Converting an unused attic into a relaxing spa-like bath can greatly enhance your home’s value and enjoyment. Strategically placing skylights and decorating with glass tile are two key ways to transform the space into an oasis of natural light and tranquility.

Benefits of Skylights in an Attic Bathroom

Skylights are a perfect addition when renovating an attic into a bathroom. Here are some of the main benefits skylights provide:

  • Allow abundant natural light to fill the space, creating a bright and airy environment. This helps make a small attic feel more open and expansive.
  • Provide direct access to fresh air and ventilation. This improves humidity control in a damp bathroom.
  • Create a spa-like ambiance. The soft, natural light streaming through skylights sets a relaxing tone.
  • Add architectural interest. Skylights become an integral part of the design aesthetic.
  • Increase energy efficiency. Skylights reduce the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours.

Proper placement of skylights is crucial to maximize these benefits. Installing them above the shower/tub and vanity areas ensures those spaces receive plenty of natural illumination.

Choosing the Right Skylights

There are several types of skylights to consider:

  • Fixed skylights are non-opening. They provide abundant light but no ventilation.
  • Venting skylights open manually or automatically to let in fresh air. Some have built-in fans.
  • Tubular skylights funnel light through reflective tubes from roof to ceiling. Great for small, interior bathrooms.
  • Glass block skylights use blocks made from thick, prismatic glass. Softer light transmission.

Other factors to weigh are size, frames (plastic, metal, wood), glazing material, and energy efficiency rating. An expert can help determine the optimal skylights for your attic bathroom remodel.

Decorating with Glass Tile Accents

Glass tile is an excellent complement to skylights in an attic bath. The reflective, luminous quality of glass tile interacts beautifully with natural light. Using glass mosaic tile on walls, floor inlays, or as shower/tub surround accents creates a shimmering spa aesthetic.

Here are some great ways to incorporate glass tile:

  • Add a decorative border of small mosaic glass tile along walls or ceilings. Provides subtle sparkle.
  • Use larger glass subway tiles on walls or shower surrounds. Available in various colors.
  • Inlay glass tile designs into floors. especially around tub/shower area.
  • Install a glass tile backsplash behind bathroom vanity. Reflects light well.
  • Choose glass penny round tile for flooring. Durable and easy to clean.

Glass tile comes in so many styles, shapes, colors and finishes. Combining complementary hues and textures creates luxury ambiance. Let glass tile transform your attic into a soothing, spa-inspired space.

Considerations for an Attic Bathroom Remodel

Converting an attic into a stylish, functional bathroom takes careful planning. Here are some key considerations:

  • Evaluate the load-bearing capacity of the attic floor. May require reinforcement for appliances.
  • Calculate plumbing needs. Determine locations for supply lines, drains, and venting.
  • Address insulation and moisture barriers. Prevent condensation buildup.
  • Provide proper ventilation. Use skylights, fans, and HVAC extensions.
  • Confirm all electrical wiring meets code. Lighting, outlets, ventilation, etc.
  • Include accessibility features like grab bars and non-slip surfaces if needed.
  • Check local permit requirements. Many attic conversions need approval.

With good design and licensed contractors, you can transform even a cramped attic into a heavenly spa bathroom retreat. Just don’t forget those all-important skylights and glass tile accents!

Frequently Asked Questions about Skylights and Glass Tile for an Attic Bathroom Remodel

Q: How many skylights should I install in an attic bathroom?

A: Most experts recommend at least 2-3 skylights – one over the shower, one near the vanity, and optionally one near the toilet area. Space them evenly to maximize natural light distribution.

Q: What type of skylight is best for controlling humidity in a bathroom?

A: Venting skylights that open are ideal for controlling humidity. They allow moist air to escape while letting fresh air in. Models with built-in fans help remove humidity even when closed.

Q: How can I make skylights and glass tile blend with my attic’s design aesthetic?

A: Choose skylight frames and glass tile in colors/finishes that coordinate with other bathroom elements like fixtures and flooring. Keeping the palette cohesive creates a harmonious look.

Q: Is special wiring required for skylights?

A: Most skylights require no special wiring. However, if you add a powered venting skylight with a fan, it will require connecting to a switch and outlet like other bathroom exhaust fans.

Q: Can I install glass tile on shower walls and floors?

A: Yes, glass tile is an excellent water-resistant material for both shower walls and floors. Use appropriate waterproof backing and grout. Mosaics work great on curved surfaces.

Q: What’s the best way to clean glass tile?

A: Use a mild soap and water solution with a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid harsh cleaners or abrasive pads/brushes. Glass cleaner spray works too – just avoid spraying near open grout lines.


Transforming an unused, cramped attic into a relaxing spa-inspired bathroom may seem daunting, but strategic use of skylights and glass tile can make it achievable. Abundant natural light, ventilation, and sparkling accents set the perfect tranquil tone. With proper planning and licensed professional installation, you can enjoy an attic oasis perfect for recharging and relaxing in luxury. Just don’t forget the candlelight and peaceful music to complete your at-home spa experience!