Baseball fans know there’s nothing more exciting than stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run out of the park. The crack of the bat, the crowd cheering – it’s thrilling. Now you can bring that energy into your home with baseball-themed decor. Whether you want to showcase your love for a favorite team or recreate the nostalgia of America’s pastime, baseball decor allows you to fully embrace the spirit of the game.

Ways to Incorporate Baseball Decor

Baseball decor can be integrated throughout your home in fun and subtle ways. Here are some ideas:

Living Room

Accent your living room with baseball inspired pillows featuring team logos or baseball stitching patterns. Hang a vintage style pennant banner along the wall showcasing your favorite team’s colors and emblem. Display signed baseballs in lucite cases on shelf ledges.

Add baseball glove style leather ottomans or chairs with baseball stitching for a classic ballpark feel. Incorporate baseball inspired artwork, from vintage advertisement reprints to colorful pop art prints of players in action.


Dress up a boring headboard with old baseball bats mounted horizontally. A baseball mitt chair makes for a great unique accent chair. Decorate walls with framed jerseys autographed by baseball legends.

Bedding and pillows can also embrace the baseball theme, with options like old baseball glove pillow cases or comforters designed like ballpark turf or the infield dirt.

Game Room/Man Cave

This is the perfect spot to really make a statement. Neon baseball signs immediately set the tone. Cover walls with memorabilia like framed game-used bats, jerseys and baseballs. Display ballpark stadium blueprints and archival photos of legendary players.

Install baseball field wallpaper as an eye-catching backdrop. Old school candy carts or concession stand popcorn machines add to the authentic vibe. Have fun decorating tabletops with sports cards and game-used equipment like catcher’s masks.


The kitchen is a great place to highlight your team pride. Hang uniform jerseys along one wall for a bold display. Use baseball glove oven mitts and pot holders in team colors. Ceramic canister sets painted like baseballs are a fun way to store flour, sugar and other baking essentials.

Display your ticket stub collection on the refrigerator or install wall magnets with memorable team quotes. Tea towels, potholders and aprons can also showcase your team’s logo and colors.


Even this space can show some team spirit. Toilet paper holders and soap dispensers come in baseball bat designs. Shower curtains can display everything from the team logo and mascot to a ballpark scene. Wall decals of team logos, players or motivational baseball quotes add flair over a bathtub or next to the sink.

Display a collection of signed baseballs in lucite cases on the counter or wall shelves. Just have fun with it and pick items in your team’s colors.


Extend your baseball theme outside by hanging patio string lights in the team colors. Outdoor pillows and bug screens can also showcase team pride. Set up a batting cage or practice pitchback.

Install artificial turf and build a pitching mound and batter’s box so you can work on your swing anytime. Nothing says summertime fun like a good old fashioned game of catch.

Baseball Decor Ideas for Specific Rooms

Let’s explore baseball decorating concepts for some of the most popular rooms in more detail.

Awesome Baseball Living Room Decor Ideas

The living room is often where family and friends gather to socialize. It’s the perfect place to show off your loyalty through team colors and memorabilia. Here are some terrific baseball living room decor ideas:

  • Framed jerseys signed by favorite players or championship teams make meaningful wall art. Display alongside other framed photos and prints showcasing historic baseball moments.
  • Pennants add a burst of team spirit along a blank wall or above doorways. Vintage styles from past eras look especially cool. String lights can also surround pennants for more visual interest.
  • Team logo pillows in the official colors dress up basic sofa pillows with some baseball style. Contrast them with pillows in a tan baseball glove or ball stitching pattern for the full effect.
  • Baseball glove chairs or ottomans provide a classic vintage vibe, perfect for a seating area around a game table. Look for vintage gloves repurposed into lamps for more character.
  • Baseball collectibles like signed balls, porcelain figurines of mascots or players, and bobbleheads make excellent display pieces on shelving units. Keep treasures safe under glass domes.
  • Wallpaper featuring iconic baseball imagery, like gum wrappers, ticket stubs or ballpark scenes, updates any blank wall with nostalgic flair.

The living room is the ideal place to surround yourself daily with the baseball designs you love most. Let your collection grow organically over time.

Stylish Baseball Bedroom Design Concepts

Many baseball fans dream of waking up immersed in the sport they love. You can make that a reality with baseball inspired bedroom decor.

  • Old baseball bats arranged horizontally or in an artful pattern truly complete a baseball bedroom. Mount them on the wall behind the bed as an eye-catching focal point.
  • Display case-framed jerseys of favorite stars above dressers or nightstands. Arrange alongside baseball cards of iconic players for a well-rounded collection.
  • Choose baseball motifs for lamps, bedding and pillows. Think embroidered team logos, images of ballparks or fields, vibrant uniform colors – get creative!
  • Mural wallpaper, like a panoramic ballpark scene or collage of memorabilia provides an artistic backdrop. Consider removable wallpaper for more flexibility.
  • Vintage signs score cool points above a bed’s headboard or on any blank wall space. Look for iconic advertising images from past eras or humorous motivational quotes.
  • Bedding with subtle patterns like baseball stitching, team colors or logos adds spirit to the bed. Throw in some officially licensed pillows for comfort.

