Spheres are gaining popularity for use in home and garden decor. Their smooth, circular shape adds an elegant and visually appealing dimension to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Incorporating spheres into your home and garden design can round out the look and feel of the area in unique and eye-catching ways.

Why Use Spheres for Decor?

Spheres offer some key advantages when used for home and garden decor:

Symmetry and Shape

The symmetrical, uniform curve of a sphere is naturally pleasing to the eye. Spheres introduce a rounded visual element and smooth contours that contrast nicely with the hard edges found in most home decor. Their consistent shape promotes harmony and visual balance.


Spheres are highly versatile decorative pieces. They come in an endless variety of sizes, materials, colors and textures to suit any style. Spheres can be hung, clustered, stacked, embedded or situated as standalone pieces. This flexibility allows them to be incorporated into designs seamlessly.

Draws Attention

The smooth, circular form of spheres contrasts with their surroundings to naturally draw the eye. They help focal points stand out in gardens or become unique statement pieces indoors. Spheres add an intriguing sculptural quality to spaces.

Provides Height

Larger spheres used outdoors help add height and dimension to gardens. Clustering tall spheres together creates visual interest and depth. Stacked groupings also enable small plants to be elevated more prominently.

Space Definition

Spheres are ideal for defining specific zones or areas, especially in open concept gardens and rooms. Using a group of matching spheres helps distinguish particular spaces with style.

Guides Movement

The placement of spheres can help guide the flow of movement through a room or garden. Aligning spheres to create a pathway helps lead the eye and encourages people to move along a desired route.

Sphere Shapes and Materials

Spheres used for decor and design purposes are available in many different materials, shapes and sizes. Consider the following options when selecting spheres:

Solid Spheres

  • Glass – Clear, colored, frosted, blown glass spheres in many sizes. Reflective surface.
  • Acrylic – Plastic acrylic spheres are affordable and durable. Come in clear or colors.
  • Stone – Marble, alabaster, sandstone and granite spheres are carved for substantial weight.
  • Ceramic – Glazed ceramic spheres keep decorative color and are water-safe.
  • Metal – Stainless steel, copper and brass polished metal spheres add shine.

Hollow Spheres

  • Papier Mache – Lightweight handcrafted paper spheres are very affordable.
  • Wood – Spray painted hollow wood spheres are lightweight.
  • Plastic – Colorful hollow plastic craft spheres are very inexpensive.
  • Wicker – Intricately woven spheres with small openings provide a natural look.
  • Wire Frame – Metal wire bent into a sphere basket shape.

Textured Spheres

  • Garden Stone – Natural rock shapes molded into imperfect spheres.
  • Orbs – Glass spheres silvered on the interior with flecks of foil texturing.
  • Beaded Wire – Wire frames covered in beads for sparkling texture.
  • Terrazzo – Recycled glass or stone chips cast in resin create patterned spheres.

Oversized and Sculptural Spheres

  • Papier Mache – Lightweight but oversized sculptural display spheres.
  • Inflatables – Large inflatable plastic or fabric spheres that can be temporary or permanent.
  • Gold/Silver – Metallic painted giant spheres for striking visual impact.
  • Cast Resin – Fiberglass spheres cast for thick durability even in giant sizes.
  • Natural Stone – Massive carved stone boulders can become decorative spheres.

Two Piece Spheres

  • Interlocking – Lightweight plastic or wood hemispheres lock together around an object.
  • Hinged – Solid metal, plastic or wood spheres cut in half and hinged to open and enclose.
  • Magnetic – Hollow plastic hemispheres hold together via embedded magnets to create a sphere.

How to Use Spheres in Garden Décor

Sculptural spheres help enhance gardens with shape, texture and defined visual structure. Consider these applications for using spheres in garden and outdoor designs:

Groupings on the Ground

  • Create clusters of 2-4 matching spheres on open ground or tucked into planting beds. Vary heights and sizes for interest.
  • Make pathways with groupings of spheres leading through ground cover greenery or flowers.
  • Outline garden focal points like fountains, statues or accent plants using spheres.
  • Place sizable spheres singly as standalone sculptures on lawns or in gravel gardens.

