Round Tables

Round tables are a great choice for small kitchens as they don’t take up much visual space and allow easier movement around them. Look for a 3-4 seat round table approximately 36-42 inches wide. This will provide enough room for dining without dominating the kitchen. To save even more room, consider a drop-leaf or gateleg table that can fold out when needed.

Space Saving Tables

Tables that can expand, fold down, or stow away are ideal for small kitchens. An expandable table may only take up minimal room when closed but can be doubled in size when you have guests. Fold-down tables can be folded out of the way against a wall or even stored in a closet or pantry when not in use.

Bar Height Tables

Taller bar height tables take up less footprint than standard height dining tables. Plus, they create an intimate breakfast bar feel. Look for a small bar height table with 2-4 bar stools tucked under it—this can make an ideal casual dining spot without cramping the kitchen.

Multi-Purpose Tables

Dining tables that also double as kitchen islands or workstations are extra functional in a small kitchen. Look for a table with storage space and features like bottle racks, butcher block surfaces, or cart wheels for mobility around the kitchen. When dining time rolls around just wheel it into place and voila—instant dining room.

Counter Height Tables

Slightly shorter than bar height, counter height tables paired with stools make another space-saving option. Look for a 2-person width table to tuck against a wall, island or kitchen counter for casual meals and extra prep space.

Small Bistro Sets

A tiny bistro table paired with two bar stools is a cute option for truly petite kitchens. Place these out of the main workflow and use them for quick breakfasts or coffee breaks. Look for a metal set that’s lightweight and easy to move.

Folding Tables

Keep a folding table like a card table stashed away until mealtimes, then simply unfold for extra dining space. Look for lightweight folding tables that are easy to set up and can tuck into narrow spots.

Rolling Carts

Turn a rolling cart into impromptu dining by parking it where you need extra table space. Look for carts and trollies with towel bars or wine racks to serve double duty.

Getting creative with your table choice is key to finding dining options for petite kitchens. With some savvy small-space solutions, you can carve out a stylish spot to enjoy meals in your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Kitchen Table Options

What size table is best for a small kitchen?

For a kitchen with limited space, a table with a diameter of 36-42 inches is ideal for 2-4 people. Round tables take up less visual space than square or rectangular options.

What about a drop leaf table for small kitchens?

Yes, a drop leaf or gateleg table is excellent for small kitchens as the leaves can be lowered to save space when not in use. Look for compact drop leaf tables around 30 inches wide.

Should I get a bar height table for my small kitchen?

If you have the headroom, a bar height table paired with bar stools can work well, taking up less space than a standard table and chairs. Just make sure there’s enough clearance from lower cabinets.

Can a kitchen island double as a dining table?

Absolutely! A kitchen island that’s around 42 inches wide makes a perfect casual dining spot. Add stools on one side and you have a space-saving table solution.

Is a bistro set good for small kitchens?

A tiny bistro set with a table and two stools is ideal for cramped kitchens. These petite sets can be easily moved around as needed.

Should I get a folding table for a small kitchen?

Storing a folding table like a card table and bringing it out for meals is an efficient option for gaining dining space when you need it. Lightweight folding tables are easy to set up and stow away.

Can I use a rolling cart as a dining table?

Yes! A rolling cart makes a versatile, portable dining surface in a small kitchen. Look for ones with features like wine racks, towel bars, shelves, and butcher block tops to serve multiple purposes.


There are many smart ways to carve out an eating area even in the smallest kitchens. Getting creative with a round drop-leaf table, bar height table, multi-purpose island, or portable folding table allows you to have dining space without sacrificing precious square footage. The key is finding a table that can serve double duty for both dining and extra workspace or storage in a petite kitchen. With some innovative solutions, you can enjoy meals and entertain in your small kitchen.