Come wintertime, we all yearn for warmth and comfort to take the chill off. Cozy winter textures can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home during the cold months. From chunky knits to plush velvets, embracing rich textures is an easy way to make your home extra snuggly when the temperature drops.

Use Throws and Blankets

Throws and blankets in natural fabrics like wool and cashmere add instant coziness to any space. Consider layering different weights and weaves for extra depth and interest.

Wool Throws

  • Merino and alpaca wool throws provide unbeatable softness and breathability. The natural fibers regulate temperature, wicking away moisture.
  • Try draping wool throws over sofas, chairs, and beds in your living room, bedroom, and other gathering areas.
  • Go for classic patterns like plaid, stripes, and solids or choose knitted textures with cables and colorblocking.
  • Look for 100% wool with hand-tied fringe for durability and style.

Cashmere Throws

  • Known for extreme softness, cashmere offers lightweight warmth perfect for curling up indoors.
  • Stick to neutral, muted hues or pastels to complement your existing décor.
  • Fold cashmere throws at the foot of the bed or display them over the back of a couch.
  • Blends that combine cashmere with wool or cotton can provide greater durability and affordability.

Faux Fur Throws

  • For a fun and funky style, faux fur throws add playful texture.
  • Look for high-quality synthetics that mimic genuine shearling’s plush feel.
  • Faux fur comes in a rainbow of colors, from solids to ombré gradients.
  • Drape a faux fur throw on your bed, a chair or sofa for an instant style update.

Flannel and Velvet Throws

  • For serious coziness, you can’t beat flannel and velvet throws.
  • Flannel throws in buffalo plaid or contrasting stripes feel like your favorite lived-in flannel but lighter in weight.
  • Velvet throws in jewel tones like emerald and ruby make sumptuous style statements.
  • Fabrics like velveteen and bouclé offer similar drapable, touchable textures.

Oversized Options

  • Oversized throws allow you to wrap yourself in full coverage.
  • Extra length and width accommodate more than one person.
  • Try a giant cable knit or chunky blanket to cuddle under while reading or watching TV.
  • Light but oversized throws work well to layer over existing furniture.

Update Your Bedding

Your bedding provides the perfect opportunity to infuse some coziness into your personal retreat. From pillows to mattresses, focus on touchable textures and natural materials.

Choose Plush Bed Pillows

  • Pillows covered in soft, nubby fabrics like chenille feel soothing and indulgent.
  • Down and down-alternative fills offer that sink-in, cloudlike texture.
  • For a more tactile look, opt for shaggy faux fur or corduroy pillow covers.
  • Don’t forget lumbar pillows or decorative pillows to lean against in bed while reading.

Add a Fuzzy Blanket or Quilt

  • For lightweight warmth, fuzzy blankets in micro mink or fleece are ideal.
  • Look for classic patterns like buffalo check or textured knits.
  • Switch your lighter summer quilt for a heavier down or wool one.
  • For extra snugness, go for a lofty down comforter in a duvet cover.

Experiment with Sheets

  • Flannel sheets offer that quintessential winter coziness, especially in cooler climates.
  • Try jersey sheets for stretchy softness that conforms to your body.
  • Splurge on ultra-high thread count cotton sheets – the higher the count the softer.
  • Flannel, jersey, and high-count sheets also come in fitted styles.

Use Cozy Mattress Toppers and Pads

  • Add an extra layer under your sheets with mattress toppers and pads.
  • Plush featherbeds provide sink-in softness and loft.
  • Wool toppers offer breathable temperature regulation and moisture wicking.
  • Look for padded covers made of soft knits, faux shearling, or quilted fabrics.

Embrace Textured Fabrics

Beyond your bed and blankets, use decor touches throughout your home to amp up the cozy factor. Textiles like velvet, corduroy, bouclé, and knits invite touch and add visual richness.


  • Few fabrics scream winter luxury like velvet. Use velvet upholstery or pillows to soften harsh edges.
  • Traditional styles, like tufted headboards, chesterfield sofas, and wingback chairs, shine in velvet.
  • For whimsy, explore crushed or patterned velvet on furniture, pillows, drapes or rugs.
  • Stick to sturdy, high-quality velvets – thinner varieties pill and flatten over time.


