Decorating a bathroom with art can transform a utilitarian space into a beautiful, relaxing oasis. From paintings to sculptures, the options for bath art are endless. When chosen thoughtfully, art for the bathroom can enhance the overall design and create an inviting ambiance.

Selecting Art for the Bathroom

When selecting art for the bathroom, the first consideration is the room’s inherent moisture. Any art placed in the bathroom needs to be able to withstand the humid environment. Paintings done on canvas specifically designed for bathrooms are a great option. Other moisture-resistant mediums like tile, metal, and glass are also good choices.

The size of the bathroom will dictate the size of the artwork. A small powder room calls for a single impressive piece while a large bathroom can accommodate a collection. Measure the wall space and purchase art accordingly. For very small walls, try gorgeous tiles or look for taller narrow pieces.

It’s important to think about the bathroom’s style and colors when choosing art. A beach-themed bathroom calls for seashells or photographs of ocean waves while a modern space may feature graphic black and white prints. Select art in a color scheme that complements your existing decor. Gold frames can accentuate elegant bathrooms while funky mosaic mirror frames add whimsy.

Consider the placement of utilities when positioning artwork. Avoid placing art where it will get wet or be obscured by opening doors. Position art at eye level on the largest expanses of bare wall for maximum impact. Bathroom mirrors are perfect for showcasing art when framed creatively or lined with removable adhesive tiles.

Mediums for Bathroom Art

Paintings – Canvas paintings add color, interest, and sophistication to the bathroom. Seek out canvas that has been prepped for humid bathroom conditions. Watercolor and acrylic paints are options, but oil paintings may not fare well. Coastal themes, flowers, or simple abstract designs make relaxing bath art.

Prints – Art prints allow you to inexpensively decorate walls with museum-quality art reproductions. Black and white graphic prints look sharp in modern bathrooms. Botanical and landscape prints bring peaceful nature themes to a spa-like space. Prints can be grouped in decorative frames for a gallery wall effect.

Photography – Framed photographs turn the bathroom into a personalized gallery. Choose photos of landscapes, flowers, seashells, or water scenes for peaceful ambiance. Black and white photos add classic sophistication. Arrange photographs in simple modern frames or ornate vintage frames for a pop of color.

Sculptures – Small sculptures made of ceramic, glass, or metal can transform blank surfaces into focal points. Abstract sculptures lend modern flair while decorative soaps, perfume bottles, or tiny birds offer a touch of elegant whimsy. Glass shelves lined with meaningful treasures become an artistic display.

Wall Decals – Removable wall decals and stickers allow creativity without commitment. Decals featuring fish, seashells, flowers, trees, or birds bring liveliness to plain walls. Geometric decals in metallic colors give a modern edge. Decals can be removed and repositioned as tastes change.

Tiles – Decorative hand-painted tiles turn a bathroom backsplash or frameless mirror into a work of art. Tiles featuring flowers, fish, or abstract shapes add ornamental beauty. Buy tiles that are rated for wet areas. Tiles can also be removed and replaced when a new look is desired.

Textile Art – Fabric and textile arts should be limited to areas away from moisture. A small woven wall hanging over the toilet area adds warmth. Water-safe canvases printed with fabric designs accommodate humid environments with added beauty.

Styles of Bathroom Art

Coastal – Coastal-themed bathrooms incorporate artwork reminiscent of life by the sea. Paintings or photographs of beaches,ocean waves, seashells, starfish, sand dollars, sea glass, and driftwood convey peaceful oceanfront living. Touches of navy blue and shell pink keep the look fresh and cheery.

Tropical – Vibrant tropical art infuses the bathroom with playful energy. Botanical depictions of palms, pineapple, hibiscus, orchids, ferns, and bamboo create a Hawaiian paradise or aviary filled with brightly colored birds. Opt for carved wood frames for an authentic island feel.

Modern – Clean lines, solid blocks of color, and abstract images define the modern bath aesthetic. Black and white graphic prints make a sophisticated style statement. Sculptural flower vases, wall-mounted candle sconces, and geometric wall decals give contemporary flair.

Rustic – Rustic bathrooms feature natural materials and artwork reminiscent of the great outdoors. Paintings or photos of rolling hills, forests, mountains, or wildflowers conjure tranquil retreats. Unfinished wood frames or repurposed window frames enhance the organic look.

Cottage – Cottage bathrooms brim with vintage charm and flower-filled artwork. Paintings ofEnglish gardens, floral watercolors, and pressed botanicals evoke quaint country homes. Soft pastels, painted wood frames, and stained glass accents complete the look.

Spa – Creating a relaxing spa aesthetic comes down to two main strategies – serene colors and zen artwork. Cool tones of gray, blue, and green coupled with paintings of water lilies, cherry blossoms, or forest paths produce an instantly calming effect.

Eclectic – Nothing is off limits in an eclectic bathroom filled with your favorite pieces. Mix photography, paintings, mirrors, wall decals, and sculptures to showcase your diverse artistic tastes. Unexpected color combinations and a mix of framing styles keep the look playfully curated.

