Completing the look of any space often comes down to the accessories and finishing touches. While furniture and paint provide the bones of a room, accessories give it the final styling that brings everything together into a cohesive design. When chosen thoughtfully, accessories can elevate a space, reflect your personality, and make it feel truly finished. Here are eight of our favorite accessories that add the perfect final flair to any room.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to incorporate color, pattern, and texture into a room. They allow you to layer in different fabrics and motifs to create visual interest. Here are some tips for selecting and arranging throw pillows:

Mix Colors and Patterns

Don’t be afraid to mix and match pillows in complementary hues and varied patterns. Combining solids, stripes, florals, geometrics, etc. adds eclectic character. Just be sure to stick to a cohesive color palette so the patterns don’t feel too busy.

Vary Shapes and Sizes

Pillows come in square, rectangular, bolster shapes and more. Incorporating different shapes and sizes creates a dynamic look. Arrange the pillows asymmetrically for a relaxed vibe.

Choose Quality Materials

Opt for pillows with luxe feeling inserts and removable, washable covers. Materials like linen, velvet, wool and leather make great accent pillows.

Arrange Artfully

Fluff and arrange pillows in a staggered formation for visual appeal. Place taller lumbar pillows behind standard pillows. Let some pillow corners drape off the edge of sofas.

Refresh Frequently

Rotate pillows seasonally to keep your space feeling fresh. Store off-season pillows neatly in bins or bags.

With the right mix of patterns, textures and colors, throw pillows can instantly lift a living room, bedroom or outdoor space.

Area Rugs

A great area rug can really tie a room together. The right rug anchors and defines a seating area or bedroom while adding color, dimension and softness underfoot. Consider these tips for selecting and placing rugs:

Size Appropriately

Measure the furniture layout of your space and get a rug big enough to fit beneath all front legs. For living rooms, size it to extend 18-24 inches past sofa and chairs.

Complement Your Color Scheme

Look for rug colors that coordinate with your overall room palette. Earth tones, blues and grays make versatile rug shades. Patterns add visual appeal.

Mind the Materials

Wool and cotton rugs are durable go-to options. Select low-pile rugs for high-traffic areas. Make sure rug pads are properly sized.

Layer for Interest

Layer a large area rug over a smaller patterned rug for textures and dimension. Or place several smaller rugs under seating groups.

Define Spaces

Use area rugs to delineate sitting, sleeping or dining zones. Floor rugs bring coziness to a reading nook. Runners define hallways.

Take time selecting the perfect rug. It should unify and elevate your space while standing up to everyday wear.

Wall Art

Make a stylish statement and express your aesthetic with wall art. Carefully chosen pieces provide personality and focal points. Follow these tips for selecting and arranging:

Go For Your Style

Whether your taste runs modern, tribal, abstract or floral, select pieces that fit your decor sensibility. Black and white photography and nature prints appeal widely.

Consider Scale

Pick art sized appropriately for its wall space. A tiny piece will get lost on a large wall. Oversized art in a small space overwhelms. Shoot for pieces about 2/3 to 3/4 the width of your wall.

Curate Eclectically

Mix different sizes, frames, colors and mediums for an eclectic gallery wall. Unify it with same-hued mats or similar frame styles. Include some 3D art.

Arrange Asymmetrically

Hang art off-center and play with asymmetrical groupings for interest. Try diamond, cascading or salon arrangements. Use templates to plan layouts.

Draw the Eye Upward

Hanging art high draws the eye up, making ceilings feel taller. For long horizontal pieces, center at standing eye level. Add sconces or track lighting.

Thoughtfully curated and properly placed art infuses personality into your space. Let it showcase your unique inspirations.

House Plants

Incorporating greenery is an easy way to bring nature indoors and add life to your rooms. Potted houseplants offer numerous styling options and benefits:

Purify the Air

Plants help filter impurities and increase oxygen. Opt for hardworking varieties like spider plants, aloe vera, peace lilies or English ivy.

Consider Size and Placement

Place larger statement plants like fiddle leaf figs in corners. Use medium plants on stands for visual impact. Arrange smaller pots on shelves, tables and windowsills.

Add Pops of Color

Choose flowering plants like orchids, bromeliads and African violets for bursts of color. Their vivid blooms make exciting focal points.

Vary Heights and Shapes

Mix tall dramatic palms, trailing ivy, bushy ferns and low succulents for plantings at various heights and shapes. Repeat some plants for unity.

