After a long winter, spring is a time of renewal and fresh starts. And what better place to incorporate the vibrant colors and energy of spring than in your kitchen? The kitchen is the heart of the home, so infusing it with spring colors is an inviting way to celebrate the new season.

Benefits of Adding Spring Color to Your Kitchen

Bringing spring colors into the kitchen has many benefits beyond just aesthetics. Vibrant colors can create an uplifting, positive environment. Studies show that certain colors can even affect your mood and emotions. Here are some top reasons to add spring colors to your kitchen.

Promotes a Positive Mood

Warm spring shades like sunny yellow, soft green, and sky blue naturally create a cheerful, uplifting environment. The positive effects of these brisk colors can make you feel more awake and energetic. This can set the tone for pleasant mornings in the kitchen.

Adds a Touch of Whimsy

There’s something about spring colors that feels playful and fun. Unlike winter grays and whites, spring shades like citron, peach, and lilac add a touch of whimsy. This can help inspire creativity and joy when prepping meals or baking.

Brings the Outdoors In

Spring colors reflect the colors starting to bloom outside in nature. Bringing verdant greens, sunny yellows, sky blues, and floral pinks into your kitchen helps connect you to the outdoors. This is especially nice after a cold winter spent indoors.

Freshens Up the Space

Over winter, your kitchen can start to feel stale and dark. Painting or bringing in spring-colored accessories is an easy way to freshen up the space. The brightness makes the room feel cleaner and newer.

Adds a Pop of Color

Spring shades add vibrant pops of color to neutral kitchens. They liven up white, beige, brown, and black kitchens. The whimsical colors feel energetic and fun against subdued backgrounds.

Inspires Healthy Eating

The lively colors of spring can actually encourage healthier eating habits. Bright citrus shades have been linked to increasing thirst and appetite for fresh foods. The cheerful environment makes you excited to eat crisp, in-season produce.

Best Spring Color Schemes for Kitchens

When considering adding spring colors into your kitchen, start by picking a color scheme. Color schemes include colors that complement each other based on the color wheel. Here are some of the most appealing and energizing spring color schemes for kitchens.

Fresh Greens

For a refreshing spring green color scheme, opt for soft pastel greens like honeydew, mint, and pistachio. Accent with brighter shades like lime green and voile. Crisp white trim prevents the greens from feeling too heavy. Wood accents also add nice warmth. Herb wreaths and fruit bowls filled with limes or kiwis complete the fresh look.

Sunny Citrus

Wake up your neutral kitchen with a tangy citrus color scheme featuring bright yellow and orange. Shades like marigold, lemon, marmalade, and peach feel cheery and upbeat. For balance, pair with sky blue and clean white. Citrus-themed curtains, dish towels, potholders, and ceramic canisters reinforce the colors.

Watercolor Florals

Capture the soft pastels of spring blooms with a delicate floral color scheme. Think dusty rose, lavender, cornflower blue, and buttery yellow. Provide contrast with dark wood cabinets and slate gray countertops. The floral colors can be brought in through a wallpaper border, ceramic plates, or a painted mural of flowers.

Robin’s Egg Blue

For a classic spring look, create a soft blue and green color scheme. Think robin’s egg blue, duck egg blue, and aqua paired with seafoam green and celadon. White wainscoting helps keep the colors light and airy. Bring in these cool tones with blue ceramic mugs, green hand towels, blue glass bottles, and white dishes with blue or green rims.

Rustic Reds

For a warmer, rustic spring kitchen, try a red, pink, and brown color palette. Shades like barn red, terra cotta, and red clay look welcoming against natural wood cabinetry. Soften with pale pink, blush, and cream. Reddish-brown leather barstools, cream ceramic canisters, and dried hydrangeas reinforce the look.

How to Incorporate Spring Colors Into Your Kitchen

Ready to welcome spring shades into your kitchen? Luckily, there are many simple yet effective ways to weave color into your kitchen design. Here are some top ideas for infusing springtime color into your cooking space.