  • Known for its distinct ribbed texture, corduroy brings retro charm to home decor.
  • Upholstered headboards, bench seating, and pillow covers pop in jewel-toned corduroy.
  • For a cabin vibe, use brown, mustard, or forest green corduroy slipcovers and throws.
  • Durable and affordable, corduroy wears well even in high-traffic areas.


  • This knit fabric with twisted, knotty yarns offers irresistible texture.
  • Bouclé upholstery on chairs or ottomans provides visual interest and durability.
  • Incorporate boucle pillows, poufs, or blankets in neutral shades for an inviting look.
  • Fringed bouclé throw pillows or rugs bring in organic movement.


  • From chunky knits to chenille, knitted fabrics excel at coziness.
  • Use knit throws, pillows, and poufs for touchable texture.
  • Chair pads, drapes, and upholstered furniture shine in soft knits.
  • Complement knits with natural textures like jute, rattan, and woven woods.

Incorporate Natural Textures

To complement all those plush, touchable textiles, bring in natural textures that add depth, warmth, and rustic appeal. Wood, leather, ceramics, and rattan infuse organic texture and connection to nature.

Wood Furniture and Decor

  • Solid wood exudes warmth and craftsmanship, especially darker stains.
  • Add wooden accents like woven wall hangings, bowls, trays, and cutting boards.
  • Use wood-framed mirrors, headboards, benches, and shelf units for texture.
  • Look for reclaimed or naturally weathered wood for patina and character.

Leather Furniture

  • Buttery leather furniture develops a worn-in softness over time.
  • Leather’s subtle grain provides just enough texture without overwhelming a space.
  • Consider leather dining chairs, ottomans, headboards and sectional sofas or chairs.
  • Top-grain leather offers durability, while distressed and waxed varieties add vintage appeal.

Natural Fiber Rugs

  • Natural fiber rugs like jute, sisal, cotton, and wool bring texture underfoot.
  • For lighter spaces, try versatile jute’s organic, fibrous look.
  • Sisal’s nubby texture works well in casual spaces like dens or studies.
  • Braided wool rugs offer thick, plush texture perfect for colder climates.

Ceramic and Terra Cotta Objects

  • Handmade pottery showcases beautiful imperfections that radiate comfort.
  • Display ceramic vases, bowls, and planters with real or faux botanicals.
  • Use terra cotta pots and lidded jars to store blankets, pillows, and firewood.
  • Group items in natural hues like terracotta, stone, and wood on bookshelves or tabletops.

Embrace Layering

With all these cozy textures to work with, don’t be afraid to layer and mix materials for depth and visual interest. Combining knits, wovens, faux furs, and more creates a multi-dimensional look.

Layer Blankets and Throws

  • Stack blankets of varying weights, weaves, and colors on your sofa or bed.
  • Try fur atop cable knit, or pair velvet and wool for lush dimension.
  • Vary textures – looped bouclé with smooth cashmere, nubby cotton on top of silk.
  • Fold throws at the foot of the bed or double them up on a chair for extra richness.

Mix Textured Pillows

  • Combine pillows in an array of fabrics like wool, velvet, linen, corduroy – the options are endless!
  • Don’t be afraid to incorporate different colors and patterns.
  • Stack lumbar pillows in front of standard bed pillows for a hotel vibe.
  • Stuff floor poufs with feather down and cover with colorful, eclectic fabrics.

Use Rugs on Carpet

  • Layer plush area rugs atop wall-to-wall carpeting.
  • Natural fiber rugs like jute, wool, sisal, or cotton add depth underfoot.
  • Try contrasting carpet and rug colors and pile heights.
  • In high-traffic areas, rugs protect carpet and are easier to clean.

Add Curtains to Windows

  • Hang substantial textured drapes over blinds/shades for a luxe layered effect.
  • Use lined curtains in materials like velvet, brocade, faux silk or heavy linen.
  • Curtains frame windows and muffle outside noise for serene interiors.
  • Make a statement with floor-to-ceiling, puddled curtains.

Enjoy Tried and True Techniques

Beyond fabric choice, time-honored tips and tricks can ratchet up coziness even more. Simple steps like strategically placed lighting, greenery, and aromatherapy enhance comfort.

