Bold and vibrant prints seen on the runways are now making their way into home décor and interior design. From animal prints to graphic patterns and florals, these eye-catching prints add a punch of personality and style to any room. Incorporating these runway-inspired prints into your home is an exciting way to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and design. When done right, these bold prints can transform a space from basic to chic in an instant.

In this article, we will explore how bold prints from the runway are strutting indoors and offer tips on how to use them in your home decor. We will cover:

  • The rise in popularity of bold prints
  • Key runway prints and how to use them at home
  • Tips for balancing and blending prints
  • Strategies for making bold prints work in any room
  • Inspiring ways to incorporate animal prints
  • How to create an eclectic look with graphic prints
  • Using florals in modern and unexpected ways

By the end, you’ll feel inspired to embrace bold prints to create show-stopping style in your home. The runway trends are calling – it’s time to invite them indoors!

The Rise in Popularity of Bold Prints

In recent years, bold and daring prints have strutted off the runway and directly into home décor. What was once seen as too avant-garde for the home is now very much on trend. The rise in popularity of bold prints can be attributed to:

  • A desire for personal style and individuation through interior design
  • The mixing of high/low in interiors, blending runway fashion and accessible home goods
  • Maximalism and appreciation of “more is more” in home decor
  • The need for self-expression and creativity in spaces, especially during the pandemic
  • A hunger for fun, playfulness and escape through vivid colors and prints

For many, a bold print communicates confidence, self-expression and a refusal to blend in. The allure of bold prints also comes from their energizing vibrancy – they literally brighten up a space. With so many options now available at an affordable price point, it’s easy to see why bold prints are having a major moment.

Key Runway Prints and How to Use Them at Home

From the catwalks to your living room, here are some of the top bold prints seen on the runway and how to incorporate them stylishly in your home:

Animal Prints

Animal prints never go out of style and remain a go-to bold print. Favorite patterns include zebra stripes, leopard spots, tiger stripes, snake/reptile skins, cow prints and more. Use animal prints in moderation in larger furniture pieces like couches or arm chairs. Or layer in smaller doses on pillows, throws, rugs and other accessories. Keep the color palette grounded with neutral walls/furnishings to let the animal print pop.

Graphic Prints

Geometric patterns, abstract prints and optical illusions seen on the runway inject bold graphic appeal to a room. Try using these prints in artwork on the walls or on decorative objects like vases/trays. Upholstered furniture in graphic prints also makes a strong style statement. Keep the rest of the color scheme simple to prevent these powerful prints from overwhelming a space.


Runway-inspired floral prints range from oversized blooms to exotic varieties to watercolor and painterly designs. Use these prints in your home on soft furnishings like drapes, bedding and cushions. Choose floral prints with colors that coordinate with the rest of the room’s palette. Large-scale floral wallpaper makes a stunning focal point in a room.

Tips for Balancing and Blending Prints

The key to avoiding a bold print overload is learning how to artfully balance and blend them. Here are some useful tips:

  • Stick to 2-3 statement prints in a room and keep the other elements neutral
  • Vary the scale – mix a large floral couch with smaller stripe and dot patterns
  • Choose contrasting color palettes and styles – florals with geometric prints
  • Echo colors between prints to create cohesion
  • Use prints in the same color family for harmony
  • Anchor prints with neutral solids like walls, rugs and large furniture pieces

Whenever using multiple bold prints, maintain visual organization through repetition of colors, patterns and textures. Start with one print as the focus and layer in others as accents. Follow this formula and prints will elegantly cooperate, not collide.

Strategies for Making Bold Prints Work in Any Room

Bold prints can feel intimidating. But they don’t have to be restricted to modern or eclectic spaces. Here are handy tips for making vibrant prints work in any room’s decor:

Traditional Room

  • Stick to classic prints like stripes, small florals and polka dots
  • Choose prints in muted rather than bright colors
  • Incorporate prints through toss pillows and window treatments
  • Anchor with traditional solid wood furniture pieces

Transitional Room

  • Layer leopard and zebra prints as accents to transitional furniture
  • Use painterly floral prints in soft color palettes
  • Repeat print colors in other accessories around the room
  • Contrast scales by pairing large and small prints

Modern Room

  • Use graphic wallpaper as a bold focal point
  • Layer in different geometric prints
  • Choose prints with bright colors that pop
  • Paint or stain furniture a neutral solid to anchor the prints

Eclectic Room

  • Go big with eye-catching oversized floral prints
  • Mix and match patterns and colors with abandon
  • Contrast matte and shiny prints together
  • Repeat colors between prints for cohesion

Inspiring Ways to Incorporate Animal Prints

Animal prints deserve special attention as a perennial bold print perfect for every room. Here are unique ways to stylishly incorporate them into your home:

Living Room – An animal print sofa makes a wildly glamorous statement. Or use leopard and zebra pillows to liven up a neutral couch.

Bedroom – Layer in luxe bedding with tiger or snakeskin prints. An animal print bench or chair in the bedroom adds a playful pop.

Home Office – Energize your work-from-home space with a cowhide rug or cheetah print desk chair.

Kitchen – Add touches of zebra or leopard prints in the kitchen with dishtowels, placemats and other washable accessories.

Bathroom – Make the bathroom more fun with a shower curtain or bath mat sporting a bold animal print.

Kids Room – Let imaginations run wild with animal print pillows, wall decals and stuffed toys.

How to Create an Eclectic Look with Graphic Prints

Nothing perks up a room like the infusion of graphic runway prints. Create an eclectic space bursting with pattern and color by:

  • Hanging graphic artwork like abstract prints, optical illusion prints or customized maps
  • Using upholstered furniture with geometric or other graphic prints as the room’s focal point
  • Layering in graphic print accents like vases, trays, rugs and decorative books
  • Incorporating graphic motifs on lampshades, pillows and other unexpected surfaces
  • Choosing graphic print window treatments like roman blinds or patterned drapes
  • Painting or wallpapering one wall or an accent wall with a bold geometric print
  • Repeating colors between the various graphic prints for visual harmony

The more graphic prints you mix together, the more visually exciting the space becomes!

Using Florals in Modern and Unexpected Ways

While florals can lean traditional, they can also be integrated in fresh, modern ways:

  • Choose painterly watercolor florals over traditional prints for a modern twist
  • Scale up the floral on furniture or wallpaper for a dramatic contemporary statement
  • Opt for a moody color palette like deep blues, greens or grays for modern edge
  • Mix large and small scale florals together and blend with graphic prints
  • Look for exotic floral varieties like tropical or succulent prints for unique flair
  • Highlight close-up details of flowers instead of arrangements
  • Incorporate metallics into floral prints for mid-century modern glamour

With creativity, florals can feel new and now. Blend with other patterns and colors for the most contemporary look.


Runway-inspired home décor is about embracing boldness and individuality in your design. With limitless print options now available, you can easily integrate the vibrant runway trends into any room. Keep the principles of combining colors, scales and styles in mind. Then have fun seeing how prints can transform your home into a personalized oasis filled with spirit and self-expression.

Let your inner fashionista shine through in your home decor choices. It’s time to bring those captivating prints indoors to awaken and enliven your rooms. Striking that perfect high-low balance between accessible home goods and couture-level style is the ultimate fashion fantasy. So which vivid print will you invite to strut through your rooms next?