The excitement and thrill of the Olympics can be brought right into your home with Olympic-inspired sports decor. Bringing sports themes into a room is a fun way to add energy and get your family excited about gathering together. With some creative decorating, you can transform any room into an Olympic venue filled with school spirit.

Bring the Sports Action Home

Fill your family room or basement with Olympic flair to create your very own arena for friendly competition. Deck out the space with sports banners, pennants, posters and other decorative items featuring Olympic rings, sports equipment, and words like “Go for the Gold!” You can find affordable decor items at big box stores, party supply stores, and online retailers.

Display medals, trophies, ribbons, and photos of family members participating in sports over the years. Add fun lighting like string lights or lamps with sports ball lampshades. Use wall decals like splashes, checkered flag motifs, and inspirational sports quotes to add eye-catching focal points.

For a central visual element, hang a large sports banner or flag on the main wall. Or create a whole collage wall of framed sports photos, memorabilia and posters. Add customized elements like family members’ names or jersey numbers for a personal touch.

Comfortable Seating for Spectators

Part of the fun of spectator sports is gathering together and cheering on your team. Choose comfortable, casual seating options that bring people together like large sectionals or chairs grouped around coffee tables. Incorporate team colors into your upholstery, pillows and throws for a cohesive look.

Use ottomans or poufs that can be moved around instead of bulky coffee tables so you can easily rearrange seating for optimal viewing. Sturdy but lightweight folding chairs are another flexible option.

Concession Stand Fuel

No sports watching experience is complete without snacks and refreshments. Set up a self-serve concession area with a small table or kitchen cart stocked with game day treats. Popcorn, soft pretzels, hot dogs, candy, sodas and sports drinks are fun options.

For a personal concession stand, install a mini fridge stocked with cold beverages and a microwave within reach of the seating. Add overhead shelving to display snacks. Use colorful dispensers, buckets, bins and serving containers sporting team logos and sports graphics.

Theming with Team Colors

Incorporating team colors throughout your decor brings visual unity. Use accents like throw pillows, area rugs, lamps, artwork and floral arrangements in coordinating hues. Olympic color rings also make a fun decorative motif.

Paint or wallpaper one accent wall in bold team colors. Use colored shelves or cubbies to hold books, trophies and memorabilia. Paint a focal wall with chalkboard paint and use it to track team stats and scores.

Game Time Fun and Games

Get everyone off the couch and involved in the action with interactive sports games. Hang wall-mounted basketball hoops, soccer goals or hockey nets for shooting practice. Bring out cornhole, ring toss or bowling sets for friendly tournaments.

Display your family’s sports equipment like balls, gloves and gear on shelving or in baskets so they’re handy when inspiration strikes for a quick match. Let the competitive spirit move you!

Designate Space for Prized Memorabilia

For households with avid young athletes, trophies, medals, gear and uniforms quickly accumulate. Create designated display areas to show off your child’s sports achievements proudly.

Install floating wall shelves to neatly line up trophies, ribbons and medals. Use shadowboxes framed with team colors to showcase jerseys, signed balls and other prized memorabilia.

Set up curio cabinets to display collectibles by sport or child. Add customized elements like photos, names and team numbers for a personalized exhibit. Rotate items out as new achievements roll in!

Walls That Inspire Athletic Greatness

Cover your walls with motivating materials like favorite sports quotes, inspirational poems, song lyrics or bible verses. These messages will stir up passion and remind family of the deeper reasons they love sports.

You can buy pre-printed vinyl wall quotes or create your own posters and prints. Pick quotes like “The will to win” or bible verses about perseverance and discipline. Change them up from season to season to keep the inspirational decor feeling fresh.

Let Imagination Soar

Don’t be limited to traditional sports décor items – use your imagination! Kids’ artwork, homemade medals and banners, decorative balls and equipment can make cherished additions. A little DIY project like a paper medal garland or sculpture of sports balls brings personalized spirit.

Theme each room differently for variety – baseball in one corner, soccer in another. Ask kids for input and let everyone contribute ideas to the space. The memories you make pursuing passions together as a family will last long after trophies gather dust. Let the games begin!

Frequently Asked Questions About Olympic-Style Sports Decor

What are some quick ways to add Olympics flair to a room?

Some quick easy ways include hanging sports pennants, framing Olympic athletes posters, displaying medals and trophies, using wall decals of Olympic rings or sports motifs, and incorporating Olympic colors like blue, yellow, green, red, and black into decor accents.

How can you include sports themes in a kid’s bedroom?

Incorporate favorite sports into bedding, wall decals, storage bins, lamps, wall art, or framed jerseys. Add sports equipment décor like wall-mounted basketball hoops, soccer ball ottomans, or baseball glove chairs. Use colors from their sports team.

Where is the best place to display sports trophies and awards?

Floating wall shelves, corner shelves, mantle displays, and built-in or freestanding display cases all work well for neatly showing off trophies. Place displays in an entryway, family room, hallway, bedroom, or dedicated sports memorabilia room.

What types of furniture work well in sports-themed rooms?

Casual, comfortable furniture like sectionals, recliners, and ottomans allow flexible seating for sports spectating. Sturdy upholstered furniture in leather or microfiber stands up well to active families. Avoid ornate pieces prone to damage.

What are creative ways to incorporate Olympic rings in a room?

Hang metal Olympic rings on the wall, use them in wall decals or murals, frame Olympic rings posters, embellish pillows and furniture with rings patterns, or look for lamps and accessories featuring the iconic Olympic rings.


Decorating rooms with fun Olympic and sports themes is a great way to promote family bonding and develop cherished memories around sports and competition. Kids and adults alike will be inspired to gather for sports spectating, games and friendly tournaments. Start with easy-to-find wall décor and team colors, then get creative in displaying memorabilia, equipment and custom elements. Let your shared school and team spirit shine brightly throughout your home’s decor.