Kitchen counter corners can be one of the most challenging areas when it comes to kitchen design and organization. The awkward angled space is often neglected and left empty, leading to wasted space and a cluttered appearance. However, with some clever solutions, kitchen counter corners can become functional, attractive, and efficient parts of your kitchen design.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various smooth solutions to make the most of kitchen counter corners. From smart storage ideas to innovative designs, there are many options to transform that underutilized area into a space that looks cohesive and maximizes storage and functionality. With the right approach, kitchen counter corners can be turned into a highlight of your kitchen rather than an eyesore.

Choose the Right Kitchen Corner Cabinet Design

Choosing the design for your kitchen corner cabinet is the first step towards creating a smooth, optimized kitchen counter corner. Here are some popular options to consider:

Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan corner cabinet is a great way to efficiently access items stored in the corner. It uses a rotating shelf that spins within the cabinet, allowing easy access to spices, cookware, or food items. Lazy susans make items easily reachable instead of becoming buried and forgotten in the back of the cabinet.

Diagonal Corner Cabinets

Diagonal corner cabinets have angled fronts that align neatly into the corner. This makes better use of the space compared to a standard square cabinet. The angled cabinets can also open fully without colliding, providing complete access.

Blind Corner Cabinets

Blind corner cabinets make use of a hidden vertical panel within the cabinet that can be pulled out when needed. These panels rotate, maximizing the usage of the awkward corner space. Perfect for storing lesser-used items.

Vertical Dividers

Insert vertical dividers into corner cabinets to create neat segmented storage for organizing pots, pans, baking sheets, and other awkward items. The vertical storage slots help prevent things from getting buried.

When selecting your corner cabinet design, consider what you intend to store and choose the option that will make accessing those items most seamless. Well-designed corner cabinets should blend right into your kitchen design rather than stick out like a sore thumb.

Use Creative Kitchen Corner Storage Solutions

Aside from the cabinet design, there are plenty of ways to creatively store items in kitchen corners to make the space fully functional. Here are some clever kitchen corner storage ideas:

Spice Racks

Install floating or mounted spice racks to take advantage of vertical storage space in a corner. Keep spices and seasonings organized while freeing up counter space.

Cutlery Crock

A ceramic cutlery crock placed in a corner keeps utensils neatly together in one spot but still easily accessible.

Vertical Shelving Unit

Free-standing vertical shelving units like utility shelves or wire racks fit nicely into corners. Use them for displaying cookbooks, small appliances, or kitchen tools.

Baking Sheet Organizers

Vertical baking sheet organizers are perfect for sliding into tight corners to neatly file baking sheets and trays.

Appliance Garages

Hide small appliances like stand mixers inside built-in appliance garages or slide-out cabinets. Keep them out of sight but easily accessible.

Dish Storage

Use the corner cabinet to neatly stack dishes or bowls vertically, lining them up in organized rows.

Get creative with how you use the unique triangular shape of the corner area. Utilize storage solutions that take advantage of the vertical space to prevent the area from collecting clutter.

Optimize Corner Counter Space

The counter space adjacent to the corner cabinet also needs some special attention to become fully functional. Here are tips for optimizing corner counter space:

Install Corner Counter Storage

Specialized corner counters like blind corner pull-out units or corner drawers maximize horizontal storage for the corner area. These pull-out shelves and drawers seamlessly integrate into the counter.

Add a Countertop Lazy Susan

Install a countertop lazy susan – a round rotating tray that sits on the corner of the countertop. Great for holding condiments, spices, or cooking prep items.

Use a Corner Sink or Mini Sink

Install a specialized corner sink or a small prep sink to make use of unused corner space. Add function and versatility to the area.

Install a Corner Cutting Board

Custom angled cutting boards and chopping blocks are designed to neatly fit into corner counter spaces. The angle makes them ideal for food prep.

Add a Power Source

Make sure there is an easily accessible power source in the corner area so you can conveniently use a mixer or other small appliances.

Optimizing the corner counter area transforms the space from awkward gap into functional prepping and storage space. Take advantage of every inch.

Smooth Out Corners with Clever Design Techniques

The abrupt right-angled edges of a kitchen corner counter can disrupt the flow of the kitchen space. Use design techniques to visually smooth out and soften the corners:

Curved Countertops

A countertop with rounded edges and custom curved shapes helps hide the hard edges of the corner. The curves look more natural.

Add Plants or Decor

Place plants, vases, or other decorative elements in the corner space to distract the eye from the sharp angle.

Use Lighting

Add lighting like LED strip lights to illuminate and highlight corner areas. It creates a focal point to draw attention.

Matching Tile Backsplash

Running the same backsplash tile from the counter into the corner helps extend the counter visually. The continuous pattern makes the transition smooth.

Rounded Cabinets

Using wall cabinets with rounded fronts maintains a smooth, curved visual flow around the corner rather than leaving an eyesore gap.

With the right techniques, you can help the eye move seamlessly over the kitchen corner, eliminating any awkwardness. The space will feel more like part of the whole kitchen design.

FAQs About Organizing Kitchen Counter Corners

What is the best way to organize a corner cabinet?

The best way is to install interior organizers and compartments like a lazy susan or vertical dividers. This keeps items neatly organized and easy to access instead of jumbled in the back corner.

How do you maximize kitchen corner space?

Maximize it through smart storage solutions like corner cabinet innovations, vertical storage racks, corner counters and sinks. Use every inch of space available.

What kitchen items work best in corner cabinets?

Corner cabinets are great for bulky bakeware and cooking pans as well as lesser-used items like roasting pans or holiday dishware.appliances, The vertical space is ideal.

How do you make a kitchen corner cabinet more accessible?

Install accessories like corner cabinet lazy susans or pull-out cabinets. Add storage racks, a cutlery crock or appliances so items can be easily reached. Optimize organization.

What can I put in an empty corner cabinet?

Fill it with spice racks, dishes or glassware stacked vertically, a baking sheet organizer, cleaning supplies, large bulky appliances, or even a garbage/recycling station.


With some clever solutions and innovative design, kitchen counter corners can be transformed from awkward and eyesore spaces into functional storage and prepping areas. Take advantage of every inch by installing specialized pull-outs, racks, sinks and counters. Visually, soften the hard edges of corners with curved designs, lighting and decorative accents. Use solutions that fit your lifestyle and storage needs. With the right approach, your kitchen corners can become both beautiful and highly usable spaces, blending seamlessly into the overall kitchen design.