Designing a small bathroom can be challenging, but with careful planning and smart layout choices, you can maximize both function and style. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore layout options, storage solutions, decor tips, and examples to help you make the most of your petite powder room.

Factors to Consider For a Small Bathroom Layout

When designing a compact bathroom, consider how you use the space and what your priorities are. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

Fixtures and Clearances

You’ll need to allow proper clearances around toilets, showers, tubs, and vanities as required by building codes. Measure your fixtures and space to ensure enough room to open doors and drawers.

Traffic Flow

Map out how users enter and move about the bathroom. Avoid collisions between opening doors and seated toilet users.

Existing Plumbing Locations

Take note of the locations of supply lines and drains. Moving fixtures like sinks and toilets can be expensive.

Natural Lighting

Strategically place mirrors and add lighting to make the most of natural light sources. Consider adding a window if possible.


Proper ventilation is essential to prevent mold and mildew. Include a vent fan and outside air source if possible.

Storage Needs

Consider built-ins, freestanding furniture, and organizational accessories for towels, toiletries and cleaning supplies.


Set a realistic budget and consider splurging on one or two statement pieces or features. Look for ways to get style at a lower cost.

Personal Style

Make decorative choices that reflect your tastes. Choose paint colors, tile, fixtures, and hardware that you love.

Popular Small Bathroom Layouts

Here are some of the most common and effective small bathroom layouts to consider:

Single Wall Layout

Arranging fixtures and features on one wall makes good use of limited space. This layout works well for powder rooms and tight baths.

Single wall small bathroom layout

Photo from Home Stratosphere

Alcove Layout

Tucking the toilet into an alcove or behind a partition wall saves space. This works well when the entry door conflicts with the toilet placement.

Alcove small bathroom layout

Photo from Houzz

L-Shaped Layout

Arranging fixtures along two adjacent walls creates an efficient L-shaped flow. This makes good use of corner space.

L-shaped small bathroom layout

Photo from HGTV

Peninsula Layout

Adding a narrow peninsula or bump out allows you to fit in more storage. Great for longer gally-style baths.

Peninsula small bathroom layout

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Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

Lack of storage is one of the biggest complaints in compact bathrooms. Here are some savvy solutions:

Open Shelving

Exposed shelving instantly adds display space. Try a wall-mounted ladder rack or floating shelves.

Exposed shelving small bathroom

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Under Sink Cabinets

Maximize the space under sinks with custom cabinets. Add doors, drawers, and pull-out trays.

Under sink bathroom storage

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Medicine Cabinets

Recessed or wall-mounted cabinets provide concealed storage. Some have mirrors on the doors.

Medicine cabinet small bathroom

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Built-In Shelves

Custom fitted shelves in corners or alcoves make use of dead space. Great for linens or toiletries.

Built in shelves small bathroom

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Tower Cabinets

Narrow floor cabinets provide vertical storage next to pedestal sinks. Top with bamboo bath accessories.

Tower cabinet small bathroom

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Space-Saving Totes

Tuck away toiletries in lidded baskets on shelves. Label for easy organization.

Bathroom storage totes

Photo from Making Home Base

Small Bathroom Decor Tips

Small changes can make a big visual impact in a petite bath. Use these savvy decor tricks:

Add Mirrors

Strategically placed mirrors visually expand space. Hang horizontal mirrors above sinks.

Bathroom mirror ideas small

Photo from Good Housekeeping

Use Glass Shower Doors

Frameless glass doors keep showers open to the room. Select textured glass for privacy.

Glass shower door small bathroom

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Install Wall Sconces

Sconces provide task lighting without cluttering counters. Use LEDs to reduce heat.

Bathroom sconce ideas

Photo from Elle Decor

Pick Neutral Colors

Stick with soft hues like white, gray, or beige to visually expand the space. Add pops of color with towels and decor.

Small bathroom paint color ideas

Photo from Good Housekeeping

Install Wainscoting

Add interest and architecture with beadboard wainscoting on walls or tile tub surrounds. Opt for white or neutral materials.

Wainscoting small bathroom ideas

Photo from [Ideal Home]( transform-tiny-room-182470)

Use Patterns and Textures

Visually expand space with vertical tile on walls or botanical prints. Layer rugs and curtains for depth.

Small bathroom texture ideas

Photo from Good Housekeeping

Small Bathroom Layout Inspiration

Here are some inspiring small bathrooms showcasing smart layouts and savvy design choices:

Bright and Airy

This light and airy bath feels larger with glass doors, white wainscoting, and skylights. The wall-hung toilet and pedestal sink conserve space.

Bright and airy small bathroom

Photo from Houzz

Clever Corner Storage

This bath maximizes a corner by recessing shelves into the walls. A corner sink optimizes the layout.

Corner shelving small bathroom

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Spa Style

Designer tile, sconces, and a wall-mounted faucet give this petite bath a spa vibe. The medicine cabinet provides hidden storage.

Spa style small bathroom

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Vintage Character

The ornate mirror, subway tile, and clawfoot tub add old-world charm to this bath. Freestanding furniture maximizes floor space.

Vintage small bathroom

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Spa Shower

This contemporary bath feels indulgent with its frameless glass shower, wall-mounted faucets, and marble accents.

Spa shower small bathroom

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Frequently Asked Questions About Small Bathroom Layouts

Here are answers to some common questions about designing and decorating petite powder rooms and baths:

What are some layout tips for a very small bathroom?

Focus on installing space-saving fixtures like a corner sink or pedestal model. Consider putting the toilet in a separate alcove for privacy. Locate fixtures on adjacent walls for efficient traffic flow.

How can I make a small bathroom feel bigger?

Use mirrors to visually expand the space. Paint walls light, neutral colors. Add glass shower doors. Install sconces for ambient lighting. Use vertical tile patterns. Remove clutter.

What type of flooring works best in small bathrooms?

Small baths look best with seamless flooring like vinyl, linoleum sheet goods, or large tile with thin grout lines. Skip busy patterns. Neutral floors make the space feel larger.

Are floating vanities good for small bathrooms?

Yes! Floating vanities with thin profiles take up less visual space. They have a lightweight, contemporary look compared to bulky cabinets. Make sure to include storage baskets or a medicine cabinet.

What colors make a small bathroom look bigger?

Stick with light, neutral hues like white, bone, light gray, or beige on walls, cabinets, and floors. Use navy or dark green for accents if you want to incorporate color. Avoid busy wallpaper and bright paint.

How can I add storage to my small bathroom?

Built-in shelving, wall cabinets, under-sink organizers, freestanding tower cabinets, and lidded baskets offer storage options. Look for 2-in-1 furniture like a cabinet with laundry hamper.

Should I get a shower curtain or glass door for a small bath?

Frameless glass shower doors make baths feel more open. They also prevent shower curtains from clinging during use. Select textured glass if you need more privacy. Add a coordinating shower curtain on the outer side.

What floor plan works best for a 5×7 bathroom?

A simple layout placing the toilet and sink on one wall with the shower/tub on the opposite works well. Or try putting the toilet in a separate alcove with the sink and shower lining the other wall. Include storage cabinets.

What small bathroom layout has the toilet behind a door?

An alcove layout places the toilet in a semi-private nook, using a pocket door or curtain for the entrance. This works well when the bathroom entrance conflicts with toilet placement. Some codes require minimum circulation space.


While small bathrooms can pose layout and storage challenges, they also allow for creative design solutions. Focus on selecting space-saving fixtures and multifunctional furnishings. Visually expand the room with mirrors, neutral colors, and glass dividers. Take inspiration from the savvy small bathrooms showcased here to make