Paint the Walls or Cabinets

Painting the walls or cabinets is an easy kitchen refresh that allows you to add bold or muted spring colors. For walls, consider a light sky blue, buttery yellow, or even a hand-painted floral mural. For cabinets, robin’s egg blue, pale green, and even neutral gray stained with pastel undertones are fitting.

Use Removable Accessories

For a low-commitment way to try out spring colors, use decorative removable accessories. Swap out cannister sets, dish towels, ceramic planters, and wall art each season. Candles, flower vases, table runners, and placemats can also be traded out.

Update Window Treatments

An easy way to change the look of your kitchen is by installing colorful new window curtains, valances, blinds, or shutters. Opt for spring-inspired floral prints or solid colors like lemon yellow, hydrangea blue, or mint green.

Bring in Fresh Flowers & Greenery

Fresh-cut flowers and potted plants are a great way to quickly add spring flair. Display colorful tulips, daffodils, and hydrangeas in vibrant hues. Herb pots also introduce fresh spring greens.

Use Pastel Dishware

Bring in whimsical flair with dishes and serving pieces in soft spring shades. Look for speckled pastel stoneware, hand-painted ceramic plates, or vintage milk glass in blue, green, yellow, and pink. Lay out spring-colored linens as well.

Install Backsplash Tile

Tiling your kitchen backsplash is a fun way to incorporate spring shades that doubles as a stylish focal point. Opt for handmade subway tiles, Moroccan fish scale tiles, or Italian porcelain tile in icy blue, cheerful yellow, or rosy pink.

Use Accessories in Spring Color Families

If you want spring flair without bright colors overwhelming your neutral kitchen, use accessories in the softer spring color families. Blush pinks, buttery yellows, robin’s egg blues, and sea foam greens are subdued ways to welcome the season.

Top Paint Colors to Brighten Up Your Kitchen for Spring

One of the easiest ways to quickly transform the look of your kitchen is by painting the walls or cabinets. Paint can completely change the mood and aesthetic. Here are some top spring-inspired paint colors to brighten up your cooking space.

Pale Primrose Yellow

Buttery primrose yellow is subtler than sunflower or lemon yellow. It’s a warm, welcoming hue that provides a soft pop of color. It looks cheery against white cabinets or trim.

Robin’s Egg Blue

This pale turquoise blue is an iconic spring shade. It’s crisp and clean yet soft enough for walls. It pairs nicely with white cabinets and looks great with natural wood accents.

Pistachio Green

For a fresh, happy color, consider soft pistachio green paint. It looks great on walls, cabinets, or the insides of open shelving. Pair with minty or lime green accents for a harmonious green kitchen.

Lavender Grey

For a soothing violet-based neutral, try pale lavender grey walls or cabinets. This elegant hue feels brighter than beige but less overwhelming than true purple walls.

Peach Blossom

Rosy peach is cheery and welcoming in a kitchen. For spring, stick to soft muted shades like peach blossom rather than bright orange-peach. It pairs nicely with robin’s egg blue.

Buttercream Yellow

Warmer than bright white, buttercream is an ideal shade for updating dingy off-white walls and cabinets. Its subtle yellow tint keeps things light and airy.

Watermelon Pink

Add a playful pop of color with soft watermelon pink walls or cabinetry. Accent with brighter shades of pink and green for a full spring palette.

Moss Green

Deep green moss evokes lush spring plants and harmonizes beautifully with natural wood cabinetry. For balance, offset it with clean white tile backsplashes and trim.

Sky Blue

Cheerful sky blue makes for a lovely spring kitchen wall color. Different blue undertones like periwinkle or powder blue will yield unique moods.

Lilac Grey

Pretty and unusual, lilac grey paint has a touch of springy purple without being too bold. It can read as a neutral while still adding soft color.