Bordering Edges

  • Line spheres up end-to-end to visually define walkways or the edges of planting beds.
  • Place a line of spheres to create textured boundaries for sectioning off lawn spaces.
  • Hang a row of spheres along the edges of fencing, posts or railings.

Elevated Displays

  • Stack groupings of spheres in stair-step or pyramid arrangements to add height.
  • Hang spheres by wire from trees and overhangs at varied heights to create aerial interest.
  • Set spheres on pedestals, columns or atop short walls as elevated garden accents.
  • Embed oversized spheres partially into the ground and allow ivy or vines to grow over them.

Water Features

  • Float medium spheres or bubbles in water gardens, ponds and fountains for movement.
  • Line spheres up submerged just under the waterline of pools and ponds.
  • Place spheres in or around water on pedestals so water runs down them like sculpture fountains.

Garden Path Lights

  • Illuminate garden paths at night by setting spheres with LED lights atop short stakes.
  • Create decorative floodlights spotlighting trees or bushes using wired spheres with light fixtures inside.
  • Outline stairways and decks with small spheres containing solar path lights.

Hanging Options

  • Use fishing line, wire or filament to hang small spheres from tree branches.
  • Create hanging displays of mixed heights with multiple sizes and shapes of spheres.
  • Hang wreaths of stacked or clustered spheres rather than traditional wreaths on gates or walls.
  • Use long rods or poles to suspend larger spheres overhead.

How to Use Spheres in Home Décor

Spherical accents can be displayed in homes to add artistic flair and give spaces a finished, well-designed feel. Here are creative ways to effectively use spheres for home décor:

Coffee Table Display

  • Place a large statement sphere on a coffee table as a standout centerpiece. Surround with smaller accent spheres.
  • Put three matching small spheres in a triangular pattern on tables to evenly fill space.
  • Set medium spheres on books stacked horizontally to create levels.

Table Centerpieces

  • For large tables, cluster glass spheres and candles in matching colors low for minimal obstruction.
  • Scatter a grouping of irregular natural rock spheres down the center of long tables.
  • On circular tables, radiate large acrylic spheres outward from the center like spokes.

Tabletop Vignettes

  • Nestle spheres in with books, vases and small decor items to complete vignette styling.
  • Add three stacked spheres next to tabletop greenery for layered height.
  • Place two hinged wood spheres around pillar candles or small potted plants.

Bathroom Decor

  • Line up marble spheres along the back of a bathtub as a textural backdrop.
  • Put stacked frosted glass spheres on sink and counter tops to coordinate with wall sconces.
  • Use magnetized acrylic spheres to hold and display makeup brushes.

Bedroom Accents

  • Arrange wire bead spheres on a nightstand or dresser to evoke bohemian style.
  • Flank table lamps with large acrylic spheres as artful bedside accents.
  • Create a minimalist focal point wall with three matching giant metal spheres.

Entryway Features

  • Suspend a large textured orb from the ceiling to greet guests.
  • Set heavy stone spheres on either side of the front door in place of traditional planters.
  • Craft a zen rock garden effect at the entry using bonsai plants and granite spheres.

Dining Room Statement

  • Hang multiple frosted glass orb pendants in a cluster over the dining table.
  • Use placing spheres creatively between plates and glassware when setting the dinner table.
  • Set an acrylic sphere next to each place setting for a mirrored effect.

Home Office Bookends

  • Flank bookshelves and desktop displays with substantial marble spheres.
  • Utilize hollow light wood spheres split in half to hold pens, notes and office supplies.
  • Place small terrazzo spheres on each stack of documents or file folders to weigh them down.

Decorating with Spheres FAQ

How are spheres symbolically significant in decor?

