Spanish-style bathrooms evoke a romantic Old World charm, with ornate details, vibrant colors, and natural materials that transport you to the sun-soaked countryside of Spain. Achieving this aesthetic requires careful attention to authentic design elements. Follow this guide to create a stunning and truly Spanish-inspired bathroom.

Incorporating Spanish Style Into Your Bathroom Design

When designing a Spanish-style bathroom, focus on creating warmth, intimacy, and Old World romance. Here are some key elements to include:


Rich, vibrant hues are essential for a Spanish bathroom. Consider deep oranges, sunny yellows, cherry reds, and turquoise blues. Paint the walls in bold colors or use colorful hand-painted tiles as accents. Spanish style celebrates colors found in nature like terracotta, olive green, and azure blue.


Look for tiles, fabrics, and fixtures with ornate detailing. Ironwork, floral motifs, and geometric patterns add visual interest. Hand-painted tiles around the tub or sink are an authentic touch. Patterned wallpaper and shower curtains also help set the mood.


Natural, textured materials give a rustic, Old World look. Travertine stone, exposed brick, rough-hewn wood beams, wrought iron, and terra cotta bring in organic texture. Local materials like limestone also help create regional authenticity.


For ambiance, use sconces, pendant lights, and chandeliers. Wrought iron, stained glass, and brass fixtures work well. Candles in decorative holders provide a romantic glow. Large windows and skylights allow plenty of natural light.


Wooden benches, woven baskets, wrought iron towel racks, and freestanding furniture add character. Carved chairs, arched mirrors, and framed art reflect Spanish style. Display decorative tiles and pottery for accent.

Choosing the Right Spanish Bathroom Features

From tilework to tubs, select fixtures and finishes that align with the Spanish design aesthetic. Here are some top choices:

Tile Floors and Walls

Tile is integral in Spanish baths. For floors, use terracotta, limestone or sandstone tiles. Vivid mosaic tiles in geometric shapes make stunning backsplashes and tub surrounds. Handpainted zellige and Talavera tiles add color and pattern.

Clawfoot Tub

A freestanding tub on claw feet suits the vintage Spanish look. Choose a cast iron or enameled steel tub for durability. Add a handheld shower attachment for functionality.

Wooden Beams

Exposed ceiling beams made of wood create a rustic touch. Complement with a wooden stained vanity. Distressed beams or reclaimed barnwood work nicely.

Wrought Iron Fixtures

Iron sconces, chandeliers, towel racks and toilet paper holders have an Old World vibe. Look for delicate scrollwork and candle-style lighting. Wrought iron brings artistry and durability.

Arched Entryway

An arched doorway draws the eye and imparts Spanish flair. Try a rounded top over the door or use an actual archway that opens into the bath. Tile the border of the arch for added detail.

Freestanding Vanity

A wooden furniture-style vanity suits the Spanish style. Look for turned legs, carved accents, and a natural finish. Pair with a stone countertop and arched mirror.

Vintage Hardware

Antiqued brass, aged bronze, and wrought iron knobs and handles look authentic. Ornate options with an aged patina or cracked finish enhance the vintage look.

Creating a Cohesive Look Throughout

When designing your Spanish bath, make choices that consistently reflect the style in finishes, colors, and materials.

Matching Metals

Stick to one metal tone throughout for harmony. If using bronze faucets, opt for bronze sconces, shower rod, and mirror frame too. Matching metals ties everything together.

Coordinating Colors

Pick a color palette of 2-4 complementary hues and use throughout. Tie in wall colors with window treatments, towels, and bathmats. Echo back colors in tilework, fabrics, artwork, and accessories.

Repeated Materials

Use one or two natural materials, like travertine tile and wood beams, in multiple areas. This creates flow. For example, bring in travertine on the walls and floors. Use wood for vanity and shelving.

Consistent Style

Choose fixtures, furniture, and accents that work with the Spanish motif. A Victorian clawfoot tub would look out of place. Keep to a cohesive Old World style for harmony.

Ideas for Small Spanish-Style Bathrooms

Smaller baths can still pack in Spanish flair. Use these clever ideas to create an inviting oasis:

Built-In Shelving

Maximize unused space with shelving built into the wall. Display rolled towels, candles, and baskets. Open shelving maintains the airy look.

Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink has a smaller footprint than a vanity. Select one with flair like fluted columns or scalloped edges to suit the romantic vibe.

Corner Tub

Fit a corner bathtub neatly into small spaces. Consider a rounded front or oval shape. Top with an arched spout waterfall faucet.

Vertical Tile

Running rectangular subway tiles vertically makes ceilings appear taller. Contrast with bold horizontal tile accents.

Mirrored Cabinets

Mirrored cabinets enlarge the feel of a tight bath. Store necessities out of sight but keep the space feeling open.

Window Treatments

Maximize natural light in a small bath with breezy curtain panels or Roman shades. Avoid heavy draperies that clutter the look.