Best Flooring Options for a Spring-Inspired Kitchen

The right kitchen flooring can help pull your spring color scheme together. Consider these fresh flooring options that complement spring-inspired palettes:

Natural Wood Flooring

Hardwood with a natural finish or light whitewash suits spring colors. Oak, maple, birch, and ash all pair nicely with greens, blues, yellows and pinks.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum now comes in fun patterns and colors like aqua, lemon, and lavender. This budget flooring resists stains and spills while boosting color.

Tile Flooring

Handmade and hand-painted ceramic or cement tile patterns bring vibrant color underfoot. Opt for light blue and green European tiles or rich terracotta.

Cork Flooring

Naturally bouncy, comfortable cork floors come in striking colors that complement spring palettes. Pair green, blue, or yellow cork tiles with white grout.

Brick Flooring

White washed or pale pastel bricks have a vintage vibe. Their natural texture works with many styles. Mix colors for a mosaic effect.

Concrete Floor Stain

For industrial flair, have plain concrete floors stained a light spring shade like dusty rose, seafoam, or robin’s egg blue. Seal with a satin finish.

Bamboo Flooring

Sustainably-sourced bamboo flooring adds warmth with its linear grain patterns. Opt for carbonized bamboo in soft grey-greens and brown-greys.

Ideas for Colorful Kitchen Backsplashes

The kitchen backsplash is the perfect place to add a burst of spring color without overwhelming the space. Here are some ideas for colorful backsplash designs:

Handmade Ceramic Tile

Irregular handmade tiles in cheery spring hues like sky blue, marigold, and blush add handcrafted charm. The imperfections give visual interest.

Vintage Glass Mosaic

Tiny pieces of upcycled colored glass form kaleidoscopic mosaic backsplashes. Choose spring-inspired palettes like pastel rainbow or sunny citrus.

Ombre Glass Subway Tile

Stacked glass subway tiles in ombre color gradients (light to dark) create a modern, stylish spring backsplash. Do blue to green or pink to orange.

Patterned Moroccan Fish Scale Tile

Geometric moroccan-style tiles glazed in spring shades of seafoam or robin’s egg blue add global flair. Pair with white grout.

Hand-Painted Sea Creature Tile

Make a bold statement with hand-painted ceramic tile featuring sea creatures like fish, shells, and coral in playful spring colors.

Pastel Painted Travertine

For natural texture, install travertine tile and have it professionally painted in light spring shades like lilac, buttercream, or sky blue.

Printed Glass Tile

Find glass tile printed with delicate floral motifs, leaf patterns, hummingbirds, or dragonflies in your favorite spring palette for a feminine backsplash.

Best Kitchen Cabinet Color Combinations for Spring

Painting or refinishing kitchen cabinets can entirely transform the space. Here are some lively cabinet and color pairings to try this spring:

Robin’s Egg Blue Cabinets with White Trim

Soft robin’s egg blue cabinets pop against bright white trim and backsplash tile. The combo feels fresh yet classic.

Pale Yellow Cabinets + Sage Green Walls

Buttery yellow cabinets suit spring greens like light sage. White counters and backsplash keep it light.

Lavender Grey Cabinets + Stone Tile

Muted purple-grey cabinets look modern with cream and grey stone tile backsplash and marble countertops.

Mint Green Cabinets + Butcher Block Counters

Vibrant mint green stained wood cabinets give vintage charm paired with warm acacia butcher block countertops and brick flooring.

White Shaker Cabinets + Sky Blue Island

For contrast, paint just the kitchen island a cheery sky blue and keep the main cabinets clean white.

Blush Pink Cabinets + Brass Hardware

Soft blush pink cabinets look stunning with brass hardware and marble countertops. A pink tile backsplash ties the colors together.

Navy Blue Cabinets + Wood Counters

For a nautical spring kitchen, try navy blue cabinets with natural wood countertops and antique brass hardware.

