Moroccan fish scale tile – overlapping tile in shades of blue, green and white evokes Moroccan style.
  • Geometric black and white – combine graphic shapes like hexagons and diamonds for modern flair.
  • Subway tile herringbone pattern – interlocking rows of subway tile in white, gray, or soft hues.
  • Dandelion tile mural – vibrant yellow dandelion tiles create a stunning natural wall mural.
  • Vertically stacked rectangular tile – thin, rectangular glass, marble or stone tiles turn walls into modern art.

Light Up Light Fixtures

The right lighting illuminates both form and function in a bathroom. Replace a basic fluorescent fixture with something that doubles as a decorative focal point. For a glam look, opt for Hollywood-style bulbs around the mirror. Work with an electrician to install sconces, pendants, or lantern fixtures safely. Capitalize on existing electrical and plumbing with creative choices like an illuminated mirror or vanity light bar. Plus, don’t forget the power of natural light – a skylight or sun tunnel can flood a small, windowless bathroom with sunshine. Dimmer switches allow you to set the perfect ambiance.

Eye-Catching Lighting Ideas to Brighten Bathroom Walls:

  • Gilded mirror sconces – fit-for-a-royal framed mirror with curvaceous golden sconces on each side.
  • Nautical pendants – suspend galvanized metal ship lights on either side of a mirror.
  • Ribbon lantern pendant – a black twisted ribbon lantern shade brings soft glow above a soaking tub.
  • Hollywood bulb vanity – line up globe bulbs across the top of the mirror for timeless glam.
  • LED light strips – stick on tape lights to illuminate shelves, tile accents, or the shower.

Open Up with Clever Storage Solutions

Maximize every inch of your bathroom walls with smart storage ideas. Conceal clutter while showing off your style. Floating shelves corral rolled towels in pretty baskets. Mounted hampers stash dirty clothes out of sight. A niche carved into the shower wall stores shampoo. Cabinet fronts add architectural detail to wall-to-wall custom storage. Recessed medicine cabinets with mirrors keep necessities at arm???s reach. Coordinating cabinets, shelves, and hooks control linens, supplies, and accessories. Check measurements to pick storage options that will best fit your space and organizational needs.

Storage Solutions to Help De-Clutter Your Bathroom Walls:

  • Niches and cubbies – built-ins for tucking away toiletries and towels near showers and tubs.
  • Bathroom ladder – lean a vintage ladder against a wall for draping towels and hanging plants.
  • Wall-mounted hamper – convenient canvas or wicker hampers keep dirty clothes neat.
  • Floating corner shelves – gain a spot to store extra toilet paper, candles, or decor in a wasted space.
  • Framed mirror cabinet – hide medicine and toiletries inside a stylish framed cabinet.

Consider Clever Wall Accents

Smaller scale bathroom wall accents pack a punch by adding art, texture, sheen, and depth. Cluster framed artwork salon style for eclectic gallery walls. Use mirrors strategically, like framing the window, to visually expand the bathroom. Add wainscoting, shiplap, beadboard, or tongue and groove paneling for architectural interest. Paint, wallpaper, or stencil patterns inside wall recesses. Hang a textured robe hook. Install a live or faux green wall behind the vanity. Affix metal, leather, or raffia wall tiles for natural texture. Place sculptural sconces or shelves. Showcase collections like framed butterflies, antique razors, or pretty soaps in a glass-faced case.

Accent Ideas to Elevate Your Bathroom Walls:

  • Textured wallpaper – add natural texture and dimension with grasscloth, cork, or flocked wallpaper.
  • Framed mirror grid – hang multiples mirrors in different sizes and frames for impact.
  • Sculptural sconces – make a statement with artsy, swirling metal sconces.
  • Coat hooks – line up polished hooks for hanging robes and towels.
  • Art niche – recess a wall section for displaying cherished art and objects.

Infuse Your Personality

Your bathroom should ultimately reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. Include colors, textures, artwork, furnishings, and finishes that you love, find inspiring, and enjoy using. If your style is modern and serene, keep walls crisp white and add in natural wood accents. For traditional sensibilities, draw from classic motifs like floral prints and beadboard wainscot. The whimsical at heart can paint up a storm with bold stripes and playful patterns. Those favoring spa settings might gravitate towards tranquil blue-greens and airy metals. Regardless of aesthetic, infuse the space with pieces that make you happy!

FAQs About Taking Your Bathroom Walls to the Next Level

What colors make a small bathroom look bigger?

Some smart color choices can visually expand a small bathroom:

  • Neutral, lighter colors like off-white, light gray, and beige reflect light and make walls recede.
  • Cool tones of blue, green, and purple create a relaxing ambiance and feel farther away.
  • Gloss or semi-gloss sheens refract more light than flat for an airier look.
  • Paint ceilings and trim the same color as walls for a seamless, spacious effect.

How do you decorate a blank bathroom wall?

Here are some easy ways to decorate boring, empty bathroom walls:

  • Hang an intriguing gallery wall with art, photos, prints, mirrors, and shelves.
  • Install beadboard paneling, shiplap boards, or tile for texture.
  • Paint or apply decorative wallpaper like grasscloth, botanical prints, or geometrics.
  • Add classic built-ins like a medicine cabinet, cubbies, or floating shelves.
  • Fit in a narrow floor-to-ceiling storage cabinet for towels and toiletries.

What should you not hang in a bathroom?

Avoid hanging these items in bathrooms to prevent damage from moisture:

  • Canvas art – vulnerable to mold and water stains
  • Wallpaper behind sinks or tubs – will peel with splashes
  • Electrical fixtures – risk electrocution near water
  • Wood items – warp with humidity without protective finish
  • Metal art – can rust from condensation
  • Mirrors – steam causes silvering to deteriorate

How do you decorate the wall behind the toilet?

Some ways to stylishly decorate the often neglected wall behind the toilet include:

  • Hang art or a creative gallery wall at eye level.
  • Install corner floating shelves to stash candles, plants, baskets and decor.
  • Paint or apply scenic wallpaper, wainscoting, or tile.
  • Add a floor plant, stylish toilet paper holder, or coordinating hooks.
  • Try a vintage ladder holding rolled towels and a piece of unique art.

How can I accessorize my bathroom walls?

Fun ways to accessorize your bathroom walls:

  • Floating shelves with baskets holding toiletries, rolled towels, plants
  • Mirror gallery with eclectic mix of frames and sizes
  • Vintage or enamelware containers holding Q-tips, cotton balls
  • Signage – framed bath-related quotes, lyrics, or retro ads
  • Niches and cubbies for neatly stowing away items
  • Pegs, hooks, robe bars – display towels or fluffy robes

Take Your Bathroom Walls from Boring to Beautiful

Plain bathroom walls are a missed opportunity to infuse color, texture, storage, and style into your space. With a little imagination and the right accents, you can transform your bathroom into a restful retreat. Use dramatic paint, elegant tile, eclectic shelves, strategic lighting, and personalized art to make your walls reflect your unique taste. Don’t be afraid to have fun and get creative – this room should be all about you! With these inspiring ideas in your back pocket, you’re sure to take your bathroom walls from blas?? to beautiful.