Use Targeted Lighting

  • Illuminate specific zones, like reading nooks or seating areas, with lamps.
  • Try dimmable bulbs to set just the right ambiance for activities or relaxation.
  • Floor lamps behind chairs or sofas create instant intimacy in any room.
  • Position table lamps to avoid glare and shadows for ideal reading light.

Add Living Greenery

  • Living plants naturally purify indoor air and increase comfort.
  • Groupings of potted plants help define sitting areas.
  • Trailing ivy, ferns, and succulents work beautifully as hanging plants.
  • For interest, mix plant heights, textures, and leaf shapes.

Light Candles and Diffuse Essential Oils

  • Nothing says cozy like candles – use judiciously and safely.
  • Arrange candles of staggered heights in groups for visual impact.
  • Essential oil diffusers infuse spaces with calming scents like lavender.
  • Place diffusers or lit candles where the fragrance will waft freely.

Final Touches

Tying everything together, don’t underestimate the power of considered accessorizing. A well-placed tray, bowl, or basket instantly brings order and harmony.

  • Use textured trays to corral remote controls, coasters, and other coffee table items.
  • Large woven baskets offer casual storage for blankets near the TV or fireplace.
  • Arrange natural objects like birch logs in a decorative bowl or bin.
  • Display framed photos, small plants, and books on wall ledges or shelves.

With the right combination of plush textures, natural materials, layered fabrics, and purposeful details, you can easily create an oasis of coziness in your home this winter. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textiles and try out new techniques as you find what works best to take the chill off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best textures to create a cozy winter space?

Some of the best textures for cozy winter spaces include:

  • Throws/blankets: wool, cashmere, faux fur, flannel, velvet
  • Bedding: flannel and jersey sheets, down and down alternative pillows
  • Upholstery: velvet, corduroy, boucle
  • Rugs: wool, cotton, jute, sisal
  • Wood furniture and decor
  • Leather furniture
  • Ceramics and terra cotta

How do I layer textures in my home for winter?

Great ways to layer textures in your home include:

  • Stack blankets of different weights and materials on sofas or beds
  • Mix textured throw pillows like wool, velvet, linen, and corduroy
  • Add area rugs on top of wall-to-wall carpets
  • Hang substantial textured curtains over window coverings
  • Use bedding like mattress pads under sheets for extra plushness

What are quick tips to add coziness in winter?

Some quick tips for boosting coziness include:

  • Use targeted lighting like floor and table lamps in seating/relaxing areas
  • Add live plants like trailing ivy, ferns and succulents
  • Light candles safely and diffuse essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus
  • Display natural objects like birch logs in bowls or baskets
  • Arrange framed photos, small plants, and books on shelves

How do I care for textured fabrics?

  • Always check fabric care instructions. Hand washing is best for delicate textures like cashmere or velvet.
  • Use a gentle cycle or cold water setting for machine washable textures like corduroy or flannel.
  • Reshape knits by steaming or pressing with an iron on the synthetics setting.
  • Spot treat stains immediately on durable fabrics by dabbing with a clean cloth.
  • Avoid excessive heat or sunlight when drying to prevent fading of fabrics like wool or velvet.

Where can I buy textured throws and blankets affordably?

Some budget-friendly places to buy textured throws and blankets include:

  • Department stores like Target, Macy’s or JCPenney
  • Home goods stores like HomeGoods, TJ Maxx or Ross
  • Amazon and big box chains like Walmart and Costco
  • Overstock, Wayfair and other online furniture retailers
  • Home décor sites like West Elm and Anthropologie during sales
  • Thrift stores and secondhand shops


With the variety of plush, cozy textures available, it’s easy to give your home a warm and welcoming upgrade this winter. Throws, blankets, bedding, rugs, and upholstery in materials like wool, velvet, and bouclé banish the chill and up the snug factor. Natural textures from wood, leather, and ceramics add depth and rustic appeal. Don’t forget to layer fabrics, arrange targeted lighting, and incorporate greenery. With a hygge mindset and these tips, you’ll be basking in the glow of your new cozy nest in no time.