Surrounding yourself with baseball flair in the bedroom will have you stepping up to the plate each morning ready to take on the day.

Game Room Baseball Decor Ideas

For the ultimate baseball fan cave, a game room is the perfect place to showcase collectibles without restraint. Here are winning ideas:

  • For strong visual impact, install baseball field wallpaper or green artificial turf carpet along one wall or entire room.
  • Display cases are ideal for protecting signed memorabilia like jerseys, equipment and rare cards. Use museum gel and proper lighting to highlight prized pieces.
  • Neon bar signs are a game room staple. Look for designs featuring team logos, names or fun phrases like ‘No balls, no strikes, no errors.’
  • Unique seating like old ballpark seats, a retro vendor’s cart or bar stools made from stadium bleachers add character.
  • Oversized vintage uniform numbers make an artistic statement on walls. Framed alongside game-used items like bases, bats or gloves adds context.
  • For additional decor, reuse iconic baseball equipment like fungo bats, catcher’s masks, or helmets. Mount them or display them on shelves or in shadow boxes.

With so much space, a game room lets you build an immersive baseball world filled top-to-bottom with artifacts, gear, memorabilia and nostalgia.

Curating Your Baseball Memorabilia Displays

One of the most rewarding ways to incorporate baseball decor is through memorabilia displays. Whether showcasing your own prized collection or honoring the legends of the game, curating thoughtful vignettes enhances any baseball-themed space. Here are helpful tips:

  • Choose cohesive color schemes that complement your team’s official hues or go for a classic vintage look with black, red and wood tones. This visually unifies the display.
  • Use dedicated display cases with adjustable shelves and lighting. For budget-friendly options try shadow boxes, plate holders, signed baseball holders or jersey cases.
  • Edit your displays periodically. Rotate items out to keep your highlights fresh and well-protected from light damage in storage.
  • Label displays so viewers understand the significance. For game-used items, note details like the player, year, and game context.
  • Arrange displays thoughtfully. Group similar items like signed balls together, or tell a story through key pieces like a stolen base record paired with the player’s spikes.
  • Maintain authenticity. Certificate of authenticity, tamper-proof holograms and reputable seller reviews help ensure pieces are genuine.

Building displays around favorite teams, players or historic moments lets your most cherished memorabilia shine.

Sources for Baseball Decor Items

Now for the fun part – shopping! Baseball decor can be sourced online and in stores through specialty retailers. Here are top options:

Online Retailers

  • Fanatics – Extensive selection of decor for all teams from wall art to furniture to novelty items.
  • Fathead – Huge assortment of officially licensed wall decals, posters and murals featuring iconic MLB imagery.
  • Etsy – Unique handmade and vintage items like art, signs, and custom decor you won’t find anywhere else.

Specialty Stores

  • Rally House – Carries decor and gifts for college and pro sports teams including lots of MLB flair.
  • Hall of Fame Memorabilia – Autographed collectibles and Cooperstown classics to fill any fan’s dream decor wishlist.
  • – Reliable autographs, gear and artifacts directly from athlete appearances and events.

Big Box Retailers

  • Target– Affordable basics like mugs, frames, banners, pillows and wall art representing favorite teams.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond– Carries licensed bedding, towels, signs and knick-knacks repping MLB teams.
  • Walmart – Budget-friendly decor picks like lamps, pictures, clocks, and novelty items featuring MLB team logos.

The options are endless for outfitting your space in baseball style. Take your time curating special pieces that really capture the essence of America’s favorite pastime.

Do’s and Don’ts of Baseball Decor

Want your baseball decor to be a home run? Follow these basic do’s and don’ts:


  • Showcase your autographed memorabilia professionally framed and under glass for protection. Display alongside photos, plaques or other items that document the backstory.
  • Incorporate personal touches like game ticket keepsakes, your own gear and team pictures. This gives displays character vs just buying decor online.
  • Rotate fragile items like bobbleheads so they aren’t permanently on display. This avoids damage from light exposure over time.
  • Add furnishings with subtle hints of baseball flair. Try a tan leather couch, baseball stitch pillows or drink coasters made from reclaimed bats.


  • Display autographed items fully uncovered. Fading from light and accidental damage risks devaluing your cherished pieces.
  • Go overboard mixing loud decor. For example, avoid neon wall signs AND foosball tables AND jersey-covered furniture. Keep combinations cohesive.
  • Display fragile limited edition collectibles permanently. Rotating pieces preserves them while still allowing you to appreciate them.
  • Forget the finishing touches. Even simple additions like baseball bookends or lampshades make a space feel complete.