Creating an Authentic Spanish Bathroom Layout

Careful planning creates a seamless look and logical flow in a Spanish bath. Follow these layout tips:

Open Layout

Avoid closing the space off into small cramped rooms. Knock down non-essential walls to open up the footprint.

Clear Pathways

Design wide doorways and unobstructed traffic patterns between each area. Avoid clutter in walkways that make the room feel smaller.

Smart Storage

Incorporate cubbies, cabinets, shelving, and baskets to neatly tuck away necessities. Minimize visual clutter.

Logical Zones

Group key areas into clear zones. Put the tub/shower in one zone, toilet in another, vanity in its own space.

Symmetrical Shapes

Use symmetrical rectangular, square or U-shaped footprints. This brings order and harmony versus choppy layouts.

Adjoining Rooms

If possible, open the bath to an adjoining bedroom or closet. Borrow space or natural light from neighboring rooms.

9 Key Elements of Spanish Style Bathrooms

Follow this checklist to ensure your Spanish-inspired bath properly captures the aesthetic:

  • Vibrant colors like deep orange, cherry red or turquoise blue
  • Elaborate tilework, especially handpainted and mosaic styles
  • Ornate wrought iron or antique bronze fixtures
  • Rustic wood beams on ceiling and vanity
  • Natural stone and terracotta textures on floors and walls
  • Patterned fabrics like floral shower curtains
  • Vintage hardware with an aged patina
  • Carved wood furnishings like a freestanding vanity
  • Arched entryways and large windows

Avoiding Common Mistakes

When designing a Spanish bath, take care to avoid these common pitfalls:

Overcrowding With Accessories

Edit items carefully. Too many knickknacks make space feel cluttered. Stick to one or two large statement pieces.

Mismatched Metals and Finishes

Using brass fixtures with silver accents looks disjointed. Keep metals consistent throughout for harmony.

Cheap Materials

Flimsy furnishings and fake wood laminates look inauthentic. Invest in quality natural materials for longevity.

Unbalanced Lighting

Avoid overhead lighting alone. Incorporate multiple sources like sconces and candles for ambiance.

Forgetting Hidden Storage

Lack of storage creates clutter. Add drawers in vanities, built-ins, cabinets and shelving.

Ignoring Scale

Oversized furniture overwhelms. Properly proportion fixtures and decor to the square footage.

Unplanned Layout

Carefully map out zones and traffic flow. Awkward, chopped up plans disrupt the flow.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spanish-Style Bathrooms

Get answers to common questions about achieving an authentic Spanish bathroom design:

What colors work best in a Spanish bathroom?

Rich jewel tones like deep red, brilliant yellow, and sapphire blue capture the warm Spanish palette.Natural earth tones like terracotta and mossy green also work well. Whitewashed wood and neutral stucco keep things light and airy.

What flooring is best for a Spanish style bathroom?

Natural stone and terracotta tiles suit the Spanish design aesthetic. Options like limestone, travertine, quarry tiles, or handmade cement tiles are ideal. Use mosaics or patterns as accents. Slate, marble, and ceramic tile are also pleasing choices.

Should I install a clawfoot tub?

A freestanding tub on claw feet evokes old-world luxury. Sitting atop an ornate rug, it becomes the focal point. Be sure it fits the space. Alcove tubs also work, just bring in Spanish detailing with hardware and feet.

How do I add texture to my Spanish bathroom?

Use crafted building materials for organic texture. Exposed wood beams, arched brick alcoves, rough-hewn ceiling rafters, quarry stone walls, and hand-laid tile add depth. Display pottery, use woven baskets, hang ornate wrought iron fixtures.

What type of vanity works best?

Wooden furniture-style vanities suit Spanish style. Carved fronts, turned legs, and natural stained finishes are attractive. Pair with marble or granite countertops. Pedestal sinks also work well. Avoid modern floating vanities.

Should I use wallpaper?

Yes, Spanish patterned wallpaper adds warmth. Look for floral motifs, paisleys, damasks and toile patterns. Frescos and handpainted murals enrich walls, as do decorative tile murals around sinks or tubs.

How do I add authentic Spanish flair on a budget?

Handmade ceramic tiles, wooden bins, woven baskets, and secondhand furnishings add character without breaking the bank. Use framed vintage Spanish prints and postcards for art. Craft floral garlands from ribbon. Display potted plants and fresh flowers.

Final Thoughts on Achieving Spanish Style

With its charming Old World details and welcoming warmth, the Spanish style brings romance and sophistication to today’s bathrooms. Pay attention to regional detailing, quality materials, and authentic accents. Avoid clutter and let the character shine through. Take a cue from the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle and create a bathroom that’s an intimate, inviting escape, no passport required. With careful planning and decor, your own Spanish spa-style retreat awaits. ¡Olé!