Spheres often symbolize unity, perfection, eternity and wholeness due to their symmetrical uniform shape. They bring these symbolic meanings into décor as spiritual focal points.

What size spheres work best for decorating rooms?

Medium sized spheres approximately 10-24 inches in diameter make the most impactful statement pieces in home decor. Oversized 4+ foot spheres can suit entryways and very large spaces.

How can you hang spheres from ceilings?

Fishing line or small gauge wire threaded through the center point of a sphere allows it to hang cleanly. Hollow plastic craft spheres can be strung onto rods. Command strip hooks also work for lightweight spheres.

Should decor spheres match colors in the room?

Matching décor spheres to accent colors in surrounding furnishings helps unify the look cohesively. Contrasting bright or metallic spheres makes them stand out dramatically.

What is the best way to light up spheres?

LED string lights work well to display clear and translucent spheres. Spotlights focused on eye-level spheres create dramatic focal points. Place candles inside glass containers or wire spheres to make them glow.

Can you use spheres for seasonal home decor?

Absolutely! Painted wood spheres and faux fruit spheres work for fall. Frosted glass or snowy glittered spheres fit winter décor. Pastel mosaic spheres match spring. Beachy blues suit summer sphere accents.

How do you keep outdoor spheres clean?

Outdoor rated spheres withstand weather well, but may need occasional cleaning. Use a mild soap and water solution with a soft brush for stone and concrete. Wipe plastic and glass spheres down with vinegar and water.

What are wire frame sphere forms used for?

Wire frame spheres create open airy shapes that can hold other objects. They allow for nestling decor items or flowers and vines to grow into and through the frame. Layer wire frames together in pleasing configurations.

Can you make your own decorative spheres?

With some simple DIY skills, you can craft customizable papier mache spheres using balloons and glue. Spray painting, decoupage and embellishments add flair. Clipping plastic Easter eggs together makes instant spheres.

Inspiring Decor Ideas Using Spheres

Need a bit more inspiration before bringing decorative spheres into your home and garden design? Here are some gorgeous ways to showcase spheres that are sure to spark creativity:

  • Stand marble orb bookends upright to display special books rather than stacking flat.
  • Create a centerpiece with white candles of varying heights nestled inside frosted glass spheres.
  • Hang three large copper pipe sphere pendants over an island or bar area.
  • Enclose small succulents within 2-piece interlocking wood sphere planters for tabletop.
  • Adhere colorful mosaic tile pieces in abstract patterns across hollow cement spheres.
  • Stack alternating sizes of metallic gold and silver spheres in a floor corner as abstract art.
  • Place white and pastel painted papier mache spheres around the base of potted topiaries.
  • Use magnetized acrylic spheres to display grouped family photos on the refrigerator.
  • Create an eclectic chandelier by hanging strands of different sized beads spheres at a entryway.
  • Make a monochromatic statement by grouping velvety black lensed orb light fixtures over a bathtub.
  • Let vines trail over old garden spheres partially buried at woodland garden edges.
  • Nestle marble spheres in wall sconces, on chandeliers, and stair banisters for organic texture.

Achieve Spherical Harmony

The versatile sphere is a decorating shape that should not be overlooked. Incorporating spheres brings flowing, organic contours into home and garden spaces in eye catching display. Their sculptural quality delights the senses and creates harmonic environments.

Spheres can range from sleek modern acrylic to natural stone boulders taken straight from the earth. This diversity makes spheres ideal for designing both indoor and outdoor living spaces with unique personality and style. Give your next decorating project natural balance by including the power of spheres. Their pleasing circular form will lend projects depth, definition and visual flair.


Spheres are a versatile and visually appealing design choice that can round out the look of any indoor or outdoor space. With the wide range of sphere types and decorating options covered here, you are well equipped to bring their harmonious shapes into your home and garden in creative ways. Take inspiration from the sphere decorating suggestions and make environments that flow with elegant curved contours unique to the spherical form.