Nantucket, a quaint New England island off the coast of Cape Cod, is known for its idyllic beaches, historic whaling cottages, and charming boutiques. But for design enthusiasts, Nantucket is especially beloved for its swoonworthy interiors that capture the laid-back seaside spirit. From airy living rooms to cozy bedrooms overflowing with texture and character, Nantucket homes are the epitome of casual coastal style.

One standout Nantucket interior is a light-filled bedroom decorated by A-list designer Bunny Williams. With its relaxed vibe and layers of natural textures, this space is a study in seamless summer style. Explore what makes this bedroom such a stunning and serene coastal retreat.

A Neutral Backdrop Lets the Views Shine

The starting point of this blissful bedroom is its neutral backdrop. Crisp white walls, bleached oak floors, and plenty of natural light establish a clean foundation. This allows the view of the gardens and Nantucket Harbor to take center stage. Keeping the walls and flooring simple prevents competing with the real star – that fabulous water view.

This neutral base provides a soothing, airy feel, ideal for a relaxing island retreat. It also ensures the decor shine, from the textured bedding to the woven accessories. A white on white scheme feels appropriately beachy for a Nantucket abode.

Layers of Natural Textures for Coziness

While the backdrop remains simple, the bedroom layers on natural textures for a cozy, welcoming vibe. The bedding mixes up linens, cottons, and light wools in whites and neutrals to create depth without distracting colors.

Billowing linen curtains, a jute rug, rattan nightstands, and a woven hamper continue the tactile, beachy look. Weathered woods, like the oak flooring and canopy bed frame, add to the relaxed attitude. Touches of raffia bring in organic movement to offset all the crisp white.

These natural materials make the space feel casual but collected – perfect for blissing out on vacation. The textures add visual interest while remaining restful and beachy.

Vintage Touches Bring Character

Vintage furnishings lend the light-filled space character and uniqueness. A distressed oriental armoire serves as the television cabinet, while an antique mirror hangs above a aged bench.

Mismatched nightstands, including a converted luggage rack, feel charmingly appropriate for a beach house. Touches like monogrammed slippers give the space homey personality.

These flea market finds and adaptations bring out the history of Nantucket. The island is known for its historic cottages, and the vintage pieces celebrate that heritage. They also keep the room from feeling too stark or generic.

The Takeaway

This breezy Nantucket bedroom perfectly captures the island’s easygoing coastal style. Crisp whites, layers of beach-ready textures, and vintage finds recreate a chic but unfussy retreat. Gorgeous view aside, this room demonstrates how thoughtful, well-selected decor creates an oasis for unwinding.

For a similar look, keep walls and floors neutral. Opt for natural materials like linen and jute in soft white and tan hues. Mix in some finds from antique fairs or your own heirlooms. Finally, display collected shells, sea glass, or other mementos that make the space distinctly yours. Channeling the textures and heritage of Nantucket is the key to creating your own seaside sanctuary.

Frequently Asked Questions about Creating a Swoonworthy Nantucket Bedroom

What colors work best for a Nantucket style bedroom?

Stick with soft neutrals like white, cream, tan and pale blue. Crisp whites feel appropriately beachy. Allow textures and ocean views to be the focus rather than bold colors.

What types of materials lend a coastal vibe?

Natural fibers like linen, cotton, jute and light wools capture the casual seaside aesthetic. Weathered woods also feel beachy, as do touches of raffia or rattan. Avoid synthetics for an authentic look.

How can I incorporate vintage pieces?

Seek out flea market finds, heirlooms, or items with distressed or weathered patinas. An antique armoire as a TV cabinet or orientation luggage rack as a nightstand lends character. Avoid anything too polished or shiny.

What accessory displays work for a Nantucket bedroom?

Display beachy mementos like shells, sea glass, coral and driftwood. White or neutral ceramic vases work year-round. Add touches of woven baskets or decor with sailor themes. Just keep it simple and tactile.

How do I transition this look in the colder months?

Swap the linen for cozier textured blankets and throws in neutral solids or nautical stripes. Add organic layers like wool rugs and woven poufs. Candles or a fireplace make it feel warm and welcoming year-round.

What if I don’t have an ocean view?

Don’t worry – you can infuse beach house charm through decor alone! Incorporate tactile layers, vintage pieces, and neutral tones. Display collected shells or hang breezy white curtains. Add touches of weathered wood and rattan for texture. Include artwork with coastal subjects or soothing color palettes.


Achieving a soothing, swoonworthy Nantucket-style bedroom is easy with the right light-filled, beach-inspired design approach. The secrets come down to a calm neutral base, layers of breezy natural textures, weathered patinas, and collected coastal accessories. Vintage flea market finds add cozy, character-filled charm. With thoughtful decor that embraces the textural, casual vibe of the New England shoreline, you can create a bedroom oasis perfect for blissing out any time of year. Your very own Nantucket retreat starts with simple, welcoming decor in soft whites and timeless vintage finds.