Top Kitchen Appliance Colors for Spring

Today’s kitchen appliances come in a rainbow of colors to match any spring palette. Here are fun options to complement your color scheme:

Pastel Appliances

Many major brands now offer refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers in soft spring pastels like robin’s egg blue, mint green, and buttercream yellow.

Warm Metal Finishes

Warm metal appliances in finishes like copper, champagne, and bronze pair nicely with peach, terra cotta, yellow and woodsy green palettes.

Retro Appliances

Vintage-style appliances in bright colors like fire engine red, turquoise, orange, and sunny yellow add retro flair to modern kitchens.

Patterned Appliances

Instead of solid colors, opt for patterned appliances like ranges with floral designs or refrigerators with checkerboard prints in spring color combos.

Two-Tone Appliances

Choose appliances featuring mixes of spring shades like sky blue and green or orange and yellow for a fun, eclectic look.

Colorful KitchenAid Mixers

These iconic stand mixers come in spring shades like light aqua, pink, orange, mint green, and sunny yellow. Display yours on the counter.

Vibrant Fridges

Paint or wrap just your refrigerator in a vibrant spring color like lime green, purple, or coral pink for an eye-catching focal point.

Best Plants & Herbs for a Spring-Inspired Kitchen

Filling your kitchen with living spring plants enhances the overall color palette. Here are some top picks:

Miniature Roses

These tiny rose bushes can flourish in containers in your kitchen near sunny windows. Opt for yellow, orange, pink, or purple varieties.

Air Plants

Easy-care air plants thrive in kitchens without soil. Look for pink, purple, yellow, and bi-color varieties to mount on walls or in hanging planters.

Spider Plants

Spider plants cascade beautifully from hanging baskets, perfect for spring kitchens. Some varieties have yellow, white, or pale green striped leaves.


For minimal maintenance, spring for colorful succulents like echeveria, which come in shades like purple, chartreuse, orange, and dusty pink.

Cherry Tomatoes

Mini cherry tomato plants grown in pots on the windowsill add bright pops of red along with delicious fruit for harvesting.

Herb Garden

Grow mint, oregano, thyme, sage, parsley, and basil on a sunny kitchen windowsill or in a wall-mounted planter box.


For cheery yellow blooms, plant dwarf sunflower varieties in containers. Place them on countertops or windowsills.


The soothing scent of fresh lavender is perfect for spring. Grow this fragrant purple herb near kitchen windows and entranceways.

Creative Ways to Use Spring Colors for Kitchen Décor

When it comes to kitchen decor, don’t be afraid to get creative with spring colors! Here are fun ideas:

Ombre Placemats

Make your own springy paper or fabric placemats using ombre dyeing techniques. Soak them in paint or dye mixtures that fade from light to dark.

Stamped Tea Towels

Dip foam shapes like flowers, leaves, and butterflies into fabric paint and stamp them onto plain tea towels for a handmade touch.

Wallpaper Backsplash

Install removable wallpaper printed with flowering vines, botanical sketches, or abstract watercolor designs as a backsplash.

Frosted Window Film

Apply frosted window film in swirls of pink, green, blue and yellow to give privacy and filter rainbow light into the space.

Ceramic Knobs

Replace your cabinet knobs and pulls with handmade ceramic ones glazed in your spring colors of choice like sky blue, violet, or peach.

Removable Wall Murals

On one focal wall, install a removable wall mural depicting colorful flowering trees, songbirds, or a lively spring landscape.

Canvas Art Prints

Fill your walls with affordable prints of Impressionist paintings that use soft spring pastels, floral subjects, and dreamy garden scenes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spring Color in the Kitchen

Spring kitchen makeovers using vibrant color may inspire questions if you’re unsure where to start. Here are some common FAQs:

What are the most popular spring kitchen colors?

Trending spring kitchen colors include soft green, robin’s egg blue, pale yellow, lavender, and any pastel shades inspired by flowers and spring produce.

How do I add spring colors without a full remodel?

Accessories like towels, curtains, dishes, and décor like wall art and vases