With a thoughtful vision and proper care, your prized baseball decor will wow for years to come.

Creative Display Ideas for Signed Baseball Memorabilia

Signed baseball memorabilia is the crown jewel of many collections. When displaying these prized artifacts, the presentation should be just as special as the item itself. Here are creative ideas:

  • For signed jerseys, use neutral colored mattes in oversized frames to accentuate autographs. Install small brass plaques with player details.
  • Shadow boxes allow multi-dimensional displays. Arrange signed baseballs with photos, award replicas and an autographed index card summarizing accomplishments.
  • Freestanding display cases like cubes or hutches make items viewable from all sides. Use risers, bookends and sign holders to show off signatures.
  • Wall cluster arrangements allow groupings of framed signed photos, jersey numbers, autographs from a team or era. This provides curated context.
  • Baseball bat holders display signed bats vertically like a trophy. If floor space is limited, install holders horizontally along a wall as art.
  • For game used memorabilia like signed bases, mount in floating acrylic frames so the item appears suspended like a museum exhibit.

Proudly storing and showing off cherished signatures in creative ways gives fans a treasured glimpse into the history of America’s pastime.

Incorporating Baseball Fandom Through Home Accent Details

You don’t need over-the-top decor to express your baseball obsession. Subtle accessories representing your team pride can be integrated throughout the home:

  • Drink coasters etched with team logos or ballpark imagery.
  • Candles in your team’s official colors.
  • Soaps or gels with baseball stitching patterns.
  • Salt and pepper shakers modeled after ballpark food icons like peanuts or Cracker Jack boxes.
  • Picture frames showcasing you at games or wearing fan gear.
  • Pillows embroidered with team mottos or slogans.
  • Welcome mats featuring team logos and colors.
  • Mailboxes or door knockers designed like miniature baseball bats.
  • Lampshades decorated with baseballs or team logos.
  • Cookie jars painted like team equipment bags.
  • Aprons or potholders embroidered with the team name or mascot.
  • Checkbook covers sporting your team’s logo and colors.
  • Magazine racks made from sports gear like catcher’s masks.
  • Cooking utensils with baseball bat style handles.

Little touches infused throughout your regular household items demonstrate baseball devotion on the daily. Guests will take notice of your attention to detail!

FAQs About Decorating with Baseball Memorabilia

If the idea of designing a space around the sport you love has you excited to start collecting memorabilia, you probably have questions. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What items are must-haves for a baseball decor collection?

Some iconic pieces that make great additions to any baseball decor display include:

  • Signed or game-used items like bases, balls, bats, uniforms
  • Limited edition numbered prints of famous moments or players
  • Stadium seats, bricks or signage
  • Vintage gear like classic uniforms, gloves, or equipment
  • Autographed photos of iconic plays or famous players
  • Awards like MVP trophies, Gold Glove replicas or championship rings
  • Game-used ticket stubs, programs or pennants

How do I get memorabilia autographed?

If you can’t get an autograph in-person, reputable online vendors host private signings with players. Some offer “in the mail” signing services where you can mail your items in to be autographed. Local memorabilia stores may also have events.

What’s the best way to display signed baseballs?

For signed baseballs, use clear acrylic cube cases or ball holders to display them prominently. Keeping them in a case protects their condition. Display cases with specialized lighting also enhance visibility of the autographs.

Are game-used items more valuable?

Yes! Game-used items are considered more prestigious since they were on-field during an MLB game. Limited availability also bumps up value. Be sure all game-used items have an official MLB authentication hologram sticker. Certificates of authenticity also confirm an item’s backstory.

How do I make sure my autographed memorabilia is authentic?

Reputable sellers will provide certificates of authenticity for signed pieces that confirm details like the signing date, location and player witness. An official hologram sticker from a major authenticator like JSA or PSA should also be affixed to photos and equipment.

Building a collection with authentic baseball artifacts makes decorating with your treasures even more meaningful as you surround yourself with genuine pieces of history.


America’s love for baseball stretches back over a century. Honoring that rich tradition through memorabilia displays, vintage designs, and team colors in your home decor allows fans to immerse themselves in the essence of the game.

Whether you want to proudly showcase signed artifacts from legends of the past, represent your loyalty to a favorite franchise, or simply recreate the nostalgia of the ballpark, baseball-themed decor ideas are endless.

From the entrance to the living room, bedroom and game room, even small touches like baseball pillows and lamp shades can underscore your passion. The right lighting, display cases, wall groupings and creative arrangements will help cherished items shine.

As your collection grows over time, let it reflect your pride, memories and pure enjoyment of the game. Surround yourself with pieces that tell the story of your own relationship with baseball.

When it comes to decorating with the national pastime in mind, the only limit is your imagination. With so many innovative ideas and places to find gear, everyone can create their ideal baseball decor dreamscape.