Ideas for Bathroom Art


  • Seascape oil paintings in driftwood frames
  • Delicate floral watercolors surrounded by vintage tiles
  • Grayscale cityscape stretched canvases over the tub
  • Impressionist still life paintings of perfume bottles and flowers
  • Large abstract acrylic paintings as the focal point of the room
  • Minimalist abstract color field paintings in black and white


  • Framed black and white botanical photos above the sink
  • Polaroids of seashells arranged in photo display ledges
  • Oversized close-up photos of flowers along a narrow wall
  • Photo collage of ocean waves and sea glass in simple frames
  • Series of matted silver gelatin landscape photos in clean lined frames


  • Porcelain bird statues on wall mounted shelves
  • Glass shell and sea glass displays in wall niches
  • Metallic butterfly wall sculptures poised as if in flight
  • Geometric abstract metal sculpture on the windowsill
  • Glass vases filled with river stones and sand on the vanity

Wall Decals

  • Peel and stick decals of colorful feathers floating up the wall
  • Metallic silver leafy branch decals spreading across the ceiling
  • Row of cute songbirds perched on removable wall stickers
  • Geometric 3D triangles in glossy black clinging to a textured wall
  • Floating dandelion decals seeming to blow across a smooth wall


  • Sea glass tiles framing the mirror like an ornate picture frame
  • Hand-painted Moroccan-style tiles creating a bathroom backsplash
  • Removable round ceramic tiles with pressed flowers surrounding window
  • Blue and green crackled glazed tiles lining the area behind the tub
  • Subway tiles with black line drawings of leaves installed around sink

Displaying Art in the Bathroom

Hang it properly – Use moisture-resistant hanging hardware designed for bathrooms. Hang art at eye level for best visibility. Make sure hanging devices are sized properly for the weight of artwork.

Add lighting – Install sconces or pendant lights above artwork to illuminate it beautifully. Accent lighting draws attention to special pieces when lit at night.

Use decorative frames – Ornate gold, carved wood, distressed wood, painted finishes, unexpected shapes, and mosaic frames enhance artwork. Frames can make inexpensive prints look sophisticated.

Arrange a gallery wall – Group similarly sized and framed pieces to create a gallery wall. Include paintings, prints, photos, and mirrors. Scale artwork sizes up toward the center for interest.

Display collections – Collections of objects like shells or sculptures are instantly transformed into art groupings when displayed together. Curate them artfully in wall niches, on shelves, or corner shelves.

Incorporate mirrors – An intricately framed mirror becomes a focal point. Surround mirrors with mosaic tiles, sconces, or framed art. Lean artwork against the wall on console tables below mirrors.

Add shelves – Shelf ledges allow displaying art objects attractively. Floating shelves grouped in threes work well in modern bathrooms. Curved shelves make tucked away spaces usable.

Use pedestals – Place statues, vases, or artwork on pedestal sinks, stacked stone surfaces, or column plinths for artistic display. Make sure objects are securely attached.

Try wall decals – Removable decals allow creativity without commitment. Refresh the look by moving decals or adding new ones. They are perfect for rental spaces.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bathroom Art

What type of art can I put in my bathroom?

The best options for humid bathroom environments are paintings on moisture-resistant canvas, art prints sealed behind glass, metal art such as sculptures, photographs, tiles, and wall decals. Avoid paper or natural fiber artworks.

How do I hang art on my bathroom walls?

Use bathroom-safe hanging hardware designed not to corrode. Choose adhesives that are mold/mildew resistant and won’t be damaged by humidity. Hang artwork at eye level for best visibility.

Should I hang art above or around my bathroom mirror?

Both look beautiful! Hanging coordinated pieces above a mirror frames it nicely. Surrounding a mirror with art, sconces, or tiles turns the mirror itself into art. Place art where it can be viewed best.

What are good go-to themes for bathroom art?

Popular bathroom art themes are ocean, tropical, floral, botanical, nature prints, black and white photography, abstract art, and modern graphic prints. Choose colors and themes that coordinate with your bath decor.

How can I decorate a small bathroom with art?

In small spaces, a single impressive piece of art makes a statement. Try a grouping of small coordinated pieces, canvas prints, wall decals, wall mounted shelves displaying meaningful objects, or a framed mirror surrounded by tiles or sconces.

Decorating Your Bathroom With Art

Adding art is one of the most rewarding ways to transform the look and feel of a bathroom. Paintings, prints, photography, sculptures, wall decals and tiles breathe life into plain walls and reflect the homeowner’s personal style. Moisture-resistant pieces designed for bathrooms allow you to fully experience the tranquility and beauty of artwork while enjoying a long soak.

Surround yourself with calming oceanside paintings, invigorating pops of tropical color, elegant black and white cityscapes, or cherished travel photographs. By thoughtfully selecting artwork you connect with, bathing becomes more than a routine task. The bathroom is elevated into a daily personal art gallery, allowing you to soak in style, color, and the things that inspire you.