Care for Your Plants

Plants require proper water, light and humidity. Research your specimens’ needs and display them accordingly. Mist, rotate and fertilize them as needed.

Thriving greenery makes rooms feel more inviting and lived-in. Let plants lend their vibrancy, clean the air and connect you to nature.


A few fragrant, flickering candles instantly help any room feel warmer, cozier and more welcoming. Here are tips for incorporating candles into your space:

Set a Mood

Soy, beeswax and vegetable candles come in calming, energizing and balancing scents. Choose uplifting citrus and floral smells or relaxing lavender and eucalyptus.

Mix and Match Heights

Vary candle heights for interest. Cluster pillar candles of different sizes, or pair tall tapers with shorter votives. Just be sure to burn them safely.

Use Warm Lighting

Group candles together to create a gorgeous ambient glow at night. Their light flatters skin tones and creates a relaxing vibe. Place them around sofas or beds.

Display Creatively

Arrange candles artfully on mantels, console tables and shelves. Nestle them among books and objects so they appear organic. Use hurricane glasses to protect surfaces.

Light Mindfully

Never leave burning candles unattended. Keep them away from flammable materials like curtains. Snuff flames before leaving a room. Monitor pets and kids near lit candles.

Candlelight adds warmth and atmosphere to any space when used properly. Let their flickering flames and scents infuse your rooms with coziness.


Strategically placed mirrors serve both functional and decorative purposes in home design. Here are some mirror tips:

Add Depth

Hang mirrors across from windows to reflect light and views, making rooms feel larger and brighter. Position them to accent focal points too.

Expand Small Spaces

Use mirrors to visually expand tight spaces like hallways and powder rooms. Floor mirrors elongate short, narrow rooms.

Create Drama

Lean an oversized mirror against a wall for bold art. Hang a statement circular or antiqued mirror high for a focal point. Back it with light for effect.

Build Galleries

Arrange collections of different sized and shaped mirrors for artsy displays. Keep frames cohesive for unity. Add sconces for reflected ambient light.

Consider Placement

Make sure mirrors don’t reflect anything unsightly. Bedroom mirrors should reflect views of windows or art. Angle vanity mirrors properly for grooming.

When placed thoughtfully, mirrors lend light, dimension and visual intrigue to all kinds of spaces in the home.


Fill your shelves with collected books to infuse rooms with colors, textures and most importantly, your personality. Here’s how to artfully arrange book displays:

Organize by Color

Group books by spine colors for a subtle rainbow effect. Monochromatic shelves in shades of blue or green have a calming vibe.

Mix Horizontal and Vertical

Stack some books horizontally and some vertically for visual diversity. Place accent pieces on top of upright books.

Vary Heights and Depths

Create dimension by stacking books in asymmetric formations. Pull some forward, stack others in receding rows. Prop up open books.

Categorize by Theme

Group titles by subject like cooking, travel or gardening. Or sort by size, color or sentimental value. Display treasured collections together.

Include Bookends

Use handsome bookends to corral texts neatly on shelves. Opt for weighty brass, carved wood or sculptural options that relate to your decor.

Show who you are by surrounding yourself with books you love displayed in artful vignettes. Let them spur conversations and transport you.


Incorporate handwoven baskets throughout your home to add natural texture and warm, casual style. Here are useful ways to work baskets into your decor:

Contain Clutter

Use baskets to corral remotes, cables, toys and other clutter. Tailor sizes and shapes to their contents. Lidded baskets keep items concealed but accessible.

Store Seasonally

Swap out seasonal accessories like throws and blankets in labeled baskets. Stack baskets for compact storage or line them up in closets.

Go On Display

Let decorative baskets become part of the design in shelves and tables. Fill them with flowers, coffee table books or pillows.

Organize Entryways

Baskets are perfect for mitigating entryway chaos. Use them to store shoes, umbrellas, gloves and bags close at hand.

Make a Statement

Large dramatic baskets make excellent standalone focal points. Fill an oversized floor basket with blankets or use it as planter.

Incorporate rustic baskets as pretty and practical storage solutions tailored exactly to your needs. Let them lend cozy texture.


Elevate your home with purposeful accents that reflect your personal style. Whether you opt for plush pillows, inspiring art, fragranced candles or collected curios, let the accessories you choose complete your unique space and showcase what makes you happiest. Take time curating and arranging special finishing touches that feel authentic to you. Display meaningful mementos alongside functional finds in creative displays. Your home should speak volumes about the person living there – let these favorite accessories provide the final flourishes that truly finish your space.