Seashells can add a touch of beachy charm and elegance to any bathroom. With their natural shapes, colors, and textures, seashells are a great way to bring the feeling of the ocean into your home. Decorating with seashells is an affordable way to make your bathroom look more relaxing and serene. Here are some ideas for incorporating seashell decor into your bathroom.

Why Choose Seashell Decor for the Bathroom?

Seashell decor lends itself perfectly to bathroom spaces for a few key reasons:

  • Seashells evoke feelings of calm and tranquility, which are ideal for a room like the bathroom. The sights and sounds of the ocean can be very soothing.
  • The natural shapes, textures, and colors of seashells coordinate beautifully with common bathroom materials like ceramic tile, porcelain, granite, and glass.
  • Seashells are linked to water and therefore feel at home in humid bathroom environments.
  • Small seashells and sea glass make lovely, affordable accents that add personality without cluttering.

Mirror Frames

One easy way to incorporate seashells is by framing your bathroom mirror or medicine cabinet with them. You can use small to medium-sized shells and glue them onto the frame. Combine different shapes, sizes, and colors for extra visual interest. Keep them in their natural state or paint them all one shade.

Seashell frames lend a coastal vibe and make plain mirrors look more unique. Try using shells like scallops, cockles, and cowries for their distinctive shapes. A mirrored seashell frame also bounces more light around the room.


Another way to add seashell flair is by using them in a backsplash design. You can create a seashell mosaic with tile or use real shells cemented onto the wall. A seashell backsplash looks best behind a sink, mirror, or bathtub.

When doing a seashell mosaic, combine different shades of seashell tile or glass tile for variation. Flecks of metallic and iridescent tiles also imitate the shimmer of shells. For real shells, stick to ones with durable outer layers that can withstand humidity.

Bathroom Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks that sit atop the vanity are available shaped like giant seashells. Their flowing organic forms and glossy finishes give bathrooms a coastal modern look.

Large clamshell, nautilus, or conch shell sinks resemble sculptural seaside artwork. Pair them with natural stone countertops to complete the oceanic theme. Make sure to properly seal real shell sinks to prevent damage from moisture.

Soap Dishes

Seashell-shaped soap dishes are an adorable addition to any bathroom. They keep bars of soap tidy on the counter or in the bath caddy. Look for porcelain dishes shaped like spiraled nautilus shells, scallop shells, or starfish.

For extra decoration, fill clear glass or acrylic shell dishes with real sand, tiny shells, sea glass, and flowers. You can also display decorative soaps or bath bombs in them. Place one on the sink, in the shower, or by the tub.

Towel Holders

Accent your towels with seashell decor by hanging them from creative towel holders. You can find holders shaped like starfish, seashells, crabs, octopuses, sailboats, and more made from materials like ceramic, wood, or metal.

For a DIY option, glue assorted shells and charms onto plain wood or marble holders. Coordinating seashell hooks are also handy for hanging robes, bags, and extra towels. Display them on the wall or attach them to the back of the door.

Sconce Lighting

Illuminate your bathroom with charming seashell sconces. Wall sconces and vanity lights shaped like large seashells cast a soft glow for evening baths and showers. Look for quality materials like resin, wrought iron, ceramic, or glass.

For more natural lighting, you can also line plain glass sconces with real sand and small shells using clear adhesive. The light shines through the shells, creating a subtle shimmery effect.

Bath Mats and Rugs

Bring the seaside theme underfoot with bath mats and area rugs decorated with seashells. You can find woven and tufted mats featuring shell motifs or patterns. Using shades of sand, sea glass, and blue creates an oceanic color palette.

For easy cleaning, look for machine-washable cotton, polyester, or nylon bath mats. Absorbent memory foam mats with non-slip backing provide soft support. Large area rugs work well for beach cottage style bathrooms.

Wreaths and Wall Decor

Finally, consider seashell wreaths, garlands, and wall hangings to finish off your coastal bathroom decor. For a wreath, use grapevine, driftwood, or foam as the base and affix an assortment of seashells and starfish. Hang it on the wall or the back of the door.

You can also frame clusters of small shells or sea glass in shadowboxes. Include sand dollars, pretty rocks, and natural elements like dried seaweed or starfish. Don’t forget fun beach signs with sayings like “Seas the Day.”

With some seashell accents and ocean-inspired accessories, you can give your bathroom a relaxing, beachy vibe. Seashells make great decor options for any type of bathroom aesthetic. Have fun mixing different shells and coastal elements to create your own tranquil seaside oasis at home.

Seashell Bathroom Decor Ideas FAQ

How do I stick seashells to my bathroom walls?

Use a strong waterproof adhesive like liquid nails, epoxy resin, or marine adhesive to affix seashells directly onto bathroom walls, mirrors, or tiles. Make sure the shells are clean before gluing. You can also create a seashell mosaic by applying adhesive mesh to the back of each shell.

Are real seashells safe to use in bathrooms?

Natural seashells work best for decorative purposes only in bathrooms. The moisture can cause real shells to degrade over time. It’s best to seal and coat natural shells with polyurethane or shellac to protect them. For functional items like soap dishes, stick to shells made from durable materials like ceramic.

Where is the best place to find seashells for crafts?

Check craft stores, dollar stores, and online shops for a variety of affordable seashells suitable for crafting. Etsy in particular offers many supplies like bulk shells, charms, coral pieces, and sea glass. You can also visit beach shops in coastal areas. Just avoid taking live shells from protected public beaches.

What types of seashells work well for bathroom decor?

Some popular types of seashells for bathrooms include scallops, cockles, whelks, cowries, nautilus shells, conches, clams, mussels, and oyster shells. Look for fairly small to medium shells with durable outer layers. Avoid fragile shells like sand dollars or ones with thin layers that flake easily.

How can I make a DIY seashell frame for my bathroom mirror?

Start with a purchased or repurposed plain picture frame. Apply strong glue or epoxy resin to the frame edge and carefully press small to medium seashells onto it, covering the surface. You can leave spaces between shells or completely cover the frame. Let dry fully before hanging over a mirror or window.


With an array of creative and budget-friendly ideas, seashells can easily elevate your bathroom’s coastal appeal. Keep things simple with a few key accents or go all-out with a beachy paradise theme. From mirrors to mats to soaps, seashell decor adds natural beauty, relaxation, and seaside style to any bath space. Just be sure to use proper adhesives and sealants in humid bathroom environments when decorating with real shells. Let your bathroom reflect the easygoing, peaceful vibes of the ocean with the help of charming and versatile seashell decor.