Sunrooms are wonderful additions to any home, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while still being protected from the elements. When designed thoughtfully, a sunroom can be an irresistible space for relaxation, entertaining, or even working. The key is to create a room with character and style. Using a color palette inspired by the Impressionist master Claude Monet is one way to make a sunroom truly spectacular.

Overview of Monet’s Color Palette

Monet was one of the most influential painters during the Impressionist movement in the late 1800s. He is renowned for his ability to capture light and color in scenes of nature, particularly water lilies. Some of the characteristic colors seen throughout Monet’s body of work include:

  • Soft blues, greens, and aquas – These cool, muted shades replicate colors reflected in water and depict shadows in nature.
  • Creamy off-whites and beiges – Monet relied on these gentle tones to illuminate his compositions and create a sense of sunlight.
  • Pale pinks and lavenders – Often used to portray flowers, these tender hues add freshness.
  • Bright yellows and oranges – In moderation, warm colors infuse light and energy.
  • Rich reds and burgundies – Deep tones create striking accents.

Using a selective palette of colors inspired by Monet is an excellent approach for designing a relaxing, organic-feeling sunroom.

Selecting Paint Colors

When selecting paint for a sunroom, it is important to consider how the colors will appear in both natural daylight and artificial light in the evenings. Here are some tips for choosing paints for a Monet-style color scheme:

  • For the main sunroom walls, opt for a very soft, neutral beige or oatmeal color. Avoid pure whites, which can feel sterile.
  • For an accent wall or accent trim/molding, choose a pale blue-green (almost turquoise) or a warm peach-pink. These colors will harmoniously connect to the greenery and sunlight outside.
  • For the ceiling, use an off-white or very light sky blue with a subtle hint of grey. This will give the impression of clouds passing overhead.
  • For interior trim and built-in cabinetry, brighter shades like “sunflower” yellow or “geranium” red add pops of saturated color.

Be sure to pick matte or eggshell paint finishes to avoid glare in the sunlight. Sample panels painted with the shortlisted colors can help finalize the perfect palette.

Incorporating Accent Details

Beyond just walls, using colors and details reminiscent of Monet’s work can enhance a sunroom’s charm. Consider adding:

  • Sheer curtains in soft mint, pale yellow, or lavender to filter incoming sunlight. Linen or cotton fabrics work well.
  • Patterned throw pillows on wicker furniture with floral or organic prints in Impressionist color schemes.
  • Area rugs that incorporate colorful floral motifs or Monet-inspired water lily designs.
  • Framed prints or wall art reproduced from Monet’s paintings, or featuring related subjects like water lilies, gardens, and water scenes.
  • Fresh-cut flowers in whites, purples, pinks, and yellows displayed in vases around the room.
  • Ceramic garden stools or decorative pots painted in French blue, butter yellow, or robin’s egg colors.

Creating Atmosphere with Lighting

Proper lighting is crucial for creating the right ambiance in a sunroom. Consider installing:

  • White pendant lights suspended over sitting areas to illuminate spaces without competing with outside views.
  • Sconces placed strategically on walls to provide ambient lighting for evening and nighttime use. Painted metal fixtures suit the color scheme.
  • Accent table lamps in blown glass or with fabric lampshades to lend additional warmth.
  • Dimmer switches to control brightness as needed for reading, entertaining, or relaxation.

During the day, ample incoming sunshine will provide sufficient illumination without requiring lights on at full intensity.

Benefits of a Monet-Inspired Sunroom

Decorating a sunroom using Claude Monet’s signature color palette and Impressionist influences results in a space that is uplifting yet soothing. The soft pastels and muted tones promote relaxation. Touches of bright, saturated accents add joyful pops of color. Details like textiles, artwork, and lighting enhance the atmosphere.

Most importantly, a Monet-colored sunroom connects people to the beauty of nature and sunlight. It serves as a room for contemplation, socializing, or creativity. The timeless, elegant style is appealing to all ages. For those looking to add a special space to their home, taking inspiration from this renowned French painter is a winning approach for an irresistible sunroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most iconic colors used in Monet’s paintings?

Some of Monet’s most recognizable colors include light blues, greens, peaches, whites, lavenders, yellows, and soft oranges. He was a master at capturing nature’s hues.

What sheen of paint works best for sunroom walls?

A matte or eggshell paint finish is ideal to minimize glare from sunlight pouring in through sunroom windows. Glossy paints can create unwanted reflections.

What parts of a sunroom should be accented with color?

Consider adding pops of color through movable items like throw pillows, area rugs, artwork/prints, potted plants, and floral arrangements. Painted built-ins and trim are also spots to inject color.

How should lighting be handled in a sunroom?

Good ambient lighting is important for nighttime use. Install sconces, pendant lights, and table/floor lamps. Dimmer switches help control brightness as needed. Rely on sunshine during the day.

Should the color scheme vary by season?

The colors can remain constant year-round. However, changing throw pillows, blankets, accents and flowers/plants according to season is one way to keep things fresh.


A thoughtfully designed sunroom decorated with the soft, pleasing colors found in Monet’s iconic Impressionist works can be an irresistible addition to any home. The muted pastels and saturated bright accents create an uplifting, relaxing vibe. Details like linens, throws, wall art, and lighting enhance the ambiance for enjoying the beauty of nature indoors. Homeowners who take inspiration from Monet’s genius with color are sure to love spending time basking in their sun-filled rooms.